Dexter 6.9-10 – Get Gellar & Ricochet Rabbit

We’re doubling up on episodes this week in preparation for the season 7 premiere next week. Who’s excited?! Has anybody watched the previews that have been all over the interwebz? What do you think?

Dexter looks through some of the weapons in the chapel, finding an axe. He’s used to having a Dark Passenger – he’s had one all his life – but Travis isn’t adjusting to his so well. Dex needs to help separate them. He uses the axe to cut the chain binding the younger man’s wrists together. He has no idea where Gellar could be, since the chapel is his home. Dexter spots the painting for the next tableau, the Bowls of Wrath, but Travis doesn’t know where it will be staged or who the victim will be. Gellar was the one always in charge. Dex spots a small bit of writing on the painting: “2 lot.” Travis has no idea what it means. They begin to rifle through Gellar’s books and papers to try and find a clue.

Dexter checks Travis into a hotel. Harry, disapproving as always, wants to know what it’s about. Dex thinks it’s what Brother Sam would have wanted. The next day at the station, Dexter researches “2LoT” — it’s the second law of thermodynamics, the tendency of order to become disorder. Dexter pulls out the parking pass from Florida University that he found in the chapel. There is a Professor Trent Casey there who recently published a book about 2LoT and atheism.

Deb is at therapy, still blabbing on about Dexter. The doctor asks why Deb expects Dexter to change, if he’s always been closed off and private. Deb concedes that she’s right, it’s just the way he is. Deb feels alone when Dexter shuts her out. When Deb mentions that Lundy was shot in front of her and that she had been engaged to a serial killer, the doctor suggests they meet more than once a week.

At a briefing, Deb goes over the latest in the DDK case. There are only three more tableaux to complete. Louis informs them that Gellar updated his blog, something he hasn’t done in a while. The entry warns that all false prophets are doomed.  Dex wonders if it’s about Casey or himself. There are a ton of comments on it, many of them in support. A video response from “Doomsday Adam” is particularly bizarre. Louis is going to try and track the IP address.

Deb meets with the father of Jessica Morris, the prostitute that was found dead a couple of episodes ago. He asks Deb to reopen the case because of the cracked sternum. Deb shuts him down at first, but she eventually agrees to run it by upstairs and see what comes of it.

Dexter slips into Professor Casey’s lecture at the university. He borrows a syllabus from another student to find out the location of the professor’s office. Casey, who is supposed to be a rip-off of Richard Dawkins, I think, is described by Dexter as a likeable self-important asshole. After the class files out, Dexter tries to inform Casey of imminent danger, but Casey, who gets hundreds of threats, brushes him off because he doesn’t have proof. After getting the layout of the building, Dexter returns to the chapel to set up a Kill Room and have a nice conversation with Harry. If Dex kills Gellar, Travis will get the second chance that Dexter never had.

Later that night, Travis and Dexter wait in the car outside of Casey’s building at the university. Travis spots Gellar entering the building and they follow. Dex takes the elevator and tells Travis to watch the stairs. Unfortunately, the elevator becomes stuck and Dexter knows Gellar has seen them. Dex climbs through the ceiling but can’t open the door that is just above him. There’s breaking class and an axe opening the door. It’s Travis, apologizing for moving from his post. Casey’s office is empty, but there are drops of blood on the floor. At a dead end, they head back to Travis’ hotel room. Dexter suggests that Travis contact Gellar to ask for another chance.

The next morning, Deb calls: DDK struck again. The crime scene is at the lecture hall. Casey is laying on a table on the stage. One of his hands is missing and he is devoid of blood. They couldn’t find any trip wires or traps, and the team is confused about the lack of bowls. Masuka opens Casey’s stomach; he’s empty. Dexter looks up and sees several buckets just as Masuka moves Casey’s bloody stump of an arm. He barely gets out a warning before buckets of blood rain down upon them all. Everyone, rightly, freaks out. “Gellar hasn’t seen wrath until he’s seen mine,” Dexter thinks.

They’re all gonna laugh at you!

Travis jolts awake in his hotel room, obviously from some kind of nightmare. He heads into the bathroom. Scrawled across the mirror and walls (in blood of course) are the words: “Bring the false prophet to the church.” In the sink is Casey’s missing hand.

