Dexter 3.10-12 – Go Your Own Way, I Had a Dream, & Do You Take Dexter Morgan?

First, I would like to wish a Happy Memorial Day to all of my American friends, and send my sincere and unending gratitude to all military men and women, past and present (and future) who sacrifice so much in the line of duty. I can never say it enough: thank you. 

We’re finishing off season 3 this week. Things come to a head with Miguel as Dexter and Rita’s wedding date looms closer and the Skinner is still on the loose. But I’m kind of excited because next week, we’ll dive into season 4 – my personal favorite of the series and, I think, the most insanely frightening and brilliant seasons of the show. Onward!

Dexter and Rita are out for dinner with the crazy ass Miguel and Sylvia at some swank restaurant. Dex is still trying to figure out what to do with Miguel. He could kill him, but a popular ADA disappearing wouldn’t go unnoticed. And just cutting Miguel out isn’t going to work either. He’s using Rita to get Dexter under his thumb; Miguel is paying for the chef at this swank restaurant to cater their wedding. The only other option is to get Miguel under Dexter’s thumb – and keep him there.

Maria is spearheading the Ellen Wolf case. Her prime suspect is Toby Edwards, the bar tender that Ellen was flirting with. He called Ellen three times, and two of those came from right outside her house. Dexter hopes Edwards is a witness, and he found his leverage. Ellen’s wedding ring is also missing. After their meeting, Angel gets an urgent phone call. He rushes out, asking Joey to cover for him.

Dexter is hanging out in Miguel’s office, playing a computer game, when Miguel shows up. He’s surprised to see Dexter. Dex informs him the Ellen Wolf case is breaking; the suspect is a guy that was outside the house while Miguel was killing Ellen. Miguel wants Dexter’s help, but Dexter turns him down. After the wedding, their broship is over. He won’t say anything to LaGuerta about Miguel, but he’s not going to do this any more.

Batista’s urgent call is from the hospital. Barbara looks pretty rough. She got beat up by a guy who saw her working the corner and followed her home. I love Barbara, and I love Angel, and I love them together. What a badass woman. Angel swipes her house key before he leaves and gives it to Dexter to analyze for blood – she managed to get a swipe at her assailant with them.

LaGuerta is questioning Edwards. Ellen left him a huge tip and when he called her, she invited him over. He called later, twice, to tell her he wouldn’t be coming over. Miguel’s curiosity got the better of him, and he and Dexter watch the interview on the screen together. Miguel feels pretty confident that nothing’s going to come of it. Quinn informs Maria that Edwards isn’t the guy; they have security footage of him at the bar when Ellen went down. Edwards did see someone on the street, though: someone coming in the opposite direction with big halogen headlights in a dark colored SUV. Dexter watches Miguel, entertained. Miguel’s not going down without a fight. If he controls LaGuerta, he controls the investigation. Dexter hopes Maria holds out.


Anton comes to visit Deb at work. She’s out, but Quinn is there and he apologizes for fucking up with the CI thing. Unfortunately for Quinn, he doesn’t know that Deb covered for him and said it was just a clerical error. When Anton realizes that Quinn was responsible for everything, he hauls out and punches him in the face. Deb shows up to an almost brawl, and Anton storms out. He needs Deb to decide if she’s serious about their relationship.

Miguel and Maria are getting drunk at her place – well, Miguel is getting Maria drunk. She tells him they’re checking every intersection camera from Ellen’s to the cemetery for the SUV. Miguel reminisces about their hot romance. And then they make out. Poor Syl. Poor Maria. Miguel sucks. They’re interrupted by a knock at the door. It’s Dexter. He pretends to apologize for a mess up at work, but in reality he’s checking up on Maria. Miguel is pissed.

Dexter comes home for dinner. Rita says she accidentally told Sylvia that Miguel was cheating on her with Maria. Syl called both their offices and they weren’t there, so she pays a visit to Maria’s just in time to find him leaving. She understandably freaks out and mentions that last Thursday (the night Ellen was murdered) he was out all night. Syl dumps his ass. Maria is left on her front lawn alone, and as Miguel drives away she’s blinded by his halogen headlamps. A look of uncomfortable realization crosses her face.

Miguel is waiting at Dexter’s usual coffee stop. He can’t believe Dex would stoop so low to send Sylvia to Maria’s. Dex says it wasn’t him, and Miguel makes some creepy comments about playing with a man’s family. Miguel’s office is going to do an ethics probe on Deb. He has the security detail on Anton and it doesn’t look good. “Familia is sacred,” Miguel says as he leaves. He has no idea what door he just opened.

