Dexter 6.4 – A Horse of a Different Color

That’s the look of a man with faith. I’ve seen it before on Brother Sam. Whatever this guys believes, he knows it to be true.” 

Dexter decided to attend the company picnic held by Brother Sam. He and Harrison watch as Brother Sam baptizes Nick, the young mechanic. Dexter still isn’t sold on the religion thing; it might work for other people, but not him. Bro Sam reminds Dexter that believing in science is still believing in something bigger than himself. Their lovely afternoon is disrupted by a phone call from the station, and I’ll give you one guess as to what it’s about.

The horses mill about the taped off area. The spectacle of it all reminds both Deb and Dexter of the Ice Truck Killer. Dexter is impressed by the imagination, and Deb is clearly repulsed. The alpha and the omega painted on each horse connects this to the snake killing. New team member Mike Anderson believes the killer is warning about the end of the world – four horsemen of the apocalypse, each horse the colors listed in the Book of Revelation. Mike will research the seven snakes in the Bible.

Giddy up.

Back at the lab, Dexter pieces the body parts back together while Deb grills him about the wounds – there was residue in the stab wound, but they’re still waiting on results. As Dex places the head down, he notices something in the guy’s eye. It’s a small piece of paper reading: “1242.” They find a similar paper in the intestines of the snakes victim, “1237.”

Matthews orders Maria to set up a press conference. She’s already ahead of him – but Matthews wants Deb to give the interview. Maria is pissed, but plays it off as something she chose to do as a strategic move. Yeah, okay. She also tells Deb that she has to finish her mandatory therapy assigned after the shooting.

As Mike tries to explain his Book of Revelation theory, Masuka interrupts him with news from the ME report about the stab wound. The residue was rust, and no one has used iron to make weapons since the Middle Ages. He must be using some kind of artifact, maybe a sword. Mike continues to explain the tableaux, and Quinn is a huge douchebag to him. Mike knows a Revelation expert he can contact. Dexter notices that the numbers on the victims are five apart, and the killings took place five days apart. Could the Doomsday Killer (catchy) be counting down to the end of the world?

Travis and Old Man are at a café. Old Man can only talk about how everyone is afraid, but Travis can’t stop checking out the cute waitress. Old Man is annoyed that Travis wants to ask the girl out.

Brother Sam gives Dex the estimate for his car repair (remember, he smashed into a fence when the Tooth Fairy had a gun to his head). They talk more about faith. When Sam asks Dex if he has someone that he looks up to, Dexter replies: “My father.” He’s blessed, Sam says. But make sure you don’t put your faith into the wrong thing… “it’ll fuck you up.”

While in the elevator with Dexter, Deb complains about her new, more professional work wardrobe. She hates the pantyhose and asks, hilariously: “Has anyone ever died from crotch asphyxiation?” I think anyone who has worn hose knows exactly how she feels. Maria stops by Deb’s office before the press conference to give her some advice. She tells her to lose the speech – it could come off as insincere – and to just have a conversation. She also takes her necklace off and puts it on Deb, admiring her finishing touch to Deb’s new look. Meanwhile, in the morgue, Harry helps Dexter realize that there has to be more than one Doomsday Killer to set up those tableaux.

Masuka answers his phone while watching Hot Intern Ryan do some forensic-type stuff. It’s a guy that found a prosthetic hand on an online auction site. It’s listed as being from the Ice Truck Killer case. Masuka quickly checks out the listing, thinking it’s fake. Then he sees the user name… it’s Ryan. He tries to bid on it before the auction ends, but misses by a second. He’s embarrassed that he thought Ryan was really into him, and he “fires” her.

Deb muddles through her first press conference. When a reporter asks her some tricky questions, her lip twitches, but she manages to answer satisfactorily. Feeling confident now, she continues, and says on LIVE tv: “All I care about is catching the fucker that did this.” There is an audible gasp from the reporters, and Deb quickly ends the interview. Oopsie. LaGuerta looks pleased that Deb screwed up. I can’t ever decide if I like or hate her.

Dexter gets a call from the emergency room. Harrison hadn’t been feeling well the past few days, and it has all culminated in a ruptured appendix. He needs to get into surgery ASAP.

Angel and Quinn end up wasting the afternoon looking for a preacher – the address they got led to a sandwich shop. Quinn finds a joint tucked into the visor of Angel’s car. They’re on duty cops, but Quinn convinces Angel to smoke it anyway. Oh my god, bad life decisions. They do end up hearing back from dispatch about the address, right after they finish the joint. They’re going to go question the lead anyway.

Brother Sam arrives at the hospital to give Dexter some extra support. He tells Dexter that he didn’t believe in God before, either. He used to believe in his dad too, just like Dexter. Everyone knew his dad and he was always working, but Sam never really knew what his dad did. One day, Sam’s father had Sam ring the doorbell at a man’s house. Suddenly, his father was right behind him with a gun. He shot and killed the man right in front of Sam. Dexter excuses himself to get some coffee, and he finds himself praying for Harrison’s health. Later, when the doctor informs them that Harrison is going to be just fine, Dexter almost says, “Thank God,” but he changes quickly to, “Thank you.”

Travis informs his mentor that he is going out with Erin, the waitress from the café. Old Man tells him he can do whatever he wants, but he needs to understand the consequences. Travis will be home by ten… they’re just having dinner, is all. But it’s not just dinner after all. They totally do it, and the Old Man totally watches from the hallway. What in the hell?

Matthews asks to meet with Deb about the press conference. The station has been getting calls about it all night, and before Deb can even get her apology out, Matthews informs her that everyone loves her. She’s real and has fire, and people love that. Matthews is very proud of her, and tells her to “keep up the good fucking work.”

Angel and Quinn tell Deb about their new lead. The preacher they met with that afternoon is obsessed with this Revelation expert, one Professor James Gellar from the University of Tallahassee. Anderson already knows all about him and pulls up Gellar’s website. Guess who Gellar is? Yup, Travis’s BFF/mentor. Gellar went missing three years ago after getting fired for stealing an ancient sword, just like the one that could have been used in both killings. The sword was rumored to belong to John the Revelator. Ding ding ding!

Travis wakes up to an empty bed. He finds Erin in the kitchen, bound and gagged on the floor while Gellar keeps guard. Travis is upset – he likes her – but Gellar says he should have thought of that before he defiled her. Now she is part of God’s plan.

Deb calls Dexter at the hospital – there’s a crime scene in Coral Gables. A gardener at the botanical gardens found an alpha and an omega outside of the green house. Harrison is passed out from the pain meds and sedatives, so Jamie tells Dexter to go and she will keep an eye on the little guy. Dex reluctantly leaves.

At the gardens, there is a half circle of fish surrounding the symbols made in blood. Dexter follows a path of blood droplets to a green house, it’s handle covered in blood. Inside, Erin the waitress is hanging above the flowers, gagged and bound with a necklace of spikes hanging from her neck. As the cops move in, she tries to yell through her gag, shaking her head no. Deb notices the trip wire first, but doesn’t get the warning out in time – another officer, eyes on Erin, doesn’t see the wire and walks into it. Erin drops, the necklace tightens, and her arms come up to reveal angel wings. It’s official: they have a serial killer. A noise draws them to a cabinet. Angel opens it, and locusts swarm out. Dexter follows them outside. That’s when he notices Travis, standing alone, and the only one not freaked out by the bugs. Is that Doomsday #2? He doesn’t look like a murderer… he looks like a man who has true faith.