Dexter 3.4-6 – All in the Family, Turning Biminese, & Si Se Puede

A botched marriage proposal, a new BFF for Dexter, a powerful ADA starting to come unhinged, soda pop torture, and more in this week’s Dexter recap!

Dexter and Rita pack up a cooler for a family outing with the Prados. Rita decides RIGHT NOW is the perfect time to tell Astor and Cody that they’re going to have a little serial killer brother or sister. As Rita tries to ease the kids into the conversation, Dexter blurts out that Rita’s knocked up. Astor is mad because they’re not married and why aren’t they? Dexter asks if they should get married. Rita can’t believe Dexter’s lack of tact and says they’ll talk about it later.

At the Prados’, Dexter watches Miguel and Ramon argue quietly about something. Rita interrupts Dex’s spying to let him know that she’s not going to just marry him because she’s pregnant; she made that mistake with Paul. She doesn’t want a husband unless it’s real. Dexter wonders sadly what real love feels like. The Prado brothers’ argument reaches a head and Ramon runs off to chase a lead on Oscar’s killer. Miguel wants to tell him that Freebo is dead, but Dexter is like, no way Jose. Ramon has a temper and he’s unstable. Miguel can’t see that. Dexter is going to have to show him.

Dexter snaps photos at a crime scene: a dead man on the floor and his forlorn fiancé, covered in her love’s blood, getting her knee attended to by a paramedic. She was knocked over by the assailant, whose description matches that of someone lately committing numerous break-ins. Deb is getting nowhere with the fiancé. All she wants to do is talk about how Jack is her true love. She is, understandably, hysterical. Joey steps in and plays to the victim’s feelings. Deb dubs him the “Witness Whisperer.”

Rita is having her own work issues. She’s trying to deal with Astor on the phone while getting over a bout of late morning sickness. After calling an awful guest a bitch (something I’m sure we’ve all wanted to do, especially if you’ve worked in retail or hospitality), the hotel manager fires Rita. Yeesh.

Dex begins working on his plan to show how unhinged Ramon is. He picks up a take-out order from a place that Ramon and Miguel frequent, and how convenient! Ramon is there. Dexter does what he does best: pushes all the wrong buttons on purpose. It clearly is starting to work on this Prado brother. Meanwhile, Maria visits Miguel at his office to ask him about Chickie Hines again. Miguel thinks that Doakes’ death is coloring how Maria is seeing the case. He sure knows what nerves to hit with Maria.

The sketch the Forlorn Fiancé gives matches the sketches from the break-ins exactly. Deb is still frustrated with her lack of emotional stability (jeez Deb) and Joey comes to the rescue with coffee and a shoulder to cry on. After work, Deb hits up a bar for a margarita, where she runs into Anton. She asks him about Quinn’s past; all Anton knows is that Quinn helped him out of a tough situation.

Angel brings a prostitute back to a hotel room. As he goes to pull out his wallet, the hooker sees his badge and whispers in his ear: “Take a pass, Sergeant.” Angel doesn’t get the hint and before he says anything else, she flashes her own badge to shut him up: it’s a sting. She brilliantly pretends that he’s a dead beat with no cash and kicks him out of the room before slamming the door. Angel just had his ass saved. The next day, the hooker – Detective Barbara Gianna from Metro Vice – pays Angel a visit. She wants to turn him in now because Homicide has had a shit run of bad luck and she doesn’t want Angel to bring anymore to the place. Angel bears his soul to Barbara – his failed marriage, his alcoholism – and she agrees to give him a free pass just the once.

Ramon storms into Homicide and confronts Maria about his brother’s case. He doesn’t think the department is doing their job and starts shouting about the calls he’s getting from some guy who says he saw Freebo in Miami. The tipster says he called the police four times and they haven’t done anything about it; Maria says they haven’t gotten any calls. Dexter watches from the lab. Of course, he was the one making the calls. Maria kicks Ramon out and is fed up with the Prados at the moment.

