Teen Wolf – 1.06 – Heart Monitor

Weighed down with a bunch of grocery shopping, Scott walks out into a multistory parking garage and realizes he’s on the wrong floor. He heads up one more flight in search of his mom’s car, but it’s still nowhere to be seen. Scott eventually resorts to clicking the alarm button on the keychain in hopes that the car will make itself known.

How did people even find their cars before those keychain things were invented? It is a mystery.

bloop bleep

Scott finally hears the beeping of the car alarm on the next floor above him, but by now his impatient groceries are spilling all over the floor of the garage. He chases a bottle of milk as it rolls beneath a nearby car, but before he can crawl under and grab it, it rolls back out toward him, leaking a bit from what appear to be claw marks. Scott senses something behind him, and, glancing up, catches the reflection of a werewolf in the car window. He flees like a scampery bunny rabbit.

The wolf pursues him down a couple of floors before Scott makes the ridiculous decision to huddle next to a parked car and try to hide from the huge enormous terrifying supernatural creature that can probably smell him changing his mind from a mile away. Scott twitches nervously when he realizes that his heart is pounding painfully fast, and comes to the questionable decision to flee across the hoods and trunks of a row of parked cars, setting off all the alarms in what is hopefully an unbearable cacophony to the werewolf. It’s certainly annoying to ME.

Scott then huddles next to another parked car one flight down, hoping that the noise of the alarms will conceal the sound of his panic. For a moment or two it looks like he might get away with it, until his phone rings loudly. He fumbles at it wildly, trying to silence the ring, and that’s when Derek pounces on him, yanking him up from the ground to throw him back down onto the hood of a car. Oopsie. Looks like Scott’s failed this test.

Scott’s all cranky because he didn’t even know he was being tested in the first place! CRY MOAR, Scott. Derek said he would teach you, yes, but he didn’t say when, so quit your bitching.

Scott pouts a little, because he thinks he was pretty fast and pretty clever to think of the car alarm situation, but Derek is supremely unimpressed. He explains to Scott that since Scott is a bitten werewolf, it will be harder for him to learn all the things that Derek, the born werewolf, has to teach him. And furthermore, if Scott really wants to make any progress, he needs to get rid of all his distractions—the primary distraction, of course, being Allison. Naturally it was Allison who made the revealing phone call in the first place. Scott meebles and sulks and whines a bit, and Derek shuts him up neatly by flinging the phone against the wall, smashing it to bits.

Derek’s hoping to make Scott angry, obviously, and this is because he wants Scott to tap into his anger and use it to control his wolfy shiftings. Scott just kind of makes his usual confused puppy face with an added helping of grumpypants. He petulantly insists that he will be able to stay away from Allison until after the next full moon, and no one on Earth—especially not Derek—is even remotely convinced of his ability to do so.

Seriously, Scott, you are a ridiculous puppycreature, and every time you attempt anything like mature determination I just want to hand you a pudding cup and pet your fluffy little head.


Naturally in the very next scene we see Scott and Allison making out wildly. Oh Scott, you ginormous twit.

Finally their interminable make-out session is interrupted by a knock on Allison’s door. She throws Scott into the closet and runs to the door—it’s Kate. Allison tries to pull herself together and look like she was just innocently doing homework and sending emails instead of making out with her half-naked boyfriend. Kate assumes that she’s flustered because she’d been emailing Scott, since she’s grounded and can’t go hang out with him. Kate offers to help with the homework, but Allison says that she just wants to be left alone, with a barely perceptible glance toward the closet. That is a shameful lack of stealth right there, y’all.