Deb runs into Maria in the elevator. Maria was on her way to tell Deb that she shouldn’t reopen the call girl’s case. Deb finally stands up for herself, telling Maria that if she doesn’t want her to investigate a potential homicide – which is her job, by the way – then to fire her. Deb gets off at her floor and Maria heads outside, where she meets Captain Matthews in his car. She informs him that Deb won’t drop the case. Matthews didn’t realize the girl had overdosed until after he did CPR. If he stayed, his career would have been ruined. Maria tells him not to worry. She will stop her.

Louis tracked the IP address of Gellar’s blog and connected it to an address. A guy at a park confirms that it’s his IP address, but it’s unsecured, so he doesn’t know who uses it. It has a range of 900 feet. Someone could use the wireless without even getting out of their car. If they used an antenna, they could even pick up the signal from a couple of miles away. Deb, Anderson, and Louis leave and the camera pans away and up. The chapel is just visible behind the trees.

Louis brings Jamie back to his apartment. He is LOADED. His video game career has really been successful, apparently. They totally do it. As the camera pans through his apartment, it rests on a case containing the prosthetic hand from the Ice Truck Killer case. Bad news bears.

Travis and Dexter approach the chapel in the dark. Travis will go in to distract Gellar with his fake apologies while Dex sneaks in the back. Gellar is kneeling at the altar, reading the Bible. In the back of the building, Harry and Dexter talk about why he is helping Travis. Dexter hopes that by doing this he can be a better father to his son. Dex grabs his needle and sneaks through to the main part of the church. Gellar is nowhere to be found. Travis is unconscious on the floor. There’s a loud electrical sort of sound coming from underneath the altar. Dexter slips through a small door in the floor into a cellar. The noise is coming from a large freezer. Dex opens it to reveal a dead and frozen Gellar. Travis wakes up and grabs a sword. Dexter suddenly realizes it was Travis alone the entire time. Insert Arrested Development “I’ve made a horrible mistake” meme here.

I don’t want that popsicle any more.

Dexter moves the frozen Gellar’s arms to reveal a bloody chest wound. Travis watches from above, suddenly looking confused. He drops the sword, drawing Dexter’s attention to him. When he accuses him of murdering the professor, Travis changes again and closes the trap door, covering it with the altar. Dexter can see the younger man outside, speaking to someone. Dexter doesn’t see anyone, but Travis sees Gellar. He thinks Gellar is still alive. Behind Dexter, Harry dryly says: “Talking to someone who isn’t there. Huh.” Gellar forces Travis to face the truth about himself. He was the crazy one all along. Gellar tried to get Travis help. Obviously that didn’t work. Travis stabbed Gellar with the sword, trying to prove to the professor that he couldn’t be hurt. Wrong again. Travis is in control now. He doesn’t need Gellar anymore.

Dexter knows he has to stop him. Now that he realizes Travis’s Dark Passenger is a part of him, he can’t save him. Dex should have never listened to Brother Sam, even though he was right about one thing: you put your faith in the wrong thing, it can really fuck you up. Dexter breaks through the cellar doors leading outside. Deb texts Dexter and lets him know that the cops are canvassing a one mile radius around the Wi-Fi signal. Harry suggests Dexter let this one go, since the cops are so close. Dex needs to keep Gellar “alive” to keep the cops off Travis’ trail. He uses a frozen hand to put fingerprints all over the place.

At Travis’s hotel room, Dexter uses “Gellar’s” blog to make a post. He writes that he was wrong – everything he was doing was the Devil’s errand. At an internet café, Travis searches through the comments on the blog to try and find more disciples. He comes across Doomsday Adam, who pledges his support. Travis sends him an email. Then he spots to newest blog post. He leaves a comment, promising to fix his mistake. Which is?

The church is now crawling with cops. Deb starts to become freaked out by all the religious stuff around, breathing hard. She runs outside for some air. Dexter arrives and finds her looking a little “sweaty.” Dexter tells her it might be a panic attack, like the one he had at the bloody hotel room. He helps her feel better and they head inside. Angel is looking at the paintings. The sixth one reads “wormwood.” Anderson explains that it’s a star that crashes to the earth and poisons everyone. Dex finds an old prescription bottle of Travis’s. The medicine was issued by Dr. Benjamin Carlson. Deb interrupts before Dexter can hide that tidbit of info and gets a call in to the doc.

The blood that the cops found in the jars at the church was the same type as Travis’s. Deb thinks it could be what they were making Holly Benson, the escaped victim, drink. Travis let Holly go. Could this be the “mistake” he needs to fix? Dexter finds Holly’s address online and rushes out the door. He lets himself into Holly’s empty house. There’s no sign of her, but he finds the address of Holly’s boyfriend Peter Grant. Peter isn’t home; he’s in Europe. His daughter describes Holly as Peter’s “sexretary.” She suggests Dexter try her dad’s yacht, or as she so politely puts it, his “fuckpad.”

