Project Runway 9.9 – Image is Everything

Guest judge is Adam Lambert. Air Date: 09/22/11. For this episode, the designers are treated to a special performance from their new client, an up-and-coming band. Broken into two teams of four, the designers must create a look that will establish the band as image-makers.

Adam Lambert! There better be lots of guyliner in this episode, that’s all I’m saying.

8 designers left, no more immunity, the stakes are high and I have high hopes the cat fights are about to break out on the cat walk. Especially since this is going to be a team challenge.

Heidi tells the designers that the next challenge is Image is Everything. Tim tells them that fashion and music are closely connected. Garnier is partnering with Rolling Stones to feature an unsigned band on the cover, and this week, the challenge is to create a signature look for the band. They’re to take the band The Sheep Dogs to the next level, the winning look will be featured in Rolling Stone and Marie Claire and will be worn during a live performance.

Naturally this is a team challenge.

Team Untitled:
Emo, Viktor, Kimberly, Josh

Team Harmony:
Laura, Anthony Ryan, Bert, Anya

Again we seem to have a dream team and a drama team. Poor Laura, she can’t get away from Bert. The Sheep Dogs come out and play for the designers, and Emo starts to freak out. “It’s so loud.”

GAH. Seriously, I hate this little girl now.

The designers are mostly worried because it’s a menswear challenge.  The good news for the designers is, this is actually not a typical team challenge. There is no cohesive look, there is no team lead. Each person is to design for a band member. The bad news for the viewers is, it doesn’t seem that there will be much drama after all. Boo.

Anya/Kimberly are going to design for Sam the Drummer; Laura/Viktor for Leot the guitar player, Anthony/Josh for Ryan the bassist, and Bert/Oliver for Ewan the singer.

Right away, Oliver says he’s at a disadvantage because he got the biggest guy. We get it Emo. You hate fat people.

Y’all, if EMO doesn’t go home soon, I may choke on my disappointment.

The next day starts with Tim and the band members critiquing their progress so far. Everything goes well until they get to Bert who is apparently designing Ewan a “blouse.” Tim tells him it’s too feminine and the fact that Bert referred to it as a blouse proves it. Sadly, Emo is also designing for Ewan. Poor dude drew the short stick. (I’m talking about Ewan, not Emo.) Oliver is all, “If I give him everything he wants, what’s the point of the challenge.” WTF? Gang, I had really hoped this would be a much less violent episode recap, but…


OH it just got even better. Emo tells Ewan that since he’s “visually bigger on stage, I don’t want to design something that will draw people’s attention to his size.” Ewan asks Tim “He thinks I’m big?” and Emo says very seriously, “You’re big.”

Tim turned green. He does not approve. And neither did Ewan.


Y’all, he keeps on with the “plus size” thing. This is not a “big” man. Sure he’s tall, and broad, but to hear Emo whine about it, you’d think he was a few pounds shy of being craned out of his bedroom.

When Ewan tries on his Emo pants, he looks like he’s stuffed into sausage casing.

Runway day and it’s another Project Runway first! The band will perform   in front of the judges in each team’s outfit.

Team Harmony is first up.

The band comes out and their sound is very southern rock. Michael Kors’ face is frozen when he sees them on stage. He seems to be a bit shocked at what he sees.

Photos: (top, l-r) Team Harmony – Anthony, Anya, Bert, and Laura
(bottom, l-r) Team Untitled – Joshua M., Kimberly, Olivier, and Viktor

Anthony Ryan calls his dude “Rock Jesus”. He’s excited about the outfit and thinks it looks great. HeIdi says the pants need to be tighter. Nina says the top is a woman’s blouse. Adam likes the shirt, but not the pants. Michael says it’s Golden Girls does Rocker.

Anya says everything she did is sloppy and she would just like to run out of the room. Michael Kors said he doesn’t see any swagger in her design. Nina says it’s too literal, there’s no creativity. Both Heidi and Nina say he looks like Pocahontas. Michael says he looks like reggae Jesus and that this challenge shows she’s only been sewing for 4 months. Adam says this isn’t fashion.

Laura says the garment looks great and she’s thrilled. Heidi says this outfit was one of her favorites. It’s original and looks great. Adam agrees that this is one of his favorite looks as well. Michael says the tie-dye looks like he cut himself shaving. Nina says the jacket looks like a lady’s jacket with an off the rack silk scarf. She is not a fan of the look.

Bert says Ewan looks spectacular, that he’s a blended 70s with contemporary rocker. Adam likes the tunic. Says it feels retro but new. Heidi likes the jeans. Nina loves the whole look.

Team Untitled

Josh: The pants are sexy on Ryan. He says he brought his A game with this challenge. Heidi loves the pants and the top. Thinks the fringe is too much. Adam digs the pants but thinks the detail on the legs doesn’t work. Michael says it’s Neil Young meets Jim Morrison. Nina likes the look.

Kim: Isn’t thrilled with the shirt, but thinks he looks okay. Michael says he looks like Peter Brady at Harvestfest. Nina says the shirt looks like an old man’s pajamas. Adam sees Scooby Doo and Heidi sees a forest elf.

Viktor: Thinks the jacket is impressive and that he looks stunning. Michael thinks the jacket is fabulous. Heidi says the jacket looks expensive. Adam thinks the shirt takes away from the jacket. Nina says it’s a lot of work and very impressive work.

Emo: He feels generally good on stage, especially compared to some other people. He’s not worried. Heidi asks Emo why he would use light material when his client likes dark? She says the look is boring and the jeans are equivalent to Mom Jeans. Adam thinks the jeans don’t fit well. Nina says it’s too feminine.

After the judges deliberate they bring everyone back onstage and Heidi says “Some of you did well, and some of you did NOT.” Kim winces.

Bert is safe. The judges really loved his outfit.

Congratulations Viktor! You are the winner of this challenge.

Laura, Josh, Anthony Ryan, and Anya are safe.

The bottom two are Kim and Oliver. This is where I wonder if prayer works. Because EMO NEEDS TO GO HOME.

Emo, you’re outfit was just not cool. You’re a men’s designer. This was your chance to shine.

Kim, your guy was stuck in the seventies, and in a very bad way.

And my “prayers” are answered. Kimberly is in and EMO IS SAFE FROM FURTHER DISLIKE!

Auf Wiedersehen Oliver. I’m so happy I’m weeping.