Dexter 4.4-6 – Dex Takes a Holiday, Dirty Harry, & If I Had a Hammer

“Lundy was wrong. I was wrong. Neither of us knew pieces of the puzzle were missing. Trinity’s a husband. A father. He’s… like me.”

Dexter loads the car with suitcases for a Morgan family trip – without him. Rita’s cousin is getting married and she’s braving it alone with three kids. Rita hopes Dexter will use the time to relax; she doesn’t want him smashing any more security lights from stress in the workplace.

This three-day vacay from the family is the perfect opportunity for a kill. Dexter’s next victim is a cop named Zoe Kruger from Pembroke Pines. Her husband and daughter were killed in a home invasion. Zoe escaped with a gunshot wound to the arm. There was one person who thought Zoe killed her family herself, someone who never lies: the blood guy. Dex uses a research paper as a cover-up to get the case file from Pembroke’s forensics department.

Dex returns to the station to find Deb and Lundy holed up in the lab, poring over bludgeoning case files on the floor. They’re hiding from LaGuerta. Joey Quinn isn’t the only one that Christine the Reporter has fucked, apparently – a new article gives information about Lundy’s project. LaGuerta’s open door policy with Lundy is over.

Trinity is busy at the library, checking out the floor plan of a building on the ancient Mac computers. He spots a newspaper on the adjacent desk, and it’s open to the article about Lundy’s serial killer manhunt. Trinity looks amused as he skims the article.

Maria wants to inform the brass of her relationship with Angel. Not only is it policy, but if someone uncovers their super sekrit romance – especially once they catch the Vacation Murderers and put them on trial – it could endanger the whole case. Angel asks what they’re supposed to report and there’s an uncomfortable conversation about labels and what their relationship actually is.

Dexter is researching Zoe’s case at the apartment he still hasn’t told Rita about. He thinks Zoe was wearing gloves during the shooting, and a photograph proves that she was still wearing them when she shot herself in the arm. The blood stops at her wrist like a bad tan line. Harry asks why Dexter chose a woman who shot her family in order to gain her freedom. Harry reminds Dexter that Trinity is so successful because he doesn’t have a family. Geez Harry, get off his dick.

Trinity waits in a shadowy alleyway outside a bar. When a lone male patron passes, Trinity steps out from the darkness and calls the guy a cunt. I’m sorry (not really), I laughed. The other guy does too, but Trinity keeps talking shit until the guy throws some punches. Breathless, Trinity insists it’s entirely the guy’s fault. Okay then.

Dexter needs to find the gloves Zoe used. Her old house is on the market and Dexter stops by during an open house to snoop. He’s surprised when Zoe introduces herself. She wanted to see how the open house was going. She’s single and ready to mingle. Once Zoe excuses herself to answer a few questions about the hot tub, Dexter uses the blood trail from the crime scene photos to retrace her steps. The garbage disposal is the perfect place for Zoe to dump her gloves. He finds a piece of police protective gloves and pockets it. As soon as he returns to work, he examines the glove fragment. There is still gunshot residue – and blood — on it from when Zoe blew a hole in her own arm.

Lundy and Deb work on Trinity stuff at a restaurant. They find the place of his bludgeoning from thirty years ago and plan to hang out there later. Then they talk about feelings and Lundy admits that his feelings for Deb have only grown since returning to Miami. Deb is very confused and leaves.

Christine is waiting for Quinn at the station because he hasn’t been returning her calls. He admits there’s something between them but it’s too complicated and she needs to find a new source. Am I the only one who can’t stand her character? Quinn should know better not to date reporters!

Lundy speaks into his voice recorder describing the new building constructed where the tavern from thirty years ago used to stand. Trinity appears from within and recognizes Lundy from the newspaper. In disbelief, he hides behind a column, whispering, “I’m found.” Pretending to be occupied with his cellphone, he heads toward Lundy and accidentally-on-purpose bumps into him. Lundy doesn’t respond the way he might if he knew he just met Trinity. So he’s still safe. But Lundy is suspicious of the stranger’s odd behavior and follows him to a bus. Once Trinity is gone, Lundy pulls his recorder back out and describes the man he just spoke to, saying there is something in his eyes.

"I'm found."

Dexter is on his way somewhere when he gets pulled over. Wouldn’t you know, it’s Zoe Kruger. She makes him get out of the car and pats him down, revealing that she knows his name and knows that he’s a spatter analyst. Uh-oh. She knows the file clerk at her station, and she knows Dexter borrowed that file. She accuses Dexter of being some kind of sicko getting off on her pain. Zoe threatens him by reciting his address and lets him off with a warning.

