Whitechapel 3.6 – Case 3 Part 2

Whitechapel – ITV

The finale! I’m not going to lie: I’m a nervous wreck. What’s going to happen? Is one of the team going to die? There’s been a suspiciously low body count this year. Will they find the murderer? Will they bring him in alive? It’d make for a charming twist.

What will happen with Kent and Chandler? Is Kent going over to the dark side? Will Chandler pull him back from the brink? Will someone confess feelings? Will they be reciprocated?

I have a pot of soothing tea standing by as well as a bottle of whiskey for emergencies.

Oh God, it’s starting!

Chandler’s got his shirt off again. Miles walks in on him changing in the staff toilets and Chandler does the most charming impression of a scandalized Victorian lady.

Pathologist Llewellyn shows up with the post mortem results. In her professional opinion Blythe, the teenager who was shot by police, has been shot. We learn he had some previous with police for possession of a firearm. His gun was found on a nearby rooftop.

Theories are flying in the incident room. The team are desperately trying to make sense of it all. As are the audience, if we’re being honest. It’s all a bit…all over the place at the moment.

Miles doubts whether the spree killer is Mantus at all. Mantus’s murders were about quiet and there’s not much of that to be had at a shoot-out.

Chandler and Miles interview Tyrone, Blythe’s older brother, who reveals that Blythe knew Mantus. He went to elementary school with Mantus’s sister Daisy. In that same class was Sasha, the first victim. That seems to prove Miles wrong. Tyrone’s never heard of Morgan though. Hm…

The newspapers have got hold of the story. In the article it says Morgan survived the attack, so they want to bring her back in to protect her.

Before the police bring her to the station she takes a shower. (WHAT? Priorities, woman!) A uniformed officer waits outside her house. Behind him a gloved hand comes into view from the right side of the screen and the man is no more.

We’re in full-on horror film territory now. The tea isn’t doing the trick anymore. Hand me the whiskey!

Marion Crane, er, I mean, Morgan is enjoying a hot shower by candlelight when the killer attacks her. She manages to get out of there alive. Again. She is very good at that.

Morgan runs out of the house in nothing but her bathrobe and instead of heading for a busy street hides in what looks like a churchyard or a park.

This has old school horror written all over it.

In an updating of the classic genre, the victim doesn’t stumble over a root, but instead hits the killer over the back of the head with a branch and then stabs him in the leg with the knife he dropped. Morgan escapes.

Chandler and Kent take her statement. Chandler is clearly smitten with Morgan to a degree that makes me question his professionalism. Kent’s not liking it.

Kent has found his inner badass and confronts Morgan. He doesn’t believe she’s been lucky. He thinks she knows who the killer is.

They are running with the Mantus even though by now both Miles and Kent think they might be on the wrong track. I happen to agree with them. The whole thing reeks of three-week-old red herring that’s been left to rot in the tropical sun. On Mars. Where it’s hot.

Two of the victims, Sasha and Blythe, went to school together, so the team contact all the other students from that class.  They want to pick them up and bring the back to the station, just to be on the safe side.

A young man hops a fence and takes out a spray can. He’ll die. Sure of it.

Kent is pursuing his own line of inquiry and goes to Buchan looking for precedent on spree killing couples.

Graffiti man’s dead. He was hanged by his feet and bled. His blood was used to paint the wall. We’ve gone from old school to Old Testament.

Chandler asks Morgan who is still at the station whether she knows the latest victim. For some unexplained reason he lays out all the details of the case in front of her. It’s like he’s trying to sabotage the investigation.

Miles and Chandler argue over whether or not it’s Mantus. Morgan does a bit of couple’s couseling. It’s almost sweet.

Miles shouts: “If you’d got shot, the only one crying at your funeral would have been me!” and storms out.

Chandler is struggling with the case,  with his team, with his OCD and most of all with himself.

In a scene that manages to be both touching and unsettling, Morgan gives Chandler a rubber band to put around his wrist to snap when it gets too much, to stop the thoughts. Is she really trying to help or is she trying to gain his trust so she can get information out of him?

Lydia Leonard in her role as Morgan is simply outstanding. It is such layered performance. (Yeah, I said it. Wanna make something of it?) You just can’t tell whether she is as good as she seems or whether she is the puppeteer pulling the strings and making Chandler dance. I am loving this.

Mantus, whose face graces the front page of the newspaper, walks into an off-license. He is immediately recognised by the men behind the counter. He picks up duct tape and a screwdriver. The guy behind the counter picks up a baseball bat.

After thirty tense seconds Mantus leaves again. I’m letting out a breath I didn’t realise I held.

Buchan and his cellar lair of crime history have a visit from Mansell. (Remember him? He’s not gotten much of a look in this week.) With old documents and a gruesome history of Bloody Bones, Buchan tried to make Mansell feel better about his ghost sighting from the last episode. Novel approach.

It’s worked. Mansell leaves relieved and with fresh ideas about the case.

Morgan continues counselling Miles and Chandler through their rocky patch. Miles finds Chandler on the roof to apologise. He wouldn’t be the only one to cry at Chandler’s funeral. Riley would cry; as would Kent. “Kent more than anyone.”

