Project Runway Season 9 Episode 10: Sew 70’s

Sorry gang, I actually thought I had posted this last week. Please forgive…

Guest judge is Olivia Palermo, editor. Air Date: 09/29/11. For this episode, the designers must look to the past and create a modern look inspired by 70s fashion.

Heidi struts onto the Runway and reminds them there are only seven left! For this challenge the designers must look to the past for inspiration. Tim introduces them to Heather Archibald from Piperlime. The winning design will be featured on Heather says their clients are looking for an updated 70s look. Tim says it’s a sophisticated 70s challenge. Not vintage or retro.

The drama begins at Mood when Anya loses her envelope of money. They only have $100 to spend and when time is called, she hasn’t found her cash. Tim tells her she can ask the other designers if they’ll give her any left over money they may have, or she can use muslin. Those are her options. She is devastated, naturally. She gets $11 to spend and all the designers have promised her scraps of fabric–except for Viktor. “This is a competition he says.”

I hope Anya wins this challenge and Viktor gets his ass handed to him. I get wanting to win, but c’mon dude. Give a little. Kumbaya, mutha-fucka.

Tim calls this Anya’s “make it work” moment.

Bert seems to be the go-to-guy for advice by the younglings who aren’t familiar with the 70s.

Viktor says he doesn’t trust Josh…that he feels that Josh has been stealing ideas throughout the challenges. “I’m not driving you no more, Ms. Daisy.” Okay, I’ll give him mad props for making laugh. But damn, I hate it when I like a guy who wins a couple of challenges and then turns into a selfish bunghole.

Uh oh, seems that Viktor might be right, that Josh is copying some of his elements.

The next day arrives with Tim bearing the news they they will complete a second look, a one piece companion, and they have $50 to spend.

Anya holds on to her money this time.

It’s time for Tim’s check in. He tells Anthony Ryan his first look is too old but that his idea for a maxi-dress for a 2nd look is great. Anya is on target with both looks. Tim sees Bert’s look and says it’s VERY 70s and that the judges could either love it, or think it’s more vintage than sophisticated. Tim likes Kim’s ideas so far, but counsels her against a mini-skirt on the 2nd look. He tells Viktor to embrace the safari in his first look. He gets to Josh and is slightly speechless about the look. He tells Josh to let his clothes speak for themselves and maybe he shouldn’t talk so much. (Do they make Immodium for diarrhea of the mouth?) Tim advises Laura to watch her taste level when it comes to Nina.

Runway day, they have 2 hours to complete their look and get their models made up.

Anya is in a panic, rushing to finish everything up on time and Kim is rushing to recut the waist with ten minutes left. She sews the model in without a zipper.

Tim calls time and Anya is still sewing…

Kimberly: loves her looks and is satisfied with both pieces. Kimberly is the only person who is safe in this challenge. Neither of her pieces made any impression on me at all. That’s why she was safe, I suppose.

Anthony Ryan: Loves what he’s done with the casual three piece look, but he doesn’t love the second look, but likes it okay. Olivia says it looks inomplete and the dress looks like a tent. Nina says it is hippie inspired but not in a good way. Michael likes that he went granola for his inspiration, but the looks don’t work. Heidi says the looks are boring. I will fully admit that both of these looks made me want to smoke a lot of weed so I wouldn’t care what I looked like either.

Bert: says his first look is amazing, but there was a lot more skin than he expected to see. The second look he believes is slightly Grecian but very reminiscent of the 70s. Heidi loves the fabric but wonders why the shorts are super short. Loves the simple 2nd look. Michael likes the blouse in the first look and he likes that Bert mixed Glam and sleek. Nina calls the 2nd look beauty and simplicity. Olivia really likes both looks. I totally dug the Xanadu-Barbie look. If I had that itty-bitty ass, I’d be rocking those itty-bitty shorts and that glitterball chiffon.

Laura: The top and skirt fit beautifully on her first piece and she says her black jumper is wonderful, her model has never looked better. Heidi likes her jumpsuit, but isn’t a fan of the stripe and print combo on her second look. Nina agrees with Heidi and adds that the problem with Laura’s second look is that it won’t “read well” online. Olivia agrees. Michael says they don’t look like fashion. Okay, I know I shouldn’t like her stripe and print dress, but I have no taste and I kinda like it. Hard.

Josh: Loves the plaid pant and tux shirt he made, the second look he says is a beautiful sexy dress. Michael says Josh had schizophrenia between the two outfits. Heidi asks if they pants are even from the 70s and that this is the worst outfit she’s ever seen. Olivia says it’s just too much. Nina says the choice of fabric is Hor-Rend-Ous but she compliments his risk taking. MY EYES HATE YOU AND YOUR PANTS, JOSHUA.

My eyes hate the pants, but not nearly as much as the model's buttcrack hates them.


Anya: The first look is the one that’s made from her $11.50, and she likes it but it’s still slightly unfinished. She says her second look is gorgeous. Heidi is impressed with the $11.50 outfit and loves the print. Michael loves both tops. Nina says this is perfect for shopping online. I would look hideous in both of these looks, but they are beautifully done. Anya has a shit-ton of taste and style. Must get me some of that.

Viktor says both of his looks are stunning, amazing and rich. Heidi says he did two great looks. Michael says it could’ve been sexier. Nina says beautiful tailoring. Olivia thinks the pants are great and very versitile. I don’t care how well done his outfits are, he irritated me today so I do. not. like. Also, he’s wearing snakeskin shorts and bow tie, which should disqualify him from anything fashion-related forever.

Congratulations ANYA!!! Your jumpsuit will be produced and featured exclusively on Viktor’s eyes shot her with poison darts. He wa not a happy camper.

And guess what Bert! Your simple dress will also be produced and featured on!

Viktor and Laura are in.

Josh and Anthony Ryan, one of you will be out. Anthony, your dress was shapless and your separates were unattractive. Josh, your looks were overdesigned and not modern.

Auf Wiedersehen Anthony Ryan! (this makes me sad, as I am WAY OVER Joshua.)