Travis knocks on the door of a house. Doomsday Adam, aka Steve Dorsey, answers the door. He acts like he’s meeting a celebrity. Steve’s wife Beth brings out some snacks, just as star-struck as her husband. Travis wants them to help with the mission. But first he needs them to prove that they are fully committed to the cause.

Holly boards Ricochet Rabbit, Peter’s yacht. Travis and the Dorseys pull up in a car on the dock. While Holly helps herself to a drink, the trio climbs aboard. Travis greets her: “Hello, whore.” Holly runs, only to be captured by the Dorseys. Travis pulls the boat out of the slip.

Dr. Carson passed away a few years ago, but Anderson was able to get Travis’s psychological evaluation through a court order. The drugs prescribed were anti-psychotic medicines. Travis has had violent tendencies since childhood, lack of empathy, delusions of grandeur, and was a master manipulator. The psychologist thought Travis killed his parents. Meanwhile, Dexter is in his office, looking through Holly’s photos. He finds the yacht and recognizes the marina.

At therapy, Deb recounts her freak out at the crime scene. Dexter’s presence helped her calm down. She always goes to him when she has problems. He is her safe place. Deb remembers how she used to sneak into his room when she had nightmares as a child and sleep on his floor. She asks if that’s weird, and the doctor asks her if she thinks it’s weird. Deb thinks it’s sweet.

On the yacht, Steve gets all excited when Travis informs them that they’re going to kill Holly. He is ready to prove his faith like Abraham. Beth is unsure, but Travis convinces her that she will be purified. Without ceremony, Travis slits Holly’s throat before handing the knife to Steve, who stabs her.

Dexter arrives home, hoping Jamie can stay to watch Harrison, but she can’t. She has a date with Louis, who arrived early to pick her up. Louis asks if Dexter would mind looking at the game he’s developing. It’s about homicide, but his game is different from all those other homicide games out there, because you can be the serial killer. He pulls up the title screen: “Homicidal Tendencies.” Dexter stares at him: “What?” The player can be any number of famous criminals, even the Bay Harbor Butcher. Dex thinks it’s offensive; who would choose to be a serial killer? Dexter tells Louis it’s a bad idea and walks away. Louis feigns illness and goes home, leaving Jamie, who offers to stay and babysit.

Dexter arrives at the marina to find the Ricochet Rabbit gone. Dex sets off an alarm and sneaks into the security trailer when the guard leaves to check it out. He watches the security footage from earlier that day and sees Travis steering the yacht. The boat has Sea Tracker. Dexter calls for the coordinates. Meanwhile on the yacht, Travis wears a full body plastic suit and a mask while working with two canisters. He brings it out to the Dorseys, telling them its wormwood.

Deb rummages through the box of Jessica Morris evidence. She finds a card from a bouquet of flowers and calls the flower shop. They were delivered the morning of the 18th, the day she died. Deb wants to know who sent them. The florist tells her it was Thomas Matthews. You know, the captain? Deb is in complete shock.

Louis shows a video to Angel of Doomsday Adam talking about being a “chosen one.” Louis even already got his real name and address. Angel waits outside of the Dorseys’ house without Quinn, who isn’t answering his phone. Angel decides to go without backup and knocks on the door. Beth answers and Angel talks his way inside. Beth tells him the videos were all a joke in hopes of becoming internet famous or something. On his way out, he spots Gellar’s books. Suspicious, he starts to ask Beth about them, but Travis whacks him over the head. It’s a sign, he says. God wants them to stage wormwood at Miami Metro Homicide.

Dexter watches Travis in his HAZMAT suit. He boards the yacht and tries to drug him, but he spots Dex and puts up a fight. Dexter stabs him in the stomach and rips off the mask. It’s Adam. With his last breaths, he tells Dexter that he can’t stop wormwood now. Dex has to fix it, has to find out when wormwood is going to be. He looks down into the water and spots something on the anchor. It’s Holly. Harry tells Dexter he should just let it go and call the police. Dexter finds empty containers of chemicals. Mixed together, they make poison gas. Harry pleads again, and Dexter pushes him away, shouting for him to leave him alone. Dexter does call 911, though, and gives them the location of the yacht.

Anchors aweigh!

Dexter kill count: 1