Supernatural 7.11 – Adventures in Babysitting

Mid-season hiatus? Boom! Over. We’re finally back after five weeks. The episode opens up with a man at a truck stop diner watching an, ahem, “working girl” through the window and apparently he’s made this a bit of a routine because the waitress recognizes him. He’s clocking the working gal; she’s clearly shady, he’s clearly on to her. New hunter? Maybe. He followers her to a spot between the 18-wheelers and finds… nothing, no trace. Seems the one to watch out for was the waitress She tells him that she’s venomously bite-y by nature. Then kicks his ass and presumably bites him. Typical.

Or it would be, except the last time we saw the Winchesters, Bobby had died.

I could be more delicate I suppose, but that’s what happened. Weeks ago I cried, then re-watched and cried, and then I accepted it and I commend the show for doing it. Killing off Bobby was brave in so many ways.

Where do we go from here?

Week one: The Winchesters stoically mourn and take turns looking at each other while the other isn’t looking.

Week two: Numbers, work the numbers. Dean diligently tries to figure out what 45489 means. While drinking. Sam flips through what looks like it may be Bobby’s list o’ contacts.

Week three: Sam has finally changed his shirt. Dean has not. Dean also now has a hunter’s wall going, full of clippings about Turducken and Dick Roman. Sam wonders, aloud, if they should notify people that Bobby knew about his passing. Dean ignores him in lieu of working the case. Sam tries again. Dean steamrolls it again, muttering about Frank Devereaux and his lack of getting back to them in a timely manner. Sam asks yet again. Dean deigns to answer him by asking a question in return, why should they have to do it? Sam figures if not them, who? But neither one does, because neither one wants to.

Right then, Bobby’s cell rings. When Sam picks up the call and young girl’s voice asks for Bobby Singer. Sam eludes the details of why Bobby can’t come to the phone and the girl hangs up on him. Sam is concerned about the girl, Dean is still concerned about his current obsession, so Sam goes off to trace the number and help the girl on his own. Dean’s gonna keep on Frank’s ass about this. While drinking.

Sam finds the girl, Krissy, in her dingy apartment and it’s obvious to him that she’s a hunter’s kid. Sam’s not sure how much she knows about the life, but her dad’s been incommunicado for 5 days, which is not his style. He checks out her dad’s work area, grabs a lead and heads out, promising Krissy he’ll check in. She’s not convinced.

Meanwhile, Dean’s at Frank Devereaux’s having a gunslinger standoff. Frank’s still as paranoid as ever in his hipster glasses, or maybe more so, and isn’t telling Dean a thing. After all, Dean could be a Leviathan. Anyone could be a Leviathan. I could be a Leviathan.

I’m not a Leviathan.

Dean proves he’s not a Leviathan either by slicing his arm to show he bleeds red blood, not oozes black ooze. Frank finds this sufficient. Dean demands Frank reciprocate the gesture and Frank does by slicing the fleshy part just below his thumb. Wouldn’t a light nick along, I dunno, the earlobe, have been enough proof for both of them? Deep gashes seem to prove the point excessively and painfully.

Now that Frank trusts Dean, well, he trusts that Dean’s not a Leviathan at least, Dean reminds Frank that he paid him 15 G’s for info. Am I the only one wondering where Dean got $15,000? Frank’s got some info, but as a result of his digging he’s now being watched. Closely. He assumes. Frank’s motto is better to be insane than sorry. He also has no concept of time, call Frank Devereaux and he’ll maybe get back to you in six months. In person, however, Frank can tell you that the Leviathan’s are everywhere with any kind of power, and oh yeah, the 5 digits Dean gave him are meaningless. That said, Frank did discover, by aid of a probability generator, that they were missing a number.

Add that number in and yahtzee, you’ve got our good old reliable mode of hunter communication: coordinates. These coordinates land you smack in Nowheresville, Wisconsin to land owned by Dick Roman himself. Wisconsin. Home of the Green Bay Packers. Shoulda known evil lurked there.

Back on Sam’s side of the show, he’s all decked out in his FBI best doing what he does so very well, hanging out in the morgue. The forensic examiner shows him the body of an exsanguinated male with severe bite marks in all the prime arterial blood sucking places. The doc makes a vampire joke, Sam doesn’t laugh.

Frank and Dean decide to set up surveillance in Cheese Head territory, but while posing as telephone repairmen, discover that the area is already under heavy camera lockdown. Frank is pleased; it’s way easier to hack someone else’s feed than to set up your own. So they head back to Frank’s and he works his computer magic. He also offers to take first camera watch, because Dean looks like crap. It’s possible he hasn’t slept since Bobby passed away. Dean might have protested, but he was too busy snoring through his phone vibrating in his jacket pocket. Sam’s a good boy though, he leaves a very detailed voicemail.