That is the first time someone on the show acknowledged Kent’s thing about Chandler! It’s not just in my head!

Then Chandler ruins it by talking about asking Morgan on a date.

After Mansell’s visit Buchan worked out that Bloody Bones or the bogeyman are used to make people behave. Fear always works. In my house it was Struwelpeter. Substitute the reference most commonly used in your culture.

The victims were being punished. Sasha made crank calls so she got a mobile in the throat. Blythe scared people with guns and was shot. Ronald, the graffiti artist, had his blood used as paint.

A new theory is forming just in time to kick off the third act.

Dave Watney, the caretaker at the estate where all three victims lived, had previously lodged complaints about all three victims.

But twist! Dave Watney is dead. He died of a heart attack, when he had to take the stairs after the elevators were vandalised.

Double twist! Morgan fits into the victim pattern after all. She gave evidence at the inquest into Dave Watney’s death.

Result! The new theory is that Luke, Dave’s son, is taking revenge on the people who let his father down.

Kent is still on Morgan’s case. If there is a case. He thinks Morgan is working with Luke, gathering information at the police station so Luke can stay one step ahead of them.

He takes this theory to Chandler who shoots it down and Kent retreats back to the pavilion with mud on his whites. (I promised a cricket analogy and I keep my promises… Though honestly I don’t know enough about cricket to be able to tell whether that makes any sense. He slinks off, basically.)

I want to hug Kent’s face off. He does kicked puppy so well.

Uniformed officers are still working on gathering up all the students from Daisy Mantus’s old class. Chantal, one of the former students gets a ride in a police car with her friend Elsa.

Chantal has been on screen three times now and not done anything much yet. I’d say she’s the next victim, but knowing my track record with this show, I’m clearly bad at calling deaths.

The team are talking about their two theories. In the red corner we have Mantus, confirmed murderer and nut job. If he’s the spree killer the next victim is someone from the class like, say, totally random… Chantal.

In the blue corner is new kid on the block, Luke Watney. Confirmed teenage son of a deceased man. If he started killing people the next death is someone who wronged his father, for example… Elsa.



Ok, look, never mind the ridiculousness of the setup. I am so hooked I don’t even care. I just want to know. That’s all I want.

In conclusion: There are two girls in the back of a police car. If either one of them dies, that’ll confirm who the killer is.

If both die we’re back at square one, but that won’t happen because there’s only fifteen minutes left on the clock.

Go, team, go!

Chantal and Elsa say good-bye to each other. Chantal gets back into the police car while Elsa walks home.

Mantus has been seen at his old home. Mansell, Kent, and Dr. Mortlake (Mantus’s old psychiatrist) go to pick him up. Mansell is less than thrilled about going back.

When they get there, Mantus sits and watches London After Midnight. Kent, Mansell, and Dr. Mortlake stay to enjoy the film with him. Really. They just stand there, watching the film. It’d be terribly rude to walk into a man’s house and interrupt his entertainment, spree killer or no spree killer.

Chandler and Miles head out to look for Luke Watney at his home.

When I was looking for a place to stay I looked at a flat on the estate that’s used as the outside location in this scene. It does not actually have elevators. Bit of insider knowledge for you. Free of charge.

They hear a thumping noise from the stairwell and go to investigate.

The killer has an unconscious Elsa by the ankles and drags her body up the stairs. Her head makes the most awful noise as it hits each stair.

When he hears Chandler and Miles coming he shoves Elsa down and takes off running up the stairs. Chandler is in hot pursuit, while Miles takes care of Elsa.

On the roof Chandler tries to make Luke give himself up. He does not have a great track record with these sort of situations.

Let’s see how this turns out.


Luke jumps off the roof.

Nobody is surprised.

On the other side of town, Mantus’s film has finished. The trio of cinema enthusiasts are still not doing much.

Mansell pulls a piece of ninja psych work out of the air. He makes Mantus go quietly back to the secure unit.

When Chandler and Miles get to the spot where Luke fell, he is not there. They follow a trail of his blood back to the flat where he lives with his mum.

Luke dies in his weeping mother’s arms. With his last breath he expresses regret for not killing Morgan.

I take back everything I said about her. She’s a good’un.

Chandler nervously, sweetly, FUCKING FINALLY asks her out on a date. She kisses him.

In the next scene he’s in front of the mirror in the staff toilets, so … was that a dream sequence or was it real?

He seems much happier, so I guess it’s real. Odd editing choice.

After a 40-hour shift the team FINALLY get to have a drink to celebrate Mansell’s divorce.

Kent apologises to Morgan.

Everything is getting wrapped up nicely.

When Kent leaves the interview room where Morgan has been hanging out, Luke Watney’s mother Cindy sees her through the half open door and goes into the room to speak with her.

Morgan tells her how sorry she is for Luke’s death.

It’s all smiles and laughter in the incident room where the team are enjoying their well-earned after work drinks.

A commotion outside draws Chandler’s attention.

Cindy has stabbed Morgan in the chest with a shard from the glass-topped coffee table.

This makes for a thoroughly bleak ending to the series.

On the plus side, Cindy is the first live murderer they’ve got. Result!

Never forget.