Dexter visits Miguel’s house. The housekeeper tells him they’re not home, and Dex talks his way into the house to search Miguel’s den. He finds just what he’s looking for in a box of cigars: Ellen’s missing ring. He leaves a dry cleaning slip in its place.

Angel asks Dexter for the report on the key. Dex is not going to get involved with “friends” anymore, but he asks Angel how Barbara is doing anyway. She doesn’t have a concussion, so that’s good news. Angel is impatient for the file, but Dexter gives him a bit of advice: some doors should stay shut. It’s too easy to walk through once they’re open.

Miguel returns home to get some work stuff. He also wants the ring, but finds the dry cleaning receipt with his name. The woman at the cleaners gives him a familiar bloodstained shirt. She tells him there’s no charge because she couldn’t get the stain out. Meanwhile, Angel is waiting for Barbara’s attacker outside his house. He approaches the perp with a beating stick. Oh no, Angel, don’t do it! He doesn’t. Instead, he arrests him. Some doors should stay closed.

Miguel shows up at the station and indicates that Dexter should meet him on the roof. He’s wearing the shirt, and he is pissed. I love Dexter’s cool sarcasm in these situations. Miguel threatens to expose Dexter’s secrets. Dex might have the ring, but Miguel has City Hall. Someone is watching their exchange from above through binoculars. After Dex leaves, Miguel gets a phone call. “Did you get a good look at him?” A familiar voice answers. It’s King. Miguel struck a deal with him and told him that Dex knows where Freebo is. Back in his office, Dexter knows he has one choice: kill Miguel.

Dex returns home that night and parks in the garage. He gets a phone call, and while he digs for his cell phone, a group of guys put a bag over his head and stuff him in a trunk. Oh god. Oh no.

Dexter has pictured his end a thousand ways, but it wasn’t like this. He manages to get the hood off and tries to get the duct tape off his wrists. He’s fucked. Harry is there to provide moral support; he’s proud of Dexter for trying to have friends. He tells him not to give up, and Dexter manages to untape his wrists. The car stops and he waits  – then punches Vince Masuka right in the eye. It’s his bachelor party! Who does that? If my friends kidnapped me, I’d punch them too. There’s a party boat and lots of boobs. Dex is miserable.  Miguel is there, too, and he gives a creepy toast to the groom.

Maria is in her office, rewatching the tape from her interrogation with Edwards. His recollection of the SUV he saw just reaffirms her assumptions. Miguel’s file sits in front of her, and she stares at his car registration. She calls him and wants to talk about what happened with Syl.

Deb hides in Dexter’s office from Anton. Dex doesn’t understand why Deb won’t tell Anton how she feels. It all comes down to Harry: he wouldn’t approve of Anton. Dexter says Deb would be surprised and she demands to know what his problem is. He’s had a bug up his ass about Harry for months. Deb runs through a laundry list of bad things Harry never did and when she gets to cheating on his wife, Dex just gives Deb a look. Deb is completely crushed but she doesn’t want to believe it. It was even with a CI.

Deb is the only person there that Anton trusts and he wants to give her his statement. Deb is clearly not okay and she begs Anton to just keep to business for right now. Anton recounts the intimate details of the shit he went through at the hands of the Skinner, stuff that you can’t put into words on a police report. King even took all the change from his pocket. They’re crying, I’m crying, we’re all crying.

Dexter tails Miguel and Ramon to a five-star hotel. Miguel has a new routine that Dexter needs to learn. As soon as Ramon leaves, Miguel comes back outside and pretends he forgot something in his car, but he just leaves. Dexter thinks he might do better to wait for Miguel to do something stupid, because there’s a pretty good chance he’s going to.

Deb and Quinn are searching King’s creepy building under the bridge when Angel calls. The cell reception is spotty, and Deb asks Quinn if he has any change so she can use the payphone up the street. The realization hits her and she tells Quinn they have to dump the phone records – that’s why King took Anton’s change.

At Maria’s place, she and Miguel are making dinner. He tries to put the moves on her, but she shuts him down. Maria pretends she left a case of beer in her car and runs out to get it, grabbing Miguel’s keys on the way. Dexter is watching from across the street. Maria uses some tape to see if she can find any hair in his trunk, then puts it in an evidence bag before heading inside. Later, Dex is still watching as Miguel gets in his car, but something stops him from driving away. Maria didn’t close his trunk all the way. Miguel suspects she’s up to something. Now Dex has another life to watch out for: Maria’s.


The next morning, Maria brings the tape to Dexter and asks him to run hair and fiber. He agrees to help her on the DL. Meanwhile, Miguel is getting ready for work at his hotel when he gets a notification on the data monitor he set up on his laptop: it’s Dexter’s search for hair and fiber, connected with Maria’s authorization number. Holy shit.

