Walking Dead – Discussion Thread

Well, your regular Walking Dead recapper, Kristi, has been trampled and abused by Thanksgiving travel and should be safely back home later today.  In the meantime, we knew everyone would want to talk about last night, so until her recap pops up later tonight, let’s just break it down to the nuts and bolts.

First,  there were zombies on our zombie show!  Aw, that was nice of them.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Things I want to know about:

  • Um, does this mean Hershel knew Sophia was in the barn this whole time? Because damn, dude.
  • Does that mean he was covering his tracks by saying Otis normally catches the trapped critters in the quicksand, or do you think Otis just thought it was some little girl and shoved her in the barn?
  • Holy crap, how badly did you want Dale to shoot Shane? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like the character because he makes for good tv, but SHOOT HIM, DALE. Just me and my blood lust?
  • Now, this just may be the Fallout girl in me, but at what point will these yahoos realize they can take Hershel and move into Tenpenny Towers and have the farm for themselves? Then again, I’m just a silly ol’ survivalist, I’d have the “pay the price of my soul” for that.
  • Was I the only one upset by all the wasted bullets on chest and shoulder shots? It’s only okay to get a chest shot if you’re going for a reverse-Mozambique.
  • SOPHIA. Did you think she was really alive?
  • Did you want Darryl to find her and by that raise his social currency with the group?
  • Did you want to make out with Darryl Dixon and have his survivalist babies? (Is that just me?)
  • How heartbreaking was that wail of Carol’s when Rick shot her daughter? (Sadfaces, guys.)
  • DUDE RICK SHOT SOPHIA. No one else had the stones! (Well, Darryl was comforting her mother, because Darryl is the new moral center for the show.)
  • Glenn and Maggie need to get naked again. I’m just putting that out there, because they’re adorable.
Let’s hash this out, and good LORD, February?! That sucks, AMC, that sucks.  Well, this is a perfect time to catch up on Breaking Bad (seriously. If you’re not watching that show, and you like this show?  FIX THIS. Trust me.)
DID DOC HERSHEL KNOW SOPHIA WAS IN THE BARN?! If so, then on a scale of, “Whoa, dude,” to “You’re a DICK!” what is he?