Dexter 5.7-9 – Circle Us, Take It!, & Teenage Wasteland

It’s been over a month since Dexter saved Lumen from death. She’s still living at the house. Lumen tries to remember details about the other men that were involved in her captivity and abuse. She tells Dex about “Watch Guy” – so called because she could hear the ticking of his watch as he would say, “Tick, tick, tick… that’s the sound of your life running out.” There was also a guy who wore a suit and tie. Lumen would recognize his face if she saw him, because he was the only one who took her blindfold off. She wants to be a part of the process, but Dexter is hesitant.

Oh look, it’s a man in a suit and tie, driving a truck full of dudes to the pond with the dead girls in the middle of the night. He takes off his jacket and folds it very carefully, just like Lumen explained to Dexter. The men load the barrels full of dead girls onto the pickup truck. Once everyone is on board, Suit and Tie drives off. In the city, though, another car runs a stop sign and slams into the driver’s side of the truck.

Deb gets the call to the scene of the accident early in the morning, confused because she’s Homicide. Oh, but there will be plenty for her to do at this accident site. Everybody gets the same call, including Dex. Suit and Tie’s truck is still on the street, along with five preserved dead women and their respective barrels.  The driver, of course, took off running. Vince shows Dexter the suit jacket he found in the truck, folded, just like Lumen said.

Liddy, everybody’s favorite scumbag from Vice, calls Quinn to let him know Dexter is hiding some “cutie” at his house. He even took down the “for sale” sign. Lumen came to the crime scene. When she saw it on the news, she had to come. Dex reminds her it’s not safe – they know she’s still alive, and now they’re on the run. Deb pries open the glove compartment to find the registration. The truck belongs to one Jordan Chase, favorite motivational speaker of Boyd Fowler. He is apparently pretty well known. Even Masuka loves him. He doesn’t think Chase could have been driving that truck.

Jasmine, the Fuentes’ friend from the club, informs Maria that the brothers will be at Club Mayan the following night. Maria will oversee the operation. The plan is to take the bros outside the club. Captain Matthews reminds Maria how badly she needs to get this sting right.

Quinn has been trying desperately to reach Jordan Chase, but all he can get is an answering machine. Angel thinks they should go down to his office, but Chase saves them a trip by coming right to the police station with his personal bodyguard, Cole Harmon. Masuka fangirls all over him and Dexter uses the excuse to get a photo to show Lumen. Chase also wears a nice fancy watch. Hmm. He maintains that his truck was stolen from him, and the jacket inside was Cole’s. The whole staff is being required to give fingerprints and hair samples. Angel and Maria don’t exactly think Cole is innocent.

Later on, Dexter shows Lumen the picture of Cole on his cell phone. She recognizes him immediately as the guy that folded his jacket. She doesn’t know Chase’s face. It won’t be long before Cole will be arrested, and Florida is a death penalty state. Lumen doesn’t want that. She wants to do it herself. It’s all she thinks about. Dex will have to give the police Boyd in order to get them off Cole’s trail. He and Lumen go to work erasing any trace of her at Fowler’s house and finding his wallet to plant in the truck. Lumen confirms that Boyd was the last step in the process: the killer.

As planned, Masuka finds the wallet under the seat of the truck. It isn’t long before Boyd’s house is filled with cops and forensics. It’s a veritable treasure trove: twelve numbered locks of hair, barrels, the attic room… the plan worked. At the police station, Cole tells Angel that he recognizes Fowler as one of Jordan’s stalkers. Cole explains that Boyd came into the office often and had plenty of chances to swipe the keys to the truck. Once outside, Chase congratulates Cole on finally doing something right by giving Boyd to the police. Cole explains that it wasn’t him.

