Dexter 6.6 – Just Let Go

“It ain’t about him, Dexter. If you don’t let that darkness go, it won’t let go of you. Let it go, let it go.”

Dexter stalks Travis through a street festival of some kind and Dexter waxes poetic about paths and making choices and how they define us. Deb interrupts his mission with a phone call about Brother Sam’s being shot. As Dex abandons Travis, the latter meets up with Gellar and they purchase some kind of costume. Travis asks Gellar if he can give the kidnapped girl some painkillers because her arm is broken. Gellar is disappointed in Travis’ weakness as the young man questions the morality of their actions.

At the garage, Bro Sam is loaded into an ambulance. It’s pretty bad. There are no exit wounds, meaning the interior damage is not good. Dexter convinces Deb to let him work forensics on the case, despite his relationship with Sam. Dexter believes that the shooter is a member of now-dead Julio’s gang, looking for retribution. While the rest of the crew is busy, Dexter finds the baseball bat he used to hit one of Julio’s buddies the night they came looking for Nick. He scrapes the blood off and brings it back to the lab.

Dex runs the blood through the system. It belongs to Leo Hernandez. Anderson believes Sam’s shooting is also for retribution; the gang blamed him for Julio’s disappearance. Dexter feels pretty guilty and rushes off to the hospital.

Deb is having trouble adjusting to her new job, still. She fills up her coffee mug and tries to shoot the shit with Batista and Masuka, who don’t really want to pal around with the boss. After they scurry, Maria shows up to bust Deb’s balls about the Doomsday Killer.

There is a prayer service for Brother Sam at the garage. Dex questions Nick about the activity of his former gang. Nick isn’t a rat, but Dexter convinces that men like Julio and his gang don’t deserve his loyalty. The guard dog continuously barks at Dexter, and Nick is able to keep the pup quiet.

Batista and Quinn debrief Deb about Gellar’s books. He was researching the Enesserrette, an early AD cult that believed the Book of Revelation was a code to bring around the end of the world. Gellar believed he found the keys, and the tableaux may be steps in bringing about the end of the world. Gellar did an art installation at the college to draw attention to his research. They show Deb a photo of a naked girl and a dead lamb. Deb notices a mark on the girl’s back. It’s a tattoo, a Hindu ohm. Quinn seems anxious for Deb to get the hell out of there. After she leaves, Quinn tells Angel that the girl in the photo is Professor Porter… he was up close and personal with that ink. Quinn begs Angel to shut up about it. Angel tells Deb they will have to go to Tallahassee to interview her, and Deb is excited that she might be the girl in the photo. But she wants the professor to come to Miami. Angel warns Quinn to stay away while she’s in town.

Dexter is having trouble dealing with his emotions about Brother Sam’s shooting. Harry wishes Dex would just admit that he cares for Sam. Brother Sam has traveled both roads – that of a killer and of a peaceful man – and that’s why he can see the darkness and the light inside of Dexter. He knows there is more to him than the Dark Passenger. Harry wishes he could have seen that.

“Who is [Brother Sam] to me?”
“A fellow traveler.”

At her last meeting with the therapist, Deb blurts out all of her feelings about being LT and how things ended with Quinn. She doesn’t know how to act around anyone anymore. The therapist tells Deb to stop acting and just be herself. She leaves her business card with Deb before she leaves. She might need a bookmark, after all.

Anderson is on patrol when he spots a couple of junkies in an alley. One manages to escape, but Anderson catches the other. When he refuses to tell who the neighborhood supplier is, Anderson “flamingos” him – handcuffing one hand to one ankle – wondering why they don’t do that in Miami… they don’t even have flamingoes in Chicago. A few minutes later, Anderson is on the phone with Deb, giving her Leo Hernandez’s name and address. Dexter is currently waiting outside of that house, and he watches as Anderson and a few back up cars swoop in for Leo. Damn. Justice is done, but Dexter doesn’t feel better.

Anderson and Dex search the living room and find the security DVD that was stolen from the garage the night of Brother Sam’s shooting. Even though they didn’t find the 9mm that shot Sam, there is still enough evidence to hold up that Leo was the shooter. Dexter notices something strange about the tape – Eli the dog is silent. There are only two people Eli doesn’t bark at: Sam… and Nick.

