Project Runway 9.12: The Finale Challenge

Guest judge is actress Zoe Saldana. For this episode, the judges want to see their visions as designers so they challenge the contestants to create a mini-collection. Episode air date: 10/13/11.

The episode opens with our usual morning shots of the designers drinking coffee and getting ready for the day. However, this morning’s coffee seems to be extra bitter. ¬†Josh is sounding sweet at first saying” it’s sad we lost Bert just as we were beginning to understand him,” and viktor says, “Kimberly should have gone home before Bert.” Josh is continuing to lament having his ass handed to him by Anya. “If we’re the best of the best, then that should includ construction. Can Anya even make a jacket?” Oh we are tasting the rainbow today, folks. And it tastes like sour grapes…

We are down to our final challenge! How does it feel to be in the top five? For the final challenge, the designers are taking a ferry to Governor’s Island where Tim tells them that this will be a design challenge and hopefully they will find their inspiration from the island. The designers will be creating three looks, and all three looks must represent a range of garments. They get an hour to drive around the island in a golf cart and take pictures and find inspiration.

Kim finds her muse in a sculpture, Josh finds his in the artillery. (Dear Josh, it’s pronounced ahr-til-uh-ree not ahr-til-uh-rar-ee. Love, Melf) Laura finds her inspiration in all the circular shapes she’s seeing. Viktor is checking out the metropolitan designs and Anya finds her inspiration from various sculputures, but she’s mostly inspired just being out of the city.

They finish their shopping and are back in the workroom when Tim walks in carrying a bag. The collective “uh oh” is heard around the world. “Gather around please. We all love the button bag!” The designers are worried, but Tim aleviates their concern by saying they are going to choose an assistant.

Kimberly chooses Becky.

Viktor chooses Oliver. (OMG EMO is back!)

Laura chooses Anthony.

The remaining two designers are Anya and Josh. Anya gives just a little bump with her hip and smiles. Josh makes a face. Anya says, “Don’t fight with me.” and you clearly can tell she’s just teasing him. Josh gets his panties knotted up and says, “You’re getting aggressive.” DUDE. LIGHTEN UP.

Anya gets to choose between Bert and Bryce and she chooses Bert, which you can tell really pisses Josh off.

Bryce comments that there is a lot of tension in the room now and when he left, it was still a lovefest. Emo says he’s slave labor–all the work and no money. I ALREADY WANT TO PUNCH HIM AGAIN.

Oh it’s time for more sour grapes! Josh is catching Bryce up and says that everyone was so nervous when they asked for a range of garments in this challenge. “I’m sorry, you’re a designer, you should be able to do a jacket and the fact that you’ve gotten by on jumper and flowy dresses this whole time…don’t even get me started.”

Anya notices Josh is acting weird and really doesn’t like it. Josh says “I just had $20,000 taken away from me by a beauty queen. What was it the beauty or the design.”

Careful, Joshy. You might choke on those grapes if you’re not careful.

It’s time for Tim’s critque…he tells Laura that the pattern she’s using probably needs to be scaled back. It’s dominating her designs. Tim asks Kimberly what the statue of liberty is doing in her lineup. He tells Viktor that all three of his looks are very sophisticated. Tim is intrigued by Josh’s looks and tells him to continue to take a risk. Tim likes Anya’s colors and reminds her to keep an eye on the flow of her designs.

It’s runway day and of course, everyone is behind. Anya is feeling a lot of pressure–and Bert is cleaning up behind her. Kim is scrapping her pants and making a skirt.

Viktor says he and Josh should go to fashion week and let the three girls fight it out for the final slot. Funnily enough, Josh agrees. Go figure.

Tim is trying to corral the designers to the runway and Anya is running behind. Again. She manages to put her own garment onto her model–backwards. You can see that this just adds fuel to Josh’s fire. He rolls his eyes and does everything but snap and twist.

First down the runway is Josh. He loves his first dress. Says it’s beautiful and elegant. He says his second look is so big it isn’t flattering. He says he loves his third look. It’s draped beautifully. Michael says he showed a huge amount of diversity–maybe too much. Zoe likes the dress but not the gown. Heidi likes the gown but not material. The judges accuse him of being a magpie drawn to sparkle.

Kimberly says her coat and scarf look good. The separates look is beautiful and fits well. She is most proud of her cocktail dress. Zoe loves the top and the coat. Michael says the brocade dress is her strongest piece. Heidi says the three pieces belong on three different women. Nina says the skirt would have been better straight.

Laura’s first look is well made and chic. Her second look is a full flowing cocktail dress but she loves her gown the most. Heidi loves the gown. Says the cocktail dress doesn’t go with the other two pieces. Michael says the gown is definitely her strongest piece and says her cocktail dress is a laundry bag or a pillow case.

Anya is thrilled with her black dress. It’s classic and well made. Her rust pantsuit has potential with impact. She can see the problems in her dress but is really excited about her overall collection. He loves his elegant black dress. Nina says they’re all very modern pieces and a concise collection. Heidi says the black dress is chic. Michael says she knows how to dress and style the models. Zoe loves the cuts and the assymetrical angles.

Viktor is very proud of his jacket. He really likes the second look. Thinks it’s stunning and edgy. Heidi is amazed by what he can do as far as sewing, but that he needs to expand his ideas. Nina loves it but says he needs to turn up the volume. Zoe likes the secretary look but doesn’t like the boning on the hip of his little black dress. Michael says Viktor has the most commercial, saleable clothing. He agrees that the volume does need to be amped up.

The models leave the runway and each designer is asked why they should be the one to go to Fashion Week.

Josh: Because if I was given the time to research and focus he’ll bring something really great to fashion week. He would bring Viktor and Anya with him.

Kimberly: Would like to change the perception of where a designer should come from and what should she be like. She would bring Anya and Laura.

Anya: believes her point of view is solid and unique and wants to bring it to fashion week. Anya would bring Josh and Viktor.

Laura: has a strong set of skills and a strong drive which would intensify the show. She would bring Viktor and Anya.

Viktor: says something about being an immigrant worker that I didn’t really understand as having anything to do with why he should be the one to go to fashion week. He chose Josh and Anya.

Anya is the first to be told she is in for Fashion Week.

They tell Viktor to pump up the volume for Fashion week.

Joshua still has a lot of work to do, but is in for Fashion Week. Remember to edit.

We’re down to Laura and Kimberly. Will one or both be sent home?

Laura techinically is strong but needs to think about her range.

Kimberly this wasn’t her best day. They like that she takes chances but it didn’t pay off this time.

Congratualtions Kimberly, you will be designing for Fashion Week.

Laura, I’m sorry, but that means you’re out.

I’m sad to see Fashion Barbie go home. I think Josh should have been sent home for his lack of taste and general bitchiness. He went from being one of my favorites to just slightly above Emo Oliver. Bitter really is the new black, I guess.