Dexter 5.10-12 – In the Beginning, Hop a Freighter, & The Big One

“Don’t be. Don’t be sorry your darkness is gone. I’ll carry it for you… always.”

Now that Jordan Chase knows about Dexter and Lumen, Dex needs to take extra precautions to make sure nothing bad happens to his family again. Sonya takes Harrison on a trip to visit Astor and Cody in Orlando. Dexter also has to get Lumen out of the house and into his apartment. It doesn’t look like anyone saw them… except for Liddy, hiding out in the pool house like a creep. Dexter and Lumen plan to visit Emily Birch, the first victim and the owner of the blood in Jordan’s necklace.

At the station, LaGuerta fills the team in with the info Deb uncovered about the Barrel Girls. Dexter is crestfallen to see Cole’s photograph next to Boyd’s. Now he has his colleagues to compete with, too. LaGuerta sends Deb and Quinn to bring Cole in while she gets warrants for his house. They’ll never find him, of course.

Dex and Lumen visit Ms. Birch’s house that afternoon. Dex explains that they’re trying to track down some information on Jordan Chase, and Emily says she doesn’t personally know him. Lumen shows her the old photograph of the gang and Emily wants them to leave. When Lumen tries to push, Emily shuts the door in their faces. They need a new approach.

Dexter gets called to Cole’s house to help with the warrant. There is a smear of blood on the wall – Cole’s blood, from when Lumen hit him in the head to save Dexter. Deb thinks there’s something fishy about the whole situation. Quinn finds a lockbox of numbered DVDs. Cole filmed everything they did to those poor women. There are only twelve bodies, but thirteen DVDs. Lumen is number thirteen. Dex needs to get that evidence. Deb cannot see it; she would recognize Lumen immediately. Dexter scratches the back of a blank DVD and writes the number “13” on it, then switches it with the real one. Vince has noticed there were only twelve locks of hair at Boyd’s house, but thirteen DVDs. So who was the thirteenth victim?

Dexter gives Lumen the DVD to do what she wants with it. She thanks Dexter for stealing it and for risking his life every day just by being with her. He has been her only way through the situation, and she is grateful for that. Dexter admits that he needed her, too, and that they met each other at just the right time. Later that night, Dexter can hear the sounds of the DVD from the living room as Lumen watches, horrified.

Deb has spent the night hours watching the DVDs, too. She thinks it might be a blessing those girls were killed, because no one could come back from that. Little does she know! She discovered that Cole is (was?) bffs with Dan the Dentist from the “weird plastic wrap murder,” aka Lumen and Dexter’s close call. Images of a ring on the tapes matches photos from the crime scene. It’s almost a shame Deb is such a competent detective. She believes there is some vigilante justice going on, someone who knew what the men were doing and giving them what they deserve.

Lumen takes the footage of her torture to Emily Birch’s house: “This is what happened to me. Is it also what happened to you?” It works. Emily didn’t know there were any other victims. Her torture happened almost twenty years before at a summer camp where she was a councilor in training. Jordan’s real name is Eugene Greer, and he’s the big overweight kid in the photo, which is why Lumen and Dexter didn’t recognize him. Emily felt bad for him, so she befriended him. He drugged her during a walk in the woods, and she woke up in a cabin, strapped to a bed, naked. Eugene/Jordan never touched her, but he encouraged the other boys. Afterward, they made her take the photograph that Lumen has in her hand. The fifth boy is named Alex Tilden.

Liddy forges Quinn’s signature to get some spy equipment from the station: wireless mics, cameras, a monitor… he’s setting up for a serious operation. The woman gets it for him without question. Meanwhile, Dexter meets up with Lumen. She wants to be the one to kill Alex. Dexter says it’s different than watching. It will change her. Lumen reminds him that she’s already changed.

Deb and Quinn are a step ahead of their vigilante counterparts. They meet Alex Tilden, a banker, played by the AMAZING Scott Grimes (Band of Brothers, voices Steve on American Dad). Alex admits that he knows Cole Harmon because they’re in a fantasy football league together, but he denies knowing the others. Deb still insists that Cole and Boyd are as dead as Dan the Dentist.

Jordan pays Emily a visit. She confesses that she told Lumen everything, and she did it for Jordan. He asked her to do it. Emily sounds resentful when she tells Jordan that Lumen is pretty, but he reassures her that no one could ever take her place. She smiles at this. She made him what she is today. Emily tries to take his hand, but he firmly removes it.

