Project Runway 9.14: Finale, Part 2

It’s the FINALE, bitches!

Things get off to a bumpy start for the final designers as they frantically get ready to show at New York Fashion Week. With fair warning to step up their game, the designers make every minute of preparation count. Guest judge, fashion designer L’Wren Scott, weighs in on who should be the winner during the intense debate at the final judging. Episode air date: 10/27/11.

The finale started with Josh being his typical bitchy-mcbitchy pants. He says he’s “In it to win it” but then he also says he wishes the judges had gotten rid of someone so that the chances of winning were better. Apparently, he’s afraid of competition.

Tim gives the designers a tough love talk and then gives them some great news: they get an additional $500 each and a shopping trip to Mood that they can do anything they want with the money.

The designers are talking to each other and trying to help each other out, also while talking smack about each other behind each other backs.

Josh has a miniature meltdown because he has nothing to do after the show. He’s crying and Anya comes over and comforts him and tells him she understands. I love Anya’s compassion. I’m not sure that Josh would have done the same for her had the situation been reversed.

The next day, the designers are all sewing their fingers to the bone and panicking. Anya is feeling way behind. Josh feels good now that his meltdown is over. Viktor is nervous but confident and Kimberly is just blowing and going. She can’t really find her words.

Tim comes in to check in and offer some tough love. He tells Kimberly that her bubble butt skirt looks tortured and she needs to rework it. She doesn’t know how she’s going to do that. Tim is all “WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON’T KNOW. This is a make it work moment!”

Anya tells Tim that she feels much more herself, but is worried that this isn’t her best work. She actually sounds like she’s telling Tim goodbye. That she doesn’t expect to do well.

Tim is surprised by some of Viktor’s editing choices. He’s taken out several prints and a vest that Tim really loved. Viktor says they didn’t have the silhouette he was going for. He showed Tim his new gown (which I LOVE ZOMG) and Tim seems to like it.

Josh shows Tim he’s new green shorts and Tim calls them “peculiar.” Tim tells Josh that his new direction has a different vibe. Josh says afterward that he feels like he was just tackled by a linebacker.

Now I want to see Tim Gunn wearing pads and a really sparkly football uniform!

It’s 5:00 the day before the runway and Anya is starting another new look, which she says will be her finale piece and I’m not sure if she has anything finished at this time. She’s not known for her ability to sew quickly so I’m a little worried she’s about to drown.

They get up at 3:00 a.m. the morning of the show. They are all nervous but all very happy. We see Viktor floss and Josh put on his mascara…all four girls are ready!

(Seriously Viktor? Don’t you ever wear pants? This clam digger, bowtie and gold chain look is not awesome.)

The designers get to Lincoln Center and start putting their looks on the models, and Kimberly can’t find her sewing kit, which she needs. Panic ensues, but Anya bails her out with whatever extra she has that Kim needs.

Heidi walks out, introduces the judges and then it’s show time!


I’ll tell you, I’m a little blown away by Kim’s garments. I’ve not loved all of her stuff tjos season, but this collection really works for me. I love it. Tim tells her it’s stunning.


I like the first dress, but the second and third looks really lost me. His hot pink pant and jacket are fantastic and the black neoprene dress is much better without the modesty table like Michael Kors suggested. He fixed the awful half-dress/half-catsuit and it looked amazing. Especially compared to the original. All in all his collection was 50/50 for me.


Viktor’s first garment fell a little flat for me but the rest of the collection grabbed me hard. I loved his prints and his gowns. The white jacket was stunning with pants and tank top. His collection was beautifully cohesive and looked impeccable.


Her first dress is amazing. If it weren’t cut down to the navel, I’d wear that everyday. I love her colors and way her garments flow. I want to be at the beach right now. In all honesty, her collection is my favorite because it is very much my style. I don’t know that she’ll win, but I absoltely love everything I’ve seen from her. I want all of her maxi-dresses in my closet! ALL OF THEM. Even the one she’s wearing.






IMO, the only person who shouldn’t win is Joshua. For me, it could go to either Anya, Viktor, or Kimberly.

Which, of course, means Joshua will win and I will want to vomit.

Judging time!

Kimberly: Michael Kors said she managed to listen to the judges but still keep the Kimberly. L’Wren loved the lame` mini-dress and the pink dress. Heidi’s favorite was the ivory pant and blouse. Heidi loved the peek-a-boo elements throughout the collection. Nina says her looks were contemporary and fantastic. She loved the finale dress.

Joshua: Heidi liked his point of view and his collection. Said it was interesting but not too crazy that it can’t be worn. Michael said his collection was beautifully designed and well made. Thinks he did great with the editing. L’Wren said the opening and closing dresses were impressive and likes his vision. Nina called him most improved and said his collection was very editorial. Michael says he made using neoprene and plastic believable and wearable.

Viktor: Michael adores the printed pieces. Says his tailoring and polish was impeccable but Viktor lost him with the transparent pieces. L’wren said as a collection it had a very cool vibe. Heidi loved several pieces but felt that the collection was two different collection. Nina was also a fan of the prints but called the sheer pieces a missed opportunity. They all loved the first look (which I didn’t, but then, I didn’t like Joshua’s collection and they did.)

Anya: Heidi loved the collection, but the construction side of it was pretty simple compared to the others. Michael says her opening dress was his favorite opening by far. That her cutting skills are amazing. L’Wren says her use of print was spectacular. She was worried about what she could wear in the city. Nina loved the collection, loved the new bathing suit, but wishes that she had more city/urban looks, not just the island looks. Heidi says she is impressed with how she turned it around and gave a great show.

In the judges circle, Michael says Kimberly had a lot of great clothes but not necessarily a great collection. But they love her point of view and the urban in her design. Nina says her clothes are great, but doesn’t think she’s really there.

They like Viktor’s collection, especially the prints. They do think Viktor is ready to start his own brand.

Michael says that in two days, Anya did an about face. She’s obviously good under pressure and that she has great taste. Nina calls her gifted and has a great eye with patterns. Even though it was a little bit one-note, it was a great collection. Nina thinks she’s smart enough to be able to do her own brand.

Michael says that Josh’s collection was cohesive and well-tailored and that his styling was amazing, which they never thought they’d say. Heidi called his showing “gutsy”. In his collection, he had one misstep. Nina loves that he has ideas.

Ok. I’m gonna just say this…they are about to announce the winner and I have a very bad feeling about this… (please don’t let it be Josh, please don’t let it be Josh, please don’t let it be Josh…please?)

Heidi tells the designers there are no losers on the runway today…

The first out…is Kimberly.

The second out…Viktor.

Dear Gods. It’s between Anya and Joshua. Just like I thought it would be. I really, really hope I’m wrong here. (please don’t let it be Josh, please don’t let it be Josh, please don’t let it be Josh…please?)

THANK GOD. It’s Anya. I really can’t believe it. I’m so thrilled, you just don’t know. I really hated Joshua’s collection and I wanted everything Anya showed. THIS makes me happy.

Sure, she needs to be a better seamstress, but damn she’s got a beautiful style and a great eye for design. I. Am. Happy.

So what about you? How did you like this season overall? Do you think someone else should have won?