Sonya aka Super Nanny watches Harrison while he heads to Cole’s house in Boca Raton. Tonight’s the night. The rest of the team is headed to the club. Jasmine is wearing a wire and is supposed to engage in conversation with the Super Fuentes Brothers outside of the club so the cops can take them. Too bad for her, they’re already inside at the VIP table. Maria tells Jasmine to sit with them while another team tries to find the secret entrance they used. When Cira goes to the bar, one of the brothers invites her over. Deb thinks it’s a bad move to go to him, but Maria over rides her advice. Fuentes begins to feel Cira up and finds her gun. The other brother shoots poor Jasmine. It turns into a shoot out. Like a boss, Deb runs in and comes face to face with the brother who slit the boy’s throat. He has a girl at gunpoint. When he refuses to drop the gun, Deb shoots him right in the forehead.

In Boca Raton, Dexter makes Lumen wait outside in the car as a “lookout.” Inside of Cole’s dark empty house, he finds a photo of a group of teenage boys. Dexter notices wet footprints leading to the house from the hot tub in the backyard. Cole was home after all, and he’s got Dex in a chokehold. Lumen crashes through the window, setting off the security alarm, and bashes Cole a few times over the head so they can escape. Dexter swiped the photo, and Lumen recognizes Cole, Boyd, and Dan the Dentist. Lumen is high on adrenaline and excitement at the prospect of finding out the names of the others. Dexter finally agrees to let her in to this part of his life.

Matthew reams Maria out at the station. The plan was a disaster, with several by-standers injured and another killed. Angel tells Maria that all cops make mistakes in judgment. Maria is insulted, insisting she didn’t make any mistakes. Um… I think ya did there, buddy.

Dexter is scoping out a Jordan Chase self-help seminar, and it is a madhouse. People really love this guy. Dexter sums it up succinctly: “I’ve never been around so many people that made me feel normal.” Everyone chants Chase’s signature phrase – “Take it” – and cheers wildly. I don’t even know.

LaGuerta is already feeling the heat from the press after the Club Mayan shootout. They mob her in the parking lot of the station. She finds out from a reporter that one of the victim’s families has filed a civil lawsuit against the department. Inside, Angel has good news: the bullets in the victim’s bodies belong to the Fuentes brothers. Maria insists that it’s their fault those people are dead. No, Maria, it was your shitty call. Maria locks herself in her office and Deb assures everyone that it will be okay. None of them will be singled out because they were following Maria’s orders. That’s what you put in your report, right Angel? Right?!

Lumen checks in with Dexter during a break in the conference. She can’t figure out how the men knew each other when they were teenagers, but she did find something interesting about Cole: he was in the Marines, but was given a dishonorable discharge after beating up a superior officer and putting him in the hospital. After they hang up, Cole approaches Dexter. He remembers him from the station. Jordan wants to speak with him in his suite. He thinks Dex is there to help him cope with the loss of Rita. As good a cover as any. Jordan wants to use Dexter for some weird study he has brewing.

LaGuerta calls Deb into her office to discuss the club incident. Maria is going to put Cira on disciplinary leave for what happened. Deb is as outraged as I am. Deb was the detective in charge, so if Maria wants to blame someone, blame her. She tries to convince Maria that they should weather the storm together.

Deb has six mandatory meetings with a psychiatrist for shooting Carlos. She thought that killing someone would feel terrible, even if he were a criminal. But she doesn’t feel bad. In fact, she’d empty a whole clip into Fuentes if she had the chance. Dex shares Harry’s belief that some people deserve to die. Seems Deb agrees.

Dexter picks the lock on the door between his and Cole’s hotel rooms, preparing for that night’s kill. As Lumen backs out of the parking lot of the store where she was buying the plastic sheeting, she hits a car. Guess who it is? Mr. Liddy! He spots the recently bought plastic in the back seat as they exchange information.

Deb watches Maria’s press conference at Quinn’s apartment. Maria is pinning everything on Deb. Deb finds out from the conference that she’s being placed on immediate disciplinary leave with pay, pending an investigation. Quinn has to stop Deb from putting her fist through the tv screen. Deb isn’t going to let this happen. She heads to the station and bursts into Maria’s office. Deb is certain the rest of the team will back her up, but Maria says not everyone agrees with Deb’s version of the story. Deb thinks Batista is lying for Maria to cover her ass.