Dexter does his blood spatter thing, trying to recreate the spatter patterns from the case of the dead fiancé. Deb joins him. They have a nice brother-sister chat as Deb tries her hand at bashing the dummy head. Dex realizes the Forlorn Fiona is mistaken about the perpetrator: he’s not six-foot, as she said, but rather Deb’s height and weight. Deb corrects him. The killer is Weep-Bag Fiona’s height and weight. Deb heads over to the interview room to question Fiona again. Deb goes way over the line with her temper and Quinn steps in. Deb watches on the screen as Quinn does his good cop routine and gets the confession out of her. He played Deb “like a $20 guitar.” Deb feels betrayed. Dexter uses Fiona’s emotion to learn a little something about convincing Rita he loves her.

Maria visits Ellen, the lawyer who defended Chickie Hines. Maria wants to reopen the case and gives Ellen all the new evidence they found that would exonerate him. Ellen is a little confused why Maria would do that, but she’s excited and shares cupcakes and scotch with Maria to celebrate.

Dexter calls Ramon as the anonymous tipster and agrees to meet him at Ramon’s favorite bar. Obviously, Dex is not going to show up. Instead, he visits Miguel at his office and agrees they should tell Ramon about Freebo. Miguel calls Ramon. Dexter listens to the one-sided phone conversation; Ramon is obviously ridiculously drunk. Miguel and Dexter go to pick him up. Ramon is pissed that Dexter is there and Miguel asks Dexter to leave. As he’s heading out the door, he tells the bouncer that Ramon put his hands on the girl next to him and he might have a gun. He watches from outside as Ramon takes a swing at the bouncer.

In the morning, Dexter meets Miguel at the beach with a couple of coffees. Miguel reveals the only person he feels he can trust is Dexter (obviously Dexter does not feel the same way). Dex needs to learn to share the burden; maybe he’ll get used to it someday.

Rita is cooking dinner and the kids are doing homework when Dexter shows up unexpectedly. He gives a whole speech – some of it lifted directly from Fiona’s obsessive speech about Jack – and even though I know he’s mostly acting, I love love love this scene. Dexter asks Astor and Cody if they will marry him. They say yes!

Everybody now: awww!

Dexter watches his unborn child’s heartbeat on the ultrasound screen. He’s not used to starting hearts. The doctor assures him that everything looks perfectly normal. If only she knew!

Dex and Miguel play a round of golf. Miguel tells him about a new case; a guy kills his second wife on a cruise ship. Miguel knows he’s guilty. The guy killed his first wife, too. Over lunch at the country club, Rita and Syl plan to list her house with Syl’s real estate agency so she and Dexter can move in together. Dexter doesn’t want to lose his freedom. Later, Dexter looks up Ethan Turner, the guy Miguel is trying to convict. Dexter is already mourning the loss of his private sanctuary. In a daydream, Harry tells Dexter that marriage is 50/50 as imaginary movers take all of his stuff away – including his box of blood slides.

Another crime scene with a victim missing a patch of skin. It’s the Sheriff’s turf, but Quinn, Batista, and Masuka are there to observe. It’s a joint operation, now. The Sheriff’s Department sent Ramon to be their liaison. This just got more interesting. Deb is bringing in Wendell Owens, Freebo’s doorman. Dex will need to lay low; Wendell has seen his face. Miguel calls Dexter and feeds him more information about the Turner case. He’s being let go because of a bunch of red tape.

Deb spends her entire day trying to get through to Wendell while they wait for his mother. Looks like she learned a lesson from the Forlorn Fiancé case. Too bad that Wendell’s mother wouldn’t give consent for the cops to officially question him. Deb returns to her desk to find Wendell gone, and Joey explains what happened. Deb blames him.

