Project Runway 9.5 Off the Track

Guest judge is model, Erin Wasson. In this episode, the challenge was to design 3 looks for Heidi’s New Balance sneakers.

The episode starts off with each designer getting a gift box full of athletic wear and New Balance Sneakers. The designers all wonder if they will be designing sports wear.

Cecilia (who was in the bottom two last week) is battling Emo Oliver for his Crown of Angst. The more camera time she’s given, the more my face hurts from her frowning. She makes Eeyore seem like Mary Poppins on X. She just doesn’t know if she has the heart to continue on the show. She’s angry because the judges sent Julie home and not her. Of course, she didn’t have the nuts to tell them that before they sent Julie home…

I hope she goes home because I don’t have the tolerance to deal with her like this. At least Emo Oliver is cute when he’s sad.

The challenge will start out at the New Balance Track and Field Center. Put on your new duds and let’s get this party started.

They arrive in their track wear and are informed they will have to race for the place of team captain. The first four will win the role of captain and they get to choose their teams one at a time…just like elementary kickball.

Right away, every gay is interviewed that they don’t want Bert on their team. Cue forshadowing…

Cecilia ups and quits and I put on my cheerleading uniform, grabbed my poms and BROUGHT. IT. ON. I could not handle another minute of her sad. My soul, it was dying.

And they’re off! Woooo look at them all go. All but Emo Oliver that is. Poor fella, tripped over his angst and tumbled for ya. Wow. It was sadly so funny I almost peed my pants. Poor fella. In his interview, he said he hated he had to fall like a bitch.

Like a BITCH!

Oh honey. A bitch wouldn’t have fallen.

Bert pulls up the rear and Heidi runs the last few meters in four inch heels with him. Damn Bert. I thought Oliver’s fall was bad.

Speaking of Oliver, he freaking passes out as the medic is taking his blood pressure. DEAR LORD. THE DRAMA! Seriously dude. You fell on an indoor track. WTF?

Turns out he had a panic attack. He fixes his pretty little hair and rejoins the group.

Team Leaders are:

Joshua More! More! More!
Anthony Ryan

Josh, Anya, Becky

Bryce, Kimberly, Danielle

Anthony Ryan, Laura, Bert

Viktor, Oliver and….. since Cecilia quit they get to choose any of the ex-contestants to return. So they chose Josh C.

The challenge is to design three outfits that can be worn with the New Balance sneakers Heidi is designing. She wants them to think Fashion–not just sportswear. They can use the materials from the sneakers: Denim and Suede. The winning look will be sold on as a part of Heidi’s line.

They have thirty-minutes to confer with their team. And right away we have lots of problems. Josh and Anya don’t like any of Becky’s ideas–even though she’s designed knitwear before. Anthony Ryan and Laura don’t like anything Bert does or says either. Bert whines like a little bitch and decides he’s just going to do what he wants.

Right away, Anya and Josh do their thing and only use Becky for her seamstress abilities. Josh calls her style dowdy and that her design asthetic is for the age group 40 to Death. Becky confronts Josh and he tells her he’s not going to have drama with her. If she’s tired, take a nap and he’ll do it himself. She runs into the bathroom and cries. Anya follows her in and consoles. Josh finally joins them and they hug it out. I will give Josh credit, he finally realized he had just been plain mean and he apologized. But still, it was tacky and I think Becky should have cut a bitch.

Drama team #2 is Anthony Ryan, Laura and Bert. It’s two against one again, and Bert is still being pissy about it. He spends the day mumbling and bitching and even gets Anthony’s name wrong and says he doesn’t bother getting names right of people who aren’t important.

Heidi and Tim come in and basically tell all the teams they still have a lot to work and should probably all start over. They have very little time left. The good news is, after Heidi sees the collective lack of progress, she extends the project deadline by six hours.

As the designers finish up, another bitch fight breaks out, this time between Josh M. (AGAIN) and Bert! Because Bert decided to forgo all the other empty sewing machines and use the one Josh had been using. “I didn’t see your name on it.” Bert tells Josh to drop dead. “Bert, you’re closer to death than I am.”

Runway time!

Team Viktor: Viktor is very excited. He thinks his first look is cool and he digs the vibe. Josh C. likes his wearable rocker look and thinks lots or people will want it. Oliver says they managed to reach a level of cohesion and also presented a decently interesting collection.

Team Bryce: Bryce says his dress is his favorite out of their collection. Kimberley really likes the suede and details and how great everything looks with the sneakers. Danielle thinks their look is cohesive and she was a valuable team member.

Team Anthony: Anthony says his look fell apart and it’s a hot mess. Laura loves her vest but isn’t really happy with the rest of the outfit. Bert says his outfit is amazingly fresh and young. (side note, his is the only outfit on that team that I even remotely liked)

Team Josh M.: Josh says his look is urban and ethnic and amazing. Becky is concerned because her look isn’t 100% her design. Anya thinks her maxi-dress is something people would wear.

The teams come to the runway and Heidi announces that the judges didn’t find a clear cut high or low team in this challenge, so they will talk to everyone.

Team Anthony Ryan: Heidi asks how they worked together as a team and he says that he and Laura worked really well together. Bert chimes in that he tried to work with them in the beginning (this is true) and they refused to acknowledge any of his ideas (this is also true). He left out the part where he turned into a bitchy little girl, but Anthony filled them in. Anthony told Heidi he did not like Bert’s look, that it was too cocktail waitressy. Laura added to the Bert dogpile. They all turned into little girls on the stage in front of the judges. The judges are all just watching with crazy eyes. The judges say the problems were evident. Heidi and Nina both told Anthony he needed to spend less time focusing on Bert and more time on his own outfit. Michael says he acheived the impossible of giant shorts that were tight. His model has camel toe. All the judges say Berts outfit is the only good outfit on the team. Period. Bert seriously cheered on stage. HE WAS REDEEMED. So childish. All the way.

Team Josh: Heidi asks if they used their extra time to just bedazzle the clothes. Anya’s maxi-dress is the judges favorite look. They like bits of Josh’s look, though they are mixed on the shredded jacket. Nobody really likes Becky’s look, and Josh owns that it is not 100% hers, that he had a lot of direction in it and is ultimately responsible. (I am so glad he put his big girl panties on like Team Anthony should have done) They own up to their disagreement. They explain it professionally, and keep the emotion out of it. Becky says she was picked as a seamstress not a designer and that was hard for her. They are complimented for holding it together and putting together a collection despite their issues.

Team Viktor: Heidi’s favorite look is Viktor’s dress with the motorcycle jacket. They all think Oliver’s skirt is very farmlike. (Which Heidi told them during their consultation and they still kept it) They tell Josh C. they all like his modern t-shirt. Nina calls it a road-warrior look and really likes the collection.

Team Bryce: Michael calls Bryce’s dress fantastic. It works with the sneaker but would also look great with heels. The other two looks aren’t as cohesive. He doesn’t understand the turquoise silk tank. He calls it a soufflĂ© that flopped. Nina doesn’t understand why the color of the top when there is no other color. They like Kim’s jacket and shorts and think the turquoise would have looked better there.

There is no team winner, but the judges do pick two looks as winners. Congrats to Anya and Viktor! Your looks will be manufactured and sold for Heidi’s line on Both teams are in.

The debate for the biggest loser (oops wrong show) is between Anthony Ryan for being a douchetastic team leader and Danielle for designing the same silk green shirt.

Auf Wiedersehen Danielle. You’re a really sweet girl, but this is not Project Chico’s. Heidi tells Anthony (as he starts to bluster) that if it had been up to her, he would be gone today.

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