Dexter 6.11-12 – Talk to the Hand & This is the Way the World Ends

Well folks, we made it! Tonight begins the new season of Dexter. A lot of people I’ve spoken to really disliked season 6, and I agree; it wasn’t as strong as some of the previous seasons (I’m looking at you, 3 and 4). It’s no secret that Showtime and the show’s producers have plans for an 8th and final season, and they  “know exactly how it’s going to end.” So what is in store for 7? A theory I’ve heard is that Deb is going to bite the dust, but whether it’s at the hands of Dexter or somebody else is still up in the air. And in the trailer, you get a glimpse of Louis the Intern. I’m interested to see how this is all going to play out. But first! Here are the penultimate and finale episodes of last season. See you on the other side.

Dexter arrives at the yacht, where Deb and her team are waiting for a HAZMAT suit-clad Masuka to finish on the boat. He confirms that the gas found on the boat could kill a huge group of people if released in a crowd. Deb tells Anderson to call Homeland Security and LaGuerta. Inside the boat, Deb removes Adam’s mask. They all recognize him from the blog, and Louis informs them about yesterday’s find and that Batista had gone to check it out. Deb suddenly realizes he’s missing: “Where is Angel?”

Travis binds Angel’s hands and puts him on the Dorseys’ bed. Travis leaves him and tells Beth she is chosen to carry out God’s will. He envies that she will get to see paradise before he does. A suicide mission. Travis hands her Angel’s key card to by-pass the metal detector and a backpack with the canisters of wormwood.

Deb calls Quinn in a panic. Of course, he’s not with Angel. Deb tells him that Angel went to check out Steve Dorsey, who just turned up dead. Quinn quickly turns around and heads toward the Dorseys’ house while Deb calls for all available forces to do the same. She hopes they can head off Travis before he carries out the next tableau.

Beth nervously uses Angel’s card to get inside the station and calls Travis to update him. He reminds her that Lt. Morgan is the one leading the investigation and she must get to her. Beth steps off the elevator into Homicide. She tells the officer at the desk that she has information about DDK and he hands her a clipboard with paperwork. Of course, that doesn’t satisfy Crazy Pants, and she tells him it’s important and she needs to speak to Lt. Morgan. Thankfully, Deb is out in the field, but Beth says she’ll wait. Of course she will.

Travis only kept Angel alive in case things went sour, but everything has gone smoothly. He’s no longer needed. Travis is ready to shoot him when he hears squealing tires out front. Quinn busts into the house, gun drawn. Travis is nowhere to be found, but there is a shit ton of smoke coming out of the bedroom. Flames surround Angel on the bed. Quinn puts them out with a blanket just as back up arrives. Travis escaped through the window. Angel is okay, thankfully.

Deb returns to the station. The officer from the front desk informs Deb of her waiting guest. She isn’t too interested until she hears “wormwood.” How would a civilian know about that? Deb tells him to send her in. Beth heads toward Deb’s office while Dexter searches Steve Dorsey on the Internet. He finds his “FriendZone” page, where he posted a lovely photo of him and his wife. Dexter recognizes her from the lobby and quickly looks out into the main office, spotting her and Deb walking toward an interview room. He sees Beth push the activation button for the canister and runs after them. He shoves Beth into the interview room and locks the door, telling Deb to evacuate everyone. Deb pulls the fire alarm. Dexter watches Beth gurgle up blood and die through the window in the door. The fumes are enough to make him dizzy and Deb pulls him outside.

The medic surveying Dexter tells him he was lucky that the exposure was minimum, but he could experience dizziness and nosebleeds, especially after physical exertion, since the gas effects the upper respiratory tract. He tells Dexter to get to the hospital right away. Dex promises Deb that he will go to the ER. She thanks him for saving her life and they hug. A weird look comes over Deb’s face and she closes her eyes. Uh… okay.

Dexter packs up a bag for Harrison; he booked a room at the Ritz for Jamie and the little dude. If Travis can find his way to Miami Metro, he can find his way to Dexter and he can’t risk anything happening to Harrison. Dexter has given up working with Miami Metro since Homeland Security has taken over. As he researches, Dexter’s nose starts bleeding and he almost falls over. He’s inspired, though, to make Travis come to him instead.

At a random house, Travis watches the news report about the attack on Miami Metro and starts to freak out. Beth’s sacrifice in wormwood must be enough. It must have been in God’s plan. Now, it’s all up to Travis. He begins to draw on the wall in the living room. The two homeowners lie dead in the kitchen.

