Project Runway 9.6: The Art of the Matter

Guest judge is Kenneth Cole. Air Date: 09/01/11. The designers become students for a day when they are partnered with art students from the Harlem School of the Arts to create a piece of art that serves as the inspiration for their next, avant-garde garment.

We start this show with Bert and Anthony Ryan hugging it out and promising they will no longer be little bitches with each other. They don’t want to be on the bottom again. (That’s what he said!)

Heidi comes on the runway and announces the designers are going “Back to School.” They’re off to the Harlem School of the Arts to “work with children and design an avant-garde garment.” Viktor is already thrilled. And by thrilled I mean, he wants to slit his wrists. He even says he’d do better working with his “kid” if he had a cocktail in his hand. Oh honey, that’s parenting 101! You can totally be a gay baby-daddy now that you know the secret!

All the little artists and grown designers spend time painting together then the designers use the canvas as inspiration for their garment.

The key phrase that Tim wants the designers to remember is “This is not a red carpet challenge, this is an avant-garde challenge.” Becky’s interpretation is “Go weird or go home.” Viktor says it’s “Edgy.” Emo Oliver quietly says his choice of materials seems very quiet compared to the others.

Okay, so far this is a very boring workroom. No drama. Just designers trying way too hard to be nice. Hmmm. I kinda like the bitchy-fests a lot better. The day wraps up and with no drama. I has a sad.

The next day brings the students carrying the artwork inspiration. Viktor faked a smile.  Tim makes his rounds, and has mostly good things to say. He does tell Kimberly to avoid looking too Hiawatha or Geronimo as she works on her bird dress. Then he tells Becky to avoid making her dress look like an arts and craft project and that this dress isn’t doing it. Tim tells Emo Oliver that he really isn’t doing avant-garde…just working with new fabric and color doesn’t make it avant-garde. Emo Oliver didn’t seem to get it. “So you don’t like it?” Tim: “I didn’t say that. I said this isn’t avant-garde.” Tim tells Josh C. that he’s afraid his design is too literal an interpretation of the painting. Josh agrees and starts editing.

There’s no real obvious workroom drama, however watching all the designers judge each other is pretty fun. The cutting looks are fantastic. Obviously nobody likes anybody’s vision. Everyone agrees Emo Oliver’s dress is ready to wear and not avant-garde at all.

Runway day. Tim reminds everyone to think thoughtfully about using the proper accessories and makeup for their models. Make it work!

Emo Oliver is starting to freak out because he’s not close to finished…his solution is to glue this model into the dress–which is against the rules. Uh Oh. How the silent tears may flow when Tim delivers the news. Tim brings down the big gay hammer. It’s a construction issue and gluing is against the rules. It either fits or it doesn’t. Tim’s brow was so furrowed that he will need a double shot of botox after the show.

Runway time!

Zanna Rossi is filling in for Nina.

Kimberly is over the moon with her bird dress. The artist loves it. She thinks she did a great job. Kim is safe.

Kim's inspiration

Becky thinks her dress looks amazing but she wishes she had more volume on the bottom. Safe.


Becky's inspiration

Emo Oliver thinks silence is the mose powerful voice and hopes that translates in his design. Heidi calls his dress sad and the paining was anything but sad. zanna says the top is well done, but below the waist, it is boring. Kenneth says there’s too many details. Michael loves the bodice. Hates the rest of the dress.

Emo's inspiration

Joshua More!More!More! is pleased with his tree skirt and the monogrammed trunk. Heidi likes this look. She likes the hand painted skirt. Kenneth thinks the skirt is very well done. Michael thinks the texter of the garment is spectacular. Zanna also loves the skirt.

Josh M's inspiration

Bert thinks his look is great and attractive. Zanna says the art and fashion aren’t in harmony. Michael says avant-garde needs to make you think. This doesn’t look modern or make you think. Heidi says she likes it that it doesn’t bore her. Kenneth says it’s a little too outside the box. During the judging, Michael said the jumpsuit was something a teletubby would wear. OH SNAP!

Bert's inspiration

Viktor says it looks really, really good. His artist thinks it’s hot. Safe

Viktor's inspiration

Laura is excited. The movement is beautiful. Thinks she incorporated her artists painting techniques into the garment. Zanna sees the inspiration of the art in the dress. Kenneth loves the interplay of the corset with the sheer gown. Michael likes the way she handled the fabric. Heidi calls it beautiful.

laura's inspiration

Bryce thinks his straight jacket design is great but the colors bother him because they aren’t normally his colors. Safe.

bryce's inspiration

Josh C. is pleased. He created something beyond his everyday design and is glad he dropped the fur. Michael says it’s not avant-garde. Zanna’s first thought was trashy. Heidi called it the Hooker for Halloween garment. Kenneth feels like the proportions are off.

josh c inspiration

Anthony Ryan feels like his design is the painting only amped up. Heidi loves this dress. It’s sexy and modern. Michael apreciates that he got the attitude of the painting without being literal. Kenneth is struggling with the execution a bit. It could look more finished but he likes it alot. Zanna thinks the textures work well together.

anthony ryan inspiration

Anya is really happy with the overall look and that it has a great impact. Safe.

Anya inspiration

Congratulations Anthony Ryan! Your strong modern look garnered you immunity for next week’s show. Josh M., Laura, and Bert are safe. (Heidi mentions that he’s lucky that she liked his outfit).

Josh C–you had a powerful work of art as inspiration and you blew it.

Emo Oliver–your garment was boring and your inspiration was not.

Auf Wiedersehen Josh C! You’re gone again. Your 2nd time was not a charm. Have a great life, I don’t think you’ll be back…