When Kate finds out that Allison is supposedly working on a history project based on the history of their own family, she’s much harder to get rid of. Instead, Kate has Allison Google “la bete du gevaudan,” the Beast of Gevaudan, which Kate alleges is an old French legend that pertains to their family. The legend, naturally, is about a mysterious series of animal attacks in France that killed a whole bunch of people before one of their ancestors killed it off. And oh my, what a surprise, this mysterious animal looks an awful lot like a wolf.

hello ladies


Later, as Scott departs via Allison’s bedroom window, in another shameful lack of stealth, Scott hears a noise in the bushes that he assumes is Derek spying on him grumpily. Addressing the hedges, Scott apologizes for seeing Allison when he’d promised not to, and blames Derek for breaking his phone so Allison couldn’t call him. It takes Scott a moment or two to realize that Derek is not responding to his sad meebles in the traditional manner—with surly glares and mild violence. It’s then that Scott discovers that his hedge friend is not Derek at all.

Scott runs for the car, fumbling with the keys as per usual in a chase scene, and the horrible snarly roars get louder and angrier. Scott finally gets into the car and shivers like a kitten on the edge of the bathtub. He catches a glimpse of his pursuer in the rearview mirror—it’s the red eyes of the Alpha, walking slowly around the still-parked car.


Standing outside the car, the Alpha sticks out one clawed finger and proceeds to draw a spiral on the fogged-up driver’s side window, attempting to somehow making a totally mundane act super threatening. Oh show, you are so silly.


Scott runs home and shuts his bedroom window and the accompanying blinds, as though that will keep a giant murderous werewolf from entering his home and hungrily devouring everyone inside. “Oh, I see that the window is shut and the blinds are drawn, so I guess I will just go home and have a nice cup of tea and some chocolate biscuits instead,” said absolutely no giant murderous werewolf ever in the history of supernatural things.

Scott peeks out the blinds and, seeing nothing, allows himself to feel a brief moment of relief. That changes pretty fast when he turns on the lights and sees Derek lurking sexily in an armchair in the corner.

Derek, look. I really like you. A lot. In all kinds of inappropriate ways, naturally. But I am just saying, if you keep lurking sexily in the darkened bedrooms of teenage boys, People Are Going To Talk. And draw lots of fanart.

Derek wants to know if the Alpha said anything to Scott, or if Scott got any kind of impressions from him, or if in fact Scott has any useful information at all whatsoever. Scott looks like a lost puppy at the park for a moment, but brightens slightly when he remembers feeling a sense of anger from the Alpha. It wasn’t necessarily angry at Scott, but it was definitely angry about something—and it was the strongest when the Alpha drew the spiral on the window.

Derek actually loses enough of his iron self control to startle noticeably at Scott’s mention of the spiral. Scott can tell this Means Something, but Derek brushes it off as nothing, and heads off to run out into the night and be emo elsewhere. Scott gets (rather rightfully) irritated at Derek’s deflection, telling him (again rather rightfully) that it’s unfair for Derek to expect Scott to trust him completely while Derek is keeping potentially important information from Scott. Derek reiterates that the spiral is meaningless, so Scott brings out the big guns and reminds Derek that he knows Laura was buried under a spiral—surely it must mean something significant.

Derek visibly weighs telling Scott the truth, but kind of chickens out in the end and simply tells Scott that he doesn’t want to know what it means. DEREK YOU ARE SO FRUSTRATING.

Also why is your shirt on, this is unacceptable.

Derek leaves Scott standing alone in his bedroom making a super gormless face of grumpy betrayal. He throws himself down on his bed and reminds himself to stay away from Allison.


The next day at school, Scott is still reminding himself “stay away from Allison, stay away from Allison.” As he’s heading up the stairs, he spots her coming down, and turns tail and flees in the opposite direction. Unfortunately, the next person he almost runs right into is Jackson, and he amends his helpless mantra to add “stay away from Jackson” as well. As the next person he sees is Lydia, Scott starts to feel a little oppressed by life, the universe, and everything.

Scott gets to the relative safety of his next class, and sits down behind Stiles, who is still not talking to him. Scott meebles on tragically, trying to find out if Stiles’ dad is okay after getting hit by a car in the school parking lot the night before, but Stiles stays silent (like maybe for the first time in his entire life actually).