Jordan arrives at the station with his posse. Deb wants a DNA sample from Chase, but his lawyer isn’t interested in being very cooperative. Deb shows him a screenshot from the DVDs, and Jordan agrees to give his DNA if it will help them catch the people that could do something so terrible. Dexter is assigned to take the swab. Jordan threatens Dexter and his family. Dex is happy Jordan didn’t touch any of the girls, because the DNA will clear him and leave him all to Dexter and Lumen.

Dex and Lumen prepare to kill Alex. He thinks Lumen looks perfect in her kill outfit and she admires his weapons. He shows her how to stab in the heart and she practices the motion a few times. All of this is recorded for Liddy’s viewing pleasure. Meanwhile, Alex is still at the bank, talking to Jordan on the phone. He thinks he should take some time out of town. Jordan tells him to keep to his regular routine because it will be less suspicious. He is sitting guard outside of Alex’s house. When he sees Dexter and Lumen break into Alex’s house, he calls Deb. He tells them that Alex called the office to speak with Cole about a flight he needed to arrange. Deb and Quinn head to Alex’s house to stop him from “leaving town.”

Alex returns home and his tv is on, playing Lumen’s torture video. She steps in front of the screen then, and Alex runs for his gun. Before he can get to it, Dexter sticks the M99 in him. He wakes up on the table. Oh, naked Scott Grimes… thank you, Showtime. While Dexter takes his blood sample, Deb and Quinn pull up outside. When no one answers the door, they let themselves in. They don’t find anything. Dex and Lumen moved the operation to the house next door, which is for sale. Alex tries to talk his way out of the situation, of course, blaming Jordan and offering them Jordan or money. Dexter gives Lumen the knife. She climbs up on the table, kneeling, and raises her arms up. She kills Alex, and she feels wonderful.

Outside of Alex’s house, Deb and Quinn find a small partial footprint, probably belonging to a woman. The footprint is fresh. Deb thinks it belongs to the vigilante. She thinks the thirteenth girl escaped, which is why Boyd only had twelve pieces of hair.

Back at the apartment, Dexter puts away his tools. Lumen joins him. She takes off her shirt, and then takes off Dexter’s shirt. She kisses him. Dexter has never had this kind of connection with someone before, someone who really knows him and has become a partner. He is someone different with her. To her, he is not a monster.

Deb and Quinn visit Jordan to personally thank him for tipping them off about Alex Tilden. Unfortunately, it seems he’s disappeared off the face of the earth, just like Cole and Boyd. The thing those guys all have in common? Jordan Chase. Jordan accuses Deb of being obsessed with him because she’s unsatisfied with her own life. Don’t poke the dragon, Jordan! Or, actually, do, because I’d love to see Deb take you down. Deb shares her theory about the vigilante and Jordan brushes off the warning.

Dexter and Lumen pore over a floor plan of Jordan’s building, trying to figure out a way to get to him. It would be impossible to reach him while he’s there. They will have to lure him out. Lumen offers herself up as bait. But with the cops watching Jordan, that won’t work. As they talk, Dexter notices something peculiar on a baby monitor: an image of them. Someone is watching. Dexter thinks it is Jordan and runs outside to see if he can spot where he’s hiding. He could be anywhere.

Liddy waits for Quinn outside of the station. His union appeal was denied and he is officially fired from the force. Liddy wants Quinn to help him with a bust – something so big, it will get him his job back. He needs a cop to make the bust. As soon as Liddy brings up Dexter’s name, Quinn tells him to forget it. Liddy doesn’t take no for an answer and promises to call when it’s time.

Dexter and Lumen figure out that the camera is hidden in a lamp. When Dexter pulls the bottom off, he sees the Miami Metro sticker, which rules out Jordan. That’s even worse. Dexter can use the serial number to find out who took it out. Dexter wonders if it has anything to do with the vigilante theory. The only good thing is that no one has seen the footage because they haven’t been arrested. They will get Jordan, but the plans will have to take a break for now.

The team goes over the case thus far. The partial print that Deb and Quinn found has a twin – Masuka spotted it outside of the vacant house next door. He went inside and found that the dining room was clean, cleaner than the rest of the house, and he smelled bleach. Deb is forced to tell everyone her vigilante theory. Deb suspects she has a man helping her, too.