Dexter needs to let Zoe think she’s in control, and then she won’t see him coming. He calls Pembroke Pines and requests the records of Darius Rae, the man accused to killing Kruger’s husband and daughter. Zoe’s file clerk friend is suspicious, but agrees to send the file. Of course, he’ll tell Zoe about it.

Dex notices a cop car following him and pulls into a gas station. He knows exactly who it is. Good to know Pembroke Pine’s police resources are being used well. Zoe corners him in the bathroom and hands him Rae’s file and is all like “come at me bro.” Dexter asks if she’s going to murder him like she murdered her family. Oh snap! Dexter reveals the evidence he found and pretends he’s bringing it up with his superiors in the morning. Zoe immediately begins to crumble, but recovers – she puts a gun to his head and tells him she’ll tell everyone he tried to rape her. Dexter says the blood spatter won’t support her statement and Zoe says to tell them everything… because Dexter knows she’s going to try and kill him before he does.

Deb visits Lundy and he can barely say two words before she shoves her tongue in his mouth. Meanwhile, Dexter waits in his dark house for Zoe to show up. Right on cue, he hears her come in through the back door. He watches her look around, needle at the ready. She’s busy looking at a family photo when she sees his reflection. They fight, but he gets the tranq in her. The kill room is her daughter’s bedroom. Zoe knows Dexter is going to have to choose either his family or his Dark Passenger and Dex has an epiphany: he’d rather risk them knowing what he is than lose them. AWW, RIGHT IN THE FEELS.

Deb and Lundy are walking through the parking lot of his apartment building, arms around one another. Deb feels dumb for waiting for so long to tell Lundy how she really felt. Looks like she’ll be breaking up with Anton in the near future. As Deb heads toward her car, Lundy looks at something behind her, confused. A gunshot rings out. In slow motion, Deb looks down, not even realizing she had been shot in the hip until she sees the blood on her hands. She falls to the wet pavement and watches helplessly as two more gunshots pierce the night and Lundy falls next to her. The shooter steals Lundy’s wallet. He is clearly far more injured than she is, and she whispers for him to stay with her. We all hear Lundy’s last breath together, then Deb passes out.

Dexter rushes to through the busy parking lot of Lundy’s apartment building. He sees a body covered with a yellow tarp-like thing and assumes the worst. Deb is actually on a stretcher being loaded into an ambulance. She must have been lying there all night because she lost a lot of blood. Dexter will be lost of Deb dies. Maria says there’s a very good chance Deb’s going to make it through this. Quinn thinks it was the Vacation Murderers. Masuka informs Dexter that Lundy was shot twice – once in the neck and once in the chest – and bled out in seconds. Dex wonders why the killer didn’t finish Deb off too since she was a potential witness, but he doesn’t have time for this right now.

Christine shows up to annoy me and tell Quinn she’s there for him if he needs anything. He’s appreciative but brushes her off to do his job. Christine moves her sights to Batista, begging for a statement. Angel is about to tell her to fuck off (probably in a nicer way than that though), but is inspired: he tells her to print the story of Johnny Rose’s raging case of syphilis and all the women he’s boned, along with photos. Christine agrees.

Instead of going to the hospital, Dexter breaks into Lundy’s place. He needs to follow Lundy’s theories. It had to be Trinity, because Deb lived and Lundy didn’t. Harry vehemently reminds Dexter that if Trinity was the one who hurt Deb, Dex has to kill him. DUH. Dexter snaps photos of Lundy’s maps and steals his notebooks and audiotapes.

Dexter forgot his cell phone at home. When it rings, Rita asks Astor to answer it. It’s Dexter’s landlord, and Rita thinks there’s a misunderstanding – Dexter doesn’t have an apartment anymore. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Deb finally wakes up and Dexter is there for her. Deb tells what she remembers from the incident: “Lundy had this look in his eyes… like he was apologizing.” Ugh I can’t even. While Deb is in the bathroom, Anton rushes in. Dexter awkwardly excuses himself to wait outside.

Rita shows up to see Deb and apologizes for being late. She had to deal with Dexter’s landlord because a pipe burst at the apartment. Dex explains he was just waiting until the lease ran out so he could get his security deposit back, but apparently he already told Rita he got rid of it. Things are awkward in Deb’s hospital room, too. She clearly doesn’t want Anton there. She tells him she slept with Lundy, but Anton promises to see her through her injuries because she did the same for him. Deb just breaks up with him instead.

"You deserve so much better."

The story ran in the paper about Johnny Rose’s syph and Angel is hoping that it will turn Nikki Walsh against Johnny, since she might not know about his problem. A long shot, but worth a try. They don’t have anything else on who shot Deb and Lundy.

