Dexter 2.7-9 – That Night, a Forest Grew, Morning Comes, & Resistance is Futile

Here we are at the penultimate recap for season 2. I have to admit that when I first saw season 2, I hated it (mostly because of Lila). But rewatching it has given me a new appreciation for how much awesome this show is made of. And these three episodes are the most intense of the show so far.

Oh look, it’s Jaime Murray’s boobs. Looks like things with Dexter and Lila are going… well? Let’s juxtapose that with poor Rita, who has been “oversleeping” quite a bit this week. Her mother tries to cheer her up by telling her to take charge of her day – it’s the only way she’ll get over Dexter!

At the station, Angel says the Miami Tribune received a 32-page manifesto in the mail from the Bay Harbor Butcher, and it may be legit. Lundy’s put Angel in charge of the team. It did come from the BHB. Dexter’s about to be published. He’s tired of trying to stay one step ahead of Lundy and is taking charge with cues from Lila.

A pristine pool scene is marred by the bloody body of a 16-year-old girl, recently murdered. Her stepfather, Craig Wilson, called in the body. Maria wants to call in Dexter, but she needs to make sure that he and Doakes resolved their issues. She basically says Doakes is out of free passes and if Dexter complains about him again, shit’s gonna get serious. Meanwhile back at the ranch station, Camilla stops by Dexter’s lab (lol). Doakes came by her file office yesterday and asked for the files on Laura Moser’s murder. He’s going to realize it’s missing eventually, and it’s going to come back to her; she’s retiring next year and doesn’t want to lose her pension. Dex promises he won’t let that happen.

Dexter takes photos of Wilson’s bloody shirt. He claims he was trying to stop the bleeding. Doakes wants to know what the blood says and Dexter deliberately misleads him, telling him the blood misting probably came from Wilson’s bludgeoning his stepdaughter. Poor Craig Wilson.

It’s past two in the morning when Deb finally returns home for the evening. Lila struts naked out into the kitchen and helps herself to something in the fridge. Deb is, understandably, all like “WTF?” Lila hilariously introduces herself: “pardon my tits!” Deb is furious that Dexter would sleep with a “skank.” She knows that Rita and Dex broke up, but still counts this as cheating and throws Astor and Cody into it, too. She’s angry, hurt, and disappointed. I’m sure not as much as Rita is, but hey.

This happened.

While Doakes is interviewing Mr. Wilson, Dexter slides his blood spatter report into Doakes’ inbox, covering it with another file. Lundy’s team is still poring over the manifesto, which wasn’t published in the paper, thanks to a special police injunction. Dex feels in control and hopes to put his demons to rest. While Maria watches Doakes question Wilson, Dexter tells her that he’s innocent – it’s all right there in the blood report that he turned in yesterday! And he told Doakes at the crime scene that the guy was innocent! Maria lets Wilson go and Doakes looks like he’s going to explode.

At Lundy’s suggestion, Deb has taken to listening to Chopin. It’s “stirring up some dust,” as Lundy said it would. She breaks up with Gabriel, telling him it’s taken her a long time to find a peaceful place and she finally has, and it’s telling her that Gabriel’s not the right one for her.

Cody calls Dexter completely unexpectedly and asks Dex to come to his cultural report at school the next day. “Poor kid,” Lila says. “He doesn’t understand that you’ve gone.” Dexter is going to go to the presentation anyway, and Lila looks like she wants to punch someone. At Rita’s place, Grandma Gail punishes Cody for making the phone call and Astor for supporting him. Rita confronts her mother because she was apparently fired from the schools over a year ago. After Gail insults both her and her children, Rita tells her to shut the fuck up and kicks her out. Get it, girl!

Doakes is waiting for Dexter in the lab the next morning. He congratulates him on finally fighting back and asks Dexter why there’s no paper trail on the early life of Dexter Morgan. Dex says that no matter what Doakes does or how hard he tries, he’ll always be one step ahead of him because he owns him. Then he HEAD-BUTTS HIM and walks out into the main office cool and casual. Doakes chases him, throws him to the ground, and starts throwing punches. The rest of the guys break up the fight and Maria puts Doakes on indefinite leave pending an internal affairs investigation.

