Dexter 1.10-12 – Seeing Red, Truth Be Told, & Born Free

Wow, guys. Here we are: the last three episodes of Season 1. Everything is coming together, and there’s a lot to cover. Will Dexter find out who the Ice Truck Killer is? Why is Rudy so interested in Dexter anyway? Is Deb going to survive the only good romantic relationship she’s had? What’s going to happen to Rita and the kids now that Paul is showing his true colors? When am I going to stop asking questions and get to the recap?

It’s Monday morning at the Bennett house. Astor and Cody eat breakfast, while a locksmith works on putting some new locks on the doors – smart move after Paul’s last visit. Dexter, who would make such a great father, is trying to get the kids off to school. Rita is harried, trying to get ready for work and completely shaken over last night’s incident. Dexter reassures her that the police with find Paul, but Rita’s not so convinced. Still, Dexter gives her some pepper spray just in case.

At the station, Doakes and Deb share some snarky banter as an intern or some low-level office worker opens a package addressed to homicide. She pulls out a jar of something that looks like blood. Dexter confirms that’s exactly what it is. Gross. And that’s not even the best part – there’s something else in there: a hotel room key. Dexter hopes it’s a nice gift from the Ice Truck Killer.

Doakes and Deb head over to the hotel. The manager said the guy who checked into the room was “white and normal-looking.” Well, that certainly narrows it down. Deb comments on the lack of security cameras as they approach the room. After no answer, Doakes uses a spare key to enter the room. All we see is a bright red light and Deb freaking out. Doakes calls it in: “Uniformed back ups, forensics, fuck it – just send everybody out!”

Whatever’s in there is serious, because Dexter and Masuka are suiting up in some haz mat suits in the parking lot. Masuka says nobody’s even been in there yet because there’s too much blood. Deb warns Dex that it’s bad in there. “She’s not kidding,” Doakes says as he approaches. “It’s your wet dream in there.” LOL EW. Dexter is going in first, alone, to get a sense of what they’re dealing with. A crime scene just for him. How lovely.

The room is covered in blood. The bed, the walls, the curtains… the floor is a man-made pond of that viscous red life force. Dexter immediately starts to have a flashback. A little boy screams, “Mommy!” and we see that little boy again sitting in a pool of blood, crying. Dexter faints face first into the lake of blood (I’m cringing at this point and I’ve already watched this season once before… it’s that gross). He’s not out long and runs out of the hotel before the guards could even help him. Once he’s outside, Deb, Maria, Doakes, and Vince rush over and bombard him with questions. Dexter says there’s at least a half a dozen bodies’ worth of blood in there, and that he’s not going back in. He can’t.

This is why I don't eat while watching this show.

Things aren’t going so well for Rita, either. Two sheriffs approach her at work, and she’s hopeful that they found Paul. Except that they tell her that Paul filed a report for assault and he’s pressing charges because Rita hit him with that baseball bat WHEN SHE WAS DEFENDING HERSELF! According to the cops, though, that’s not what Paul said went down. Really? You’re going to side with a drug addict with a history of domestic violence who did jail time? They take Rita down to the station and they charge her with a Class 2 Felony. OH MY GOD ARE YOU EVEN SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?! Dexter is going to talk to his lawyer friend.

Deb is getting nekkid while Rudy sits on her bed. They’re talking about the crime scene. Rudy says Dexter must have loved all that blood, and when Deb tells him that Dex freaked out, Rudy gets oddly curious about why and what he said. Um, Deb is basically on top of him at this point, and Rudy has only met Dexter once… talk about weird. Rudy continues to push and, after shoving her hand down his pants, Deb realizes Rudy’s not really in the mood, if you know what I’m saying (I’m saying he doesn’t have a boner). Rudy suggests that he call Dexter and Deb is like WTF?

Forensics did their magic on the blood from room 103. All evidence points to the Ice Truck Killer. The blood was also filled with a preservative and an anti-coagulate, which made that lovely pool stay liquid and means that it’s old blood. Doakes and Deb head back to the hotel to retrace the killer’s steps and Maria swears them all to secrecy, since Neil Perry the Fraud is still standing trial as the Ice Truck Killer. Deb and Doakes try to retrace the killer’s steps on a makeshift boardwalk in the bloody hotel room. Deb turns on the clock radio, which is tuned to 103. They’re in room 103. And the Bible is bookmarked at Leviticus 10:3: “I will be sanctified in them that come near me, and before all the people I will be glorified.”

