Dexter 7.1 – Are You…?

I don’t know about you guys, but I think this season is already shaping up to be way better than the last’s cliche murderer, bizarre and unfinished story lines, and inconsistent character development. Harry couldn’t live with knowing what Dexter was. Neither could Lila or Miguel Prado. Can Deb?

Dexter speeds down the highway, weaving in and out of traffic. He keeps looking behind him. He’s headed to the airport but won’t make it on an empty gas tank. All of his credit cards are declined at the pump. Frustrated, he digs through a bag in his trunk. It’s filled with money, clothes, and a passport. He pays with cash and makes it to the Miami International Airport. He’s headed to Budapest. The familiar Dexter voiceover asks what happens when all of your secrets are exposed. Run?

We’re back where we left off, with Deb and Dexter at the church. Deb, not recognizing or not wanting to recognize her brother, draws her gun. Dexter quickly confirms his identity. He tells her he was doing the last forensics sweep and Travis came at him. Deb wants to know how he ended up wrapped in plastic on the altar. Good question. Dexter snapped, he says. There has been so much anger in him since Rita’s death. Yeah, but what about the plastic? Dex says he’s a forensics expert; it was second nature not to leave a trace. Deb pulls out her phone to call the station. Dexter begs her to wait – think of how it looks! But it was self-defense. Right? Deb believes they can fix it: he had a moment of temporary insanity; they’ll get the best lawyer in the city. Dexter would still lose everything when they placed him in a psych ward. He suggests they get rid of the body. Deb won’t let him move it anywhere, but she does agree to help make it look like a suicide… with fire. One last tableau. Deb leaves to get gas for the fire. Dexter goes to work on Travis, dropping his blood slide down a grate in the process. When Dexter lights the fire, Deb wonders if they did the right thing.

Deb and Dexter wait by the ocean. They both get the call to the church. Dexter, who is used to this sort of thing, heads inside to do his job. Masuka was able to get one fingerprint to prove that this was indeed Travis Marshall. Dexter spots a small piece of plastic still stuck to Travis’s foot. Deb distracts Masuka so Dex can pick it off. LaGuerta sends Deb out to talk to the press. She is clearly uncomfortable lying to them, but she has no choice. As they leave, LaGuerta spots something interesting on the grate: a broken blood slide. She hands it to one of the forensics workers to log as evidence.

Dexter returns home to find our favorite no-longer-intern Louis using his computer. He was waiting for Jamie and “wanted to check the basketball scores.” Dexter basically tells him to GTFO and Jamie arrives just in time, chastising Louis for being on Dexter’s side of the apartment. They leave and Dexter checks to make sure his slides are safe. He reaches in his pocket for Travis’s before realizing it’s missing.

At Louis’ apartment, he complains about how big of a dick Dexter is. Jamie defends her boss and asks Louis again why he was on that side of the apartment. He lies about getting water. As Jamie gets ready for bed, Louis consults a piece of scrap paper with sequences of numbers, typing them into the computer. He’s canceling Dexter’s credit cards.

Deb returns to her own home, cracks a beer, and watches her own interview on the news. Mike calls; he wonders why Travis’s car wasn’t at the church. Deb suggests he check it out and the click off. Anderson spots a stranded motorist on the side of the road, trying to fix a flat tire. Am I the only one who thought he looked like Paul Ryan? Anyway, he declines Anderson’s help, but the friendly police officer brushes his protestations away and opens the trunk. Instead of a jack, he finds a dead woman. The stranger pulls out a gun and shoots Anderson. Twice. He wipes all his fingerprints from his own car and drives away in Anderson’s.

Deb shows up at Dexter’s apartment the next morning and asks him how he was so perfectly prepared to kill Travis. She asks about the plastic, the knives, the rubber apron and plastic sleeves. All valid questions. Dexter explains the knives were Travis’s and the plastic was there already. The apron is part of his blood kit for work. Deb wants to know what he meant by, “I know what I’m doing,” and Dexter explains that he knows what people look for at a crime scene. It doesn’t feel right to Deb at all. She gets the call about Mike. She leaves and Dexter promises he’s right behind her. He kicks in the wall and grabs the hidden getaway bag we saw in the beginning of the episode. Just in case.