Angel visits Barbara on her corner. She thinks he’s there for another round, but he’s really there to ask her out. She says no, she rarely dates cops. But rarely doesn’t mean never! Meanwhile at Rita’s, Dexter feels overwhelmed by the house listings Rita shows him. He tells her he doesn’t want to look at houses right now. They have an argument and Dexter feels his freedom slipping away.

Homicide isn’t very willing to cooperate with Ramon. Masuka informs him that this victim wasn’t skinned like the others; someone dug out a tattoo from the back of her neck. She wasn’t strangled, either – she was smothered. It’s a touching show of camaraderie and Ramon is forced to leave. While the rest of the department works on the case, Dexter watches Turner from a beach chair at Bimini. Harry appears to tell Dexter that he has his priorities wrong, comparing his Dark Passenger to a mistress.

Rita and Syl are looking at houses. They find one that Rita loves. She runs in to use the restroom and finds that she’s bleeding. Syl rushes her to the hospital and calls Dexter from the car. Meanwhile, Deb pulls up to Wendell’s house and gives him her card, telling him to call her if he wants to talk. Someone watches them from binoculars. Uh-oh. Wendell says he kept his nose out of Freebo’s business, but he knows he was into someone for some serious cash.

Dexter attacks Turner in his cabin on the cruise ship. He doesn’t have a lot of time. The last taxi leaves for shore at 10pm. At the hospital, Rita is rushed up to pre-natal ICU but they won’t tell Syl anything. Miguel shows up to save the day and make sure she gets the best care. This is cut with scenes of Dexter getting rid of Turner, but he’s cutting it awfully close with the time. He dumps the body parts out the porthole. Rita is convinced something is wrong with Dexter because no one can find him. Miguel calls Deb for help. Just then, Dexter pulls into the marina and finds he has twelve voicemails, all from Rita and Syl. Dexter rushes to the hospital. Thankfully, the baby is fine. But Rita isn’t so fine. She needed Dexter and he wasn’t there. Dexter promises he’s not going anywhere. Rita thinks they should wait to find a house until after the wedding. Dexter tells her to name a date, because he’s ready. They’ll walk down the aisle before she starts to show.

Miguel helps Dexter tuck Astor and Cody into bed. He tells Dexter that his office got the strangest fax from a cruise line. Turner was reported missing about an hour before. Miguel asks Dexter where he went fishing again, because he wasn’t there when Miguel sent the Coast Guard looking for him. Miguel is convinced Dexter was on the cruise ship, finishing what Miguel couldn’t. He says it’s ok – he and Dexter are the same. Why does everyone keep saying that? Miguel supports and respects Dexter. Dex doesn’t understand: everyone else who saw Dexter’s true self came to a bad end. It destroyed Harry and Brian, consumed Lila… but Miguel? He’s proud of Dexter.

Dexter and Miguel fish and bond on Slice of Life II, Dexter’s aptly named boat. Miguel wants to know what it was like to kill Turner. It felt like justice – sweet juicy justice! Harry tells Dexter that he’s making a mistake. Miguel doesn’t really understand, but Dexter says he is doing more than Harry ever did. Harry understood Dexter’s urge. He just couldn’t accept it. Harry reminds him that letting someone close always ends badly.

Another Skinner crime scene. Deb is visibly upset when Dexter arrives. The victim is Wendell. Deb is pretty broken up about it, and she feels partially responsible. Wendell is missing a huge sheet of skin from his arm and torso. The guy has had practice doing what he’s doing. Deb thinks the Skinner is using her investigation to try and track Freebo. One of the people who knows about the case is Ramon Prado, who has more motive than anyone for finding Freebo.

Poor Wendell.

Ellen is trying to get Miguel kicked out of the Florida State Bar. He’s been playing fast and loose with ethics for a long time. Maria, unfortunately, finds out, and is pissed that Ellen used the information Maria gave her to do this. Meanwhile, Deb visits Anton to ask if he told anyone Wendell was coming in. Of course he didn’t. Deb is so upset that she possibly caused Wendell’s death. Anton holds her hand and comforts her. Maybe there’s something more there than a cop/CI relationship?