At the church, Travis drains some of his blood into a jar and stores it in the fridge. Gross. The latest victim is crying in fear and pain. Travis brings her a sandwich and apologizes that he can’t give her pain medications. She begs to be released – she has a son – and she can tell Travis is a good person. He pauses for a moment, but he leaves.

Dexter breaks into Nick’s house. The night Sam took Nick to the garage, Nick fired a shot. Dexter finds the bullet in the wall across from the couch. It’s a 9mm. At the lab, Dexter examines the bullet and discovers it’s from the same gun that shot Brother Sam. It was Nick. The ultimate Judas.

Deb watches Angel interview Porter. She admits that she is the woman in the photo, but she had sort of “forgotten” about it. Deb realizes Quinn is sitting at his desk and makes him go in there with Angel. Oh shit. Both Angel and the Professor are surprised when he joins them. Angel continues the interview and it’s clear she’s getting fed up. They push her about her relationship with Gellar and Porter finally has had enough: “If I were still involved with Gellar, would I have slept with Mr. Warmth over here?” She looks pointedly at Quinn and Angel over his shoulder, where a shocked Deb is still watching. Porter leaves and threatens to get a lawyer if they bother her again.


Deb enters the interview room and kicks Angel out. Deb threatens to have Quinn fired. Porter was the key to interpret the Gellar evidence and she’ll never cooperate now. Quinn accuses Deb of being jealous. Her line is worth quoting: “Are you kidding? I could give a fuck who you fuck. Just don’t fuck with my investigation, you fuck.”

Dexter sends Jamie and Harrison to Deb’s housewarming party, where he will join them after he dispenses of Nick. As he’s getting ready, he gets a phone call. Brother Sam is awake and wants to talk to Dexter. It’s not good news; the doctor says people sometimes come out of comas before they die. Dexter tells Sam he’ll get revenge for this, and Sam tells him no. He has a message for Nick: “Tell him that I forgive him.” Dexter is the only one Sam can trust to do it. Sam can see Dexter’s light. He can learn to forgive and find peace. If Dexter doesn’t let his darkness go, it won’t let go of him.

Deb’s party is hoppin’, but she’s still pretty pissed about the Clarissa Porter thing. Angel apologizes and he and Deb clear the air. Jamie and Deb make up, too, which is nice. Quinn shows up and ruins everything. He’s drunk and arrives with a girl from the bar. When “Cindy” finds out that Deb is his ex, she angrily (and rightfully) leaves.

At the chapel, Gellar tells Travis that he has to go out and make further preparations and that when he returns, the “whore” better be marked and ready. Travis grabs an iron Alpha and Omega brand from the fire and walks slowly toward the woman. He is clearly struggling with his task. A moment later he is dropping the woman off at the beach, telling her she’s free.

Back at the house party, Louis tries to flirt with Jamie. He already has a full time career designing video games and took the internship because he’s working on a crime game. Quinn interrupts them to sloppily and creepily hit on Jamie. Jamie tries to excuse herself to go check on Harrison, but Quinn won’t let her by. Angel puts a stop to it by punching him in the face. Deb crouches next to Quinn, who asks if she ever loved him. When she doesn’t answer, he gets up and leaves.

Brother Sam dies while Dexter sits in the waiting room. Harry asks if Dexter will honor Sam’s dying wish. Dexter already accepted his path. Can he take the detour with Nick for Brother Sam? Dex runs into Nick outside the hospital and asks if they can talk. They hop into Dexter’s car and drive to the beach where Nick was baptized. Dex reveals that he knows Nick shot Sam. He wants to know why he did it. Nick thinks Sam is full of shit. He gave Nick hope and nothing changed. He lied to him, but his gang mates never would have done that. In order to rejoin them, he had to prove himself by shooting Sam. Dexter decides to tell Nick that Sam forgives him, and Sam is dead now and Nick is a murderer. Dex tells Nick to turn himself in, but Nick won’t – he knows that there is no way they could tie him to the shooting. When he starts laughing at his amazing luck, Dexter breaks. He drowns Nick in the same water he was reborn in. There is no light in Nick. And there is no light in Dexter.

Someone on shore applauds Dexter’s act. It’s Brian, the Ice Truck Killer. Dexter stares at him in shock. “Hey little brother. Miss me?”

Guess who’s back, back again. Guess who’s back, tell a friend!

Dexter kill count (we haven’t had one of these in a while!): 1