At the Miami Tribune offices, Lundy and Deb allow the editors to publish the story only if the victims’ names are removed and it’s not on the front page. They break for lunch by the waterside. Deb admits she still doesn’t like the quiet, especially when she’s alone, but she’ll practice with Lundy. When she’s with him, she feels like she can handle anything – even what happened with Rudy. Lundy tries to convince her that he’s too old, but instead they end up kissing. It really is one of the sweetest moments of the season.

Dex gives Cody a few words of encouragement before his presentation on Saudi Arabia. Rita and Astor saved him a seat. Aww. At Lila’s flat, a buyer writes her an $18,000 check for her sculpture, but she doesn’t look very happy. Masuka gives a run-down at the station about the profile of the BHB based on the manifesto: apparently, he’s a white male in his 50s without a girlfriend and considers himself a good Catholic. It just ends in a big argument, and Lundy’s inspired. This is what the BHB wants. Chaos. It means he has a law enforcement background – he knows how they work.

Lila calls Dexter during Cody’s presentation. When he ignores the call, she throws her phone and fires up her blowtorch. She sets her $18,000 sculpture – and her furniture, and her apartment – on fire. Crazy bish! Dexter is deterred from joining Rita and the kids for ice cream when arsonist Lila calls. God, poor Rita! My heart aches for her. Lila turns on the crocodile tears when Dexter shows up and makes him promise that he won’t ever leave. Run, Dexter! RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!

Quiet mornings are a thing of the past for Dexter. Not only is Deb still crashing at his apartment, but also Lila’s been spending a little too much time there after the fire. To say that Deb and Lila don’t get along is an understatement. Dex finds one of Cody’s toys in his bags and Lila says the seven-year-old is trying to control Dexter by doing that. I think we’ve established that this lady is effing nuts. Dexter brings “dragon zombie” and donuts to Rita’s. He gives Rita a hand with getting the kids off to school, but Rita asks him to never come over again: it’s too hard on the kids and it’s too hard on her.

The entire Homicide department is now under investigation. Lundy is operating under the belief that the Butcher is somehow connected to law enforcement. There is a group of special agents ready to question everybody at the risk of alienating every person at the station. Dex looks nervous. Angel and Masuka want to show the Feds they’re capable of investigating their own cases. Lundy asks Dexter to go over a few of his cases and Dexter agrees to help. So much for solidarity.

Dex and Lila work on cleaning up her loft. The insurance company isn’t paying out because they think the fire “is of suspicious origin” and they need to finish their investigation. Lila brushes it off as insurance company stinginess, but Dex notices there are multiple points of origin for the fire.

At their case review the next day, Lundy confronts Dexter about his sloppy blood work on a case involving a man named Anthony Rodrigo. Doakes and Batista built up a solid case that would have put the crack-head murderer behind bars, but it fell apart during the trial because of the blood work. Lundy wants to know how someone so precise and meticulous as Dexter could have screwed that up. Dex tries to lie his way out of it, but Lundy’s too good. Eventually, Dex says he was overworked and the case got pushed aside.

Angel agrees to help Deb look into the same case (she was in Vice then, so there’s no conflict with her working on this). They visit a local oddball named Lenny Asher – he used to call in all the time about nothing, even once complaining that the clouds were moving strangely. Asher complained several times about Rodrigo, his old neighbor. He took notes on everything that happened in the neighborhood and hands over his “files” from the year of the murder.

Dexter is shaken up from his interview with Lundy and needs to stay away from Lila for a while. He tries to lie his way out of spending the night by saying it’s bowling night, and Lila insists she go with him. While Angel and Masuka flirt it up with barely clothed Lila, Deb heads to Lundy’s place for their first date. He’s making her dinner! I just love them together. I’m happy for Deb.

The guys and Lila say farewell in the bowling alley parking lot where an all too familiar face is crouched behind a truck, a knife flashing in the glare of the neon sign. Jimenez runs swinging at Dex, but Lila sees him coming and alerts him before he gets shanked in the back. Her screams alert the rest of the guys. Jimenez gets a good slice on Dexter’s arm, and then drives off before he’s caught. Dex tells everyone the guy tried to rob him, which Lila knows is complete BS. Dex admits to her he was his mother’s killer.