Dexter is working to get Miguel to realize how messed up killing a person really is. He asks Miguel to get a guy out of high security prison so he can kill him. It was someone who almost got away, but eventually was caught for something else. Dexter plays Turner off as an accident of opportunity, pretending he and Freebo were the first people he’s killed. Miguel finally agrees to help Dexter with this guy, but they need a plan. Dexter’s plan kind of backfired.

Maria asks Dexter to sign a get well card for Camilla, the long-time friend of Harry’s who helped get rid of the records from the Moser case. She’s in the hospital with terminal lung cancer. Dexter agrees to bring her the card. Camilla’s in bad shape. I have watched someone die from lung cancer, and there are no words to describe how horrible it is. Camilla tells Dexter all her life she’s been searching for the perfect key lime pie and Dexter says he’ll work on it.

Deb goes to Angel with her theory about Ramon. Joey backs her up. Angel says Deb can follow up off the grid and it’s on her if something goes wrong. Deb searches Ramon’s car while he’s eating at a restaurant. So far nothing, but she’s working on it. The next day, Yuki tells Deb she’s going to get close to Quinn and she’s going to wear a wire. If she doesn’t, Yuki is going to tell everyone Deb has been cooperating the whole time. Deb tells her to blow her and leaves.

Prado’s plan for getting Galt, the prisoner, down to Miami is to call him in as an expert witness on a money-laundering case. Dexter says something like that would take a while, but Miguel already issued the subpoena and Galt will be there the next night. He’s already thought of all the details. Miguel is really serious and excited about this and it’s pretty insane and terrifying.

The next day at the courthouse, Miguel sees Ellen. He shares his opinion of her with Dexter, and it’s not a nice one. He’s also pissed off at Maria, who is also at the courthouse helping with the deposition. The Hines verdict will be reversed, and now Ellen can start her campaign against Miguel. In courtroom 103, Miguel lays out the plan for Galt’s death. No matter how hard he tries, Dexter can’t talk him out of it.

It’s time for Miguel plan to be set in motion. Clem Galt is waiting in a holding cell and is a huge racist asshole. Miguel gives Galt a key to his handcuffs and tells him one of his Nazi buddies is waiting for him in the parking lot, then leaves. There’s a hitch in the plan when a bailiff tries to go into the holding cell to put a wristband on Galt. Miguel has no idea what to do, so he just leaves. Dexter meets Galt in the parking garage, pretending to be his Aryan friend, when an alarm goes off. The cops meet in the garage and Miguel tells them to set up a perimeter. Dexter quickly injects Galt with the tranq. Harry thinks Miguel is double-crossing Dex and tries to get Dex to turn himself in. Thankfully Miguel shows up with his SUV and Dex drags the now unconscious Galt inside the vehicle. They escape.


Deb is trailing Ramon. She sees him knock a guy unconscious and stuff him in his trunk. She follows them to a garage, where Joey meets up with her. The guy is one of Freebo’s suppliers; Deb questioned him a while ago. Ramon tortures the guy by shoving some soda up his nose, but he lets him go. He’s not the Skinner. Good thing they didn’t move in before or Deb would have been fucked. They arrested him anyway for kidnapping, false imprisonment, and torture. As Deb and Joey leave the station, Deb finally tells Quinn that IA is investigating him. Turns out, Yuki’s case is a totally personal vendetta. She and Quinn have history together. He’ll take care of it.

Miguel pulls up to the house where Dexter is ready to kill Clem. He opens the door to find that Dexter gave him the wrong address. Dexter will tell Miguel he just dumped Clem in the cemetery after the screw up at the courthouse. He’s not ready to share this part of himself yet. After this night, Dexter can finally say he knows who Miguel Prado is: his first good friend.

Dexter kill count: 2