Scott continues with his puppyfaced apologies, even though the puppy face is wasted on the back of Stiles’ head, and admits that he’s so desperate to get a hold of his wolfy self that he even went to Derek for help—of course, this is what it takes to get Stiles to break his silence. Stiles thinks Scott is an idiot for trusting Derek at all, and goes back to not talking to Scott. This lasts all of 30 seconds before Stiles demands to know what Derek said. Scott is now the happiest puppy ever, because he has his Stiles back!


After class, Stiles picks apart every last bit of Derek’s advice and proclaims it ridiculous—why the hell should Scott try and tap into his anger in order to focus on his humanity? Every time Scott gets angry, he tries to kill someone, ffs. And it’s usually Stiles, which naturally makes it even worse. Scott protests that Derek is going to teach him how to be the bestest werepuppy ever, but is forced to admit that he has no idea how it’s going to happen. Stiles has an epically frustrated look on his face, because it is really super hard to bear the burden of being the only smart and logical person around all the time.

Since Derek will be picking Scott up at the animal clinic after work to start on their wolfy lessons, that will give Stiles until the end of the school day to figure out how to teach Scott himself. This should be good.


Lydia and Allison are sitting together at lunch, and Lydia looks even more impatient and irritated than usual. Allison’s trying to explain the family legend that Kate told her the night before, and Lydia proclaims every aspect of the tale to be exceptionally boring. She wants to know what the hell any of this fairy tale has to do with Allison’s family, and Allison is happy to oblige—the renowned hunter who finally killed La Bete du Gevaudan, who claimed that his wife and family were the first to be killed by the Beast, was an Argent. Lydia’s still not terribly impressed, because okay, big deal, Allison’s ancestor’s killed a big wolf.

In a last-ditch attempt to get Lydia to give even the smallest of craps, Allison shows her the illustration of the Beast. And oh dear, it looks exactly like the Alpha that scared the hell out of Lydia the other night at the video store. Lydia stares at the illustration intently, getting more and more nervous and creeped out, but when Allison calls her on it, Lydia just restates that it looks like a big wolf. She plasters the fakest of fake smiles on her perfect face and leaves Allison sitting bemused and alone at the table.

oh my god allison can’t you use a bookmark, you book mangling maniac?

Over at the next table, Scott is hiding behind his history book and Stiles, trying not to be totally obvious about staring at Allison while avoiding her at the same time. Scott wants to know if Stiles came up with a plan for their wolfy lessons yet, and Stiles has, kinda sorta maybe. Scott’s just happy that Stiles is talking to him again, and Stiles halfheartedly protests that he’s only doing so because he’ll make a better Yoda than Derek ever could.

Allison notices them leaving the lunchroom and calls after Scott, telling him to wait for her, but he escapes into the bathroom, where she can’t follow.


Stiles and Scott go out onto the lacrosse field with a bunch of gear. Stiles hands Scott a heart monitor that he “temporarily misappropriated” from the track team; Coach Finstock uses it to monitor his heart rate via a phone app when he jogs. To this end, Stiles has also helpfully stolen the coach’s phone. The plan is that since every time Scott goes all wolfy, his heart rate increases—maybe if Scott learns to control his heart rate under stress, he’ll be able to control his wolfitude. Yes, Scott, it’s just like the Incredible Hulk.

Oh wow, Stiles’ plan just gets better and better. Once Scott is strapped into the heart rate monitor, Stiles duct tapes Scott’s hands behind his back. He then moves about 100 feet away and reminds Scott not to get angry. Stiles sets up the heart monitor app on the stolen phone and, oh my god yes, he picks up his lacrosse stick and starts viciously lobbing balls at Scott’s head. Stiles is clearly enjoying this a little too much, I think. The more Scott complains, the more Stiles smiles and tells him to concentrate on his heart rate and staying calm. Hee.

Off in the corner of the field, Jackson’s walking by with a couple of friends when he notices the weird happenings going on between Scott and Stiles. He stops to watch, and seriously, who can blame him? Jackson finds the entire situation completely hilarious.

