Dexter 5.4-6 – Beauty and the Beast, First Blood, & Everything is Illumenated

“Lumen didn’t witness her mother’s murder, but she was born in blood like me. Some experiences are so big they change your DNA.”

Dexter gently cleans the deep wounds on the back of the girl who watched him kill Boyd Fowler in the previous episode. Harry is disapproving; Dexter is coming dangerously close to breaking the first rule of the Code (which, as we all know, is “don’t get caught”). She regains consciousness and makes an escape attempt, but Dexter sedates her with a spare tranquilizer. Deb calls for help on the Santa Muerte case and Dexter realizes that Sonya has been with Harrison all night. Uh-oh. Still, Dex agrees to help Deb because he can use it as an excuse to try and ID Sleeping Beauty.

Dexter finally returns home after his all-nighter and Sonya is ready to walk. Dex promises to make it up to her, but she’s not interested. Meanwhile, master d-bag Joey Quinn is on the phone with his FBI hookup. The higher ups won’t let him show the Mitchells a photo (that’s Dexter’s photo, remember, which Quinn has taped to his dashboard). The only option is for Quinn to give the photo to his friend, but the situation is too sensitive.

Thanks to Dexter’s assistance, Deb has a lead on the Santa Muerte case. They found a Tipperaro cigar in the alley with a partial print. Dex swings into the station, drops Harrison off with LaGuerta and Co., and slips into the lab to see if anything came up on the girl’s fingerprints. She is Lumen Pierce from Minnesota. No record… but no missing person’s report, either. He can’t let her go, but he doesn’t want to kill her.

Dex takes Lumen to the abandoned visitors’ center and returns with antibiotics “borrowed” from Masuka and some aspirin. He also brought her water. Lumen wants nothing to do with Dexter. She’s obviously been terribly abused, and she’s wearing nothing but a bloody and dirty ripped t-shirt and underwear. She gives Dexter a fake name and asks why he didn’t take her to the hospital. They both know why, and even though Dexter isn’t going to do anything with her, he can’t let her go. She begs Dexter to kill her because she “can’t go through it again.” He needs a plan.

Angel visits Lopez at the hospital at Maria’s request. IA will be coming in and Angel needs to make sure there is no bad blood between them. Lopez looks terrible, but after Angel gives a heartfelt apology, Lopez agrees not to press charges. Finally, something good.

Back at the apartment, Dexter does some research on Lumen. All he can find is an unpaid hotel bill. Dex and Harrison go check the place out. Lumen prepaid for two weeks and it has been over a month. Dexter plays the role of Lumen’s husband and not only does he pick up her left-behind luggage, but he pays her overdue hotel bill. Well that was nice of him. He finds a letter to Lumen from her mother in her luggage. Apparently there was some kind of family drama that went down and she left.

Dexter and Harrison visit Sonya at her house. She doesn’t trust Dexter, so Dex does the decent thing and tells her most of the truth – that there was an injured girl he was helping and then he got called to a crime scene. Sonya agrees to give Dexter one more chance.

At the station, McCoy from IA returns. Apparently it doesn’t matter was Lopez said – the case is in the hands of the department. Angel put a cop in the hospital. Maria takes McCoy into her office and tries to smooth things over. McCoy creepily brings up the thing Lopez said about Maria’s BJ skills. While Angel watches the meeting through the glass walls of Maria’s office, Deb interrupts him with a match on the partial print from the cigar: one Carlos Fuentes. He’s got a brother, Marco, and Deb has their address.

The team (sans Quinn, who is hanging around outside the Mitchells’ safe house) busts into the Fuentes’ apartment. It’s filled with people: kids, women, men… Deb and Cira show pictures of the Fuentes brothers, and a man shielding his wife and daughter nudges toward a closet door at the back of the apartment. A large hole in the closet wall leads to a Santa Muerte shrine. One of the brothers enters with a machete to the throat of a young man. Angel’s voice comes over the walkie talkie; everyone is clear but Deb, but she lies and says she’s clear, too. Fuentes sneers, “Stupid bitch” before cutting the boy’s throat anyway and jumping out the window. The boy lives to be taken off in an ambulance.  Cira tries to tell Deb she did the right thing, but of course Deb is going to beat herself up over it.

