Dexter 4.10-12 – Lost Boys, Hello Dexter Morgan, & The Getaway

Born in blood. Both of us. Harry was right. I thought I could change what I am, keep my family safe. But it doesn’t matter what I do, what I choose… I’m what’s wrong. This is fate.

Dexter is in his new “office,” housed in a shipping container. How fitting. He packs his weapons and blood slides, ready to finally kill Trinity. Apparently it only took the Thanksgiving freak out for Dex to get his ass in gear. Our lovable serial killer tails Trinity’s creepy van to a parking garage. Trinity is busy stalking two children and their baby-sitter into a carnival. Damn, John Lithgow is laying the creep on thick and doing a fantastic job of it. Is he already beginning another kill cycle? Did Dexter set it in motion by not letting Trinity plummet to his death? More importantly, why is there a carnival in a parking garage?

The young boy strayed from the baby-sitter and is playing a shooting game when Arthur sidles up next to him. He shows the kid, Scott, a fake police badge and introduces himself as Officer Kearney. Trinity knows the names of Scott’s parents, thanks to one of those stick-figure family stickers on their mini-van; he tells Scott they’ve been in a car accident and he needs to take him to the hospital. STRANGER DANGER! Scott starts getting suspicious about the time Arthur shoves him in the back of his van. Dexter doesn’t catch up in time… but he gets a phone call from Trinity, who doesn’t appreciate being followed. When Dex threatens to call the cops, Trinity threatens to kill Scott. If he’s left alone, he’ll let Scott go. Yeah right.

Scott wakes up on a bunk bed in a creepy room with no windows. Trinity is busy putting together a toy train set. He asks, “Do you like trains, Arthur?” Scott is clearly creeped out as Trinity makes train noises. Meanwhile, Dexter is trying to find something from Trinity’s past to help him. The last kill cycle took place in New Orleans, so Dexter searches for missing children in NoLa. Harry muses about Dexter’s soft spot for kids. They remind Dexter of what he lost the day he watched his mother slaughtered. Arthur promised to preserve the boy’s innocence. And if each victim represents a member of Arthur’s family, then the boy represents him. The missing ten-year-old boys that correspond with Arthur’s cycle always go missing five days before the bathtub murder. Lundy misread the beginning of the cycle because none of the missing children were recorded as homicides.

At the station, Dexter enlists the help of a patrol officer to find Arthur’s car by making up some story about dinging a parked van. After a quick briefing, Dexter bolts to try and find Trinity. Christine shows up for her interview with Deb. While Quinn shows her to the box, Deb asks Batista to watch the interview because it could have something to do with the shooting.

Deb is cool and calm during her interview while Angel watches on the tv. She talks about the days when Harry was a cop, when you had to trust your gut. There wasn’t any forensics stuff. Deb pulls out photos from the Lundy crime scene for Christine to look at. It’s a forensically dead case. But Deb has her gut, and it’s never betrayed her. Christine seems uncomfortable and starts to pack up, saying she has enough information to write up an article. Deb pretends to be impressed with how fast Christine got to the crime scene, being all the way out in Coral Gables, a 60-minute drive. Dispatch put out the call at 5:05 and Christine was there at 5:20. She says she was on the way to the gym when she heard the scanner, and Angel knows its bullshit.

Dexter searches a Four Walls build for Scott with no success when Jonah calls. He went through Arthur’s desk and computer at Dexter’s request. There’s nothing there except a real estate site with a listing of homes for sale. Jonah sends the list to Dexter.

Arthur is loading bags of cement in his van when Christine calls. Apparently they don’t have a very good relationship, much to Christine’s dismay. It seems Arthur only visits on Thanksgiving and on her birthday. She wants to meet sooner. He says no because he is a terrible person and when Christine says she thinks she’s in trouble, he’s already hung up.