Stiles’ aim is definitely improving, too. Eventually Scott’s had about as much as he can stand of this mishegoss, and his heart rate is getting faster and faster. He falls to his knees and tries to regain control. Jackson’s still watching, and finds this new development even more interesting. Stiles sees that Scott’s heart rate is now dangerously (wolfishly) high, and calls over to him nervously. Scott, meanwhile, has broken free from his duct tape handcuffs. Jackson stares at them both like a total creeper.

Suddenly Scott’s heart rate starts slowing down, and Stiles approaches him warily. Scott confirms that it wasn’t just his heart rate that almost triggered the change, it was his anger as well. He thinks this confirms that he can’t be around Allison anymore—not because she makes him happy, but because she makes him weak.


Back in the locker room, Stiles suggests that Scott stay away from Allison for a few days to see how he feels. Scott’s worried that a few days won’t be enough—maybe he should just stay away from her forever. Poor little emo puppy. Stiles thinks this is kind of crazy talk, but Scott’s thinking about Derek and how he controls himself—Derek’s completely alone all the time, and maybe that’s what it will take for Scott to cope. He emos tragically at the thought of never being able to be around Allison again for the rest of his tragic little puppy life. Stiles rolls his eyes a bit at his BFF’s epic drama, and promises that Scott won’t end up like Derek.

As they leave, Scott mentions that the locker room smells really awful. Oh really, Scott? A boy’s locker room is all stank nasty? Who could ever have guessed? No, Scott means that it smells like something is dead and rotting somewhere. Gross.

Jackson wanders out from behind a row of lockers, and man, he is not looking good at all. He’s all pasty and pale and sweaty. Jackson staggers over to the sinks and takes off his shirt with trembly hands. He rips the oozing nasty bandage off the claw marks on the back of his neck, and wow, they are super infected-looking and grotendous. Looks like we’ve found the source of the stench.

Horrified, Jackson drops the bandage into the sink and starts dry heaving desperately. Instead of actual barfs, though, a hideous clawed hand starts poking out of his mouth. DID NOT WANT. Jackson stares at himself in the mirror, unable to determine if he’s really barfing out a clawed demon creature or if he’s just hallucinating like whoa.


Jackson strolls down the empty hallway until he sees Allison sitting alone on the floor, still reading her book on the Beast of Gevaudan, and casually asks her what she’s reading. Allison is totally startled, not just by the question but by the fact that Jackson is bothering to speak to her without Lydia present. She tries to deflect him a bit by saying it’s just stuff for their history project, but Jackson sits down next to her anyway. She’s definitely confused and maybe even a little bit disturbed by this, and his friendly smile doesn’t do much to change her mind.

Allison asks him if he has a free period right now as well, but Jackson just doesn’t like sitting through chemistry class. This is entirely logical, considering what an epic douchebag their chemistry teacher is.

After a moment or two of uncomfortable silence, throughout which Jackson smiles at her sort of nervously, Allison finally asks him what’s up. Jackson tells her he wanted to talk to her and apologize for being a jerk to her and Scott lately. Allison was certainly not expecting this, and can’t help but smile at the total ridiculousness of the situation. Jackson says he’s being totally serious, but while Allison can maybe believe that, she doesn’t believe that he’s being sincere.

Jackson looks frustrated for a moment and then asks her if she knows what it’s like to be the best player on the team, to be the star, to have everyone expecting the entire world from you, and then to suddenly have someone else usurp your place—like Scott did. Allison catches on to his point without him even mentioning Scott, and admits that she doesn’t know how it feels. Jackson tells her that it made him feel like something important was stolen from him, and he couldn’t help but want to do anything he could to get it back.

Allison jokes that there’s no “I” in team, and Jackson counters almost angrily that there is a “ME”. She looks a little nervous at his sudden anger until he smiles and insists that it was a joke too. They laugh uncomfortably for a bit and Jackson wonders aloud that Allison must really really hate him by now. She says that she doesn’t, but he’s not really convinced, telling her that he’s really not a bad guy, just someone who makes a lot of stupid mistakes. But he really likes Allison—and Scott, he adds hastily, when Allison looks startled—and wants them both to like him back. Relieved, Allison just nods and smiles.