Lumen meets Dexter in the lobby of the hotel, unwise as Cole and Jordan are both at the same hotel. Dexter tells her to stay over night, so she isn’t spotted, and lets her help prepare the kill room. Lumen asks what Dexter gets out of killing people; it’s obvious that Boyd wasn’t his first kill. They hear Cole enter the adjoining room. They hear a woman screaming. Dexter peeks through the door between the rooms. Not to worry, Cole’s just banging some chick. Dexter returns to his room to find Lumen huddled in a corner, crying and covering her ears. Dexter places his own hands over hers, and the sounds of her screams inside her head quiet. Lumen sleeps for the first time in weeks. The new plan is for Dexter to wait for Cole by the service elevator and M99 him there. Lumen will wait until the seminar starts, and then sneak out.

Dexter spots Cole making his rounds during the seminar and makes his way toward the service elevator. He doesn’t make it there. Jordan Chase calls Dexter up on stage to talk about his loss. Surprise! The crowd chants his name in encouragement and he has no choice. Jordan tells everyone about Rita’s murder and asks Dexter a bunch of really personal and awkward questions that bring up painful memories. In the lobby, Lumen becomes distracted by Dexter’s testimony, playing on a live feed. She turns to go and ends up face to face with Cole. She runs back to the hotel room, locking the door, but Cole just breaks through the door connecting their rooms. He drags her to the ground and wraps his hands around her neck. Dexter arrives just in time and chokes Cole out. He wakes up on Dexter’s table. They try to get the names of the other guys with no luck. Lumen watches Dexter’s ritual. No one has ever seen it. Once Cole is dead, Dexter spills everything about his past. Will Lumen be the first one to live with the truth of what he is? He gives her the blood slide.

Deb packs up her desk for her leave. Cira shows up with a box of her own stuff. Deb puts two and two together – it was Cira who backed Maria’s story to help bolster her own career. Cira admires Deb and came there to learn from her. Deb says Cira would never learn something like that from her. Ooh, burn! Angel, however, is backing Deb completely. Deb is like family to him.

Dexter waits for his ride out front, Cole’s body packed into the luggage. Jordan approaches Dexter and thanks him for coming on stage. He encourages Dexter to learn from the weekend. He says, “Tick, tick, tick! That’s the sound of your life running out. That’s what I tell my clients.” So Jordan Chase is one of the men, even though he wasn’t in the photo. Later that night, Dexter and Lumen dump Cole’s body into the ocean. From shore, Liddy has captured everything on camera using some super duper spy cam.

Dexter and Jordan Chase are hanging out, jogging on treadmills together. Dex had hoped to visit Chase at his office, to get clues, but no such luck. Apparently, exercise makes you want to share your feelings! Chase is just a big phony. He stole Plato’s idea of the fractured self and became a freaking millionaire. After their shower (this is one weird session), Dexter spots a necklace with a vial of blood in Jordan’ locker. Are Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton clients of Chase’s? Chase has buffed up security – twelve guards – but Dex thinks he can still snag a little bit of blood and run it for DNA.

File this under Creepy as Hell.

Lumen and Dexter chat on the phone about Chase’s blood vial when someone is suddenly trying to get into the house. Dex tells Lumen to hide in the bathroom and he’s on his way. The intruders make their way toward the bathroom. Lumen raises her knife as the “intruders” – Astor and some other girl – turn on the light. Dexter arrives and tries to smooth things over. Lumen is renting the house and she is not Dexter’s girlfriend. Astor and her friend Olivia came to drink some wine, all the way from Orlando. Astor is only twelve. Lumen takes care of the drunk teens.

Deb has her meeting with the union rep. The good news is, she isn’t getting fired. The crappy news is she’ll be stuck in the file room until her hearing. The even crappier news is that people still think she’s responsible for what happened at Club Mayan. Luckily for us, we get to see more Francis! Deb can’t help but nose through the Barrel Girl case files instead of filing them. She realizes there are DNA results for four perps, even though they only pinned it on Fowler. Some of the DNA matches Cole’s. She runs it up to Angel, who insists they reopen the case. He agrees to discuss it with Maria.