Sam is off chasing his lead, which lead him to the truck stop Krissy’s dad disappeared from. He questions the blonde waitress who lays the blame on the scantily clad brunette working girl. Sam heads out to question her and she’s definitely aware that something unsavory is going on. She offers to tell Sam everything she knows, while leading him to the same secluded spot between the semi-trucks. Out pops blonde waitress in attack mode, Sam yells for brunette working girl to run and save herself, but she’s showing her fangs and pouncing in on the fun. Oh. I get it. Tandem evil venomous hot chicks. Well played Supernatural.

Back in Frank’s trailer of espionage Dean awakes from his 36 hour nap. Frank seemingly hasn’t moved. Within this time Frank saw a troop of Richard Roman lackeys surveying the area. Dick’s people are stready workers, Dean is unamused by how slow the molasses is flowing. Frank suggests Dean go kill things to kill time, Dean tells Frank he’s a couple of nuts short of a trail mix, Frank reiterates that Dean looks like crap, Dean reminds Frank that he just lost Bobby and this Leviathan thing is like swimming against the current, Frank tells Dean to bail then, Dean says he can’t, he can’t leave the life or leave Sam.

Basically, they are both very cantankerous, more than slightly unhinged, men.

It boils down to this, Frank schools Dean on the finer points of his life, which is he’s been making shows of trading blows, just hoping no one knows that he’s been going through the motions and walking through the part and Dean better man up and do the same, with a wink and a smile dammit. Dean needs to suck it up like he works retail, grit your teeth, put on your smile and do your job like a professional. Dean’s lucky though, he actually gets to stab things.

I digress.

Dean finally listens to Sam’s voicemail, right off the bat he knows Sam has go this all wrong and heads out to fix this.

Sidenote: I’ve always been impressed with how well the Winchesters leave and listen to voicemails. I have anxiety about listening to voicemails. Seriously, don’t leave me a voicemail, I won’t listen to it for weeks. Or months, as is more accurate. (Frank Devereaux and I operate on the same time wave)

Dean finds Krissy at her apartment and tries the same type of finesse Sam did, only with a bit less finesse. Krissy faith in hunters is kinda shattered and she’s gone the route of Peyton Sawyer, everyone leaves her. Well, not this time, Krissy took all of her dad’s notes, memorized them and then torched them. Hunter’s kids are always so well adjusted.

Dean left with no choice but to drag her along so he knows where he’s going. Krissy is concurrently fascinated with how endearingly lame Dean is and the fact that Sam went to college. Krissy’s snarky, sullen, sassy and other “s” words that flash “teenager” in big bright letters. Dean is not in the mood.

They come upon the truck stop and Krissy notices that one of the Vetalas is truckjacking one of the 18-wheelers and they tail her. Once the truck is parked Krissy is gung-ho to go in there, sterling knives blazing and take the Vetalas down. Dean is attempting to be the kind of babysitter he knows he can be and handcuffs her to the steering wheel and confiscates her lock pick. It’s only fair really, she did pull a gun on him earlier. Teenagers have to learn that their actions have consequences.

Dean storms in and finds Sam and Krissy’s dad strapped to chairs and seeping blood. A quick rumble in the Bronx and Dean’s got the brunette hussy where he wants her, knife poised. Of course this is the moment Krissy runs in determined to save her father, and gets herself choke holded by the Vetala. Well, that’s just dandy if you’re Dean. He backs off like he’s told and it seems there’s no way out of this. The Vetala is about to strike, her teeth headed right for Krissy’s jugular, when Krissy wiggles out of the hold and sticks her right it the gut and twists the knife deep. Krissy cuts Sam lose and he takes out the other Vetala smooth as butter.

The morning finds the entire crew at the hospital, Sam’s neck patched up cleanly and Krissy’s dad hooked up to a slew of machines, but recovering. Sam and Dean tell Krissy’s father to quit the life. He resists, it’s something he has to do and besides, do the Winchesters know of anyone that’s ever been able to get out and out?

Admittedly, no, no they don’t. They all die before they have the chance, no one they know gets out alive and they don’t want Krissy and her father to be new names on their list of the dead.

And they leave. Because that’s what Winchesters do. Krissy, however, is not okay with the disappearing act and runs after Dean, calling him an asshat for not saying good-bye. In her own teenage way she’s thanking Dean, because apparently she’s retiring with a 1-0 record and just might shake her Stanford degree in his face one day. Kid woulda been a badass hunter though and in all honesty, I wonder if she really can get out clean or is a part of her, just like Dean, just like Sam. Will she try to make a go of being a normal that doesn’t know what goes bump or slithers under beds and waits and fail at it like they both did? Will we see her again? The hunter’s cycle always needs a new generation and it’s a good chance that she’s part of it.

Sam and Dean, I’m sure hoping that I’m wrong, leave her behind, glad that she’s safe and breathing. Sam admits that he’s not okay, but that he wants, and probably needs, to just keep working the job. Dean concedes, they work the cases that come their way and work on taking Dick Roman down, because that’s also what Winchesters do. They set their jaws and do their job, like professionals. Sam burrows down to sleep and with the lyrics play us a tune, something to make us all happy, do anything take us out of this gloom Dean does just what the song tells him to do, he breaks down in tears.