Angel and Deb try to hash things out at Deb’s apartment. It’s the only place they can talk without Quinn around. Deb drops the bomb that Christine is the same height as the shooter. But they don’t have a motive. Deb has her fingerprints from the photos, and Angel thinks they should get her DNA to test against the database. Maybe she has priors she hasn’t been nabbed on. They don’t have enough to get a warrant for her DNA. Cut to Quinn completely losing his shit, and Deb shouting back at him. Guess they brought him in on the plan. Deb admits she might be wrong, but Quinn is a good cop and he knows what it’s like to have a strong hunch. She wants Christine’s toothbrush. He gives it to her. The next day, Quinn and Christine have a tiff and on her way to work, she calls “Daddy.” She wants to talk about “that woman she saw in the bathtub that night when she was little.”

Scott is fed up with Arthur’s weirdo BS and kicks the train set. When the next song comes on the record player, Arthur starts crying – it was Vera’s favorite. Scott tries to cheer Arthur up by letting Arthur call him by that name; he agrees to play trains for a little while longer and then Arthur can take him home. Satisfied, Trinity digs a cup of ice cream out of the freezer for Scott, dumping some kind of powder into it before handing it over. Trinity promises that once Scott eats it, he’ll let him go. Scott digs in.

Dexter returns to the station and the patrol cop reports that the van was spotted at a diner. It could help narrow the search down. There are two real estate listings within the mile. Dexter makes like a tree just before Masuka comes running to LaGuerta, Angel, and Deb with the DNA results from Christine’s toothbrush. They discovered what we already knew: she’s related to Trinity.

Dexter is at the next house on his list and finds a pipe sticking out of the lawn, indicating a bomb shelter exists on the property, left over from the Cuban Missile Crisis. It’s empty, but it was the place where Trinity kept Scott. The train set is still there. He finds cement dust from Trinity’s boots. That’s how he’s hidden the bodies of the missing boys, and at the Four Walls builds too.

Trinity is elsewhere, though: meeting his oldest daughter in a parking garage. Apparently, she never told Trinity she had seen the bathtub woman. Trinity pretends he has no clue what she’s talking about. We see a flashback of little Christine watching her father slice the femoral artery of a woman in a tub when she was five. He insists it was a dream, but Christine knows it isn’t, because it just happened again in the same house. And all the postcards Arthur sent were from cities where women died in bathtubs. But it’s ok, because she protected him by shooting Lundy! Trinity is enraged, especially when he realizes the police are starting to ask questions. All she wanted was his acceptance. I’m pretty sure we all know he’s going to kill her.

Dexter meets up with Arthur just as the latter is dragging Scott’s body into a pool of wet cement. Trinity tells him to stay away, and Dexter realizes Scott is still alive, just drugged. As Dexter moves, Trinity pushes Scott into the cement. Dex tackles Trinity and they struggle as Scott sinks. Dexter finally knocks Arthur out and manages to pull Scott to safety. He’s still alive. But Trinity is gone. Shiiit.

Christine waits anxiously for her father. There’s a knock at the door. Surprise! It’s Deb, Angel, Quinn, and some random cop. They arrest her.

Angel interrogates Christine. She insists she doesn’t know how she’s related to the Trinity killer. Her mother is dead, and her father is “unknown.” Angel is only being so nice to her because she was dating Quinn, but she’s in biiig trouble. Dexter hopes she keeps her mouth shut. He wants Arthur Mitchell for himself. He’ll feed them a decoy.

Arthur watches a news report about Scott’s reunion with his family. The anchorwoman says they have no idea who his captor was or how he was saved. Arthur wonders why “Kyle” didn’t involve the police. He knows it was Arthur that did it. Arthur calls “Kyle” and wants to know what kind of man doesn’t turn in a criminal. Dexter pretends he wants $50,000 or he’ll tell everyone that Arthur is a pedophile. After they hang up, Arthur finds two Kyle Butlers in the phone book. Uh-oh.

