Supernatural 7.21 – Reading is Fundamental

This episode opens up with a teenager, Kevin Tran, playing the cello flawlessly. His history of achievements tacked up on the wall, his k-pop haircut, and his highly rigid adolescent-of-the-year schedule are causing all signs to point to the theory that this is not going to be Kevin Tran’s best day ever.

Over in Chicago, Sam watches as Dean hacks into their hunk of clay. Despite the crashing thunder that clearly says, “Ow! Quit it, Winchester!” Dean cracks open his toy surprise. Surprise! The plain clay was housing a fancy tablet of unknown origin.

Back in Michigan, a bolt of lightening Quemado, NMs its way straight into Kevin Tran. He endures a brief Storm moment and then collapses to the ground, his rubber loafer soles failing to protect him. Myth busted!

Oh hey, remember catatonic Castiel? Lightening crashes and the angel opens his pale blue eyes and stares right at the demon nurse who’s been keeping constant vigil over him.

And Leviathans get the message too and it’s time for them to march out.

Back in Chicago, Sam researches symbols on the tablet, Dean wakes from a nap and Bobby invisibly slides a cup around since his ghost juice was drained after shoving Dick Roman around last episode. All plot point bases are officially well-covered Supernatural, kudos to you.

Sam hasn’t been able to crack the tablet’s code; the language is completely unfamiliar to him and to Google. Their perplexity is interrupted by Meg calling to let them know their angel has woken up and that he’s a tad different for wear. She can’t really explain since she doesn’t actually have a medical license of any kind, she’s just an ace resume forger, they have to see for themselves. So they pack up their tablet and head out.

Kevin Tran is a very independent teen. His parents are out of town, but his mother is positive that Kevin is taking his SATs. Little does she know that Kevin overslept and is now road tripping to parts unknown against his own will. Kevin thinks that maybe he’s had a seizure, but his girlfriend thinks he’s been kidnapped. Body hijacked would probably be more accurate. Kevin’s body can’t stop driving.

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean arrive at Casa de Crazy Cas, Meg waves them in and they have their reunion special with Castiel. Castiel is dressed in his institution garb and his seemingly laundered trench coat. Meg really did take good care of him. And she wasn’t wrong, he is different; like ecstasy puddle different. Slapstick and child-like wonderment all burritoed up in an all-knowing, old-as-time khaki wrapper.

Sam and Dean tell Castiel that he woke up right when they cracked open their new toy. Castiel is not surprised. It’s the Word of God, and if anyone was going to screw with releasing the Word of God, of course it would be the Winchester brothers. Castiel is so very proud of them; the brothers, however, are less than comfortable with Castiel’s pride-filled embrace. They’re also bummed to learn that Castiel can’t read a word of it. So much for all knowing.

The Word of God was penned by Metatron, the scribe of the Lord, and was not meant to be read by humans, demons, or angels. Sam is confused, and clearly not up to snuff on Kevin Smith’s great works, because he promptly confuses the Metatron with Megatron. Dean, thankfully, has seen Dogma and sets Sam straight.

Meg wants a peek at the tablet, but Dean is having a racist moment and refuses to let her see it. Meg and Dean bicker a bit, much to Castiel’s distaste and he immediately disappears, leaving the tablet to crash and crack. Apparently, this is not unusual for him because Meg guarantees he’s flittered off to the day room. Dean heads off to find him and tells Sam to gather up the shattered Word of God. Meg tries to get some info out of Sam, but he’s not in a sharing and caring mood. Does seven years of possession, fighting, and camaraderie mean nothing to you, Winchester?? Meg is not pleased and figures she’ll just pack up her angel and hit the road. Sam goes to stop her and leaves the Word of God unattended.

This is the exact moment Kevin Tran rolls into town and scoops up the pieces of the Word. Kevin tears across the lawn, but Sam is hot on his trail. They zig, they zag. Kevin is fast, faster than Sam, and agile too, but not aware enough to duck under Meg’s clothesline to his throat. Sam’s got about 10 inches and 60 pounds on Kevin Tran, but when tries to wrestle the Word of God away from Kevin he can’t. Kevin isn’t sure why, but he can’t let go, he cannot physically let go. The tablet is his, deal with it Sam.

Back in the day room, Dean tries to figure out Zen Master Cas, but Castiel is speaking in half sentences and overwrought prose. Dean is getting frustrated and Castiel opts to settle this like men should, with a game of Sorry! A game of chance, that Castiel is oddly better than Dean at. Dean keeps trying to get answers, his bitterness and hurt going from simmer to boil as he throws the game board off the table.

Kevin Tran has managed to glue the Word of God back together by simply touching the pieces end to broken end. Impressive. He can also read it. And now he’s wigged out, and rightly so. I mean, that’s a hell of a way to find out about Leviathans. Just then some angels come flapping into the room in their business attire, but not everyone is crazy about a sharp-dressed angel, least of all Meg who just got flung into a wall. Life was way easier for Meg when Castiel was unconscious. Not only that, but the angels think she and Sam are doing the horizontal mambo on their downtime. Wrong demon, ma’am. Sam’s over that fetish, and Meg’s been making eyes at your angelic brethren.