Dexter needs to kill Jimenez. It’s been ages since he’s killed anyone. He feels alive again, his senses sharpened: “It’s like I’ve been living under water and I’m finally able to breathe.” While Dexter is headed to find Jimenez, Doakes comes in for his interview with Lundy. When he hears that the Rodrigo case was lost due to bad blood work, he abruptly ends the interview and leaves. Deb and Angel are poring over Lenny’s notebooks and find a note from the night and time of Rodrigo’s death: he saw someone carrying Rodrigo into his house and got the license plate number, too. Let’s hope Dex used a rental.

Dexter is learning that he can’t change who he is. He will always have his Dark Passenger. He follows Jimenez for what seems like hours. By the time they stop driving, it’s dark. Jimenez has led him to a shack in the Everglades. Dex puts him out with his infamous tranquilizer.

Deb is trying desperately to run the plate number from Lenny’s notebook through the system, but she’s having trouble with the handwriting and no luck so far.  Lundy suggests trying a different state. They quickly find that it was registered to a Charlie Lewis. Angel knows him… too bad he was arrested four days before Rodrigo’s murder and the vehicle was seized as evidence by their department. They don’t keep records on that because only cops have access to the evidence lot. The Butcher is one of their own. Angel and Deb look absolutely crushed. Lila shows up with dinner for Dexter.  Deb delights in the fact that Dexter lied to Lila about where he was going to be that night.

At Dexter’s apartment, Doakes is breaking and entering. He searches the place high and low to no avail. The AC comes on and he peers inside, spotting Dexter’s box of blood slides. Oh no.

Blood slides, mother fucker.

Jimenez is on Dexter’s table. He tries to bargain for his life by offering Dexter ALL THE COCAINE! No dice. Dexter revs up a chainsaw. What goes around comes around, I guess. After his kill, he sits on the floor, exhausted, rummaging through Jimenez’s wallet. He finds a note with the name and address of the bowling alley he was at the other night and knows that Lila gave it to him.

Rita and the kids are having pizza night. Astor opens the front door, which should have been locked, but was already open. Rita looks disconcerted as a shadow passes along the wall behind her, unseen. She calls Dexter, who’s still in the Everglades shack. She asks if Dex was there and tells him the door was open and he’s the only other one with a key. He checks his keychain and notices Rita’s house key is missing. Dexter tells her to get out of there right away and to call the police – he’s on his way. He leaves Jimenez’s body and promises to return. Dexter pulls rank with the cop and makes sure the police are going to stay and patrol the neighborhood. Fucking with Dex is one thing, but fucking with Rita and the kids is crossing the line: “The Lila Experiment is officially over.”

Dex pays Lila a visit to get the key back. He asks why she called Jimenez. She was just trying to keep them together! He was pulling away from her! She wanted what happened at the hotel after he faced Jimenez for the first time! Dexter stares at her in disbelief: “You are more dangerous than my addiction will ever be, and that’s saying a lot.” He gets in her face and tells her to stay away from Rita and to stay away from him. Or she will see the monster.

Dex and Deb are bantering about Lila as they step off the elevator and into the office. Dexter is dragging something heavy behind him, and a police officer almost slips in whatever is leaking from it. Lundy yells at Dexter to clean it up because it’s a safety hazard. The mess is blood, and it’s coming from Jimenez’s dead body. Angel hilariously hands him a missing foot and tells him he can’t leave that shit laying around, bro. Looks like Dexter hasn’t taken care of Jimenez’s body yet.

Dexter wakes up in Rita’s lawn chair. Rita finds him when she comes out for the paper. He just wanted to make sure “whoever broke in” (ahem) stayed away, but he fell asleep on the job. Dexter apologizes to Rita about his giant fuck up and admits how much regret he feels. Rita can’t forgive him for cheating, and he doesn’t expect her to.

Looks like Dexter is being followed again, this time by the FBI. Rather than going to deal with Jimenez, as he had planned, he goes home to get ready for work. He’s back with Harry’s Code now that Lila is gone.