Dexter is back at the visitors’ center. Lumen pretends to be asleep, but when Dex gets close, she knocks him over the head and runs. She makes it to a road just as a car drives by and stops the driver. When she sees its full of three young men, she backs off, shaking her head. Dexter grabs her as they drive away. They’re soon in Dexter’s car.

Quinn follows an FBI car containing Jonah to a store. Jonah and the agent split up inside, and Quinn now has his chance to talk to Jonah alone. He flashes his badge and the photo of Dex, asking if it’s Kyle Butler. Jonah doesn’t answer either way and the conversation ends abruptly when the agent holds Quinn at gunpoint. Quinn gets cuffed. Haha, ya bastard!

Dexter takes Lumen to the water with the barrels. He shows her what’s inside one of them. He tells her he saved her life. Dexter can’t prove that he didn’t kill those girls, but it’s a leap of faith for both of them to trust one another. He tells her about Rita’s murder before giving her his knife to keep. She cuts his arm before breaking down, but it looks like they have overcome their first hurdle.

Maria reams Quinn out for his actions and puts him on unpaid suspension until further notice. The only reason she doesn’t fire him is because there will be a hearing and she doesn’t want this embarrassment to become public knowledge. Deb and Quinn meet up in the parking lot and Deb asks to stay with him for the night because she doesn’t want to be alone after what happened at the raid.

Lumen patches up Dexter’s arm and apologizes for cutting him. She tells him a little bit about what happened while Boyd had her locked up. Dexter tells her it’s over because Boyd is dead and now she can go home. Lumen says it’s not that simple; it wasn’t just Boyd torturing her. There were others, and it’s not over.

Dexter meets Lumen at a café. Lumen can tell he wishes she’d leave, but she can’t do that. If Dexter wants to help her get past this, then he needs to help her find those guys and kill them – she saw his expert killing skills, after all. Dex advises her that killing them will only make it worse; it will open something dark inside. He would know. He hands over a plane ticket to Minneapolis. She leaves angrily, but takes the ticket.

Deb is getting ready to meet Batista at the hospital to interview the kid Fuentes sliced open. Quinn wishes she would stay longer, but Deb is annoyed that he’s taking time off. He lies and says LaGuerta made him because he had too many vacation days. Deb is all “whatever” and leaves. The kid’s mother agrees to let Deb and Batista question him. She’s the first one, apart from the shop owner, not frightened by the Fuentes brothers. The boy doesn’t remember much apart from a small tattoo on Fuentes’ hand. He draws it for Deb and Batista. The tattoo looks like some kind of UFO and they have no idea what it could even mean. They need an expert: cut to a shot of Masuka’s leopard-print man thong and his huge back tattoo. He refers them to the tattoo artist who did the work, Michael Angelo.

Dexter heads to Boyd’s house during his lunch break, searching for clues about his other accomplices. The house has been ransacked. Somebody was there looking for something. A trail of blood from the broken window leads Dexter to an empty envelope with a bloody thumbprint. Whoever was working with Boyd must have been trying to cover up any trace of his involvement. Back at the apartment, Dexter runs the thumbprint through the criminal database. No matches. The DMV turns up one match: Lumen Pierce.

The next day, Dexter pays a visit to Lumen’s hotel. When she doesn’t answer, he lets himself in. She’s been busy. One of the walls is plastered with a map, newspaper clippings, photos… she’s trying to find the others on her own. Harry thinks Lumen is crazy. Dexter finds the stolen letter from Boyd’s house. It’s from his former cellmate, Robert Brunner, and he needed a place to sleep after getting out of the big house. Harry is afraid Lumen is going to bring Dexter down with her.

Lumen made a bed for herself in the closet, the only place she felt safe.