Dexter borrows the computer in the equipment room while the employee takes a smoke break. He sees that it was Quinn that checked out all that equipment. But the date from the case number is from the 80s, when Quinn was a kid. It’s a fake, and off the books – no court orders authorized. Quinn is doing it on his own.

Lumen and Dex break into Quinn’s apartment during lunch. They find the photographs from the night they dumped Cole’s body. They need to find the original source. While Lumen and Dex are snooping, Quinn and Deb visit Dan the Dentist’s wife. She’s packing up his office and doesn’t want to talk to them. They inform her that Dan may not have actually been gay, but he was linked to a series of rapes and murders. She doesn’t recognize any of the names of the others except for Jordan. But she knows him as Eugene Greer. Angel has some information, too – Alex Tilden and Jordan know each other, at least in a business sense. That directly ties Jordan to all of the other men.

Dexter has been watching the vans near his apartment and narrowed down the only one that remained over 24 hours. He spots someone approaching and gets his needle ready. When Dex opens the back door, the van is empty. Liddy comes out of nowhere with a Taser. Liddy shoves Dexter in the back of the van and drives off.

Lumen gets a phone call from Emily. She explains that Jordan found out they spoke and he threatened her. She’s afraid, and she’s going to go to the police. Lumen convinces her not to do that, that she and Dexter will protect Emily from Jordan. Emily agrees to stay in her house and begs Lumen to hurry. She hangs up, and Jordan – who was in Emily’s living room the whole time – commends her on her performance. It’s a trap!

Dexter comes to in the back of Liddy’s van, ankles and hands tied up. Liddy calls Quinn to meet him at a park to make the bust. When Liddy threatens to call in another cop, Quinn agrees to go. Liddy shows Dexter the footage he recorded, but he didn’t have a search warrant. So, Dexter is going to give him a full confession, right Dex? Here’s your confession, a boot to the face! Liddy pulls a knife. As they fight in the van, Quinn pulls up. Dexter manages to get the knife through Liddy’s heart. Quinn tries to get into the van, but thankfully all the doors are locked. Dexter silences Liddy’s phone just in time, too. But a trickle of blood has made its way through the crack between the door and the floor. A tiny drop lands, unnoticed, on Quinn’s shoe as he walks away. Dex has a voice mail from Lumen. He has to get to Emily’s house, but not before destroying the evidence. He doesn’t have time to take care of Liddy’s body.

Lumen shows up at Emily’s alone (stupid, stupid move). Emily is upset that Dexter isn’t there, and Lumen is a bit put off by her insistence. She tries to leave, offering to get Dexter herself, which is when Jordan makes his entrance. Jordan wants to know where Dexter is. Lumen doesn’t know. Emily offers to call Dexter, and Jordan asks her to be quiet. She wants to know why he’s mad at her, and Jordan loses his cool. As Jordan gets in Emily’s face, telling her it’s her fault, Lumen attempts to run. Jordan throws her to the floor. He picks up a fire poker, annoyed that he actually has to get his hands dirty this time, because there can be no witnesses. When Emily protests, he kills her. Dexter finally arrives at Emily’s, but everyone is gone. Dexter finds Emily’s body, thankful it’s not Lumen. Dex follows the trail of clues left behind by Lumen and Jordan. He has to find them.

Two cop cars zoom onto a runway to stop Jordan Chase from leaving for Europe, where he would be untouchable. They don’t have enough evidence to arrest him, but LaGuerta did get a court order for Deb to keep Chase in the country as a material witness, buying them more time. Apparently, he never showed up to his private jet.

Dexter packs up his tools while Harry reminds him that he’s been through this once before. Dexter opens the door to leave and – surprise! Everybody is in Miami for Harrison’s birthday party! It was supposed to happen in Orlando, but wouldn’t it be so much more fun if everyone showed up unexpectedly in Miami instead?! Astor and Cody want to stay with Dexter for the summer. Of course he says yes, but he has to go!

Jordan answers Lumen’s phone when Dexter calls. He offers himself up in Lumen’s place, but Jordan doesn’t want him. He has what he wants: “Tick, tick, tick, Dexter. That’s the sound of Lumen’s life running out.” Lumen is locked in the trunk. A fruit vendor recognizes Jordan at a stoplight hears Lumen’s kicking and muffled screams. The vendor asks what the sound is, but the light changes and Jordan drives off.