Maria calls Doakes, who ignores the call. He missed out on a meeting for a six-figure security job and she’s pissed. As she leaves a voicemail begging James to be a team player on the BHB case, he’s getting a duffle bag out of his trunk and heading inside the airport. Over at Lundy’s, Deb and Frank are basking in the afterglow of a morning love sesh. He wants to be open at work about their relationship, but Deb’s not so sure. He gets a phone call that sends him rocketing out of bed and giving us a nice shot of Keith Carradine’s naked arse. He rushes to get ready, leaving Deb a little confused in bed.

Ew, morning breath.

Miami Metro is buzzing with Feds. Lundy definitely has someone in his crosshairs, because he shoved all the police out and brought in his own people. Lundy’s forensics guys are waiting for Dexter. As Dex gives them access to all his files, he ensures us they won’t find anything there: Harry’s number one rule is Don’t Get Caught, and all the other rules are so he doesn’t get caught. Harry reinforced this by making Dexter watch the execution of a murderer. And you thought your parents were tough.

Lundy and Deb’s relationship is tested when she approaches him about that morning. He won’t tell her what’s going on and honestly, she doesn’t want to know. Uh-oh. In Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Doakes is paying a visit to an old friend, Leonis. Doakes asks his friend to hook him up with a local hospital – he needs a discrete lab to test Dexter’s blood slides.

As Dexter heads home to move his blood slides and kill tools, he hears a familiar shrill laugh coming from Angel’s desk. There sits Lila, surrounded by adoring fans. She came to visit Angel. Lila threatens to spill some secrets while they’re out drinking, so Dexter is forced to come along. He corners Lila in the bathroom. She continues to push the addiction angle and insists she really knows him. Lila goes home with Angel, and Dexter is still being followed.

Dex rushes home to take care of his stuff, only to find that his slides are missing. He mistakenly thinks Lundy’s found them and thinks it’s all over. Deb is there – her new apartment’s not set up yet – and Dexter pushes her for information about Lundy. Just then, there’s a knock at the door: Lundy has sent for Dexter. This is it. Dexter is finished for sure. Everyone stares as Dexter is led into Lundy’s office. On his desk sits the smooth wooden box that houses Dexter’s blood trophies. Matthews informs Dex that they have a suspect for the Butcher case and they now have evidence to back it up. They ask for an explanation of the slides, and Dexter explains they’re trophies. Convinced that he’s come to an end, Dexter asks what happens next. Imagine his surprise (and mine) when Lundy informs him that their primary suspect is Sargent James Doakes. They found the slides in Doakes’ trunk (ah-ha). Turns out the undercover cars were for Dexter’s protection – they wanted to make sure Doakes didn’t come after him.

Doakes calls LaGuerta. She insists James isn’t the Butcher. He can’t come back yet, but when he does, there will be no doubt that he’s not the Butcher. He tells Maria how much she means to him and hangs up. Dexter wrestles with Harry’s two most important rules: Don’t Hurt the Innocent and Don’t Get Caught. Doakes is innocent, but Dexter can’t let himself be pegged for this. He has to fight.

Dexter is sandwiched between two bulky men that are part of his security detail when Rita calls. She needs to know that it’s over between Dexter and Lila. When he answers in the affirmative, Rita shares that she has feelings for Dexter. It’s funny watching them have this phone call with Dexter’s posse in close quarters. They agree to meet tomorrow.

Dexter sneaks out of his own apartment to avoid his protective detail. He needs to take care of Jimenez. Luckily for him, you can get to the Everglades by boat. Dexter has to work fast. As he’s lugging bagged body parts to his boat, Doakes traps him on the dock, gun pointed: “That’s right mother fucker. It’s over.” He used a GPS system on Dexter’s boat to find him. Dexter seems pretty calm during this whole thing. Dexter handcuffs himself at Doakes’ direction before lunging at Doakes. In the struggle, Doakes’ gun goes off into Dexter’s thigh and the fall into the water. Dex manages to choke Doakes into unconsciousness. When Doakes comes to, he’s locked in the cage inside the shack. As Dexter closes the door and slides to the ground, Doakes screams: “You’re going to have to kill me, Morgan!”

Is Dexter going to have to kill his first innocent to protect himself? Is there no end to Lila’s psychopathy? Will Rita take Dexter back for real? We’re down to the last three episodes next week, on Dexter.

Dexter body count: 1