Project Runway 9.13: Finale, Part 1

For this episode, the four remaining designers must present a three-look mini collection. Episode air date: 10/20/11.

The four finalists are given $9,000 and 5 weeks to design a 10 piece collection. Heidi leaves them with the final message, “Blow us away.”

Tim checks in on the finalists three weeks in. He starts with Kimberly in White Plains, MD. Kim is using a combination of old and new Brooklyn as her inspiration. She feels she worked hard to raise herself up, and wants other Brooklyn girls to do the same.

Tim says that he definitely sees “Kimberly” in her designs. He seems to like what she’s got going on, but reminds her to take some risks and wow the judges.

Next we travel to Maridad, Trinidad to check on Anya. They take a boat ride and Anya talks about the sea being her inspiration. She shows the fabrics–but really doesn’t have anything made yet. She’s behind in terms of construction, because she hasn’t been able to draw a new shape yet. Tim is very concerned. There is no time left, so she needs to “make” and not think. She is stuck, she has the palette but not the design.

It’s back to New York and a visit with Viktor. Viktor is very excited for Tim to see his collection. He’s worked non-stop since his return and feels his designs are very strong. His collection theme is Urban Coast. He went to Guadalajara, Mexico for his brother’s death-anniversary and is using him as a part of his vision. Tim is blown away by the majority of Viktor’s collection, but doesn’t love his gown. Thinks it will fall flat compared to the rest of the garments.

Next we head to Queens to visit with Joshua. Josh expresses concern about where he is with his collection. Tim is concerned that his color palette is too sherbet and that the print he chose is homely. So homely it makes him want to weep. And of course, the print is the major focus of his collection. Tim says he needs more sex and right now, all he sees is “farmer and the dell.”

It’s finally time for all the designers to get back to New York. Somebody needs to remind Viktor that nobody is going to want to purchase clothes from him if he shows up in ratty clam digger jeans and plaid shirts with cut off sleeves. Wow.

The designers start pulling out their work, and they all begin to critique each other. Tim comes in and tells the designers the judges want to see three pieces of their collection to determine which 3 designers will move forward.

Tim visits with Viktor first. His jacket is so amazing, Joshua nearly craps his pants.

Joshua pulls out his three looks and Tim reminds him that there needs to be cohesion in his looks, and right now, he doesn’t see it.

With Kimberly, he tells her to center herself. How can she win the judges in three looks.

Tim is excited to see actual garments but is disappointed because it looks like she’s retreated into her comfort zone. He feels the judges may not be wowed enough to want to see the rest of her collection because it looks the same.

Anya starts to have a tiny meltdown. She’s disappointed in herself and was not surprised by anything Tim had to say.

It’s runway day and everyone but Viktor is clamoring to finish up for their fittings. There’s a lot of sewing with the models wearing the outfits.

Viktor is first down the runway. He says his cocktail dress is a combo of rock-n-roll girl and mean girl. His second look is his favorite. He says “You can’t go wrong with a tuxedo with glass.” His third look is his gown and jacket. the look is meant as his showpiece. He’s thrilled with everything, says it’s the best he’s done so far.

Anya says her first look is quite nice; a short batik dress that merges her old aesthetic with what she’s going for now. Her second look is a bathing suit and cover up. She said it would look better on a darker skinned girl, but the look is good. Her gown is another dress that she feels shows she’s merging aesthetics. Overall, she’s proud of what she’s accomplished.

Kimberly’s first look is her casual look. It’s loose with an edge. The second look is a brocade two piece and the third look is her gown. She thinks it has a wow factor and that it represents her customer well. Kim’s in love with her collection and feels it’s very different from the others. I wish I could have found a pic of the back of Kimberly’s skirt. It made the size -2 model look like she had a big ol’ butt, oh yeah! It was awful. I mean, BUBBLICIOUS could have sponsored that ass.

Joshua’s first look is a hot pink hot pant and a tailored jacket. His second look is a neoprene little black dress that he calls quite beautiful. His third look he calls stunning. It’s part catsuit/part draped dress. He feels his three looks represent his collection and that the total look will be brilliant. I’ll tell you right now, that I don’t think there’s anything in this world that would motivate me enough to put that last garment on my body.  Here’s a glimpse from behind…

Anya is first up on the chopping block. Nina loves the first dress. Says it really combines her style with her roots. Heidi is a little surprised taht she only likes one of her looks–that’s the first dress. Michael says the gown looks tortured and that the styling isn’t helping her at all. Nina says change the shoes up to make it look a little cooler. Anya needs to embrace her point-of-view.

Kimberly is next. Michael loves that he knows they’re her clothes. She needs to work on the styling. Nina says the accessorizing is definitely an issue. Heidi didn’t like the skirt, it gives the model a bubble butt.

Viktor: Michael loves the jacket and the first 2 outfits. Heidi loves the see through top with the mirrors. Michael says the jacket needs to go with a black pant and tank top. Nina loves the prints. Viktor doesn’t need the leather skirt over the print. All the pieces are great, but some of his pairings don’t work.

Joshua: Heidi liked a lot of his designs thinks they are modern and forward. Michael says he felt like the collection was a roller coaster. He loves the dress, hates the modesty tab. And with the jumpsuit/dress–he loved the front, hated the back. Nina was very impressed. He learned to edit and style and it seems he has great focus.

After a very intense judging session, the judges admit that the girls really dropped the ball this round. When the designers return to the catwalk, they’re told that the judges really liked some of the pieces and really disliked others. From everyone.

Heidi says those of you who move forward must listen to their feedback. Joshua is the first to make it through. Viktor is next to get the good news. So it’s between the girls.

Anya, Kimberly–there’s a lot of potential in your looks, but you both have problems.

Kimberly, from your hair and makeup to accessories your styling was a big problem. And you need to watch your color palette.

Anya, we appreciate you went for Caribbean Glam but your looks were missing something.

Kimberly, you will show at New York Fashion Week. Congratulations.

Anya, you’re in as well. You too, will show at Fashion Week, congratulations.

Josh is all confused and pissy. Someone needs to get him a tampon and some Midol. Damn.

I’m actually glad to see them all go. I think they’ve all made amazing strides in their designing ability and this should make for a much more difficult and competitive runway show. And since Josh’s panties are already in a wad, we should have some “A Game” Drama.