The search warrant for Christine’s apartment came through, but before Deb and Angel can go search it, Matthews wants to meet with Angel and Maria in the lieutenant’s office. There was a robbery at a liquor store the night before, but a half hour before, the security camera at the store captured Maria and Angel full on making out. They both committed perjury because they had those signed affidavits saying there was no romantic involvement. Their hearing is tomorrow.

Dexter finds a decoy in a man named Stan Beaudry. He was a potential suspect listed in Lundy’s notes. Meanwhile, the real Trinity is breaking into a Kyle Butler’s house when the actual Kyle Butler returns home. Trinity pretends he thought it was his friend’s place, but Kyle won’t let him leave and is going to call the cops. Just let him go, man.

Just before another marriage counseling session, Dexter gets called to a crime scene. Rita says it’s an emergency and they need this appointment, but Dexter doesn’t understand why. Things are way better than they were. Rita admits that she kissed stupid ugly Elliot. Dexter is confused but he leaves for the crime scene. Guess who? Kyle Butler, dead in his living room and found by his neighbor. LaGuerta is interviewing the neighbor. When he says the victim’s name is Kyle Butler, Dexter knows exactly who did it. Another death of an innocent that falls on Dexter’s shoulders.

Angel and Deb wade through Christine’s never-ending shoe collection when they find the postcards and realize that Trinity is her father. Meanwhile, Dexter drugs another Kyle Butler to protect him and wait for Trinity to show up. He finally arrives and Dexter waits, needle ready. Trinity opens the door, sees the apartment is dark, and leaves. Looks like he could see some photos from the door. Not much a resemblance. But at least he’s not looking for Kyle Butler anymore.

Angel presents the postcards to Christine, and she says she’s never seen them and Angel planted them. REALLY. Angel knows she’s been drafting off their investigation. Quinn isn’t going to be happy when he finds out. Christine finally lawyers up. Took her long enough. Quinn feels like an asshole for falling for it hook, line, and sinker. Deb tries to cheer Quinn up by reminding him she’s a bigger asshole – she was engaged to the Ice Truck Killer.

Back at the Morgans’, Rita has waited up to finish talking about Elliot. She says they never slept together and apologizes for kissing him. Dexter accepts her apology like she was telling him she accidentally got the wrong kind of juice at the grocery store. Just accept it and move on, Rita.

The cops decide to let Christine go in hopes she’ll lead them right to Trinity. Meanwhile, Angel calls Dexter in on an urgent matter: to be a witness at his impromptu wedding with Maria. Dex is the only one who knew about them, so he needs to keep it on the DL. Luckily, it helps them avoid their hearing. They are off the hook, for now.

Surveillance is up on Christine’s apartment, so Dexter needs to work quickly to plant DNA evidence on Beaudry to tag him as the Trinity Killer. Dex finds him at a truck stop off the highway. He’s going to kill him. Beaudry does have a record – he killed a prostitute. So I guess it all works out. He plants Arthur’s hair, a photo of Christine, and Lundy’s Trinity books in the dead Beaudry’s truck. After a busy night of framing a guy, Dexter returns home. Elliot’s sitting on his front steps as Dex pulls in. Rita watches from the window as Dexter walks up to Elliot and punches him right in his stupid mouth. Rita’s touched that Dexter cares so much.

The team gets a call with a lead on the Trinity case. They find Beaudry’s shack and all the evidence Dexter planted, thinking they found Trinity at last. Or at least found out his name, because Beaudry’s dead. Trinity watches the news report and is confused. Christine calls and he accuses her of putting him in danger by calling and she’s ruining everything! He refuses to help her and wishes she were never born. Ouch! Christine calls Deb and wants to speak with her – only her. Quinn comes along to wait in the parking lot.

