Project Runway 9.4 All About Nina

Guest judges are Joanna Coles, editor-in-chief of Marie Claire, and actress Kerry Washington. In this episode, the challenge was to create an outfit for Nina Garcia…and right away I know this is going to be a good show because Nina is extremely opinionated (aka bitchy) about clothes that she doesn’t wear…

I also know right away this is going to be the episode where I will get it wrong because my taste (or lack thereof) and style (or lack thereof) is completely different from Nina’s. Sure I like clean lines (in my furniture.) Anyway, on with Nina’s Show!

Nina struts out with a cheshire grin and all the designers simultaneously cheer and groan. This another Project Runway first! Nina as the client. She says immediately that she’s going to be very tough on this. She wants a look for work during the day that can be worn straight from the office to an industry event. She likes classic with an edge. She wears streamlined, clean, tailored silhouettes. She doesn’t like volume, pleats, patterns and loud colors. This could pose a problem for Josh MORE MORE MORE!

The designers sketch out ideas prior to their one-on-one consultation with Nina. They are all nervous becasue she is apparently God.

Anya shows two sketches–a mini-dress and a jumpsuit. Nina likes the jumpsuit but warns it will be a challenge sewing wise since Anya is a self-taught fledgling.

Viktor kisses Nina’s ass for a few minutes then shows a sketch of a structured dress that he calls slightly futuristic. She loves it. See folks, ass kissing does work!

Bryce shows her a dress and a sweater both with cowl necks and Nina punches him in the face and says “I hate cowl.” “You hate cowl?” “I hate cowl.” *crickets*

Josh MORE!MORE! MORE! tries to do less with a tailored dress in black and charcoal grays and Nina says “Do you have a plan b?” and Josh is all “A plan b on a dress?” and she’s all “A plan b.” She wants to abort your design, Josh MORE! MORE! MORE! Swallow the pill and move on.

Danielle shows her an outfit and Nina tells her what she wants her to do.

Julie shows her a fitted dress coat. Nina likes the silhouette.

Kimberly wants to show her a shift dress because she doesn’t want to be known for pants. Too bad, Nina wants pants.

Cecilia wants to do a dress with a tailored jacket. She wants it to be fitted and a-line. Nina is concerned about the dated styled jacket. As in Krystal Carrigan called and wants her shoulder pads back. She actually says it looks a little “Dynasty.”

Before they head to Mood, Tim says that Nina doesn’t want boring.

So they go to Mood to get their fabric and a bitch fight starts becasue Anthony Ryan and Becky have the same fabric. Anthony isn’t going to start anything but…

Cecilia can’t find any materials she can afford so she grabs the drabbest colors she can find. Nina’s going to love that.

Anya picks the brightest Mustard colored material she can find.

Anthony still isn’t “starting anything” but he’s telling everyone that Becky got the same material that he did. And probably she saw that he had it first. But whatever. It doesn’t matter. Because he’s just going to “show her how to use it right.”

Nina comes in to check on their progress. Immediately they tell Danielle that her garment is too soft. “But it’s not pressed,” she replies. Wow. How much starch do you plan to use?

Julie’s coat dress is coming along, but Nina would like the collar to be smaller. Julie says she’ll make the collar more dainty. she feels confident about this and Tim reminds her she’s always confident and then he sees her garments on the runway it’s always OH MY GOD!

Nina calls Anya’s mustard garment a risk and asks her for a plan b. Nina is all about aborting a design! Anya has no plan b. She’s committed to the material. And decides to dye it.

Josh MORE! MORE! MORE! is only concerned about one thing in his design, does Nina wear a bra? Tim assures Josh that Nina never wears a bra, so it’s all good.

Nina thinks Emo Oliver’s design is very conservative and safe. He squeezed out a tear but only cut himself once. The criticism is getting easier to take.

Nina warns Bryce not to make his dress a micro-mini. Bryce assures her that he knows she’s too old for a micro-mini, so don’t worry.

Laura shows her three hundred yards of green material and Nina calls it Christmas green. she totally wanted to barf but maintained her decorum beautifully.

Nina calls Cecilia’s fabric mousy and mousy. And sad. And immediately, I realized that Cecilia’s color palette matched Emo Oliver’s soul.

Nina advises Kimberly to follow her gut, but she thinks the blue shirt and the blue pant could wind up a little prison jumpsuit.

The next morning Tim enters the work room to greet the designers–only to find an empty work room! His brow creases as he runs to the sewing room and delivers the two hour throwdown message and tells them he’s sweating in his suit because they are so behind. Cecilia is helping Julie finish and Laura is helping Anya finish and Viktor is all “that’s so cheating. If you can’t finish, then you need to go home.” to the camera. I’m curious to see if he volunteers this information during judgement time.

