Dexter 6.8 – Sin of Omission

“Burden me, my ass. I burden you all the time. It’s not a burden for me to be here for you.”

Dexter buys a couple of coffees and a cruller to make up for his disappearance from work. He brings it to Deb’s new beach house, trying to think of an excuse for being MIA. Deb has little patience, but is willing to give him five minutes to explain himself. She’s in a tough spot at work because everyone thinks she gave him a week off in the middle of the DDK case… but she accepts his apology before filling him in about the newest developments with Holly’s release and the two accomplices. Looks like Travis isn’t Dexter’s secret anymore.

Travis takes the garbage from his sister’s kitchen to the trash outside, where Gellar is waiting for him. Sure, Travis is free, but Gellar is disappointed that he’s wasting his freedom on the mundane – he’s slipping into the same trap he was in when they met. Gellar insinuates that Travis’s sister would look just lovely in red (the color donned by the Whore of Babylon). The younger man tells him to stay the fuck away.

Brother Sam’s funeral is at the beach. One of his friends reads from Sam’s bloodstained Bible before scattering his ashes into the ocean. After the service, the man hands Dexter the Bible. Sam wanted him to have it. Dex is unsure, but the man reassures him that he might find some hope in there. Oh, and by the way, have you seen Nick?

Dexter sneaks into Travis’s workshop. He stands behind the conservator and congratulates him for doing the right thing with Holly. Travis recognizes Dexter’s voice, and is understandably nervous, but he tells him that he is free from Gellar now. Dexter tries to convince Travis to help him find Gellar; the professor can be out of his life forever without police involvement. Travis doesn’t want any part of it. WHY CAN’T EVERYONE JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE?!

A naked woman lies dead on the floor. She’s a working girl, and her arms are covered with track marks. Looks like she overdosed and fell and hit her head – an accidental death. But Dexter knows better; the blood pattern suggests she was moved, and heroin kills almost instantly… there would be hardly any blood. Someone gave her CPR, cracked her rib, and caused more blood to flow from the head wound. Whoever it was panicked, put her back where she was, and wiped everything clean. Maria decides to push her nosy self into the case and wants copies of all the ME reports. Hmm.

Dexter needs to convince Travis to help him get to Gellar before the police do. After putting the ever-adorable Harrison to bed, Dex takes Brother Sam’s Bible from his bag and starts to do some research. If he wants to get Travis’s help, he needs to learn to speak his language. The next morning, he joins Travis at the counter of a diner. Dexter uses Travis’s guilt about his involvement with Gellar to try and convince him, along with a Bible quote talking about the sin of omission: if Travis knows he ought to do something and doesn’t, it’s a sin. But Travis is concerned about his sister’s safety more than anything else. He agrees to help Dexter after he gets his sister safely out of town.

Deb rings Lisa’s, Travis’s sister, doorbell. His name was on the list. Deb just wants to ask him some questions about Gellar. Lisa confesses that Travis doesn’t open up to her much (Deb really understands that, actually). She hasn’t noticed any strange behavior from her brother, and Deb leaves her card so they can “check him off the list” next time they see him. Travis rides by on his bike as Deb is getting into her car. He notices her gun and continues by, not wanting her to spot him. She doesn’t.

Maria finds Deb in the bathroom and tells her the “good news” about Jessica the dead hooker: the cause of death was the overdose. Deb doesn’t understand why that’s good news. Maria reminds her that it’s one less homicide to worry about because she can close the case – but hold up a sec, why was LaGuerta looking at the ME report? Maria insists she was just trying to help out since the DDK case is so huge. Deb, unconvinced, calls Dexter and asks him to put a rush on Jessica’s blood work.

Travis waits outside of the school for Lisa, wishing she would hurry up. As he rounds the corner, he nearly runs into Gellar. Gellar has grown impatient; there isn’t any time for Travis to “find himself.” There is work to be done. Gellar whacks Travis upside the head with a shovel.

Jamie, Angel, and Louis have dinner together because Angel is the judgey big brother and Jamie won’t stand having him be rude without getting to know the guy, first. When Jamie excuses herself to use the bathroom, things get awkward. Angel makes Louis think that Jamie is a player, dating lots of guys and having a hard time saying no because she’s “so nice.” Batista flashes his gun and Louis looks really uncomfortable.