Jackson leans over almost like he’s about to kiss Allison, and she looks on the verge of confused panic, but he just asks her again what she’s reading.

creeper, stop creeping!


Scott and Stiles walk into their Econ class, and Scott tries to get Stiles to take the seat behind him before Allison can get to it. Allison is quicker than that, Scott, sorry. Allison’s a little upset that she hasn’t seen or heard from Scott all day, and his lame, stammery excuses about being too busy don’t really make up for it. Luckily, or unluckily, tbh, Allison has decided to switch lab partners, so that she and Scott can work together and she can have an excuse to bring him home to “study.”

Scott’s obviously not on board with this plan, and Allison notices immediately that something’s wrong. But when pressed, Scott just lamely says that he doesn’t want to bring her grade down. Allison counters that maybe she’ll be able to bring his grade up instead, and decides that he’ll come over at 8:30 that evening for a study date. Scott looks cornered and nervous, and halfassedly agrees.

Coach Finstock tells the class to settle down and immediately calls on Scott to discuss the previous night’s reading, but Scott looks like he’s not even totally sure what reading actually IS. Sigh. Eventually he is forced to admit that he didn’t do the reading and has no idea what’s going on. Finstock rolls his eyes and tells Scott that he’s going to have to do better than a D average if he wants to stay on the lacrosse team. Can Scott even summarize the previous evening’s reading, then?

Scott’s still hooked up to the heart monitor, and Stiles notices that Scott’s heart rate is rising quickly. Finstock is rapidly losing his patience with Scott when it turns out that he didn’t do the reading from any night that week. In fact, he’d be okay if Scott could summarize anything he’s ever read on any subject. The more irritated Finstock gets, the more upset Scott gets, and the faster his heart starts beating. Stiles looks like he’s considering the idea of pulling the fire alarm or faking a heart attack just to intervene, but instead, Scott seems to pull himself together without any outside help. Stiles glances over at Scott in shock, but it all makes sense when he sees that Allison and Scott are holding hands under the desk.

Well isn’t that just the most precious thing ever, basically. Looks like Scott’s found his anchor.


After class, Stiles explains his theory to Scott—in every situation when Scott has almost lost it and wolfed out uncontrollably, the thing that brought him back to his human self every time? That was Allison. Scott’s not so sure, because every time he’s making out with Allison, he almost loses control.

Um. Scott, sweetie. That just means you’re a hormonal teenager who can’t stop thinking about sex. In fact, you’re thinking about sex right now, aren’t you? Sigh.

The point is this—Stiles thinks that Allison isn’t the cause of his loss of control, she’s the one who helps him regain that control. Scott’s delighted by this line of reasoning, and realizes that the reason Allison is able to anchor him is because he loves her so much. Aww. Scott gushes for a while about how much he loves Allison, and Stiles doesn’t just roll his eyes so much as he rolls his entire being.

Either way, Scott obviously can’t be around Allison all the time, so they still have to work out more awesome plans. After a moment or two, Stiles gets a telltale expression on his face that makes Scott very nervous indeed. He can see that Stiles is in the middle of having an idea, and it’s surely one that will not only get Scott in trouble but will probably hurt him a bit as well.


Stiles’ clever idea? He takes Scott out into the parking lot and tells him to hold up his keys. Scott complies with a mystified look on his little puppy face—the usual state of affairs. Stiles reminds Scott to concentrate on Allison no matter what happens, and before Scott can react, he walks over to some senior kid’s shiny pickup truck and keys the side. Stiles then shouts at Scott as though Scott had been the guilty party, and the nearby group of large muscley senior dudes look over at Scott (and at the keys in his hand that he’s still holding up in confusion) angrily before dispensing a supersized serving of whoop-ass.

