True Blood 4.11 – “Soul of Fire”

Eric, Pam, Jessica and Bill, still lined up by height like a grade school chorus, lockstep their way toward Moon Goddess.  Marnie spies with her little eye something that starts with V and toting automatic weapons. Sookie informs Marnie that if they don’t get out, the vamps are gonna blow them all to hell, or at least Shreveport. Marnie tosses a dagger into the ubiquitous  candle circle and tells them they can all leave any time they want, good luck getting past the vamps! Casey, one of the twitchier witchlings, launches herself at Marnie in rage and Marnie magicks the dagger into Casey’s chest with a smug smile.

As Casey puddles blood on the floor, Marnie begins to fidget and twist and Antonia yawns out of her mouth, although only Lafayette can see her. Antonia wants to end their union on the grounds that Marnie killed an innocent. Marnie is aware that Louisiana is a community property state, though, and uses a binding spell to force Antonia into reverse possession. Jesus and Lafayette succinctly inform everyone that they’re fucked.

Pam gets a bazooka bead on Moon Goddess, but Jason jogs up and tells them that Sookie’s in there. Eric begins a Fuckin’ Sookie chorus that everyone else joins in on until Jason reminds Eric and Bill of how many times Sookie has saved them. Bill decrees they will abort, and Eric is for once in full agreement with his King. Pam refuses to stand down over the fate of a ‘gash in a sundress’ (points to the imagery!) but Jason demonstrates Marnie’s protection spell and points out that the fire power would have backfired anyway. Jason and Jessica discuss about how they’re totally both not thinking about each other while Bill and Eric regroup and get attacked by Marnie’s zombied sheriff goons.

Sam and Alcide go badass on one of Pack Master Flash’s grease monkeys and learn from Luna that Marcus has kidnapped Emma. Marcus, meanwhile, has Emma at Alcide’s while he tries to seduce Debbie into running away with him, telling her that he’ll get her off the V. Debbie’s not ready to give up Alcide’s biceps just yet, though, because you never known when the V’s gonna get her and she’ll need to be carried out of her rock bottom. Marcus promises he will give her short, stringy-haired children, not to mention making her Fraulein Maria to the one he already has.

Jesus convinces Marnie he can save Casey-the-Witchling despite his lack of scrubs. Marnie agrees because she didn’t really mean to kill Casey, just stab her a little bit. Alone with Jesus, Lafayette discovers that Casey’s already dead, but Jesus clues him into his plan to use Casey’s corpse to force Antonia out of Marnie’s possession.

Andy wanders through the woods, cursing Terry and interventions and tough love. He sees a glowy ball of light and hears a humming sound. For a moment I feared UFOs and what would no doubt be a graphic probing scene, but thank God it’s just fairies. Andy gets loved up by Fairy Maurelle and swears an ET fingertip touch of a fairy oath to protect her.

Holly and Sookie try to reason with Marnie, but Sookie and Holly are obvious blonde sundress wearers, so what do they know of Marnie’s nerdy pain? Bill and Eric call Marnie out, and assured that Sookie and Holly will totally call her the next time they go earring shopping, she agrees to negotiate. Bill asks Marnie to let his Sookie go, and Eric echoes, no doubt angry he didn’t think to say it first. Marnie agrees that Sookie can go free…as soon as Bill and Eric kill themselves! Bill and Eric stare at each other for a beat, then at Sookie, then back at each other and stoically accept the terms. Pam and Jessica gape. Bill says he will shoot Eric and then Pam will shoot him. Everyone shares significant looks of farewell all around, some more tear welling than others, and then Pam refuses to watch Eric face true death to save Bo Peep. She grabs a rocket launcher and causes a shock and awe fire show against the shield that does little else. The vamps are okay, though Jess is pissed at Bill and Eric’s none to happy with Pam for aiming the shot right at Sookie. Jason is blind and crispy, and Jessica gives him her blood until he returns to a slightly singed state of his typical hotness.

