Dexter 7.2 – Sunshine and Frosty Swirl

Hello, Dexter fans! A short PSA before we begin: the recap for next week’s episode (October 14th) will be posted the following weekend; I am getting married this coming Saturday and we will be celebrating our honeymoon with a week in New Orleans. I’m very excited to eat beignets until I explode. Or puke. Whichever comes first.

We start exactly where we left off: Dexter just admitted that he is a serial killer. Deb runs out of Dexter’s apartment. He finds her vomiting on the curbside. When he tries to comfort her, she pushes him away. Deb puts two and two together with the blood slides: Dex is the Bay Harbor Butcher. He’s forced to tell her about Harry’s Code. It’s hard to tell if this makes her feel better or worse, but she does agree to go back inside.

Deb doesn’t feel that Dexter is the victim he is making himself out to be, that the people in the box are the victims. Dex recounts a few of the kills we’ve seen him complete in previous episodes, and it’s clear they are not victims. Deb doesn’t know what to do. She knows what Dexter is doing is wrong, but it’s complicated. So she hits him and leaves. For the moment. For the first time, Dexter notices the prosthetic hand from the Ice Truck Killer case. Who else is on to him?

Dexter checks the evidence from the ITK case to make sure that the hand is, indeed, real. Of course, there is no record of it being checked out because Masuka did it under the table. Speaking of the devil, Masuka conveniently shows up and explains that former intern Ryan stole the hand. Louis couldn’t find the buyer, but he did cover it up. Hmm. Dexter tells Masuka the secret is safe with him. The scene is weird, since it seems Masuka had no purpose except to tell the history of the stolen hand. Does he just hang out in the evidence room all day with nothing to do?

Deb leads a briefing, starting with Mike Anderson’s murder. They still have fuck-all. Moving on: Wayne Randall, a murderer serving a double life-sentence, claims to have evidence on three more murders he committed. They’ve requested one detective and one lab geek to work the case. Dexter volunteers, but Deb shuts him down. After the meeting, she asks to speak with Dexter outside. She confesses that she was so close to arresting him that morning. But she couldn’t do it. Serial killers are like addicts, and addicts can get clean. Deb can be his clinic, watching him 24/7 in hopes that he can get over it. Dexter tried stopping before and it didn’t work. But Deb is still confident she can help him; there is still good in him, maybe even more than most people. He has no choice, so he agrees to try.

LaGuerta is on the phone with a private lab. The technician wants to know why she didn’t use the state-of-the-art facilities at Miami Metro, but LaGuerta brushes her off, but we all know she wants to do this under the table. The blood on the slide matches that of Travis Marshall. Satisfied, Maria calls the regional FBI office. She is going to vindicate James Doakes or die trying, apparently.

Angel and Quinn shut down the Fox Hole club again. The manager is annoyed, claiming harassment, since the cops continue to shut the place down until they get answers. Quinn tries to make friends with a dancer named Nadia. She eventually explains that Kaja was dating a bouncer named Tony. Quinn gives her his card before Angel calls him away. One of the bouncers has been missing since the night of the murder. Guess which one.

Deb lays out the rules for Dexter’s new Code. Number one: you don’t talk about Fight Club. Oh, wait, I mean complete honesty. Number two: Deb and Dexter are now attached at the hip. Harry asks how Dexter can lie to her; she doesn’t know how bad it is. She has never seen the worst. Harry has. That’s why he tried to channel the urges, instead of suppress them. Over dinner, Deb asks what it feels like to have a Dark Passenger. It starts with blood, Dexter explains. The image of it behind his eyelids, a trickle that turns into a flood and then turns black and oppressing, and makes it feel like his head is going to explode. The only way to relieve the pressure is to let it spill out. Deb can’t believe how messed up Dexter is. Well, yeah. He’s a serial killer.

Always thinking the worst of Dexter.

Quinn interviews Tony, who of course, barely saw Kaja the night she died. Angel interrupts to let him know that the security tapes back up his story: he was working all night. Tony accidentally admits that he and Kaja were an item, which is apparently enough to crack him, because he tells the duo that Kaja left with Viktor that night.

Dexter asks Deb if he can take Masuka’s place in the Wayne Randall case that day. He needs sneak over to Louis’s penthouse. She agrees, but she’s coming with. Until Angel and Quinn inform her about their new suspect. Deb is hesitant to let Dexter go now, but he reassures her that they are okay – besides, he’ll be surrounded by Federal Marshals. When the team breaks for lunch, Dexter risks the trip to Louis’s.