Scott realizes that the entire purpose of this ridiculous scenario is to make him stay calm, so instead of fighting back as well as he could, he curls up into a little ball and lets the foursome kick him around like whoa. Stiles keeps an eye on Scott’s heart rate, and gets more and more nervous as it starts to speed up uncontrollably.

Scott reaches out with his wolfy hearing to try and find Allison’s voice to anchor himself. He finally overhears her on the phone with her parents, letting them know that she’ll be studying with him later that evening. And just like that, his heart rate decreases to normal, right in time for Mr. Harris to break up the fight.


Derek’s over at the nursing home, checking up on his uncle Peter. Peter’s still looking pretty catatonic, but nevertheless Derek asks him for his help, for any sign that Peter can hear what he’s saying. Peter just stares off into nothingness.

Derek is getting increasingly agitated, and actually showing some emotion for once. He tells Peter that someone killed Laura, and that whoever did it is an Alpha and therefore a danger to them both. Derek is pretty sure he can take down the Alpha, but he has to find him first, and he begs Peter for a sign, for any kind of help. He asks if maybe it might be one of them—did someone else besides them make it out of the fire? Peter doesn’t react in any way at all, and Derek’s patience is long gone.

Hearing Derek’s angry shouts, Peter’s nurse runs in and berates him for thinking that angry bellowing is going to make Peter react after 6 years of silence and catatonia. Derek snarks at her that he’d like to hear if she has any better ideas, and she quietly tells him that if he’s just patient, she’s sure that Peter will respond in his own time. Derek doesn’t have any more time, though.

He storms out of the room and the nurse watches him go with a look of sympathy on her face. Unseen by them both, Peter slowly twitches a finger on his left hand.



Derek stomps off to his car and finds a note on the windscreen. He looks around the parking lot for the note-leaver but sees nothing, so he gets into his car and speeds off dramatically. Oh Derek.

hi derek i would like to make out with you a lot ok bie


Stiles and Scott are in detention, while the beatdown group of seniors are conspicuously absent. Mr. Harris, you are a gold-plated douchecanoe and I hope you are eaten by a giant squid. Scott asks if he can be excused early from detention because he’s supposed to be at work, and Mr. Harris just gives him a nasty little smile and goes back to ignoring him.

Scott then decides to have a talk with Stiles about his feelings, and how upsetting it is for him when his BFF is angry with him. But Stiles isn’t angry anymore, he’s just a little disappointed that Scott doesn’t understand the gravity of their current situation. For better or worse, Scott’s changed into something new and kind of scary, and he has to take on the new responsibility that comes with the change.

Mr. Harris is blatantly eavesdropping on their conversation, and as he dismisses them from detention, he stares after them creepily and in a way that is clearly meant to be both dramatic and foreshadowy. Are we supposed to suspect that he is the Alpha? Because no, lol irl.


Over at the animal clinic, it looks like Scott is super late for work—the CLOSED sign is already up on the door and most of the lights are turned off. Dr. Deaton hears the door open and calls out to Scott that he’s late for work again, and that he hopes this isn’t becoming a habit.

His evening visitor isn’t Scott after all, though—it’s Derek. Deaton looks surprised to see him, and asks if he can help Derek with anything. Derek, wholly aware that he’s being a weirdo, asks Deaton about the animal that was found with the spiral carved into its side.

Deaton acts like he has no idea what Derek is talking about, and Derek busts out a crime scene photo of a dead deer with a spiral on its side. Deaton looks a bit nervous, but confirms that he remembers the situation. However, he explains that he wasn’t the one to find it—the police only consulted him about it after the fact to see if he’d ever seen anything like it. Derek wants more details, and while Deaton is definitely looking more and more nervous, he insists that he doesn’t know anything else.

Derek approaches Deaton menacingly and tells him that he can hear Deaton’s heartbeat rising, meaning he knows that Deaton’s lying. Deaton looks at Derek like he’s the craziest maniac ever to crazy, and that’s when Derek grabs him by the lapels of his lab coat and throws him facedown on the table.