Angel is trying to get over his recent divorce at some hot Latin dance club. He spots a woman with a prosthetic hand. Her fingernails are painted the same rainbow pattern as the fingers found in the Ice Truck Killer’s truck. Angel asks about her hand. She used to be a prostitute. A while ago there was a John who was getting rough with her until he saw her prosthetic hand. He got all turned on and started worshipping it before painting each nail a different color. She liked it, so she keeps repainting them. Angel asks if it’s the guy they’re calling the Ice Truck Killer on the news. “No,” she says. “My trick was sexy. A freak, but sexy.”

When you want to know something about sexual fetishes, you go to Masuka. Angel asks him about amputee fetishes. They’re called “devotees,” and Masuka says Angel should talk to Deb’s boyfriend; prosthetics doctors deal with devotees all the time. Rudy is kind of surprised that Angel wants to talk to him about a case, but he agrees – just let him close the door. As Angel talks, Rudy surreptitiously grabs a chisel from his worktable and moves toward the detective. Oh sweet baby Jesus! When Angel says he doesn’t have a lead, Rudy relaxes and puts the chisel down. He agrees to help by getting a list of contacts from his colleagues. Rudy stores Angel’s business card in a drawer filled with different colored nail polishes.

At Rita’s deposition, Theo Huxtable – I mean, her lawyer – is shocked to learn that she broke a scheduled visitation. Paul now has a case. Paul drops the kids off later that night and says he’ll drop the charges if she agrees to unsupervised visits. Rita succinctly and brilliantly answers him: “Fuck you.” Paul tries to intimidate Dexter, telling him he’s not done any drugs because he loves his children. Paul insults Rita and Dexter hits him in the face with a frying pan. Dexter broke Harry’s first rule: don’t get emotionally involved. Oops. Dex dumps Paul in the trunk and moves his car down the street. After leaving Rita and the kids, Dexter drops Paul off at his hotel and tells him it’s time for him to go away. Dexter doesn’t kill Paul. Instead, he injects him with heroin and sets up a nice little scene for the police. Paul broke his parole and is back in jail. Rita is ecstatic.

In some creepy-ass parking garage, Angel is unloading groceries from his car. We watch his reflection in the passenger window and a guy in a mask appears behind him (of course). There’s a little scuffle before Angel gets a knife to the side and the perp is knocked to the ground. Thankfully, two guys show up. The bad guy runs off and they call 911.

Dexter goes back to hotel room 103 to confront his issues. We hear a woman being attacked, begging for her attacker not to do it in front of her baby. “Close your eyes, Dexter,” she says. She tells him not to look as she’s hacked to pieces by a chainsaw. “Mommy loves you, Dexter.”

“I’ve never had much use for the concept of Hell, but if Hell exists, I’m in it.” Dexter stands in the parking garage where Angel was attacked in the previous episode. Dexter is still trapped inside his recent revelation: he was there when his mother was brutally murdered. The memory nested itself inside of Dexter that day, and it’s been with him ever since. He calls it his Dark Passenger. Suddenly Dexter is thrown back into reality. Angel is currently in surgery. Dex and Masuka go to work trying to figure out what happened. Dexter used to love the stories that blood could tell, but now the sight of it makes him woozy.

The escort with the manicured prosthetic hand is on her way to meet a client. She stops in front of him and smiles. Rudy stands before her and grins when she tells him she was just talking about him. This girl is pretty much dead already. At Rudy’s apartment, she lays naked on his bed. He’s drawing something on her back and she comments that he’s so gentle this time and isn’t getting all weird with her stump. Rudy says that her “imperfection” is what saved her the first time. When she asks from what, the camera pans out to reveal the dotted “cut here” lines Rudy has drawn on her body. A bit more back and forth reveals that Rudy plans to use her as his escape from the police. Because she opened her mouth, he’s had to speed up his “project.” Her chopped up body is going to help distract the cops.

The homicide department has moved from Angel’s crime scene to the hospital. Everyone’s worried and on edge when Angel finally comes out of surgery. LaGuerta tells them that he sustained internal injuries and lost a lot of blood, but the surgery was successful and it looks like he’s going to be okay. Deb and Doakes share an embrace (I just realized how much I would love to see them together, seriously). Everyone hugs, but Dexter feels disconnected. He’s trapped by his memory and needs to understand it.