Dexter finds the list of his charge card numbers near Louis’s computer. He also finds a file full of videos called “Rants.” In one of them, we get to watch Louis get blown by a prostitute. Then, what Dexter was looking for: Louis ranting about destroying Dexter. It will be worse than Bob Henley. He won’t stop until he sees Dexter lying in a pool of his own blood and urine. Dex does a web search for Bob Henley: he worked for Louis company, and they found child pornography on his computer. Did Louis take control of the company by setting up Henley? A key in the lock interrupts Dexter’s research. He hides, but then decides to take a chance. He’ll never have another one with Deb on his case. Dexter slams Louis into the wall and asks him why he’s fucking with him. Louis chokes out that it was because he blew off his serial killer video game. Really? Dexter never wants to see Louis again, and he agrees.

Dexter returns to the dig site, where Deb is angrily waiting for him. Wayne Randall is amused by Dexter’s relationship with the woman he mistakes for his wife. Dex corrects him, and asks why Randall spoke up after all these years. Randall says he surrendered to his conscience, which is why he’s trying to help. In prison, he stopped being angry and all the negativity fell away.

George from the Fox Hole has a visitor waiting for him after the cops leave. It’s the rich man from Kiev, Isaac, and he wants to know the same thing as the cops: where the hell is Viktor? George has no idea. Isaac wonders if someone in the Brotherhood decided to make an example of him for shooting a cop. George never would have done that without Isaac’s approval, and the headman believes him.

LaGuerta opens a box of sealed evidence from the FBI’s work on the Bay Harbor Butcher case. She pulls out the box of blood slides and compares them with the broken one she found at the church. Of course, it’s a match. She’s got that look in her eye.

Deb and Dexter visit Harrison and Jamie. Louis is there. He knows exactly what he’s doing, it seems: he acts as if nothing is wrong, takes a beer from Dexter’s fridge, and makes out with Jamie in front of everyone, which is awkward. He’s not scared of Dexter at all, and he’s not going to quit unless Dexter stops him.

Nadia calls Quinn for a ride home from work because her car won’t start. Quinn agrees in hopes that she has more information on the murders. She doesn’t, but it’s the least he could do for all the tips he’s cost her with shutting down the club. Nadia tells him he’d have to do a lot more than give her a ride to make up for that. Just when we think Quinn’s gonna make it with a Russian stripper, she asks him to pick up the bill for her car’s repairs instead.

At dinner, Dexter injects some tranquilizer into Deb’s steak while her back is turned. Just enough for a good night’s sleep. When Louis returns home, Dexter is waiting for him. The sight of the blood from the injection site on Louis’s neck makes Dexter pause. He stuffs unconscious Louis in his trunk and calls Deb, who is fuzzy from the drugs. She meets him at a park. Dex was going to kill, but he couldn’t go through with it. He begs Deb to arrest him. It’s too deep inside him – he‘s a monster. Deb thinks Harry was wrong because Dexter stopped and called her. Maybe he can really control it. Dexter asks to be alone for a couple of minutes, and Deb reluctantly leaves. After she’s gone, Dex dumps Louis on a park bench. It might be a good thing if he has a vague idea of how he got there. He still needs to get Louis out of his life, but not by killing him.

Isaac visits Tony at home. Tony just gave his notice at the club, and Isaac is there to do the exit interview. He owns the clubs, you see, and he’s a stickler for the rules. He knows Tony talked to the police, and he knows that he loved Kaja. Without ceremony, he shoves a screwdriver into Tony’s brain through his eye. Guess the interview is over.

The next day, Deb is happy with last night’s break through. So happy, in fact, that she buys Dexter a Frosty Swirl ice cream cone at the dig site. Randall is happy that Dex was able to patch things up with his sister. It reminds him of his relationship with his old girlfriend, Hannah. He wishes he could have told her how he felt. She saw him as a killer, and she wasn’t wrong. There’s just one last person he needs to kill. Randall runs into the road and is promptly flattened by a semi-truck. He wasn’t there to uncover bodies. He was there to commit suicide. Randall couldn’t change who he was, and he couldn’t take life in prison. Can Dexter?