Deaton wakes up bloody and bruised and tied to a chair. He nervously tells Derek where to find the key to the drug locker, assuming that Derek is a crazy tweaker, but Derek doesn’t care about the goddamn drugs, he wants information. And he knows Deaton is hiding something from him. Is there someone he’s protecting?


Deaton is totally terrified and insists that he has no idea what the hell is going on, so Derek turns up the heat a little and lifts the entire chair off the ground and shakes it. Yep, that’s super hot, and I don’t even care.

Derek’s sure that Deaton is either protecting the Alpha or is actually the Alpha himself. He’s about to lay the smack down when Scott bursts in shouting at him to stop. Deaton yells to Scott to run away, and Derek knocks him out, because when he’s conscious, Deaton can potentially keep himself from healing; unconscious, he can’t, and if he’s the Alpha, that will make him reveal himself.

As usual, Scott has no idea what the hell is going on. Derek tells him that the spiral means WEREWOLF VENDETTA, and this means that the Alpha won’t stop killing until his need for revenge has been satisfied.

Derek gets ready to beat on Deaton some more, but Scott catches his arm at the last minute. His hands are all clawed and his face is all wolfy, but as Derek watches in shock, Scott manages to control the change and return to his human self.

Scott cleans up Deaton’s wounds, although Deaton is still unconscious. He asks Derek for some time, and they agree to meet up in the school parking lot in an hour.


Scott and Stiles pull into the dark parking lot of the high school to enact the next stage of their doubtlessly terrible plan. Stiles is really super duper uncertain that they’re doing the right thing, but Scott insists that it’s the best possible plan. Wait, this is Scott’s plan and not Stiles’? Oh god, that surely means the apocalypse is nigh.

Stiles takes a pair of bolt cutters out of the trunk just as Derek pulls up with the still-unconscious Deaton tied up in the back of his car. Derek looks at the two of them like they’re puppies that pooped the rug—he’s really not feeling any kind of confidence in them right now.

Derek wants to know what kind of terrible plan’s about to go down, and Scott explains that he’s going to find out for sure if Deaton is the Alpha or not. He and Stiles break into the school.

They end up in the principal’s office, fiddling with the loudspeaker system. Scott’s still not sure what he’s going to do if the Alpha shows up or not. Apparently their plan is that since regular wolves howl to locate the members of their pack, Scott should howl and see if it attracts the Alpha.

Okay, I see why they didn’t want to explain this to Derek in any kind of detail.

Scott takes the microphone and lets out a really embarrassing sort of kittenlike wail. Outside, Derek looks the most constipated and put-upon and grumpy that he’s ever looked since we’ve met him, and my god, who can possibly blame him.

derek’s life is so difficult right now

Inside the office, Stiles looks about as horrified as Derek at Scott’s ridicuhowl. He gives Scott a hilarious little pep talk and, momentarily inspired to greatness, Scott gives it another try. This time it’s much better—Scott gives a totally creepy and unearthly howl that rattles all the doors and windows in the school. Even Derek looks reluctantly impressed.


Back outside in the parking lot, Derek is 31 flavors of grumpypants. Oh Derek, stop being such a sourwolf. Stiles is practically giddy and prancing with self-congratulations, and Derek tells him to shut up, because he’s trying to listen and see if anything horrible is sneaking up on them.

Scott suddenly notices that Deaton is missing from the backseat of Derek’s car—Derek didn’t even realize he was gone. Well done indeed! As they’re standing there looking around in confusion, the Alpha sneaks up behind Derek and stabs him through the back with his hideous clawed paw. Blood spurts from Derek’s mouth as the Alpha lifts him off the ground, and Stiles and Scott flee back inside the school.

The Alpha throws Derek against the wall, and Derek’s awfully still when he lands facedown on the ground.

Inside the school, Stiles and Scott peek out the narrow windows on the front door, but the Alpha is nowhere to be seen.