The payphone records near King’s place give Deb and Quinn a lead: an empty house belonging to a woman King works for during the winter. They spot King through a window and a chase ensues. Quinn chases King through the house while Deb runs around front, calling for backup. Quinn and King spill into the yard, tumbling, and you think King’s done for – but he pulls out a knife and slashes Joey’s face. King gets away, again.

Maria takes the hair analysis results off of Dexter’s desk while he’s out. When he returns, Maria asks him for help with what to do. Dex has to play dumb about where the sample came from and he does an excellent job of looking completely floored. He tries to convince her not to go to a judge (not only so he can take care of Miguel, but to keep Maria safe). She agrees to think about it.

Quinn is fine – just a superficial cut on his forehead. The air surveillance couldn’t find King. He’s like a ghost. Deb confronts Dexter about Harry’s affair. Dex says he found out from Camilla just before she died but wasn’t sure if he should tell Deb. Deb is depressed that she doesn’t have a date to Dexter and Rita’s wedding. She even turned down Quinn, who awkwardly asked if she would “carpool.” Dexter realizes Deb should be his Best (Wo)Man; she is the only person he trusts and she has never let him down. It’s a very sweet sibling moment.

Deb visits her friend Francis in records down in the basement. She asks for all the records on her dad’s female CIs. I wish Francis had a bigger part in the show. She’s hilarious. She promises to help Deb, because if her dad stepped out on her mom, she would have cut his dick off.

Miguel and Ramon are busy drinking at a bar, so Dexter calls Miguel’s hotel room and uses the ringing of the phone to find his room. He asks a maid for turn down service and she lets him in. When she leaves, Dexter goes to work trying to figure out how to get Miguel. Dex sees that Miguel was back at the hardware store – he’s planning to kill again. That’s when he notices the data monitor on the computer. Miguel is trying to get Ramon blackout drunk (or as my friend says, “pitch black drunk”) so he can claim he was here the whole night. He’s planning on killing Maria tonight.

Miguel, donned head to toe in black, uses a hidden key to let himself into Maria’s house later that night. By some miracle, she’s not home. Her answering machine displays a message, so Miguel pushes play. It’s Dexter. He says he has something on the Prado/Wolf “thing.” Dex tells her to meet at a café at 8pm. It’s 8:35 now. As Miguel heads through the front door, Dex sticks him in the neck with his tranquilizer.

The kill room is Ellen Wolf’s living room. Miguel is in disbelief and tries to talk himself free. He feeds Dex the same BS about how he wants to be friends, he wants to break through Dexter’s armor. He knows the real Dexter. Obviously, this line of reasoning never works. Miguel accepts Dexter like a brother, but Dexter killed his brother. And, oh yeah, Miguel, he killed yours too. Friends forgive. But Dexter doesn’t get to have friends. He chokes Miguel to death with wire. Adios, amigo.

Miguel’s lifeless body lays face up in a peaceful park by the water. A jogger finds him and calls it in. Before long, the place is buzzing with activity. Dexter used the Skinner’s MO, and they all think it was King. The entire force places their hands over their hearts as Miguel is put into the ambulance. Ramon pushes Dexter against the vehicle and says he’s going to find out what really happened.

Dexter and Rita return home after Ramon forced them to leave Miguel’s funeral. Dexter goes through the mail and finds a card from Rita’s mother, who started teaching again and can’t miss class for the wedding. The inside reads, “Let’s hope the third one’s a charm.” Um, what? Rita says she means the third baby. Did Rita just lie?

Dexter gets a phone call on his way home and he shows up to find his apartment full of cops. Someone broke in. It’s pretty wrecked, and a forensics guy is brushing the AC for prints… dangerously close to the blood slides. The neighbor saw a guy whose description matches Ramon’s, but Dexter tells the detective the guy doesn’t sound familiar. Thankfully, the blood slides are safe. But Ramon shredded Dexter’s suit for the wedding. Harry tells Dexter he needs to take care of Ramon somehow. Dex sees Ellen Wolf’s ring and is inspired; if he can threaten to ruin Miguel’s reputation, Ramon will leave him alone.

Ramon’s wife doesn’t know where he is, but maybe his blue family will know. While he waits for the sheriff’s department to find Ramon, Dexter researches Rita and finds out that she was married for six months when she was sixteen to some guy named Backerman. Third time’s the charm, indeed. Ramon’s old partner gives Dexter the names of some of Ramon’s favorite bars.