Dexter takes “just a drop” of blood from Chase’s necklace with the latter showers after their workout/therapy session. He puts it on a slide and stashes it just as Chase finishes his shower. Dex doesn’t quite close the locker completely, and after he leaves, Chase notices something amiss. He immediately examines the vial. He can’t tell that blood is missing, until he finds a little drop of it on his finger. How could Dexter be so careless?

Lumen goes to the store to get some aspirin for the girls. When she comes back, they’re gone, the back door is wide open, and their cellphones are still there. Dexter to the rescue. Oh boy, it’s Neighbor Elliott. He saw a guy near the house and managed to get part of the license plate. Dexter knows he has to call the cops… putting him and Lumen in danger of being caught.

The cops find the van, no girls in sight. Dexter nearly mauls the guy, but it turns out he is Olivia’s father… well, her mom’s boyfriend Barry, and he was looking for Olivia. He’s a huge jerk, calling Astor a troublemaker. Dexter gets a phone call. The girls are at a store, being held for shoplifting. Olivia looks terrified to see Barry. Olivia tried on a ring and forgot to take it off, but gave it back to the clerk. Deb uses her police clout to get the girls out. Not only does the whole station know Dexter is spending time with Chase, but Deb now knows about Lumen and is convinced she’s Dexter’s girlfriend.

Dexter convinces Astor to actually talk to him about what is going on with her. Sort of. She is mad about Lumen and keeps swearing at Dexter, until they decide to sit in silence until Astor agrees to talk. Olivia and Lumen are bonding in Astor’s room. Lumen spots bruises on the younger girl. Astor knew about them too. It’s why they ran away – to get away from Olivia’s mom’s scumbag abusive boyfriend.

Deb discovers that Maria isn’t going to reopen the Barrel Girls case. She lets herself in to Maria’s office and loses it, asking why Maria uses Batista and why she put Quinn on bogus vacation time so Deb didn’t have a partner. Maria agrees to reopen the case… but also informs her that Quinn was suspended to protect Dexter. Oh snap. Deb asks what he needs protection from, but Maria just tells her to ask Quinn. She promptly does so. Quinn comes clean. He forgets to mention about his little private investigation with Liddy. Deb dumps him.

Dexter meets Barry, but leaves Olivia at home. Dex heads toward a quiet secluded area and says he saw the bruises. Barry, of course, denies causing them. So Dexter shows him just what he means by hitting the same places Barry hits on Olivia. He tells Barry to dump Olivia’s mom and do it in a way that ensures she will never take him back… or else. Harry is actually proud of Dexter. He put himself out there for another person, and Harry underestimated him. He is capable of being more than just a monster.

Liddy brings Quinn the photos, but Quinn isn’t interested. He pays Liddy to quit his investigation, but Liddy isn’t going to back off that easily. He knows he’s on to something big, and he’s not going to drop it. Quinn threatens him and tells him to stay away from Deb. The next day, Quinn tries to patch things up with Deb and tells her he loves her. Woah, serious stuff. Deb basically tells him to go fuck himself.

Dexter brings Astor and Olivia back to Orlando. Olivia is so excited that Barry is finally gone, and even though her mom is upset, she thinks Barry did her a favor by leaving. Dexter isn’t going to tell the grandparents about Astor’s drinking and shoplifting. Everyone has secrets. Dex says he’s proud of Astor, and that he loves her. They finally patched things up. The thing Dexter wants most is to be a good dad.

The thing he wants second most is to kill Jordan Chase.  The blood results are in. The blood in the vial belongs to someone named Emily Birch. She’s still alive and she’s got a record: several DUIs. So… who is she? At the house, the phone rings. Lumen answers, “Dexter?” It’s Jordan Chase. Lumen barely manages to tell him that Dexter isn’t available. Jordan leaves a message, complete with his “tick, tick, tick” phrase. He finishes with, “Take care, Lumen.” This show, she is BRILLIANT.

Cue me peeing my pants.

Dexter kill count: 1