Matthews invited Deb to dinner at a fancy restaurant. Angel told Deb it means she’s being invited to his “inner circle.” Deb is nervous after discovering he was the one that left the dead call girl. Matthews brings it up all on his own, telling her that some cases are better left alone. Deb tries to change the subject, but he won’t let up, and finally she tells him what she knows. Matthews felt very alone after his wife’s death, and he explains everything to her. He asks Deb what she intends to do. Matthews has done a lot for her – he’s known her since she was born – and now he needs a favor. Deb agrees to cover for Matthews.

Deb tells her therapist all about Dexter’s heroic act the other day. The doc asks where Deb’s strong feelings for her brother come from, and Deb guesses it’s because he’s the only guy in her life that she hasn’t dumped or cheated on or isn’t dead. The therapist wonders if this is the reason Deb has chosen inappropriate men in the past. It wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility that their shared experiences have made Deb develop complex feelings for him. Deb is appalled: “You’re making it sound like I want to be with him, or something!” The therapist retorts: “Well, do you?” Deb just stares at her for a moment, and then insists she is not in love with her brother before leaving.

Louis sits at home, using red and black Sharpies to trace lines on the palm of the prosthetic hand from the Ice Truck Killer case. They’re they kind of lines you would use in palm reading. He packages the hand in a box with packing peanuts and addresses it to Dexter Morgan.

Dexter decides it’s time to begin his plan to make Travis come to him. At the museum, he approaches a fountain topped with the statue of an angel before going to work. The morning dawns and we get to see Dexter’s very own tableau: the white angel is covered in blood, it’s forehead is painted with “666” (the sign of the Beast), and Gellar’s hand (the one Dexter saved) is protruding from it’s midsection. Masuka tells them all that the hand belongs to Gellar, and Dexter confirms that the cut was made post-mortem. They don’t recognize this tableau as the Lake of Fire, which is the next step. The arriving news crews will ensure Travis sees Dexter’s “hand”iwork. See what I did there?!

Travis is working on his painting of the Beast when he hears the news report. He receives a videotext from Dexter, letting him know the Beast is coming for him. The Slice of Life is prominent in the background. Travis goes to work repainting the face of the Beast on the wall: it now resembles Dexter and looks more hilarious than scary.


Matthews is waiting for Deb in her office. Apparently, someone found out about his indiscretion and he’s been asked to retire. Deb hasn’t talked to anyone about it, but Matthews insists all her digging around has caused this. He tells her that Harry would be disappointed; she lost her only ally in a job that she is clearly not ready for. Ouch. After work, Deb approaches LaGuerta. She knows it was her that opened her mouth because she wanted Matthews job. LaGuerta tells her to stop being so naïve. Besides, now Deb will have to do whatever she says.

Later that night, Deb rants to Dexter about the whole situation. She tells him she had an epiphany: she has fucked herself into a corner. Dex asks what she would have done differently, and Deb says there was nothing she would have done differently. Dexter encourages her; everything isn’t always so black and white. Then all of a sudden they’re making out. I don’t even know. Deb wakes up and we all breathe a sigh of relief.

Travis shows up at the dock. Dexter is waiting in the boat next to his. Just as Travis approaches, Dexter’s nose starts to bleed and his vision blurs. He makes a noise, Travis turns, but Dexter manages to tackle him. He’s off his game, though, and Travis gets the needle of tranquilizer into Dexter’s hand. Dex wakes up on a rowboat filled with gas canisters and watches Travis dump gas into the water from the Slice of Life. Travis lights a flare and throws it into the water, then drives off. Dexter’s boat is engulfed in a circle of flames before it explodes. Dexter had already dived into the water and swims underneath the fire. He wonders how he got so lost.

Dexter uses a piece of the exploded boat to stay afloat. He finds it fitting that he ends up where he left so many others. He believes he’s going to die out there. The day dawns and his floatation device finally capsizes and sinks. Dexter is barely keeping himself afloat when he spots a boat called the Milagro. The Cuban crew pulls him aboard. There are others, too – a pregnant woman and a young boy and a few others, all of them illegal immigrants. One of the crew pulls his gun; he is robbing them. He threatens to shoot the woman or her baby – her choice – and Dexter takes a fishing spear and rams it through him. Dex takes them close enough to the Florida shore for them to swim to land.

A solar eclipse is due to occur at 3:28pm the following day. Travis sketches his final tableau on a paper bag, including the eclipse. He becomes angry, suddenly, and yells at the dead bodies in the kitchen: “I can’t stay here much longer if you’re going to stink like that!”