Dexter spends the rest of his day listening to Lundy’s tapes and going through his notes. Harry thinks Trinity deserves Dexter’s brand of justice more than anyone else. While Dexter tries to get inside the mind of Trinity, the man himself is trying to pick out the perfect hammer for his “project.” The unsuspecting hardware store clerk suggests a framing hammer. Sold!

Dex finds himself outside the same building where Lundy’s “strange encounter” occurred. There is nothing in the tapes with a physical description of who Dexter might be looking for, and he’s listened to all of them. Harry asks if he’s sure about that: Lundy had his recorder on him and there was a tape in it, and now it’s logged into evidence.

Christine and Quinn seem to be hooking up again. He wanted to thank her for running that story in the paper for Angel. And he supposes he likes complicated, because they’re back together for realsies.

Deb is discharged from the hospital and is staying with Dex and Rita. She gets Astor’s room, horrifying Edward Cullen poster and all. Rita is so sweet it’s giving me a cavity. She goes to get some water so Deb can take her pain pills, but Deb just throws the meds into the trash.

Dexter talks his way into evidence by pretending Deb needs a ring her father gave her. He quickly switches the tape from the recorder. On it, he finds what he’s looking for: the description of the man that ran into Lundy. At the former tavern, Trinity is getting a tour of the building from a security officer, who tells him the patrol schedule (WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT). They stop for coffee at a little lunch counter there. That security guard is good as dead.

There was a shooting at a hotel and Johnny Rose is dead. Nikki shot him after seeing the story in the paper about him. A few officers have Nikki cornered in an alleyway. She’s still got the gun and she’s clearly high and she’s ranting and raving about Johnny. While Batista and Maria distract her, Quinn gets her with a Taser right in the back. Deb isn’t comforted by Nikki’s capture and Johnny’s death. The celebration is cut short when Matthews orders Maria to transfer Batista out of Homicide. Their relationship is a liability when it comes to the courtroom. Her plan to be up front with the higher ups blew up in her face.

Dexter is on his way to find Trinity when Deb calls and insists he meet her at the parking lot where she and Lundy were shot. She yells at him for lying to Rita; he has everything, and he’s doing his best to throw it all away. Deb feels incredibly guilty for what happened the night before. If she hadn’t been at Lundy’s, he wouldn’t have been in that parking lot. I just have to say, Jennifer Carpenter acted the shit out of this scene. It’s one of the most heart-wrenching, emotional scenes of the whole series, I think, and it wouldn’t be half as great if Jennifer wasn’t as talented as she is.

Determined to kill Trinity, Dex heads to his apartment for his kit. Surprise! Rita’s there, staring at the locked trunk hiding part of Dexter’s secret. She thought he might be using drugs or having an affair again. She was too afraid to break the lock on the trunk. Dexter pulls out his keys and unlocks it: Harry’s hunting rifle is inside. Dexter wasn’t comfortable having it in the house with the kids. Rita tells him to stay there tonight; they have a lot of work to do on their marriage if they want it to survive. Yeesh.

Trinity silently follows the security guard through the hallway near the lunch counter as Dexter pulls into the parking lot outside the building. Harry points out that the security guard is not at the front desk. In the lobby, Dexter discovers a photo of two children at the front desk: the profile for Trinity’s third victim. Dexter hides as the elevator dings. The security guard steps off. If it’s not the security guard… then who? Cut to Trinity, using the hammer to beat the man from the lunch counter. He shouts, “You made me!” as he bludgeons the man to death. Dexter breaks into the surveillance room and finds Trinity on camera (he took the recording disc before heading upstairs). Dexter watches as Trinity finishes the job. He’s on the 4th floor in room 401. Dexter takes the stairs, but the door requires an access card. The elevators aren’t moving. There are two sets of stairs that Trinity could take. Dex can risk choosing the wrong stairs, so he tries to head him off outside. He spots Trinity driving off in a van and follows him.

Harry and Dexter are expecting to find that Trinity, the lone wolf, lives in some hole in the crappy part of the city. They’re both surprised to discover that not only does Trinity live in a gorgeous house in the ‘burbs, but that he’s happily married with two kids and it seems they have a great family life.

Trinity is leading the congregation at his church in a hymn while Dexter tries to blend in with everyone else in the pews. He’s learned Trinity’s habits: the guy is a high school teacher, deacon, father, and husband. Why is it so hard for Dexter to use his family for camouflage? Rita even made an appointment with a marriage counselor.

