Dexter 6.5 – The Angel of Death

“Hello, Doomsday Killer.”

Dexter closely examines the feathers of the latest victim’s angel wings in the lab. The face he saw in the crowd outside of the greenhouse is still on his mind, and he’s certain the face is that of a dark variety. Unfortunately, the Doomsday Killer left no trace evidence. That’s when Dexter notices a repair made on the wings, done using an unusual material and strange glue. Hmm.

Gellar and Travis pray together in front of the creepy crucifix in the creepy chapel. Gellar is ready to go hunting for the next victim, but Travis is uncertain, hoping they would have more time. Gellar is disappointed that Travis still cannot hear God – all he can hear is the sound of his own voice banging around in his head. Time to hunt for the Whore of Babylon anyway.

The report comes back on the glue and the repair material. It’s calfskin (it sounded like he said “cat skin” first… imagine the look on my face) and it’s used with that weird glue in restoring ancient manuscripts. Masuka interrupts Dex’s work to remind him they have a meeting about the latest victim. The girl worked in the café at the Miami Cultural Center, a place full of artifacts in need of repair. Angel has been trying to get into contact with Gellar’s last TA, but the University isn’t exactly thrilled to be linked to crazy-ass Gellar. Masuka found a number in the girl’s esophagus, and his new intern, Louis Green, interjects with his findings on the matching verse in Revelation. Dexter pretends he hasn’t found anything on the wings in order to pursue Gellar (and his accomplice) himself.

Quinn asks to speak to Deb alone, and it’s awkward for all of us when he asks for the engagement ring back. I don’t know about Quinn, but I wouldn’t give a ring to a girl who said “maybe.” Just sayin’. Deb apologizes and then makes a frantic call to Jamie, hoping she has seen the ring around. Jamie hasn’t, and Deb begs her to keep an eye out for it. How do you lose an engagement ring?

Brother Sam runs into Dexter at the station. Some guys from Nick’s old gang came by and shot up the shop the night before. No one was hurt, but the cops didn’t show up and Sam needs a police report for the insurance. Dexter asks Sam if he’d like to stop by and see recovering Harrison and they make plans for that night before Dex runs off to the Miami Cultural Center. An overbearing docent (I work in museums, I know how it is) forces Dexter to watch an introductory film – and Travis is on screen, working away on a manuscript. Oh.

Travis and Gellar sit at a bar drinking coffee while half-naked women dance around them with glow sticks. Gellar thinks Travis is staring at the floozies, but he’s actually just sad that all those people are doomed and they don’t even know it. Travis notices a newspaper with Gellar’s face plastered on the front page. The professor thinks he should stay out of sight. Travis will need to find the Whore on his own, something he hasn’t done before.

Later that night, Dexter browses the museum’s staff page to find a name for the face he saw during the film. Travis Marshall works as a conservator of paper and bindings, working with ancient manuscripts. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Brother Sam with beer! As they talk, Dex opens up to Sam about his mother’s death and the darkness that settled after that event. Brother Sam insists that there is light inside of Dexter. Even though there is darkness, only a little light is needed to keep the dark at bay. Harrison is Dexter’s light – he just needs to let it out more.

Creeper Travis lurks on the docks, waiting for a girl on her lonesome to stumble by. He finally finds one and follows her. As she stops to take off her (fabulous) heels, he grabs her, but a group of guys spot him and give chase. Travis drops the girl and runs back to the chapel. Gellar forgives his failure and agrees to go with him the following night to get their Whore of Babylon.

Dexter is waiting in his car outside of Travis’ apartment. When the latter leaves for the day, Dexter lets himself into the neat apartment. A diploma on the wall informs Dexter that Travis went to the same school where Gellar taught. He’s also got Gellar’s books on display. Dex finds an old Bible on the desk with the same page numbers as those found on the victims. He cuts a page (with a missing number) out of the Book of Revelation and brings it back to the lab. Of course, it matches the numbers found on the victims.

Batista and Quinn find Gellar’s former TA Clarissa Porter at the University, where she teaches. She insists he has nothing to do with the killings. Turns out she and Gellar lived together when she was his TA, and she one in a long line of girls. Quinn flirts shamelessly and gives her his card. Later that night, Quinn and Clarissa get shitty and Angel tries to break up the party. Quinn insists he’s going to cross a college professor off his sex bucket list, and Batista cautions him – she’s part of an investigation. Of course, they have sloppy drunken relations.

“Don’t worry, I’m still an asshole!”

Deb is working hard at home. Harrison comes to give her a good night kiss, followed closely by Jamie with the missing engagement ring. Jamie gets angry when she spots the gross crime scene photos spread out on the floor and she and Deb get into it. Dexter comes home just in time and barely gets a greeting out before both women bombard him with their sides of the story. With Jamie gone for the night, Deb admits to her brother that maybe she should go to therapy.

Travis and Gellar watch a drunken couple walking along a parking lot. Gellar tells Travis to follow them. Travis isn’t so sure – the guy is kinda big – but starts the car anyway. Gellar says, “He’s not as big as God!” before pushing Travis’ foot down on the gas pedal and ramming the car into the couple. Travis stuffs the injured girl in the trunk and drives off.

Batista knocks on Clarissa’s door the next morning. She invites him in and goes to get Quinn from the bathroom. Angel starts snooping and finds a box labeled “Gellar.” In it is a bound leather journal.  The cover reads, “The Alpha and the Omega.” It’s filled with notes and drawings. He asks Clarissa if Gellar drew them, and there in black in white is a sketch of the Angel of Death tableau. “Holy shit” is right, Quinn.

Deb’s assigned therapist comes to her office, since Deb refused to come to hers. Dr. Michelle Ross asks her some basic questions about the shooting at the restaurant. Deb opens up to her about the actual things that are making her life complicated. She feels like she doesn’t have her own space, and Ross suggests finding her own place.

Deb meets with the landlord at a house that was recently the site of a murder-suicide. She wants to rent the place. The floor is still stained with blood. The man would have to disclose the crime in order to rent the place, but Deb reminds him that she already knows about it. They cut a deal and Deb has her own house just like that.

New intern Louis is a computer whiz. Masuka asks him to try and trace the buyer of the ITK hand. Unfortunately, the buyer used some program that firewalls his identity, so they’ll never find out who it is. Louis was able to erase any trace of the sale from the Internet. Masuka never checked it out of evidence, so the department is safe from any connection to the missing evidence.

Travis gets into his car in the museum’s parking garage. Dexter is waiting for him with a wire, which he wraps around Travis’ neck. They drive, and Dexter reveals that he knows who Travis is. The latter admits that he doesn’t speak to God – it’s all Gellar. Before Travis met him, he was lost. Dex doesn’t believe him. Travis admits that he failed in killing those people, even though he wanted to. Gellar does the killing. Dexter warns Travis that Gellar is pulling him toward the darkness and he needs to find someone else to follow. He lets Travis out of the car and takes the car back to the museum. Dex needs Travis to lead him to Gellar. As Dexter leaves, Travis calls Gellar and tells him he’s sick and going home instead of meeting him. Gellar hopes his protégé isn’t trying to run from God.

Brother Sam enters the garage early the next morning. He hears a noise and a person steps out from behind the cars. Sam looks at the figure curiously before the stranger puts two bullets into Sam’s chest and a third into his back. The guard dog is strangely silent, but he stands next to Sam as the blood pours onto the concrete floor.