The blood report on Jessica’s death shows that there was someone else in the room. Deb is stuck between a rock and a hard place: if she does her job and investigates a potential homicide, Maria will be pissed. If she just lets it go, the guy will walk. Yeesh. Deb grabs a pen from Dexter’s bag to sign the blood report. It’s a pen from the motel in Kearney, NE. Deb puts two and two together and Dexter has to admit a couple of things, like the fact that he did go there and he talked to Jonah. Deb is hurt that Dexter would talk to a complete stranger about things but wouldn’t come to her for comfort. Masuka interrupts with a message that DDK struck again.

They arrive at the playground of Lisa’s school. Oh no. Curtains hang down from the playground equipment. Angel informs them that they have the Whore of Babylon and whips open the curtain. The woman has a mask on, and Masuka takes it off to reveal Lisa. Deb recognizes her and sends Anderson to find Travis right away. He’s now at the top of Miami Metro’s list. Dexter wonders if Travis went crawling back to Gellar, or if this was punishment for pushing him away? He finds a tag on a piece of the material used as a curtain: FN Galway. It was probably a vestment or robe at one point. Masuka finds Deb’s card pinned to Lisa’s back. Deb, of course, is immediately laden with guilt.

The Whore of Babylon.

Travis wakes up on the chapel floor, chained. Gellar had to make sure he wouldn’t run. The professor wants penance from Travis to cleanse his soul. It’s not his fault he strayed – the devil comes in many forms. Gellar informs Travis that his sister spoke to the police, she betrayed him, just like the Whore of Babylon. Travis realizes what this means, and his suspicions are confirmed by Gellar’s painting of the Whore, which bares Lisa’s likeness. Now that Lisa is free from hell on earth, Travis can come back to the mission.

Oooh, you’re in troubleee!

Deb talks to Maria about her suspicions about Jessica Morris. Maria pushes her to close the case. The city is in a panic about DDK. A woman tried to drive into the bay with her infant son because she didn’t want him to go through the tribulations. LaGuerta orders Deb to close the case, and Deb finally agrees. After Deb leaves, Maria pulls out her phone and makes a call: “It’s taken care of,” she says. “Yes, I’m sure you have nothing more to worry about.”

Deb tells Dexter that the ME couldn’t find any of those paper numbers on Lisa. Dexter knows that the number placement was Travis’s job. No number, no Travis. This kill was all Gellar. Deb asks Dexter if he’ll have dinner to just talk, and he begs a rain check. Instead, Deb goes to her therapist, where she has been having weekly sessions for some time. She tells the doctor that Dexter “treats [her] like shit.” Dexter constantly shuts her out and won’t talk to her anymore. But Deb was the one who did most of the talking, anyway. The therapist suggests that Deb tries to focus on Dexter and his issues the next time they get together.

Dexter follows up on FN Galway. Turns out, he’s a retired Catholic priest with pretty severe dementia. Dexter finds him at a Catholic-run senior living facility. Galway, of course, thinks he’s someone else, and Dexter tries to leave. The old priest won’t let him leave without confessing his sins. The priest reminds Dex that he can’t get into heaven unless his sins are absolved. Dexter didn’t realize priests could do that, so he thinks, what the hell. He confesses that he’s killed a lot of people, and Galway absolves him of his mortal sins. Dexter thanks him and leaves. The nun walks Dexter out, telling him how Galway will sometimes ask to be driven to his church because he thinks he’s supposed to lead mass. But the church has been abandoned for years. Perfect kill room.

Dexter rushes home to say good night to Harrison, but Deb surprises him with a steak dinner. Dex said it wasn’t a good night because something came up. Dexter won’t talk to her about whatever it is, and he heads out the door. She follows him out and begs him to talk to her. He won’t, and she gives up.

Dexter pulls up outside the church. Gellar and Travis hear the car door slam, and Gellar tells Travis to keep his mouth shut before rushing off. Dexter lets himself inside and finds Travis chained to a grate. Gellar watches from the balcony. Dexter follows Travis’s gaze and climbs the ladder to the second floor. Wherever Gellar was, he’s gone now. And he saw Dexter, which will make his job much harder. Travis agrees to help Dexter kill Gellar. In his own way, Dex is going to eliminate a small bit of darkness and let some light in.