Project Runway 9.7 Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Guest judges are designer Rachel Roy and actress Rose Byrne.

Ok, I’ll admit it only to you, Internetz, but when I first read the guest judge was Rachel Ray I was totally excited because I thought this was going to be a garment from food challenge. Then I realized, oops, Rachel Roy. Hmph. Fine.
Heidi breaks the terrible news that for this challenge, the designers will be working in two teams of five. Groans all around. Again, Bert and Josh M. and Laura wind up on a team together. And remember when Becky and Josh were on a team together and he got all Angry Queen Bee with her? What I’m saying, boys and girls, this should be an awesome program full of diva drama!

Team Drama 1

Josh, Laura, Kimberley, Becky, and Bert

Team Dream 2
Anthony Ryan, Anya, Viktor, Oliver, Bryce

So this is the design your own fabric and create a collection for a fashion show. Anthony Ryan needs to change his panties after hearing that he gets to design a textile. Each team will collect a 5 look collection and produce a fashion show with at least 3 looks that feature the new textile in a prominent design. The fashion show also includes a video they will produce. They have two days for this challenge.

Becky says in her private interview “All that and only two days for the challenge. AND we have to look like we have our shit together.”

Betsey Johnson is a surprise guest brought in to mentor the designers. She gives them a sneak peek at her latest runway show video and tells them in they will need to put the “me, me, me” aside for their show to be a success. I <3 foreshadowing.

They’re given time to meet as a team and design. Anthony Ryan’s team immediately sit down and start working on a cohesive idea based on the “Ink Blot” test. They decide to call themselves Team Chaos.

Josh’s team have absolutely no vision or harmony. They finally decide on “Nuts and Bolts” theme based on time pieces. Josh is pissy because he really wanted to do a high glam version of the Village People for women. I AM SO DISAPPOINTED THEY DIDN’T GO FOR THIS TRAIN WRECK OF AN IDEA!

Each team prints out their design ideas and start to choose and trouble starts to brew with Team Drama Nuts and Bolts because they are voting on the designs before Bert’s design has printed. Bert says “so much for my fucking contribution!” which pushes Josh M’s Angry Queen button. He says people with filthy mouths have no intelligence and then lays into Bert. “Is this how it’s going to be for the entire two days because I WILL not have it Bert.” His eyes roll, his neck rolls, his finger flies around in the air. Bert asks him to let him finish and Josh said “You used a swear word.” Wow. I didn’t realize this was 2nd grade. An argument commences and finally Josh says GET A YARD OF HIS FABRIC and Bert is all Look. I like what y’all chose, I just wanted my fabric to be included in the choices.

Josh and Laura are going to do the video for TeamĀ Drama Nuts and Bolts. Becky, Bert and Kimberly are headed to Mood.

Viktor and Bryce will be doing video for Team Dream Chaos. Anthony Ryan, Oliver, and Anya are going to Mood.

Before the end of the work day, Josh makes a dramatic apology to everyone in the work room, especially Bert. Girl likes her attention and dramatic moment.

Day two opens with everyone checking out their fabric. Emo Oliver almost smiled! Tim comes in and says that it is obvious Team Dream Chaos is working in cohesion. That everything he’s seeing looks well done. Over at Team Drama Nuts and Bolts he becomes troubled. He doesn’t like anything about the first 3 designs and has serious concerns about the last 2. Tim tells Josh to let his ego go. This is a team challenge and right now there is not a cohesive collection to show. He makes them join hands and form a circle and asks them to vow to communicate and be honest.

Tim leaves and Josh stews. He’s frustrated because his critique was bad. He says it’s hard because he comes from a very humbled family (and frankly I’m not sure what that has to do with anything) and then he cries about missing his family and calls home to speak to his dad. We find out his mom (who died two years ago) recently had a birthday and he’s really upset about missing seeing her for the last time before she died because he was working. He wants this to be all worth it.

Well at least we know why the Queen Bee’s panties have been all knotted up lately.

Three hours left for the day and Oliver still hasn’t started working on the pant to go with the jacket he’s been working on for two days.

Two hours left before Runway time, and Oliver hasn’t finished the pants.

Runway time!

First team down the runway: Team Drama Nuts and Bolts

Josh is very excited about his print and the amazing blazer he designed.

Becky says the collection is cohesive, and she loves her jacket.

Bert says his look is edgy, modern and high fashion.

Kimberly says her garment is kick ass, she wishes the skirt wasn’t so short though.

Laura is really happy with her jumpsuit and that it’s well made.

TeamĀ Dream Chaos

Anya is extremely happy. And really she didn’t say much more than that.

Bryce says he is proud of what he’s accomplished and how well his look fits in the concept.

Anthony Ryan is loving the assymetry of his skirt and is very proud.

Oliver says his look is very satisfying.

Viktor says his gown is flowy and gorgeous and he’s so excited.

One person from the winning team will be the winner, and one person from the losing team will be out.

Team Dream Chaos is the winning team.

Heidi says that in two days, this team did so much work. She likes all the outfits on the runway and it’s hard to pick the best.

Michael wishes all the pieces were sophisticated, but that the tailoring on Emo’s jacket is fantastic and is probably the strongest tailoring he’s ever seen on Project Runway. Loves the evening gown, but doesn’t like the shorts and shirt and feels that it was too casual for the rest of the collection.

Rose would wear every piece and thinks the collection is great.

Rachel loves the collection and is very happy they brought color in.

Nina says the collection is personal and that’s why it’s so successful.

Heidi asks who they think should win the challenge and the team says they all really worked well together and on each garment so it would be hard to choose. Heidi says not good enough and asks them each individually, starting with Emo Oliver. Emo whispers that if he had to pick he should be the one. Viktor picks himself. Anthony Ryan picks himself. Anya picks herself. Bryce picks Anya.

Team Drama Nuts and Bolts

Heidi’s biggest problem was that the collection was too busy.

Michael says their theme is so literal.

Rachel says she doesn’t want to wear a skirt that says cancelled. That’s negative energy.

Michael says their video was confusing with legs and shoes and cabs. He said it was like a hooker convention coming home after a late night. He says their team won as far as a cohesive look with hair and make up. He also wants to know what woman wants to see canceled on their crotch.

They ask who’s the weakest link and Becky and Bert both say Josh. Laura says Bert. Josh says Becky. Kimberly says Becky because hers is the least styled.

Congratulations Anya! You’re the winner! The rest of the team, Laura, Kimberly and Bert are all in.

Josh your print missed the park

Becky your look was weak in a weak collection.

Auf Wiedersehen Becky! It’s been nice knowing you. Sorry you won’t be around for Josh to pick on anymore, thankfully, we still have Bert to be your punching bag!