Paramedics load Mike’s body, draped with an American flag, into the ambulance. He did not survive. Which sucks, because he had like five lines last episode and I was really hoping he’d have a bigger role this season. Dexter goes to work examining the body and the car. He runs the girl’s prints: Kaja Soroka. The car is registered in her name. Everything else was wiped clean, except for the turn signal. Dexter is able to lift a print. Deb gets in her car and has a flashback to the church. The way Dexter was standing reminds her an awful lot of another case, when she herself was strapped to a table in plastic. Back at the station, Deb takes out the old files from the Ice Truck Killer case. She looks at the photos from where she was found: plastic wrap.

Kaja was a Ukrainian woman in the US on a work visa, and she was putting that to use in a strip club. Deb interrupts Dexter’s research to tell her what she found in the old case files. How could he perfectly replicate that scene at the church? Dexter asks her why she was there anyway. She doesn’t blurt out that she loves him, thankfully for all of us. She says she was just checking up on him. Deb wants to make sense of everything, but Dexter tells her it never will. A match shows up for the fingerprint in Interpol: Viktor Baskov. Dexter hopes to get some closure by feeding his Dark Passenger.

Dexter checks out Baskov’s apartment. The only way he can keep Deb from getting too close to the truth is by maintaining control, and that means killing. It looks like Baskov packed in a hurry, but his blood-stained shirt remains. Dex checks out the computer and sees a purchase for a one-way ticket to the Ukraine. Now the opening scene makes sense: Dexter is back at the airport, purchasing his ticket under an alias. He spots Baskov near the baggage claim. Also, why didn’t he question the fact that none of his credit cards were working?

Quinn and Angel check out the Fox Hole, a strip club. They break up the party to question everyone. Quinn recognizes the manager, George Nabakov. Apparently “he was a low-level scumbag, and now he’s a mid-level scumbag.” Apparently all the dancers are from Eastern Europe. Quinn questions one of them, who makes eye contact with a man at the bar. She says she doesn’t speak English. According to the employee log, Kaja was at work last night but no one saw anything, of course.

At the airport, Baskov goes to the bathroom and Dexter follows, knocking him out with a tranq before putting him in a wheelchair. He takes him to the closed unclaimed baggage office, picking the lock and closing the door behind him. A few hours later, Viktor wakes up, strapped to the table. After a brief conversation, Dexter puts a plastic bag over Viktor’s head to catch the blood and beats him with the fire extinguisher.

George the Fox Hole manager calls a rich man in Kiev named Isaac. He informs the older man that Viktor is on his way there and he will take care of the dead police officer. Unfortunately, Viktor is in Dexter’s luggage and soon to be in the ocean. While out on the boat, Dexter remembers when he and Deb were little. Deb had a dog, and Harry got rid of it because he was afraid Dexter would kill it. Dex was about to tell Deb why they had to get rid of the dog, but Harry interrupts to explain Dexter is allergic. He tells Dexter to never, ever tell Deb the truth because she couldn’t handle it. Dexter knows he should have killed Travis the moment he met him; this never would have happened if he had followed the Code.

Deb calls Dexter’s apartment. Jamie answers and tells her Dexter is working late, which she knows he isn’t because Masuka said Dex had gone home. Jamie confirms that Dexter has always worked crazy hours – he didn’t get home until three in the morning the other day. Deb is disconcerted. She examines the ITK pictures again and it starts to come back to her. Brian had said, “You can’t be a killer and a hero.”

LaGuerta finds Masuka in the lab and asks him if anyone had a chance to look at the evidence from the church. No one has – they’re all concerned with Mike’s shooting at the moment. LaGuerta understands, but she glances at the bag with the broken blood slide. “Does anyone ever take blood slides at crime scenes?” she asks, innocently. He tells her there was only one person at Miami Metro who ever took blood slides, and that was Sergeant Doakes during his side job as the Bay Harbor Butcher.

Dexter returns home to find Deb sitting on his couch, the apartment torn up. His knives, the ITK hand, the blood slides… they’re all laying on the coffee table in front of her. She asks if he killed all those people. Dexter doesn’t lie: “I did.” Deb wants to know if he’s a serial killer. He answers in the affirmative. Dexter closes his eyes.

Dexter kill count: 1