Alcide, Luna and Sam find Emma at Alcide’s. Alcide bursts into his bedroom to find a panty-clad Debbie arguing with Marcus that he should just leave, she feels guilty enough already. Debbie is shocked, and I mean shocked, to see Alcide despite the fact that this is his home and he was surely going to come get his leather jackets at some point, whether he was off getting some of Sookie’s fairy dust or not. Sam launches himself at Marcus man-to-man, no wolf or shifter dirty fighting, with Sam playing on Marcus’s little man complex hard. He turns away from Marcus, calling him pathetic, and Marcus fires at Sam’s back like the coward-in-wolf’s-clothing he is. Alcide jumps Marcus and chokes him to death, full wolf-strength. Alcide turns to Debbie and channels a bit of Bill Comptom formality as he abjures her, telling her he will share his wolf meat with her no more. Or words to that effect. Sam goes outside to meet Luna and Emma and shakes his head morosely at Luna when Emma asks about her daddy.

Marnie scries in Casey’s blood and sees her future death. Wigged beyond the telling of it, Marnie convinces the witchlings, including Sookie, to join in a circle against the vamps who have no regard for their lives. Sookie will join hands, but she refuses on principle to chant, and Marnie’s spell sends Bill, Eric, Pam and Jessica into a paroxysm of the Thriller dance: the dead start to walk in their masquerade! The vamps are pulled toward Marnie’s solar-power protection shield. Jason tries to hold them back and begs for Sookie to stop the spell. Sookie sends a burst of fairy power through the power circle and the witches are thrown back. The un-necromanced vamps leap back from the shield, and Pam tries to apologize again to Eric for aiming right the hell at Sookie, and Eric orders her out of his sight. She goes with a vamp flash and a moue of betrayal on her new lips.

Thwarted, Marnie sees betrayal at every turn and restrains her witchlings against the walls as she surrounds Sookie with a burning ring of fire. Sookie cries out and her hands reach up to use to her fairy power, I’m sorry, I mean reach up to protect her hair. Eric and Bill feel her fear (guess she wasn’t scared earlier when they were gonna  flambé the whole joint?) and make more noises about getting inside. Jesus’s blood magick spell whips up wind and spittle and Antonia is forced from Marnie. Jesus goes full-on fire demon as Lafayette watches in a horror of aw-hell-naw. Marnie’s spells end with a whimper and Bill and Eric storm in, guns at the ready. Sookie quickly tells them that Marnie was holding everyone captive and the other witches are innocent. Roy the Sparky Witchling jumps in front of Marnie and chin juts that Bill and Eric will have to go through him. His bravado is still ringing in the air when Eric vamp speeds him, rips his heart out and uses his aorta as a sippy cup. Sookie grimaces (sometimes vampire bloodlust is so unseemly!) as Eric returns to Bill’s side and Bill fires on Marnie. As she prepares for Bill’s bullets to riddle her body, Marnie tells Bill that no one lives forever, not even him. As she had foreseen, a bullet nails Marnie right between the eyes and Bill and Eric sigh and figure they best get to glamourin’.

Bill and Eric talk inaudible vamp business and shoot surreptitious looks toward Sookie when the other isn’t looking. Sookie returns those looks with wide eyes and an expression of “Buh?” but Eric and Bill are a united front of undead while she is definitely feeling the part of the ‘gash in a sundress.’

Jason thanks Jessica for saving him and confesses that, even without the blood, she’s all he thinks about. He’s going to lose his best friend, so what does he do now? Jess tells him she wishes she knew, but she’s smiling at the thought of Jason going hos before bros.

Jesus and Lafayette settle down beneath Lafayette’s fur throws and a grim Jesus mourns the loss of Marnie. Despite all the freaky mojo Lafayette watched Jesus channel, he’s goes pragmatic on Jesus and tells him that Marnie held people hostage and murdered her friends; there was no way that bad juju wasn’t going to come back on her. He assures Jesus that Marnie’s death wasn’t his fault, and that Jesus saved everyone else. Jesus seems somewhat comforted, and then Lafayette goes and commits the cardinal sin of horror genre: he makes a point of stating that they’re alive and safe and that everything’s going to be okay. Jesus is too emotionally fragile to feel the ominous vibes that statement should produce, and he agrees and falls asleep. Lafayette watches him sleep for a bit, and then snuggles back into his leopard print bedding, only to open his eyes to see Marnie’s spirit cackling silently above him. She whooshes down into his open mouth and Lafayette’s maybe-he’s-born-with-it, maybe-it’s-Maybelline eyelashes flutter as he is once again possessed this season. Sarah McLachlan’s “Possession” does not sing us out to credits, and I am bereft of literal musical cues.