Francis from records (the awesome one) brings Dexter the file on Brunner. It looks like Lumen might have stumbled onto the right guy after all. He’s living under Tuttle Bridge, the only place sex offenders can live without violating the required distance from children. Dexter has to get to him before Lumen does. Meanwhile, Vince and Deb are at Michael Angelo’s tattoo shop. Michael Angelo turns out to be a badass chick with some awesome ink who seems to be very interested in Deb. The tattoo looks like an eye, symbolizing the third eye or inner mind. That’s the best she can do without it in front of her. Deb phones Cira, who has been working on the ATM footage. All of the people she’s seen are freaking out about something while they withdraw the maximum amount from their accounts.

Dexter is at Tuttle Bridge. It’s basically a tent city of sex offenders. Dex finds Brunner and plays the role of fellow sex offender. Brunner had been staying with Boyd, but his parole officer didn’t like him hanging around with a fellow convict, so he ended up at the bridge. Brunner is so creepy, it makes my skin crawl. He’s telling a story of a recent incident when Dex sticks the needle in his neck. Harry tries to stop Dexter. Brunner is a sex offender on parole – him missing won’t go unnoticed. And even though he’s a scumbag, he might not have actually killed anyone. Dexter discovers Brunner’s ankle bracelet, so it couldn’t have been him. Dex drops the still unconscious Brunner off at his tent.

Dexter tries to visit Lumen at the hotel, but the clerk says she was asking about Tuttle Bridge. Dexter needs to head her off. At the bridge, Lumen hides her face with a hoodie, but anyone looking at her can see she’s a woman. Not smart, Lumen. She spots Brunner and raises a gun from behind a concrete column. Just before she can pull the trigger, Dexter stops her. Lumen just wants to feel better. Dexter tells her to go home to MN and she agrees.

Cira and Deb are following up on the addresses of the people at the ATM. They aren’t having much luck. As they head to the front door of the next house on the list, they’re assaulted with a foul smell. Through the window, Deb sees hundreds of flies. Two very badly decomposed bodies lie in one of the bedrooms.

Angel did some snooping on Maria’s cell and found a text from McCoy, asking her to meet at a motel. Angel pulls into the parking lot of the same place, thoroughly expecting his wife to be having an affair. Through a crack in the curtains, he sees Maria buttoning up her shirt while McCoy sits on the end of the bed. He busts in a tries to knock McCoy on his ass. Maria explains that it’s a sting operation. If he had busted in a minute earlier, he would have ruined it. Maria was helping to catch a narcotics officer who had been soliciting hookers in exchange for clearing Angel’s record of the bar fight. Angel and Maria get the call to Deb’s crime scene.

Daniel, the murdered husband, was withdrawing money from the ATM about four weeks prior. Dex says the wounds are consistent with a machete, but there is no Santa Muerte symbolism. Judging by the defensive wounds and blood smears, this was probably the Fuentes brothers’ first kill. While Deb is changing out of her smelly stained shirt, she spots the eye symbol on a poster across the street. It wasn’t a tattoo, it was a stamp from the Mayan Club.

Dexter is seeing Lumen off at the airport. She tried to call her parents, but she wouldn’t know what to say. She can’t tell anyone about what happened to her. Dexter is the only one who knows. They say their goodbyes and Dexter leaves the airport. Lumen is having trouble going through security; she keeps setting off the metal detector, so she needs to be searched. She almost passes out, remembering what happened to her, as the female security guard pats her down.

Quinn is at a bar, having a few drinks with a familiar face – it’s the cop that Maria helped bust in the sting. They both have beef with Maria now. Apparently Quinn and this guy have some kind of past. Quinn offers him a job: looking into Dexter. Meanwhile, Lumen gets into a cab. The cab driver welcomes her to Miami.

Deb and Dexter are finishing the packing at the house. Deb offers to move out and give the apartment to Dexter. Everything is back the way it used to be, and life seems more manageable for Dexter. He takes Harrison to the playground at the beach so they can stalk Dexter’s next kill: Lance Robinson. He finds men for random encounters on the Internet and then kills them. While Dexter prepares for his next kill, Lumen puts on a disguise: fake eyelashes and a dark wig. Wonder what she’s up to?

