The Bachelor; Season Ben; AFTER the Final Rose

After the Final Rose: Where we all get to continue judging Ben and Courtney. I suppose that’s what you get for looking for love in all the wrong TV shows…

This is when shit gets real, yo.

Stand by your girl...or don't. Whatever.

Mr. Overpaid welcomes everyone to After the Final Rose by saying, “Ben did what everyone hoped he would not do. He chose Courtney, the woman everyone loves to hate. Are Ben and Courtney still together?” Mr. O then asks the studio audience and viewers at home to withhold judgement until we’ve heard the couple speak.

Yeah. Okay. We’re right on top of that.

Ben is the first on stage. It looks like he’s taken some advice from the internetwebs and started using less product in his hair. Or maybe he’s using the right product now. Sure it’s still parted down the middle, but it’s a lot more flowy now; less goopy. Maybe he just washed it…

“You fell in love with this woman?”

“I sure did. I’m still in love with this woman.”

Mr. O: “Do you love the woman you saw on TV?”

Ben: “That woman isn’t the woman I know. So it was hard watching.”

Mr. O: “I think she took joy and delight in turning the screws a little bit. You got more warnings about Courtney. Even I caught flack for it. Why didn’t you listen?”

Ben: “I did listen to them, but they couldn’t give me specific examples. I just kept hearing she’s weird and different. Well so am I?”

Mr. O: “Were you ever embarrassed for her or yourself when watching?”

Ben: “I was frustrated that America didn’t get to see the woman I know. I wasn’t seduced by some temptress. It was never like that.”

Mr. O: “But she did those things; she said those things.”

Ben: “I wish in those moments she would have been more gracious. I wish she hadn’t made it so hard on me. Those moments led to us not talking for a period of time while the show aired. We were essentially broken up.”

(The audience gasps. Of course, this is after all the rolling eyes and hen pecking every time someone mentions Courtney’s name.)

Mr. O: “You broke off the engagement?”

Ben: “Yeah. We decided we needed to avoid the negative energy that was ruining a moment that had been so pure. ”

Ben says he’d intended to stand by Courtney and screw the world, but the experience was so intense, that he had to take a big step back and reassess. He admits that was the low of the whole experience.

Mr. O. brings up the tabloids that printed pics of him with another woman. Ben says on his father’s grave those are old photos of friends, he never cheated on Courtney and never would.

It’s time to bring Courtney out for her alone time interview.

Welcome back Courtney…”the woman that all of America loves to hate.”

She walks onto the stage with a mixture of light applause, boos, and jeering.

Mr. O asks her how it feels to walk out to jeering and she answers that it’s disappointing. This was a story of love and it’s been spoiled. She feels responsible. She says, “I’ve got a little sass in me. And this situation brought out the worse for me.” They address the breaking up…”I was the happiest I’ve ever been. He had Thanksgiving with my family. Then the show started airing and it was like a big storm came in.”

Mr. O: “The break up happened about a week before Valentine’s Day?”

Courtney: “Yes. And he didn’t send me anything. Not a card, not flowers. I thought, he couldn’t even send carnations? It was awful. There were days I just laid there and cried. It was all my fault.”

Mr. O: “Do you feel like Ben was supportive of you through all of it?”

Courtney: “He was intitially and then he abandoned me. And I gave him space and was trying to be understanding but I needed him. There’s definitely some trust that’s been lost, which everyone who watched the show knows that was a big issue for me.”

Mr. O: “You reached out and he didn’t respond?”

Courtney: “I just wanted to put everything into it. If we break up, at least I knew that I had given it my all.”

Mr. O: “Are you still a couple?”

Courtney smiles. “Yes, we’re together…I think.”

Then she tears up. “I don’t really know. I know how I feel about him and that I love him. I’m not ready to turn my back on him.”

Mr. O: “I still hear confusion and pain about this.”

Courtney: “Yes. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through. I need to see him, be normal. We need to have some talks.”

Mr. O: Let’s bring Ben out and find out where they really stand as a couple.

Ben walks out on stage and greets Courtney with a kiss and hug. Ben says they are in a good place now that the negativity is gone; it can only get better.

Mr. O: “But when the going got tough, you split. Why?”

Ben says it was difficult to watch because he’s a low drama person and he says Courtney is actually a no drama person (the crowd snickers and groans) and Ben adds “Wow, this is a tough crowd. I think we better get used to this.”

Mr. O: “And that’s where your trust issues come in, Courtney. I know you felt abandoned at a tough time. When things get tough, will he be there for you.”

Courtney: “I need a guy who will say I’m going to stand by my girl.” She then admits that she can’t trust him completely yet. She wants to believe him completely, but right now, there are still some trust issues. They love each other and that’s why they are still together.

Ben says they know it’s going to work, and the people who know them and support them know it will work.

Mr. O: “You have no doubts?”

She hesitates and the crowd laughs. “I don’t have the right answers anymore.”

Ben tells her he loves her and will never abandon her. He apologizes for not standing by her and knows he messed up. He gets a little teary when he says as a man, he should have stayed with her the entire way.

They show the proposal again while Ben and Courtney watch together. They both get emotional while watching, Courtney tears up and lays her head on Ben’s shoulder as she smiles and wipes away the tears. He’s holding her legs and kissing her forehead and fighting back tears. I’ll admit it, I can see they love each other right now. But come on…who wouldn’t fall in love after six weeks of helicopter rides and picnics…and a handy dandy in Belize.

“That was the happiest day of my life,” Courtney says. “When I’m with him, it’s great. But it’s been marred.”

Ben is openly crying. “What’s hard is that beautiful moment has been soiled by all the negativity. We knew it was going to be difficult.”

Mr. O: “Would you say all those things again today?”

Ben: “Yeah. Of course. I still feel the same.”

Mr. Overpaid pulls out the engagement ring. “What do you want to do with this? Are you engaged? Should she be wearing the ring?”

Ben says, “Yes. I very much want her to wear this again.”

Where’s Lindzi? You know? The girl he dumped? Does she get no air time?

I guess not. They bring Ashley and JP out…You know…Ashley is the girl who dumped Ben… Poor Lindzi–gone and forgotten. I just really don’t understand the need to drag this out an hour with JP and Ashley. If Lindzi didn’t want to come to the show, then make the show a half-hour long and move on.

Basically, this segment is all about catching up on how happy they are. JP pulls a little joke and says that Ashley’s pregnant and Ashley jumps up “DON’T LISTEN TO HIM.” Ashley is in a residency program now, and they are starting the planning and are hoping to get married within the year.

Poor Lindzi. Seriously. It’s like she never existed. But then, it was kind of like that during the entire season…except for the horse thing, of course.

All right. I’ll admit it, I warmed up to Plan C. I did. Sure she was a complete hosebeast during the season, but let’s be honest, I probably would have made Courtney look as sweet as pie. Or as Kacie B–same thing. I like women, as long as they are MY PEOPLE. And living with 24 other women (who are not my people) and who are dating the same guy as me–despite the fact that’s the entire premise of this show–I would have been super hosebeast. I probably would’ve worn my bitch cape and everything. I see genuine feelings between Ben and Plan C…now whether or not they will last, we shall see.

Maybe I’m a sucker for a happy ending, and we know Plan C is good at least really good with happy endings in the ocean. Ba-da-bum. I do hope they defy the odds and make it work. Maybe we’ll get a new reality show out of it: The Bachelor’s Happy Ending. Sounds perfect for HBO. Or maybe edited down for ABC Family.