Deb arrives at Dexter’s apartment, relieved that he’s alive after hearing a report that his boat washed ashore. She tells him she loves him, and he responds in kind. She’s surprised – he’s never said it before. Their reunion is interrupted with a call about a double murder. They head over to the crime scene, and we recognize it as the house where Travis had been holed up. No one has been inside yet. Dexter enters the living room and sees Travis’ “beautiful” painting. He knows immediately who it was, and he better take care of the fact that his own face is covering most of the wall. A hammer does a good job of that. Dexter finds Travis’s sketch in the garbage and snags it for himself. Travis returns to his hide out only to discover it’s crawling with cops. He has nowhere else to go. Travis pulls out Dexter’s wallet and decides a “dead man’s” apartment is the perfect place to stay.

A guy in a plane spotted the ring of fire in the water the night before and took a photo. So the tableaux are completed. Deb shows them Gellar’s final sketch: the two witnesses on a mountain during a solar eclipse. All of this is going to down in four hours. There are no mountains in Miami, but there is a shit-ton of skyscrapers. Deb wants to place officers on top of tall buildings. Dexter knows Travis redid the sketch and he said that he’d be standing on a “gigantic pillar of light.” Dex finds a solar-powered building that looks just like the sketch and knows that is the place.

Travis lets himself in to Dexter’s apartment, picking up the package Louis sent last episode and putting it on the counter. He changes into one of Dexter’s shirts and helps himself to some Cheerios. Using a butcher knife, he opens the package and pulls out the hand. Jamie enters from the other apartment, searching for Harrison’s blanket, and Travis shoves the package on top of the fridge and hides. After she leaves, Travis explores the adjoining apartment, realizing that Dex has a little boy. He spots the invitation to the Noah’s Ark Pageant at Harrison’s school.

Deb and her huge team get ready for their stake out. She doesn’t understand why there’s a dog with the two witnesses in Gellar’s drawing. LaGuerta asks if she’s sure it’s a dog. It could be a sheep, or a lamb… like the Lamb of God. The photos from that shoot the TA did with Gellar included a lamb bearing an omega symbol. Deb realizes that the lamb signifies the end: Travis isn’t done killing. And there is a secret message in DaVinci’s painting of “The Last Supper.” Oh wait, sorry. Wrong thing.

The pageant is over and Dexter is hanging out with his little lion man when Deb calls him. She shares her theory that Travis is going to sacrifice a lamb. When Deb suggests the lamb could be an innocent person, Dexter turns around and finds Harrison is gone. One of the sisters tells Dexter that Harrison just left with a man in a lion’s mask; she thought it was him.

Travis and Harrison approach the building. Travis sneaks up behind the officer stationed there and kills him with the sword. Below, Deb checks in with the people on the buildings. Travis uses the officer’s radio and gives the all clear for their building. He gets ready to sacrifice Harrison just as Dexter joins them on the roof. Travis is in disbelief that Dexter is alive. Until the Beast is dead, the sacrifice is meaningless. Dexter begs Travis to let Harrison go. After he puts the little boy on the elevator, Travis tells Dexter to inject himself with the M90. He does. Travis prepares to stab Dexter, who was just pretending to be unconscious. He knocks Travis out with a punch to the face.

After the eclipse, the Transcorp Building is the only one that hasn’t checked in. The team finds the dead officer, and the altar Travis created, but no Travis. Deb is falling apart; none of it mattered because Travis got away. LaGuerta confirms that Deb made the right call with stationing those officers on the buildings. An officer is dead because of Travis, not because of Deb. She knows that Deb will find Travis. She has the potential to be a great lieutenant. She just needs to check her emotions.

Deb charges into her therapist’s office and tells her that she was right: she’s in love with Dexter. Her feelings make her whole love life make sense; she was always looking for someone like him or someone totally unlike him to avoid those emotions. Deb wants Dexter to know. The doc reminds Deb that she can’t control Dexter’s emotions and to be prepared for all possible reactions.

Travis is finally on Dexter’s table in the abandoned church, where Dex is supposed to be doing a final forensics sweep. Pissed off is an understatement. Travis insists he was chosen to bring about the new world. Dexter doesn’t buy that. There may be a place in this world for him. There is no light without darkness, and if there is a purpose to his darkness, maybe it’s to bring some balance to the world.  As Travis and Dexter argue about God’s plan, Deb enters the church. She hears the voices. Dexter says that everything is exactly as it should be, and Deb turns the corner in time to see her brother kill Travis Marshall. She gasps, and Dexter looks up. They stare at one another and he whispers, “Oh God.”

Dexter kill count: 1 (well 2, if you count Beth and the wormwood)

Alright, so, the more I write about this season, the more I realize how terrible it really was. So many threads and many of them are lost. The “Nebraska” episode was just so weird and out of place to me. I get what they were trying to do with it, but I don’t think they were completely successful. I don’t know; I’m just ready for the show to be done and to get some closure. The good news is that this new season seems to be heavily focused on Deb, and I love Deb. See you tomorrow for the recap of tonight’s episode!