Dexter finally gets a call about the bludgeoning. Deb knows where it is without even having to ask, because it was exactly where Lundy thought it would be. They could have stopped it if Nikki Walsh and Johnny Rose hadn’t shot them. Dexter snaps photos at the crime scene. He remembers seeing Trinity move the guy’s arm after he fell dead on the floor. Dex follows the direction the arm is pointing and spots a powdery substance. He promptly bags it and tries to hide it to keep his colleagues from getting too close before he has a chance to kill Trinity. Masuka sees the bag before Dexter can pocket it. Damn.

Nikki Walsh confessed to the vacation murders and to the shooting of Johnny Rose, but she insists she didn’t shoot Lundy. No one believes her, of course, but she’s definitely going to jail for the other crimes.

Marriage counseling isn’t going so well. Dexter sort of misses the point about why Rita is upset, and the therapist informs Rita that she shouldn’t marry a man hoping that he’ll change. Rita tells Dexter that if he can’t be completely honest with her, then she doesn’t want to be married anymore.

Masuka found DNA in the smudge Dexter found at the crime scene because that smudge was cremated human remains. Not only that, but there are two strains of DNA: one from the ashes, and one from the saliva the killer used to stick them there. But Dexter knows they won’t find anything. He already ran Trinity (aka Arthur Mitchell) through the databases and found nothing.

Dexter watches Arthur, trying to learn something from him. How is he so successful at hiding what he is? His marriage is strong, long lasting, and he shows honest affection toward his family. Dexter adopts him as his new model. Arthur and “Kyle Butler” (Dexter) finally meet after church. Arthur recruits him Four Walls One Heart, a sort of Habitat for Humanity type of group. Kyle/Dex spins a story about how he’s a recent divorcee looking for answers.

Christine’s editor wants more from her about the vacation murders (also does she ever wear clothes?) and asks Quinn for an interview with Deb. Are you fucking serious lady? That’s pretty much Quinn’s reaction, too, and says no way Jose. Deb calls – perfect timing. She wants to be a witness for the shooting, but Quinn is a little hesitant because if she really didn’t see anything and she lies, she’s screwed.  He’s looking out for her.

As Dexter is leaving to meet Arthur at Four Walls One Heart, Masuka informs him that part of the DNA from the ashes matches the saliva. Whoever those ashes belong to is related to Trinity. At the build site, Arthur is using the hammer he so recently bashed a head in with. He lets Dexter borrow it. Dex gets chummy with Jonah, Arthur’s son. He gushes about his awesome family life and about how great his dad is.

Deb pays Nicki Walsh a visit in jail. This isn’t going to end well. Deb coaxes Nikki close to the bars. As soon as Nikki calls Lundy an old man, Deb grabs her by the neck and hair. Deb is going to testify that she saw Nikki shoot Lundy, and Nikki sobs that then she will be the liar. Poor Deb. Meanwhile, Maria informs Matthews that she’d like to be transferred out of Homicide so Batista can stay. Matthews wants to think about it.

Deb changed her mind about being an eyewitness, and Quinn is happy that she did. Deb thinks that Nikki might be telling the truth because some of Lundy’s stuff is missing. The notebooks and audiotapes weren’t logged into evidence. Quinn tells her to let it go because she’ll only drive herself crazy, but Deb is not going to give up.

Angel and Maria tell Matthews that they broke up. Matthews is suspicious of their intentions (they both want to stay in Homicide) and tells them that if he finds out they’re lying, there will be severe career-ending consequences.

Dexter researches obituaries for relatives of Arthur Mitchell. There are three: his sister Vera, who was found dead in the bathtub at age 16; his mother Marsha, who jumped to her death off a bridge; and his father Henry, who died in an alley of a fatal head wound. And Ann B. Davis as Alice. Trinity is recreating their deaths. Dexter needs to know where Arthur hides his dark secret. After a build, Dexter cuts himself and asks for a Band-Aid. Once in Arthur’s house, he does some snooping. He spots plaques from Four Walls builds, and the dates all match those from Lundy’s books. Arthur’s been using the builds around the country to complete his cycles. The plaques are his trophies. He’s hiding in plain sight. Dexter is the one lurking. He finds the urn of Vera’s ashes and picks it up. When Arthur spots him, he calmly takes the urn away, then pushes Dexter up against a wall, choking him. He apologizes and releases him before bandaging up Dexter’s finger. Arthur tells him to jump in with both feet, that his family saved him from who he was because of his past.

Dexter uses this advice at his next marriage counseling session with Rita. They have a break through and Rita agrees to give Dexter a space for his stuff. They build an office/shed in the backyard together, using the framing hammer Arthur gave “Kyle.” There’s even an air conditioner for Dexter’s blood slides. Rita gives him a padlock as a present. Dexter asks if he should leave it open. “Please, we have three young children,” Rita answers. “There’s dangerous stuff in there.” You have no idea how right you are, Rita!

Dexter kill count: 1