Deb reveals they know Christine’s father is Stan Beaudry. Except he’s not, but Christine just plays along. This meeting is for another purpose. She admits to killing Lundy and shooting Deb. She apologizes, and Deb stays pretty calm, but you can tell she’s a wreck inside. Christine asks if Deb can forgive her, and Deb rightfully says fuck you. Christine pulls out a gun, and before Deb can do anything except say, “No, don’t!” Christine kills herself.

Dexter is at the carnival, looking for Arthur. He called from there earlier (he could tell by the background noise), but Dexter can’t find him. Deb calls and begs for Dexter to come comfort her. He does the right thing and goes. Unfortunately, Trinity spots him and follows him out. Dex is too preoccupied to notice Arthur’s van behind him. Trinity follows him into the station, easily swiping a visitor’s pass at the front desk.

Deb is having trouble finding closure now that she knows who killed Lundy. She’s afraid to erase his name from the unsolved cases board. She cracked the case, and nothing’s changed. Of course she knew it wouldn’t bring him back, but she thought it would bring something. Damn, Jennifer Carpenter is fantastic. Why doesn’t she get more work?

In a trophy case in the hallway, Trinity sees Dexter in the Homicide bowling team photo. Now he knows what department to look in. This scene kills me. Trinity is RIGHT THERE but no one knows it. Dexter is looking out his lab’s window into the office when he spots Trinity. They lock eyes. As they meet, Trinity examines the name badge hanging from Dex’s neck: “Hello, Dexter Morgan.”

Hello, Dexter Morgan.

Dexter and Arthur stand face-to-face as Homicide employees go about their daily business, oblivious to the fact that the Trinity Killer is right there in the middle of the office. Dex realizes the danger his family is now in and regrets his actions up until this pivotal point. Arthur tells Dexter to disappear from his life – he doesn’t care about Dexter’s life or death, unless he gets in Arthur’s way. Trinity thinks Dex should give up vigilantism, because he’s not very good at it. They shake hands and Trinity leaves.

Dex isn’t going to let Arthur get away. He grabs a spare hypodermic needle filled with tranquilizer hidden conveniently in a locked desk drawer and heads out to catch Arthur. Unfortunately, Quinn stops him outside: Dexter can’t leave, he has to sign off on Christine’s splatter report first so the case can be closed and Quinn won’t ever have to think about it again. Then he accuses Dexter of having an affair. When he grabs Dexter’s arm, Dexter pushes him to the ground and gets in his car. Don’t get in the way of a Dexter on the hunt.

Trinity’s van is still in sight. Harry wants to know what the plan is, and it’s about as solid as, “Follow Trinity until there’s a chance to kill him.” Rita calls as Dexter weaves through oncoming traffic: she wants a honeymoon that weekend. Dex dings the mirror of a parked car. Harry’s got it right: “The messes are piling up.” Trinity pulls into a parking garage, which Miami seems to have a lot of, and Dexter deems it a good place for a kill.

Deb is matching Christine’s post cards to the cases in the briefing room and discovers three of them don’t have a match. Lundy might have missed three cycles. Angel tells her to go home; Christine just killed herself in front of Deb only four hours ago. As Deb reluctantly leaves, she calls Harry’s old CI Valerie. Harry dumped her for another CI and our friend Val was crazy enough to follow Harry to her house. Deb wants to know if she remembers where it was. Road trip!

Arthur returns to his car after a stop at the bank. Dexter manages to get the needle into his neck without incident. He dumps him in the back of the van. In the envelope Arthur brought from the bank is his entire life’s savings and receipts for closed accounts. Looks like he was planning to leave town. Luck is working in Dexter’s favor… until he sees cops swarming near his car with the owner of the car Dex swiped. Oops. He hides Trinity’s wallet, keys, and money above a light in the garage and approaches the cops. Dex tries to use his connection with Miami Metro to help him out, but the sheriffs are unsympathetic. When the car owner pulls out a cell phone to record the situation, Dexter smashes the phone and is promptly thrown to the ground by the sheriffs. He has no choice but to hope Arthur stays put.