On the plus side, the angels do come bearing info; turns out Kevin Tran isn’t just in advanced placement, he’s also a prophet. Poor Kevin, man, the angels are here to take him away, ha-ha. Meg and Sam are on the same page for once and are staunchly against that; unfortunately these divine messengers don’t agree and come out wrath a-blazing. Good thing Meg’s got an angel sword she can pull out for self-defense. Not sure exactly where she was hiding that thing though.

Speaking of psychotic seraphs, Castiel is once again cleaning up Dean’s mess when his ears start ringing and poof! he’s off to his room to interrupt Sam and the newly arrived angels. The angels, Hester and Inias, are more than a little shocked to see Castiel alive; in fact Hester is downright pissed off. Castiel takes a moment to validate their feelings, but like with Dean, he can’t or won’t provide any answers or explanations. Castiel rambles on insanely, Hester is not pleased, but this did give Dean enough time to finger-paint a bloody “angel, angel, go away” sigil on the wall. Of course that does have the side effect of flashing Castiel away as well. Eh, details.

Oh, remember Kevin Tran? He’s been sitting on the bed freaking the flip out like a normal person should be.

After Kevin has calmed down a bit, Dean quizzes him on the tablet. Kevin says it’s hard to read, but it’s pretty much an “in case of fire, break glass” kinda thing. Lovely. Time to get the hell outta Dodge.

On the road again, the newly formed foursome stop to pick up the essentials. Super healthy stuff like mac ‘n’ cheese for the humans and trashy magazines for the demon. The important stuff. Meg also spots some demonic stalkers at the truck stop. Perfect. Even more perfect is the all points bulletin Sam catches about the missing honor student they happen to be harboring.

Castiel finally decides to check in and it’s no surprise that it’s Meg’s number he dials. Seems he’s found himself smack dab in the middle of a dog race in Perth. And go Dean for knowing where Perth is. Who says Americans don’t know their geography? Meg gives Castiel their coordinates and he’s pops himself right between Meg and Kevin in the backseat of the car. Priority #1 for Castiel is to find out whether Meg was hurt during the angel tussle. Dean gets Castiel back on track only to find out that Hester and Inias are from Castiel’s old ’hood. Their department specialized in watching, which is less entertaining than you’d think. Apparently, live human porn is a redundant drag. Ma and Pa Winchester in the front seat are frustrated, but Pa Winchester finally gets Castiel to lay it all out. His garrison was assigned to watch over the prophet once he was revealed.

They finally make it to Rufus’ old cabin. Dean takes Kevin down to the basement so he can read in peace. Kevin finds the S&M décor less than peaceful. Upstairs, Sam and Castiel have a bit of a heart to heart; Sam is worried about the burden Castiel took off him, Castiel is bored by the constant burden that is Sam’s inner workings.

Meanwhile, everything has really hit Kevin’s fan and he’s in full-blown panic mode. Good thing Dean’s there with a paper bag and the wise words. Yes, being chosen sucks and no one can change it and TPTB seriously don’t care. Nice chat, Dean.

No one seems to notice that Meg has snuck off to meet the truck-stop demons. Meg is definitely on Meg’s team; she gets the intel she needs and then slice ‘n’ dices them with the demon knife. When she gets back to the cabin there’s a lovely and salty devil’s trap welcome mat rolled out for her. After she throws some logic at them Sam lets her out of it. Just in time for them to deal with Hester’s arrival.

Hester is cranky to say the least. She’s disappointed in Castiel, disgusted by Sam and Dean, and annoyed that her prophet desert mission is repeatedly halted. Hester’s life is hard and making Castiel her punching bag is apparently her stress reliever. Thank goodness Meg does the altruistic thing and puts Hester out of her misery.

They decide Inias and his new sidekick can fudge the rules a bit and instead of watching over Kevin in the desert, they opt to watch over him in Michigan while he writes his Dear Princeton essay.

With Kevin secured, Hester decimated, and Meg currently out of their hair, the brothers take the opportunity to review Kevin’s neatly written translation. To kill the Leviathan they need the bone of a righteous mortal marinated in the blood of the three fallen. Blood. Man, it’s always blood. First type on their grocery list is AB-fallen angel. Castiel read ahead and already has a vile filled to the brim.

The angels take Kevin home to his relieved and oddly calm mother. The FBI agent with her doesn’t blink at the magical appearance of people in the kitchen either. Oh… that’s because he’s a Leviathan. Edgar, Dick’s second in command, in disguise to be exact. Leviathans have the ability to kill angels with their bare hands, a trick that is demonstrated quite grotesquely for us. This does not look good for our prophet.