Dexter 6.7 – Nebraska

“You don’t turn the other cheek. You slice it.”

In the bright Florida sunshine, Dexter and Brian throw Nick’s body overboard. Dex has felt lost many times before – after Rita died, when Lumen left – but now he’s been found, thanks to dead big brother Biney. Brian tries to convince Dexter to leave town, but Deb calls him back to the station.

Deb closes her office door, ensconcing her and her adopted brother safely inside. That’s never good. She drops a bombshell, one Dexter knows not to be true, one that can’t be true: Trinity is back, and he killed again. Deb mistakes Dexter’s shock for grief. The victims were Trinity’s wife and daughter. Jonah apparently walked in on his father beating his mother, his sister dead in the tub. Jonah, thankfully, escaped. They were under witness protection in Kearney, Nebraska. From behind Deb, Brian sing-songs: “Road trip!” Dex asks for some time to “cope.”

Travis is having breakfast with his sister, having spent the night there. She’s extremely happy to spend time with her little bro, and even happier that he’s not only staying with her because he has some problem he wants her to fix. Travis is cleaning up the dishes when he spots Gellar out the kitchen window. He confronts his mentor and tells him he’s done. Gellar promises he’ll carry on God’s work for both of them until Travis is done with his little detour.

Dexter and Brian do research on the Mitchell murders. They both know it was Jonah, but Dexter can’t believe it. Jonah loved his family. Why would he do it? It’s in his blood, of course. Brian excitedly plans their drive to East Bumfuck. Dexter doesn’t want to leave Miami, in case the police close in on the Doomsday Killer. But Brian convinces him to have a little “fun.”

Dexter leaves Deb a voicemail to let her know that he needs a few more days. While he’s cruising down the Georgia highway, Deb is in a hearing about her department’s numbers. Maria attacks Deb in there, but afterward they bond a bit in the elevator. Maria reminds Deb that the numbers reflect on her, too. She takes comfort in the numbers, especially since she also lost a relationship to the job. Deb leaves Dexter a voicemail, telling him to take the day off, but he can’t have four. She needs his help with DDK.

Dex and Brian stop at a convenience store, where a hot young blond girl works the register. Dexter spots a gun under the counter. A few moments later, Dex emerges from the back room, where the girl is pulling her clothes back on. Brian pouts because his brother decided to bang her, not kill her. Dex grabs the gun from under the counter and they bolt. Dex shoots at signs as they drive down the highway.

Somehow they make it safely to Nebraska. Dexter pulls in front of the hardware store where Jonah works and finds the boy helping a customer. Jonah doesn’t look at all surprised; he approaches Dexter and greets him: “Hello, Dexter Morgan.” The Mitchells found out Dex’s real identity after Rita’s murder, and they decided as a family to keep it from the FBI because he had tried to help them. Jonah still maintains Arthur killed the women, thinking that his mother called for money, leading him to them.

“Hello, Dexter Morgan.”

Angel gets a call from the hospital. There’s a woman there, claiming she was chained up for a few days by a man called “the Professor.” Deb asks if her name is Mary Ann or Ginger (har har). At the hospital, Deb interviews the victim, Holly. She says there were two men that kept her, and they kept calling her the Whore. They made her drink something cold that made her vomit – it tasted like metal. She thinks it was blood. Deb really needs Dexter right now, but he ignores her calls.

Dex and Brian pull into a motel on a flat tire to set up a basecamp. The guy behind the desk, Norm, offers to patch the tire for $20. They shake hands on it, and the clerk comments on Dexter “the landscaper’s” callous-free hands. The brothers decide to head into town and cut through a field with a no trespassing sign. Norm watches suspiciously from the window.

At the station, the team learns about the Whore of Babylon. That had to be the next tableau. Deb wants an ID on the accomplice, who must be a former student. There are 2,400 to choose from. Louis thinks he can cook up some kind of equation to lower the odds.

Jamie and Louis are on a date at Dexter’s apartment. Louis is showing her the video game he’s making modeled on Miami Metro when they hear a noise. It’s Deb, looking for Dexter. She gives Jamie the third degree, but the nanny has no idea where he is. Deb’s tried calling a million times, but not from home. He’ll answer if he thinks there’s something wrong with Harrison. Dexter does answer, but he dodges all of her questions and quickly hangs up. Deb feels put out that he won’t share with her. After Norm fixes Dexter’s tire, Dex speeds off to Jonah’s. They’re short on time.

Dexter isn’t sure if he’s going to kill Jonah; he’s not sure if he’s guilty. Brian has no patience with Harry’s Code. Why bother only killing guilty people? Dex tries to explain that it’s kept him from getting caught, and it gave him a life. He’ll search the living room for proof. But when he opens his trunk, he discovers his knives and forensic kit are missing. Dex puts on latex gloves and lets himself into the Mitchells’ house. He can make a test for bleach using kitchen items. He heads into the living room and comes face to face with Jonah. Jonah threatens to call the police. Dex uses his science skills to prove that Jonah’s story doesn’t add up. And Trinity couldn’t have done it because Dexter killed him. Jonah runs out the front door and speeds away.

Dex needs his knives, first. He heads back to the motel. He finds Norm in the shed, drying all the pot leaves he’s growing in that cornfield. Norm asks about Dexter’s tools, thinking that he came there to bust his little pot business. Norm wants money in exchange for the tools. He holds Dexter at gunpoint. Suddenly, Brian runs Norm through with a pitchfork. The camera pans, and we see it’s actually Dexter. “At last, a kill,” Brian sighs. He admires the way the light went out of Norm’s eyes. Dexter feels like anything is possible. Uh-oh. They dump Norm’s body in a silo.

Bye bye, Norm!

Travis studies a photo of himself with Gellar at graduation before packing up all of his doomsday books. He brings them to Gellar, stating that he wanted them out of the apartment. Gellar asks why he didn’t just throw them out. Travis admits he was hoping for closure. Gellar tells Travis all of the horrible things going on in the world right now, which is why the world has to end. He asks what Travis wants – it’s freedom. Gellar releases him from his duties.

Quinn apologizes to Deb for everything that he did, starting with his proposal. He wants to know that they had something good, and Deb agrees that they did. It’s sweet, and way over-due. Quinn confesses that he misses her. Deb doesn’t know what she’s doing as LT: “The last day of my life that made any sense was the last day that I spent with you.” Quinn kisses her then, and she kisses back, but briefly. It’s really over between them. Quinn finally accepts it, and gives her one last kiss goodbye on the cheek.

Jonah calls Dexter, wanting to talk. He asks to meet at the hardware store. Dex knows Jonah will try to kill him. Jonah wanted to kill Trinity himself, and now he’ll kill Dexter. Dex pins him, choking him. Jonah begs for Dexter to kill him for what he did. He didn’t kill his sister… she killed herself. He should have gotten her out of the house. Their mother was the one who pushed her over the edge, blaming the kids for everything and still defending Arthur. After he found Becca, Jonah lost it – he couldn’t stop hitting his mother. Jonah provoked a fight with Dexter, hoping he would kill him. Dex can’t. Jonah has a conscience and regret. Brian tries to egg him on. Dex has had about enough of Brian. He tells Jonah to forgive himself, then runs Brian over with the car.

Louis tells Deb about his program, which reduced the names of Gellar’s former students from 2,400 to 200. It wasn’t completely legal, but then again, he isn’t a real employee of Miami Metro, just an intern. Meanwhile, Dexter is driving back to Miami. Just outside the city limits, Harry thumbs a ride. Dexter opens the passenger door for him, and Harry welcomes him home.

Dexter kill count: 1