Deb and Valerie park in a crappy looking neighborhood. When Val points out the house, Deb is in disbelief. She had been there before. When Deb tells Val that Brian Moser brought her there, Val confirms the surname. Harry’s new girlfriend was Laura Moser, and she had two sons. Deb can’t process it: “Dad, who the hell were you?” Later, at her apartment, she searches old newspaper articles about Laura Moser’s death. Her other son, of course, is listed as Dexter.

Dexter paces in a cell like a caged animal. Harry has no sympathy. Dexter is in there because he didn’t follow the Code and because he lost it on a cop like an amateur. Dexter couldn’t let those sheriffs find Arthur unconscious; he has to be the one to kill Arthur so he knows he’s really gone, for his family’s sake. Harry insists Dexter can’t think clearly because of them, and that’s why he’s in that cell. Dexter’s Dark Passenger is ruining his life. Harry reminds him it is his life. Dexter doesn’t want it to be.

At the station, the team is discovering that Stan Beaudry isn’t lining up as the Trinity Killer as nicely as they had hoped. Former employers have alibis for him during the times of the kill cycles. Angel discovered that there was a bathtub killing, a jumper, and a bludgeoning in Bloomington – one of the post cards that didn’t match. They also had a ten-year-old boy go missing five days prior to the first murder. Angel connected the missing boy to Scott Smith’s disappearance and called a few of the other cities on the list: all of them had missing boys five days before the first murder. LaGuerta wants Scott at the station, stat.

The Sheriff’s Department did Dexter a “favor” and called Rita to come pick him up, since they were out of bunks for the night. Disappointing Rita makes him feel like a total dirt bag. Rita wants to understand his anger issues. Dexter actually mentions his darkness, but she doesn’t believe he’s the crazy person that he sounds like. She drops him off at his car. Once she’s gone, he bolts to the parking garage. Arthur is no longer in his van.

Arthur bursts into his house, interrupting an actually happy moment between his wife and kids. He looks crazy and orders his wife to give him all of her jewelry and all of her cash. He wants her wedding ring, and when she demurs, he grabs her – she quickly takes it off before her kids get involved. He shoves his daughter toward her room to get her hidden stash of money, too. Arthur tells his family to pack while he takes care of some business: someone stole something from him, and he’s going to find him. Jonah begs his mother for them to just leave. She won’t, of course. Arthur is busy searching for Dexter’s address online and finds it right away. Oh shit.

Deb meets Captain Matthews in his office. He and Harry were good friends. She wants to ask him about the quadruple homicide near the port – the one that killed Laura Moser and gave birth to Dexter’s Dark Passenger. Matthews confirms everything Deb had guessed. She doesn’t know what to do with her newfound information.

At the Morgans’ house, things are quiet. Dexter begs Rita to leave for their Florida Keys honeymoon tomorrow. She can fly down in the morning and he’ll follow after work. Good idea, Dexter, get her and the baby the hell out of there. They have a fantastic moment: Rita knows he can conquer whatever darkness there is inside of him. She accepts the fact that he has demons because he isn’t a slave to them. Dexter wants to be the man she thinks he is.

Quinn is supposed to be talking to Scott Smith, but he called in Deb instead: she knows what it’s like to be kidnapped. Deb is such a fantastic detective. It’s been awesome watching her grow. Scott is able to draw a picture he remembers seeing on a paper in Trinity’s van: the Four Walls One Heart logo. It’s not long before a build site is flooded with cops. Cadaver dogs found a body buried under the patio: a ten-year-old boy wearing pajamas. Scott was found wearing pajamas. LaGuerta calls for a warrant and Deb works on finding the names of people who worked on the houses worldwide.

Arthur lets himself into Dexter’s house. We’re greeted with the familiar site of his old apartment. Apparently, the address on White Pages wasn’t up to date. Thankfully, Deb isn’t home (but she is a slob). It doesn’t take long for Arthur to realize Dexter doesn’t live here: the lacy bra and mail on the table gave it away.