Rudy’s busy singing Deck the Halls and gift-wrapping his latest victim’s body parts with pretty Christmas ribbons. He takes the ring that the hooker was wearing just as his doorbell rings. From Rudy’s security camera we can see Deb outside. Uh-oh. Apparently Deb has never been there, which isn’t surprising. He’s got a walk-in freezer where he keeps dead bodies, I mean, come on. But if a guy says he loves me and I haven’t seen his place yet, it would be a red flag to me. I guess not so much for Deb. Anyway, Rudy asks her to go out of town with him this weekend because they need to “talk.” Deb agrees but says it’ll have to wait – she needs some sleep. Rudy offers her some Valium. “Wine and Valium?” Deb asks. “I’ll be totally helpless!” Oh god oh god oh god don’t do it, Deb!

Dexter pays a visit to Camilla, his parents’ friend in the records office, where he gets old case files for his killings. He asks for the record from the crime scene where Harry found him, and Camilla’s smiling face falls. She tells him everything from that long ago is kept in the basement of City Hall and she doesn’t have time to get it. She tries to dissuade him by saying that what she remembers is his father taking him into his home and giving him a loving family.

A few workers at Santa’s Cottage found the gift-wrapped body parts under the Christmas tree. The clock near the tree was set to 1:03 – the same numbers left at the hotel bloodbath. No leads on what it means. The crime scene isn’t as perfect as the ITK’s scenes normally are: a broken ornament, a haphazard lying out of body parts… he was rushed. Masuka says they’re missing one of the hands, too. Dexter finds a VHS tape under the torso: “Merry Christmas, Miami.” They set up a tv right at the crime scene. On screen, the victim reads a script, saying that the police arrested the wrong man and made the ITK seem like an amateur, which pissed him off. Deb notices the girl’s tears are rolling up. The Killer strings them up like meat to bleed them out. The Captain puts Doakes in charge of the case. He’s pissed at LaGuerta for how she’s handled the case thus far.

Back at the lab, Dexter finds a drop of blood inside Batista’s shirt collar. He sends it in for a sample – Batista fought back and the killer was behind him. It’s gotta be his.

Dexter is obsessed with finding out about his past. That’s what the Ice Truck Killer wants him to know, right? After poring over newspaper on microfilm (and let me tell you, that is not fun to do for a prolonged period of time – it’s enough to make you motion sick… or maybe I’m just weird), Dexter finds an article that could match his mother’s crime scene. The date on the paper? October 3, 1973. 103. This was what the ITK wanted him to find all along.

The murder happened at a shipping yard and there were four victims, all of them small time criminals. He recognizes his mother’s mug shot in the paper.Her name was Laura Moser. Dexter confronts Camilla with this information. The four were killed because they stole cocaine from a dealer, and the first officer on the scene was Harry Morgan. Dexter wants to know what Harry didn’t want him to see. He wants the file. Camilla can’t give him the file – she destroyed it the day Dexter’s adoption went through because she had promised Harry to protect Dexter. He had been in that cargo container for two days in blood two inches thick.

Captain Tom Matthews has been under review after all of the screw ups with the ITK case. Maria is convinced he’s going to be fired and she’s going to be promoted. Instead, Matthews has a good review and has gotten the go-ahead to restructure the department, starting with booting Maria out of the lieutenant’s spot. Her replacement, Esmee Pascal, is already in place.

Angel is doing well after his surgery. Dexter pays a visit to check the back of his head because of the blood he found on the shirt. There are teeth marks. Angel says, “Good. I hope I broke his nose. Or at least gave him a fat lip.” Dexter immediately stops putting his stuff away and asks if Angel ever met Deb’s boyfriend. Angel answers in the affirmative. Dexter was too distracted to care about Rudy’s cut lip at lunch, but now he’s got his full attention. At the station, Deb says she’s not going to meet Rudy tonight for their getaway – she’s “tits deep” in the ITK case. Dexter is relieved and heads out.

Later Rudy calls, and Deb does agree to meet him on a yacht for dinner, at least. Meanwhile, Dexter is trying to break into Rudy’s place. It doesn’t make any sense that he would attack Batista. He needs to find out more. But why would such a great guy need an industrial grade lock and a security camera? Dex needs his DNA, so he goes dumpster diving. Hey, no one said it was glamorous being a serial killer. He hits the jackpot: in a bag with junk mail with Rudy’s name, he finds a cotton ball with blood. Bingo.