Josh MORE! MORE! MORE! is first down the runway. Now I really LOVED this dress, but I know it doesn’t fit Nina’s style or personality. So I don’t think he’ll win, but I think it’s awesome. He says he feels amazing and that he stepped up his game. He thinks his risk with the color paid off.

Joshua is safe.

Bert’s little black dress is next. He says his look is awesome on the runway.

Bert’s dress is safe

Emo Oliver’s gray, gray, gray pantsuit comes sauntering down the catwalk. He feels really good. He finished sewing and pulled the look together. It was well constructed but it still looked to me like it was made out of all the sad in the world. 

Emo Oliver is safely boring. And safe. Let us weep.

Anthony Ryan says it works. Thinks it’s well made but doesn’t think it’s really anything Nina would wear.  I agree with you Anthony. No girl wants the skirt to gather like that. It looks like a carrying pouch for sausage links.

Anthony “I don’t want to start anything” Ryan is safe.

Becky’s” stolen material” dress is next. I think it’s funny they walked the same materials down one behind the other. She says it’s an okay dress and is really bothered by the fabric duplication.

Becky “I stole your material stfu” Ross is safe.

Kimberly is very pleased with her garment. The pants fit perfectly and she loves it a lot.  I have to agree. I think this is pretty fantastic. If Nina doesn’t like it, she needs to put down the crack pipe. Nina says it looks great and she could wear it day or night. Heidi loves the look too, says nothing is needed to accessorize it. Michael loves that it’s separates–that it’s very smart. Joanna says this is a special shirt and is gorgeous. 

Cecilia knows she screwed up as her ugly dress comes down the catwalk. Emo Oliver sighs in contentment as he sees the colors of his soul in front of him. Joanna can’t imagine what the fashion department would say if she wore that to the office. Michael says the fabric and colors are a disaster. Kerry doesn’t see it as a day look at all. Nina says it’s sad. 


Anya calls her pantsuit sleek and modern and should be appealing to Nina. It’s pretty fantastic now that she’s dyed it. Nina is amazed at the transformation. Heidi loves the jumpsuit especially in the back and is shocked she just learned to sew. (Viktor raises a brow but holds his tongue) Joanna and Kerry both love it. Michael is very happy it is no longer mustard and calls it beautifully tailored.

Danielle says her look isn’t exactly how she envisioned but thinks Nina would wear it. I don’t think it’s horrible, but I also think it’s something my mother would wear that she bought from Coldwater Creek, so I’m pretty sure this look isn’t going to please Nina.  Michael calls it very pedestrian. Nina chastises her for not listening. Kerry doesn’t hate it but it’s not a garment for Nina. Joanna says it’s depressing.

Julie says her garment was somewhat thrown together but she’s very content with the outcome. FWIW, I actually really like this dress. The collar was screwed up, but I think it’s a pretty dress. But it’s for Nina not for me, so that means, this dress is in the bottom three. I’ll eat my hat if it isn’t. (I’m not wearing a hat but I’ll find one to eat and take a picture of it.) (I think a cupcake shaped like a hat counts as a hat.) Nina says she wanted the collar reduced, not gone. Kerry doesn’t understand it. Michael says it’s a housecoat. Heidi says it’s not Nina at all. Heidi asks do you love this? and Julie answers yes. Joanna says if Nina came in the office wearing this she would think she wanted to be fired.

Bryce says his hem is scary and he wishes it had turned out better. I think this look should send Bryce home. It had potential, but I swear a weed-smoking monkey could have hemmed this thing better. 

Bryce is safe despite the fact this is the most poorly made dress on the runway.

Laura is positive that she created a look Nina likes. She belongs in the top 3. I think it’s prettier than I thought it would be but I don’t see Nina ever wearing this much green. Except maybe on St. Patty’s day. If she was wasted on Jagerbombs and green beer. 

Laura is safe. As is Nina’s green beer.

Viktor is very confident. The garment is structured and architectural and fashion forward. I HATE THIS DRESS WITH ALL THE FIBER IN MY BEING. So I know Nina will love it. Heidi says you can never go wrong with a beautiful black dress. Nina says it’s versitle and beautiful. Michael likes the shoulders but hopes it’s “what’s next” not “what’s now.” Joanna thinks its elegant and beautiful. I REALLY HOPE THIS DRESS DOESN’T WIN BECAUSE I REALLY HATE IT. (gee Mel, tell us how you really feel?)

Congratulations Kimberly! Nina will wear your design, and you’ll be featured in a Marie Claire ediotrial as well as in ads atop of cabs all across NYC. Viktor, Anya, and Danielle are safe.

The bottom two are Cecilia and Julie. Auf Wiedersehen Julie and your confusing coat dress that only Mel liked.

We end the show with Kimberly meeting Nina in the offices of Marie Claire. Nina is wearing that outfit like it’s her job! She looks good and it was a good choice for her. I would have loved to have seen her in the coat dress with no collar, but whatever.