Angel gives the team the breakdown on George King, aka Jorge Orozco. He headed an interrogation unit with the Resistencia Nicaraguense – basically, he tortured people for a living. Miguel’s murder has made this case huge. After the meeting, Angel tells Deb the department got some extra money and he’s thinking of adding another detective to the squad. He already put in the recommendation for Deb to LaGuerta and is just waiting for her to sign the papers. YAY! No one deserves it more.

Maria wants to go public with the fact that Miguel killed Ellen because they want to name a freeway near her house after him. Dexter tells her it’s not a good idea; it would tear his family and the community apart and do nothing to change the fact that Miguel is already dead. She will just have to learn to live with it.

Dexter picks the kids up from school. He still hasn’t been able to find Ramon. He should look in the rearview mirror, though, because someone is following him. He soon realizes there’s someone there, but has no idea who it is. Dexter is pissed – there are kids in the car. He blows through a yellow light and the other car runs the red light. A traffic camera goes off and another car slams into him. Dex turns around, but the driver already ran away.

Meanwhile, Angel confronts Deb about the fact that she slept with Anton. The ADA’s office was looking into it. Angel is pissed that Deb didn’t give him the heads up. Deb calls him a hypocrite – she knows that Angel met Barbara because he was strolling for hookers. Angel goes right to Maria and tells her the truth about how he met Barbara. Maria doesn’t really care and tells him to keep his mouth shut. Then he tells her about Deb’s connection with their key witness.

Ramon shows up to Dexter and Rita’s rehearsal dinner, drunk as a skunk. He pulls his gun on Dexter. Deb and Angel sneak up behind him and arrest him. Jesus. Later, Dexter gets a chance to talk to Ramon while he’s locked up in county jail. Miguel took Ramon on as a bodyguard to protect him from Dexter. Dex knows about Miguel’s darkness; he knows that Miguel pushed their father down the stairs and he liked it. Except it wasn’t Miguel; it was Ramon that actually did that. He took the story and used it to build his legend. Ramon’s involvement in kidnapping and brutality were attempts to sweep up Miguel’s fuck ups, not the other way around. Dex decides not to throw Ellen’s ring in Ramon’s face. Instead, he helps him by giving a bit a free advice. Ramon can fix things. He isn’t going to be a problem anymore.

Deb gets a phone call. The traffic camera did catch a perfect photo of the driver, who was driving a stolen car. Guess who? George King, rocking some supa stunna aviators. Dexter better watch his back. The only evidence they got from the car is a tobacco leaf, but it gives them a lead to the El Royale Cigar Company where King used to work. It’s a dead end, though.

Dexter is buying a new suit since Ramon destroyed the original. He’s getting married tomorrow! As he walks down the sidewalk to his car, he turns around and is face to face with George King, who knocks him out.

The next day, Deb heads into work. Francis came through, and there is a nice stack of CI files on her desk. Before she gets a chance to look at them, Maria calls her into her office. Uh-oh. Deb tells Maria to take away the case, take away the shield – she wants to be with Anton. It wasn’t wrong, it isn’t wrong. Maria congratulates her on sacrificing work for personal life and pulls Deb’s shiny new shield out of her desk drawer. Congratulations, Detective Morgan! They share cupcakes from Ellen Wolf’s favorite bakery.

Dexter is tied to a table. A familiar situation, an unfamiliar perspective. King watches him, whistling. Harry is convinced this is the end. Dexter knows it’s his fault he’s here, because he didn’t trust Harry. He forgives Harry. Harry is crying. But they aren’t Harry’s tears, they’re Dexter’s. He’s never felt this, but he’s never been a father. He has never wanted anything so much as to be a father.

"Those aren't my tears, Dex. They're yours."

Deb visits Anton at his place. She gave up the case so she could be with him. He is the best thing that’s happened to her. They kiss and make up. Masuka calls. He found out the tobacco from the car was old. The cigar factory only moved into their current location three years ago.

Back to Dex and King. Dex knows he needs to take control. He tells King he killed Freebo. Dexter knows King is just like him. He has flimsy excuses, but he’s just a killer. Miguel just used King to kill Dexter. When King goes to get his tools, Dexter rocks the table and tips it, crushing his wrist but breaking free. As he and King struggle, police sirens scream outside. Dexter breaks King’s neck, and then drops him from above, right in front of an unsuspecting police officer’s car. Unable to stop, he runs him down and Dexter slips out the window.

Rita looks stunning in her dress and veil. Dexter’s hand is in a cast – he “fell down some stairs” – and accidentally stumbles on Rita’s room. They share a sweet moment before he runs off to change. Dexter is going to let her hold onto her secret. It’s only fair. Their wedding is beautiful and romantic and their reception is just as lovely. Rita and Dexter dance together as husband and wife, and a small trickle of blood seeps through his cast, staining Rita’s perfectly white dress. Life is good.