Dexter sends Rita and Harrison off to safety in the Keys. Astor and Cody left for Disney World that morning with Paul’s parents (who are nothing like their son). Once everyone is en route to destinations far from Trinity, Dexter races to the Mitchells’ house to try and find out where Arthur could be. Nobody knows what’s going on, and they’re even more confused by the sound of a helicopter above the house. Dex peeks out the window and sees a SWAT team moving in. Looks like they figured out Trinity’s identity. Dexter is hiding in Arthur’s handmade coffin before the police can break down the door. He climbs out and grabs his forensics badge just as a cop enters the garage. As the door opens, Dexter is greeted by a surprised Deb and Angel – he works to point out the things he’s found before they can ask him how he got in there so fast. Deb isn’t sure how to act around Dexter now that she knows who he’s related to. Dexter watches as Arthur’s family is led out of the house, wife and daughter sobbing. He imagines that it’s his family in that position. Harry reminds Dexter that he can still save his family from this fate by leaving them.

Deb has something to tell Dexter. Dex pretends he has never heard of Laura Moser, so Deb proceeds to tell him that she was his mother. Dexter silently hopes that she doesn’t know the rest of the story, but unfortunately she does. Dexter’s look of hopeless shock isn’t a result of heartbreak, as Deb thinks, but because Dexter thinks it’s over – Deb knows who he really is. Of course, Deb doesn’t think he’s a killer. Dexter knows if he weren’t in Deb’s life, Brian wouldn’t have glommed on to her. Deb tells him to stop right there, because he is the one constantly good thing in her life that has given her confidence and made her who she is. Rita said the same. Nobody would say that about Arthur. Maybe Harry is wrong. Dexter spots a smashed windshield in the garage. Arthur took the Mustang.

Arthur drives through Miami in a beautifully restored Mustang. His worries melt away the further he drives, and soon he’s smiling and laughing. Meanwhile, at the station, Matthews leads in the FBI. LaGuerta gives Deb the credit for bringing the case to their attention, and Deb reminds them that Lundy had brought these cases forward long ago. Quinn defends and supports her statements. Of course, the FBI is taking over the case from here, and the team feels betrayed. They did all the work and won’t get any of the credit.

Arthur is driving along a dark foggy road when his ‘Stang starts smoking. While he’s bent over into the front of the car looking for his missing oil cap, Dexter comes out of nowhere and slams the hood on Arthur’s head, missing oil cap in hand. Finally, FINALLY, Arthur Mitchell is on Dexter’s table. Arthur is strangely peaceful, believing that Dexter was following his path just as much as Arthur was following his. Dex believes nothing is inevitable, but Arthur says it’s already over. To the sounds of the toy train set and Vera’s favorite song, Dexter ends Trinity’s life.

After dumping Trinity’s body into the ocean, he makes his way home to get his things for his honeymoon. Dexter turns on his phone to a new voicemail: it’s Rita. She forgot her ID for the plane and had to turn around to get it. Dexter calls her back to let her know he’s on his way. Her cellphone rings… in her purse, which is on a kitchen chair. Harrison starts crying from somewhere in the house. Dexter finds him on the bathroom floor sitting in a pool of blood. Dexter has a flashback to his own childhood, when he sat crying in a pool of his mother’s blood. As Dexter reaches for Harrison, he sees Rita in the bathtub, dead. Trinity was right: it was already over. He killed Rita before Dexter could get to him. Both Dexter and Harrison were born in blood. Harry was right. Dexter can’t change, he can’t protect his family. He is what’s wrong. It’s fate.

Born in blood.

When I first saw this episode, this scene destroyed me. I could not grasp the events that had just transpired. My fiancé wasn’t sure what to do, because he had never seen me cry that hysterically. This is probably the best season of Dexter to date. What is going to become of Dexter and the kids now?

Dexter kill count: 2