Whitechapel 302 – Case 1 Part 2

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This episode will unravel two of the most baffling mysteries we’ve had on this show so far. Not only do we have four dead bodies in a locked room, but also a prisoner escaped from a locked cell.

Has Houdini’s avenging spirit risen from the grave?

Police are out in force looking for Marcus Salter, the prisoner escaped from the cells.

Instead of Salter, Chandler and Miles find a hysteric, naked man running down the street, yelling “Murder! Murder!”

The nudie man is Tom Knight, who rents or rather rented a room at the Emerys’ house. He heard a crash and when he went to have a look, saw a man with a hammer in his hand standing over Bill Emery’s body.

The victims, Joan, Abbey and Bill Emery, were all killed in the same way as the earlier victims.

The murderer’s bloody footprints lead from Bill’s body down the hall and then just stop. As if the killer just dissolved into thin air.

Miles and Chandler confront Sean, the DO on duty the night Salter escaped. Salter creeped Sean out so much that he opened the door for him. Because a creepy man on the loose is better than a creepy man behind a steel door. Somehow.

Riley is trying to calm down Lola, the only surviving member of the Emery family. She lost her mum and grandparents.

Lola says Marcus Salter and Bill Emery knew each other. They fell out over a bet. Money seems to be the motive for Salter.

In a flash of inspiration, Kent is checking cinemas for Salter. The movie’s being a good place to hide for a photophobic during the day.

And it pays off!

Salter is being held at the cinema until backup arrives to take him back to the station. Word gets out about Salter and a lynch mob gathers outside the cinema.

All that's missing are the pitchforks

There’s zombie films who wish they had a shot like this one.

With Salter back in custody, Miles decides now would be a good time for Chandler to develop a private life. He’s got Lizzie Pepper’s number. She’s the SOCO so obviously into Chandler.

Just as Chandler is about to dial Lizzie’s number he gets a better offer.

Buchan invites him to join his pub quiz team that is made up entirely of Ripperologists. Lovely call back to the show’s roots.

They need a fourth after ousting their old team captain. Now they ignore him as punishment for his pride. Giving him a lesson.

Pub quizzes are serious business

This gives Chandler an idea. Not the flipping off, the part about sending him to Coventry to teach him a lesson.

Georgie and Lola are both spoiled, entitled brats. The killer did not spare them, he wanted them to suffer.

The revelation comes a bit late for three people in a student flatshare. Again a girl, Lara, is the only survivor.

They were killed in the night while Salter was in custody, giving him as perfect an alibi as anyone’s ever going to get.

The investigation is back to square one. The girls seem to have no connection. Georgie, Lola and Lara never met, have no common friends or enemies.

But the places where the murders happened had all been recently remodeled.

They want to get Sly Driscoll, the builder who worked on Ben Salter’s tailor shop back in, but he is no where to be found.

The team have a look at his flat, but he’s not there. In fact the place looks like no one has spend much time there lately. The bedsit doesn’t even have a fridge.

All they find at Driscoll’s place are some old photographs. It’s all a bit weird.

Kent, PI, is at Driscoll’s employer’s to check what jobs he worked on. Turns out he did the conversion work on all three crime scenes.

Driscoll also has a limp. He can hide it walking, but not when he runs. He lost a leg in a car crash that killed his best friend.

Very impressive work from Kent. It love it when he gets an opportunity to shine like the crazy diamond that he is.

Then there is a heart-wrenching bit with the mother of Paul, Driscoll’s friend who died.

I am on an emotional rollercoaster and I don’t know who to get off.

The accident that killed Paul was caused by a girl who thought she was an excellent driver. Her reckless driving caused the accident that killed everyone in the car except Driscoll, who was trapped in a car surrounded by his dead friends for hours.

I’m going to need a drink soon if they keep up this level of bleak.

Chandler and Miles interview Georgie again, asking her about Driscoll. Chandler is all over that interview like lives depend on it, which maybe they do. He catches on to the fact that Georgie never once saw Driscoll leave the shop. He was there, then he was gone, so everyone assumed he’d left. But what if he didn’t?

They go back to the tailor shop and behind a panel they find a secret synagogue that someone has used as a hideout.

… I am having difficulty fighting the urge to check every wall in my flat for a mad axe man.

Just by-the-by, a shop in Shoreditch that had a secret synagogue in the basement, they’d put a bar and a DJ booth in there, not board it up.

Lizzie Pepper has meanwhile found Driscoll’s hiding place at the Emery’s house. She maneuvers herself and Chandler into the cramped space under the stairs and an self-respecting tv show would have a kissing scene right there.

Now kiss

But Chandler being Chandler gets freaked out and bolts.

Miles and his wife Judy are at the doctor’s. The scan revealed the opposite of cancer. It’s a baby! Apparently dying and being preggers can be a lot alike.

Judy’s going to live!

Finally a bit of good news.

Everyone is hugging and congratulating Miles. Chandler copes with good news by locking himself in his office.

He calls Lizzie after all. They are meant to go to dinner, but when Chandler sees the messy flat he bolts. Again.

Our valiant DI confronted by lady things

He’s easily spooked. No pun intended. (Get it? Cause Rupert Penry-Jones was in Spooks! I crack myself up.)

Before Chandler does a runner, he and Lizzie have a chat about Lizzie’s flatmate. He works nights, she works days, so they never see each other. It’s like living with a ghost who raids the fridge ocationally.

He ditches Lizzie and runs to Miles. Should we read something into that? Oh, lets.

The new theory is that Driscoll, instead of just hiding in the victim’s house on the day of the murder, actually lives there for weeks and months waiting for the opportunity.

That’s how he managed to vanish. Driscoll is already in his next victim’s house.

Excuse me while I freak the fuck out. I just got a new place and since watching this, every creak of a floorboard, every rumble in the pipes makes my heart stop because I’m convinced – CONVINCED – I’m about to get murdered.

Miles and Chandler go back to Driscoll’s employer and find out about any job he’s worked on with an entitled, complaining woman.

Mrs. Vermillion fits the profile.

The team get the family out of the house and lock themselves in with the murderer.

Thrill seekers.

They search the house top to bottom, every nook and cranny, but the problem with finding a hiding place is that it is, well, hidden.

In the end the killer reveals himself.


And promptly disappears again into the walls. Chandler is in hot pursuit.

Driscoll falls and skewers himself to death on a piece of wood.

There’s a lovely bit of visual call back work to the historical case of John Williams. I’ve got a case of lady boner for this show’s art and editing departments and I don’t care who knows it.

Another case solved and another murderer dead. If it wasn’t so bleak, it’d be a reason to celebrate. I love this episode so much, but – or maybe because – it gets to me so much.

Next week for the recaps, I’m watching the second series. Bring on the Kray twins! Say what you like about them, but they never hid in people’s walls.