Deb arrives at Rudy’s rented yacht, covered in Christmas lights and white roses. She tells him she can’t stay – it took her 30 minutes to get there and now she has to turn around and go back. Rudy gets down on one knee and pops the question with the ring he took from his latest victim. They celebrate with a little champagne. Rudy pops a cough drop in his mouth and kisses Deb. She comments about the disgusting menthol taste and notices the wrapper is the same as the one found at Tucci’s crime scene. Rudy says he knows that was one of the clues from the case… but he shouldn’t know that. And then he drops the fucking bomb: “There’s one thing I’ve been dying to ask you. How did you not know who I was? You’re a cop.”  Deb thinks he’s joking. Rudy taunts her as he chokes her out.

Dexter is calling Deb frantically. He’s waiting for the results from the blood test on Rudy’s cotton ball. Masuka finds him to show him the autopsy from the latest victim. One arm was shorter than the other. She was an amputee. The night Batista was stabbed, he was following up on a lead from a one-handed call girl. “Guess what the lead was about?” Masuka asks.

“The Ice Truck Killer,” Dex answers in disbelief.


The blood samples Dexter brought in were a match. He searches frantically for Deb and when he finds out she went to dinner, he asks dispatch to try her radio. She’s been out of range for the last half hour. Dex calls her cell again and tells her not to see Rudy until she talks to Dexter. Rudy has taken the yacht out from the dock. He tosses Deb’s phone into the water. Unconscious Deb lays on the deck, her wrists duct taped together.

Here we are, ladies and germs, the season finale. Hold onto your butts!

Dexter is at the marina where Deb was supposed to meet Rudy, but they’re long gone. On the yacht, Deb has regained consciousness. Rudy’s got her bound up to some of the sailing gear. When she asks him why he’s doing this, he empties a bag full of sharp torture tools onto the deck. Shit. “This isn’t you!” Deb insists. “There’s more, I’ve seen it!” Rudy tells her he never wanted to hurt her and she sobs that she knows. But it’s an act: if it makes it easier for her, he can keep going. She shouldn’t feel bad because she’s not the only one who fell for it. His real name isn’t even Rudy Cooper. Rudy pauses for a moment to enjoy the fact that his plan, years in the making, is almost coming to fruition.

There has to be a clue for Dexter to follow. Rudy wouldn’t have left him nothing to go on. Dex tears his apartment apart looking for something, anything. Just as he’s about to give up hope, the Andy Williams cover of “Born Free” starts playing on his laptop. A screensaver shows various scenes of predatory animals attacking wildebeests and zebras and stuff. It’s pointing to the birthplace of dearly disturbed Dexter (a play on the alliterative titles of the Jeff Lindsay novels this series is based off of). He was “born free… of all that’s human.” Dexter has to go to the shipping yard.

Doakes and Maria visit Angel at the hospital, following up on Masuka’s findings on the hooker’s prosthetic hand. Whoever it was that attacked Angel has some connection to the case. Angel tells them that no one knew he was following up on this lead besides Masuka… and Rudy, Deb’s boyfriend. Maria drops her head and paces. Doakes says that Deb has been AWOL since after going to meet him last night – she was supposed to come help canvass the neighborhood, but she never made it. LaGuerta knows that is unlike Deb, and she and Doakes rush out.

Dexter’s at his place, trying to figure out which shipping yard out of the 5,000 in Miami was the one his mother was butchered in. Doakes and LaGuerta show up. Dexter tells them he has no idea where Deb is. LaGuerta says that they think Rudy is connected to the ITK (try he is the ITK) and that they’re trying to get a warrant. Dex does a good job of acting shocked and worried, but Doakes isn’t convinced. He thinks Dexter knows something because Dex was ordering secret blood tests the previous night. Dexter finally admits that the blood on Batista’s shirt was Rudy’s, but that he doesn’t know anything else. Maria tells him to call if he hears anything.

Paul calls Rita from prison. He wants to talk about how he was arrested. He says he doesn’t remember anything, that he was in the program and clean and that he takes responsibility for all the shit he pulls but this has been driving him nuts. Paul says he was set up, because the last thing he remembers is talking to Dexter in the kitchen. “I’m telling you,” he says. “Dexter is not who you think he is.”

Yeah Paul, and the orange jumpsuit is the most fashionable thing you've worn all season.

It’s far too easy to break into the shipping yard where Dexter was “born.” He has the number of the container where he was left for two days. It’s simple to find it in the database on site. As he approaches the container, the door opens. A younger Harry Morgan steps out, holding a little boy in his arms. He shouts that somebody else needs to get in there, now, before telling the boy that he’s safe now. Harry loads him into a cop car and they leave. Dexter gets ready to open the doors. “Okay Deb,” he breathes. “Don’t be dead.” He pulls open the doors and, rather that a gruesome crime scene or his bound and gagged sister, Dexter finds a shipping container full of bananas.