Dexter swipes the folder containing Jordan’s real estate holdings, hoping that Jordan took Lumen to one of the places. Harry reminds Dexter that Jordan Chase wasn’t always Jordan Chase; Dexter calls County Records to see if there are any properties under Eugene Greer. Meanwhile, Jordan has reached his destination. Lumen has flashbacks as he drags her into the room where she was tortured.

LaGuerta orders everyone to Bay Front Park. There is an officer down: Stan Liddy. Uh-oh. A pedestrian spotted blood dripping from the van. Dexter has to go to the scene. Quinn and Dex exchange a meaningful glance. On the boat across the bay, Quinn deletes Liddy’s number from the call record from his cell phone. It doesn’t matter, though, because the team found Liddy’s cell phone and his last five calls were to Quinn. That’s when LaGuerta and Quinn both notice the blood on his shoe. Quinn asks for a lawyer. He is escorted back to the station.

County Records calls with one hit on Greer: a summer camp. Back where it all started. Dexter steals a car and speeds off toward the camp. At the camp, Lumen is sitting on the floor, hands tied. Jordan thinks Dexter will come for her. While he’s leaned over her, she kicks him in the junk and runs. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get far before Jordan reaches her.

As Dexter pulls onto the camp road, Harry reminds him not to underestimate Jordan. He needs to be alert. As Dexter begs Harry to trust him at least once, he almost hits a construction vehicle in the road. He overcorrects and careens into the brush on the side of the road, flipping his car. Thankfully, he seems to be okay, and he climbs out of the car. Jordan is waiting for him with a gun.

Deb gets a hit on the stake and notify she put out on Jordan. The street vendor reported his sighting and said he thought he heard noises coming from the trunk. She goes to speak to the vendor. Deb manages to get through the interview with her rudimentary Spanish skills and finds out there is a camp in the direction that Jordan drove off in.

Dexter and Lumen listen to Jordan’s stupid monologue. Dexter’s hands are tied behind his back. Jordan looks through the kill kit, admiring the tools, when he notices one is missing. Dexter has already cut through the rope binding his wrists and slams the knife into Jordan’s foot. Dex grabs the gun and his tools. Jordan is stuck to the floor and Dexter chokes him until he passes out. When he comes to, he’s strapped to a table. Dexter wants Lumen to finish it. Jordan just doesn’t shut up. When he mentions how Lumen used to cower and cry the last time she was in that room, she rams the knife into him with little ceremony. Dexter closes Jordan’s eyes as Deb pulls up to the camp. Dexter and Lumen clean the tools while they try to decide what to do with the body. Lumen wants to leave it, but Dexter thinks that’s too risky. They should use Jordan’s car to get rid of it, and then tip of the cops in a month about the camp so everyone knows what Jordan did.

Deb finds Jordan’s body and hears the sound of the metal tools from behind a dirty plastic sheet hanging from the ceiling. She can’t see who is behind it. She raises her gun and tells them not to move. Dexter and Lumen are dead silent. Deb knows it’s a miracle Lumen survived. When Lumen makes a sudden movement, Deb fires a warning shot. Deb is going to call it in, and the place will be filled with cops within the hour. But she doesn’t look like she has too much conviction. She is clearly torn between supporting the vigilante and being a cop. She adds, “If I were you, I would be gone by then.” She leaves.

Later that night, Lumen and Dexter dump Jordan’s body into the ocean. She can’t believe they made it to that point. It is a miracle. They are both high on the feeling, and it looks like things might work out for Dexter after all.

Dexter has the unfortunate job of running the blood on Quinn’s shoe. Dexter already knows whose blood it is. After he’s done, he heads home, excited for Harrison’s birthday party and introducing Lumen to everyone. He’s making plans for the summer too. Lumen looks upset. She didn’t sleep last night. She has to leave Miami. Her darkness is gone, gone with Jordan’s body. She doesn’t feel it anymore. Dexter asks her to stay. She doesn’t have to kill anymore, but Dexter does. Dexter smashes a plate against the wall. He knows she’s right. They are not the same anymore, but Lumen shouldn’t be sorry that her darkness is gone.

Deb brings Quinn to Harrison’s birthday party, officially as her boyfriend. Quinn thanks Dexter for the blood work. Whatever he did, it cleared Quinn for Liddy’s murder. Dexter thinks Lumen gave him his life back, too. She brought eyes that saw him for what he was, and the certainty that nothing is set in stone – not even darkness.

Dexter kill count: 1
Lumen kill count: 2

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