The team goes over the plan for the stake out at the Mayan Club that night. Captain Matthews isn’t convinced that this is going to work. The Fuentes brothers know the cops are onto them, why would they go back to the club? All the team is doing is drinking and dancing on the taxpayers’ dime. He is disappointed in Deb. Ouch. Maria is going to go ahead with it anyway. Batista is annoyed with Maria’s sting operation and is upset that Stan Liddy got fired because of it. He thinks she was only doing it to save her own name, not his.


Dexter sets up a “random encounter” with Lance. He rented an RV for the occasion. This is an easy kill for Dexter, but while he’s busy wrapping the unconscious Lance in plastic wrap, his phone rings. It’s Lumen and he ignores the call. She sends him a photo of a bloody dead guy: she shot him. Dexter loads Lance into his trunk and heads over to meet Lumen at the marina. He only has a few hours before Lance wakes up. Lumen leads Dexter to where the body is, except there is no body. I guess he wasn’t really dead after all. Lumen had been going back to the same bar where she was taken before, waiting for one of the men to show up. That night, one finally did. She got him to the car and led him at gunpoint to this warehouse. When he wouldn’t give her the names of the other guys, she shot him. They follow his blood trail through the warehouse. Dexter is annoyed that she doesn’t have any proof.

Deb and Batista are in the police van outside of Club Mayan, while Quinn and Cira are inside. Batista gets a call for a possible homicide at the same marina that Dexter and Lumen are currently at. Oh my god. Deb offers to go instead. That’s even worse. Dexter gets the heads up when he’s called to the same crime scene. Lumen learns that Dex works for the police department. They find the guy, finally, in some other building, hiding under a grate in the floor.

At Club Mayan, Angel has left the police van and headed inside to flirt with a hot girl he spotted on the surveillance cameras. Angel wastes no time and asks if she wants to leave with him. Hey, remember that you’re married?

Dexter can’t kill this fellow (Dan Mendell, DDS) because he doesn’t know if he’s guilty, and of course Dan denies knowing Lumen. While Dexter tries to calm Lumen down, Dan grabs Lumen’s phone from her purse and calls one of the accomplices, informing them that she found him. So it is him. Having confirmation, Dexter breaks his neck. Dex goes to get his car as Deb and Masuka arrive on the scene. Someone heard the gunshots. Lance is already awake, listening to Dexter’s phone conversation with Deb. Dexter doesn’t check on him before he goes in to help Lumen. He gives her the address to his house and tells her to run. They hear glass break and a naked Lance runs around the corner. What a mess. Dexter chances after Lance, who is running toward Deb and Masuka. He gets him just in time. They find Dexter’s car, and he leads them to the crime scene: Lance’s dead naked body, choked with plastic wrap, and Dan, tied to a pipe, bloody and dead. Masuka is convinced it’s autoerotic mummification. Thanks to him, the case will be closed.

Angel brought Jasmine, the girl from the club, to Maria’s office. Well that’s a relief. She’s a friend of the Fuentes brothers, but she has a ton of drug charges and is willing to trade information and help to drop the charges. She was wearing a Santa Muerte necklace, which is why Angel approached her. She might be able to get the Fuentes in the club. Angel and Maria kiss and make up. Over at Quinn’s, Deb and Joey officially become an item, too.

At the house, Dexter has a flashback when he sees Lumen in the tub, in the same position Rita was in when he found her. He needs to sit down for a moment, and they bond. Dexter tells her about the kids, and they both agree they both imagined different lives for themselves. Lumen ran away from home on her wedding day; it was not the life she wanted. She wanted more, but then everything happened, and she felt as though it was punishment for leaving. Now that one of her attackers is dead, she feels peace, but it’s not going to last. Dexter knows exactly what she’s talking about. He agrees to help her.

Rita or Lumen? Lumen or Rita?

Dexter kill count: 1