“Surprise, motherfucker.” Dexter turns; it’s Doakes. Dexter asks why he’s following him. Dex is looking for his sister and what he does on his time is his business. But apparently Doakes is on his time, too. When Doakes doesn’t get the answer he wants, he sucker punches Dexter in the gut. But Dexter is pretty great at hand-to-hand combat and soon overpowers him. One of the shipping yard workers breaks up the fight, but before he can call security Doakes shows his badge. He can’t arrest Dexter, but says he knows Dex is connected to this and promises he’s going to find something that’s going to stick to him.

Dexter and Doakes both get called to Rudy’s apartment. Finally, Dexter gets to see where the skilled artist completed his masterpieces. He’s convinced that Rudy left them a message behind. They just need to find it. Turns out that Rudy Cooper was a New Jersey plumber that disappeared in 1998. Maria is incensed that they don’t even have an ID on the guy. There’s a record player in Rudy’s place, with the “Born Free” record right out in the open. And on top? A Barbie doll wearing an apron that reads “Home Sweet Home.” Could Rudy be taking Dexter back to a place before his mother’s murder? To his actual birthplace?

Rudy and Deb have been on the move. After taking a small lifeboat from the yacht and stealing a car, they’re now in some kind of room. Deb’s bound and blindfolded. Rudy says that he doesn’t usually work this way, but he’s paying homage to a “fellow traveler who he greatly admires.” He injects Dexter’s horse tranq of choice into Deb’s neck.

Using Laura Moser’s record, Dexter finds the address where she was arrested twice, once in 1969 and again in ’71. He’s about to head out to the house when Rita pays a surprise visit with coffee. Dexter pretty much tells Rita he can’t worry about her right now and rushes out. Ouch.

Angel’s been sharing a hospital room with a psych patient. A nurse rushes in, apologizing for the continuous refrain of, “She knows, she knows” from Angel’s new roommate. The hospital had to take the overflow from the county psych center. The nurse insists he’s harmless, but the ones over there – the arsonists, rapists, psychokillers – they belong in prison. Angel wants to know if they take the patient’s fingerprints. Of course, they do, since many of them couldn’t even tell you their own names. Angel calls in a request to have Rudy’s prints run against mental institution records. He’s bustin’ out.

Dexter pulls up to Laura Moser’s address. The front yard is dry and unkempt. Dexter hears the voices of children playing “Ring Around the Rosie.” Suddenly the front yard is lush and green again, if slightly overgrown. A tricycle and beach ball lay in the grass. A woman comes out the front door, calling Dexter’s name. They’re playing hide and seek. And then Dexter sees her hands – each fingernail is painted a different color. Laura finds Dexter behind a tree and laughs, hugging him. “Where could your brother be hiding?” she asks. Um, brother?

“Biney’s right there!” Little Dexter says, and a dark-haired boy steps out from behind another tree. Biney runs over and hugs Dex. Rudy steps out on the porch, asking if Dexter remembers now. Rudy is Biney – Brian, but Dexter could never pronounce his name. Dexter tries to swallow the fact that he has a brother. A real brother, Brian corrects him, no foster bullshit. Blood brothers. Now, in Dexter’s shipping crate flashback, he remembers Brian sitting next to him, silent and catatonic. Because Dexter was so young, he could block it out. But Brian has never forgotten the day they were born. Dexter suddenly remembers Deb and runs through the house looking for her. She’s not there. Rudy’s pretty pissed that Dexter actually cares about Deb. Dexter opens the door to what must have been their bedroom. Little Dexter and Little Brian sit on the floor as Brian patches up Dexter’s skateboarding injury.

“Hi,” Older Dexter says.

“Hi,” Little Dexter says. “Look out!” Brian injects Dexter with the same tranquilizer.

Angel shows up at the station, clearly not totally healed, but he got a hit on Rudy Cooper’s fingerprints. Turns out, Brian Moser grew up in a Tampa mental hospital. He was institutionalized for antisocial personality disorder. They released him when he was 21 because he was “cured”.

At the Moser house, Dexter wakes up, tied to a chair. Brian sits across from him, drinking a beer. He owns the house, but he wants Dexter to have it. Brian was never put up for adoption. Dexter was so young, he could be saved. But Brian knew in Harry’s eyes he was only a fucked up kid. That’s all anybody saw, so they locked him up. They bond over the fact that they are both the same, both hiding a darkness inside. Dexter can be himself with Brian. In a brotherly gesture, Dex puts his hand on Brian’s, and Brian says that they’re now ready for Debra while handing Dexter a knife.

Deb is laid out in the back shed just like Dexter lays out his victims: naked and strapped to a table. Brian wants to kill her together. “Does it have to be Deb?” Dexter asks. Brian tells him it’s the only way. He makes fun of Harry’s Code. Dexter can be free, too – a killer without reason or regret. He needs to embrace who he is. But Dexter can’t do it. He can’t kill Deb. He’s “very fond of her.” Brian loses his shit: “You can’t be a killer and a hero! It doesn’t work that way!” He grabs the knife from Dexter and is about to plunge it into Deb. She wakes up just as Dexter stops Brian. As they fight, sirens blare. Outside, Maria and Doakes call Deb’s name. Brian escapes through a tunnel under the garage.

The paramedic examines Deb, who feels fine, if entirely shaken. Doakes and Maria question Dexter. He tells them that Brian called him because he was having second thoughts about killing Deb, and that he felt they had some kind of connection. “He’s not the only one,” Doakes snaps. Brian was going to kill Deb if Dexter didn’t come alone. Doakes is going to request an immediate suspension for Dexter when they get back to the station for the way things went down. Not on Deb’s watch. She freaks out and says Dexter should be treated like the hero he is.

Paul hasn’t given up on his theory that Dexter set him up. He calls Rita, who has had enough of his shit, and basically tells him if he calls again he can forget about seeing the kids again. Paul says he just wants to know they’re safe and that Rita should look for a shoe – his shoe. It’s missing, and he thinks it was knocked off when Dexter dragged him out of the house. Rita hangs up on him.

Dexter is trying to figure out what he just did. He drove away a brother who knew him for a foster sister who would reject him if she found out and for a foster father who betrayed him. Dexter had always felt alone, and Harry never told him anything about the other person who was just like him. Deb’s exam at the hospital is fine and she’s released. Dexter brings her to his place to keep an eye on her for the night. He’s passed out on the couch when someone (I think we all know who) picks the lock. Brian pulls an Edward Cullen as he watches Dexter sleeping for a minute before heading into the bedroom and plunging a knife into Deb’s back. He pulls back the sheets, but it’s not Deb at all. It’s a mannequin. He stands, shocked, and Dexter’s there behind him with a cord around his neck.

Brian wakes up in his walk-in freezer, strapped to his own table. Dexter says he wasn’t supposed to wake up, but it took him a while to find his cutlery since all the tools were taken in evidence. “Sterling,” Brian says. “I save it for special occasions.” Dexter says Brian is a special occasion. He needs to be put down to save Deb, but it’s not easy for Dexter. He presses his forehead to Brian’s. Dexter tells Brian he’s the only one he ever wanted to set free. “It’s not me that needs to be set free, little brother,” Brian starts, but Dexter slices his neck mid-sentence. He cries in the corner as Brian bleeds out.

"You're the only one I ever wanted to set free."

A camera captures photos of a bucket of blood, the sterling cutlery, and Brian’s bloodless body. A neighbor saw the door open and called the police. It’s set up as a suicide. Now he can never be caught.

Dexter brings coffee to Rita’s house. She’s upset about Deb. “Can you imagine?” she asks. “Falling for a serial killer?” I DON’T KNOW RITA, CAN YOU IMAGINE?! They kiss and make up and blah blah blah. Dexter heads out to his car. He looks down the street and sees Doakes parked not too far away. Doakes knows there’s something different about Dexter. Dexter knows that their issues are far from over. Rita takes the trash out, and behind the cans she spots a missing shoe.

The season ends with Deb and Dexter meeting at Brian’s crime scene. Deb’s tragedy is that she has to hide her true feelings – no one can ever know the hurt she feels inside. Dexter’s tragedy is that he killed the only person who ever really knew him. But, he says, if people knew that it was him that killed Brian, they’d probably thank him. In fact, they’d probably appreciate a lot of his work. They would see that “he’s one of them… in their darkest dreams.”

What a whirlwind of a season. Dexter is struggling to come to terms with his identity while trying to pretend he’s somebody he isn’t for everyone else. Deb is going to have some heavy baggage to deal with. I mean, she was engaged to one of the highest profile serial killers in Miami. Rita found evidence that Paul might be telling the truth about Dexter. What’s going to happen?! Find out next week when we start season 2!