Dexter 7.3 – Buck the System

“I get it… what you do. I hate it, but I get it.”

Dexter feels trapped. Long lines at the post office and Deb’s constant presence makes him feel like a caged animal. He daydreams about slicing the neck of the postal clerk before mailing a package back to Miami Metro’s evidence room. At least he can take care of one problem by sending the small box in the mail.

During the morning briefing, Masuka notices Deb’s constant stare-down with Dexter. He wants to know what’s up. Dex doesn’t answer, but maybe she’s suspicious about Viktor Baskov’s disappearance. Dexter has another daydream, in which he stabs Masuka in the neck with a pen. I think Dex has some pent-up rage. A moment later, he’s trying to take a DNA swab from an uncooperative suspect, who finally pushes Dexter over the edge. He leaps across the table and wraps his hands around the dude’s neck. Deb intervenes, and we all wait for a telltale camera trick, revealing that it’s another daydream. It isn’t. Outside, Dexter tells Deb to get off his back – he needs to control his need or it will control him. Harry may have known Dexter better than he knows himself. Deb pulls the Harrison card, and agrees to back off, if Dexter will keep trying to suppress the need.

But we all know Dex hasn’t ever been great at keeping promises. Back in his office, he pores over the file of Ray Speltzer, a man just paroled for assault but who has been connected to the murders of several women. Dex finds Speltzer at a gym. While Dex is doing his research, Deb calls to ask what he’s up to. Unbeknownst to Dexter, she’s watching from outside.

The Fox Hole is hopping. George calls Nadia into his office. She has just been to visit her new friend Detective Quinn, inquiring about a bracelet Kaja was wearing the night she was killed. Nadia tells George that she didn’t see the evidence list with her own eyes. George explains why the bracelet is such a hot commodity: a GPS system is embedded in it, and if the cops find out that they were tracking, they’ll shut down the entire business. Isaac intervenes and asks Nadia to get close to the detective, since he seems to like her so much. She needs to find out what they know about Viktor. After Nadia is dismissed, Isaac orders an IT team to prepare to revive the signal from the bracelet in order to find Viktor. The IT guy discovers the last known location of the GPS. Isaac knows Viktor is dead, and he wants to know the exact slip the boat left from at the marina where the signal was last picked up.

Dexter and Louis are having a stare down when the package is delivered to Masuka. When he shockingly pulls out the ITK hand, Louis becomes more interested. Both he and Dexter listen as Masuka murmurs aloud the contents of the accompanying letter, addressed to Louis, requesting a refund for not receiving the item in mint condition, thanks to the weird arts and crafts activity Louis completed last season. Masuka loses it and fires Louis, who can’t explain himself fast enough. Louis and Dexter lock eyes, and Dex smirks back. One more step in Operation Ditch Louis.

Wayne Randall’s mother pays a visit to Deb. She drops off a package of stuff that Wayne gave her fifteen years ago to hold onto. Deb sends it to the lab. It’s mostly junk, but they find what could be a few trophies. This means that the additional bodies Wayne mentioned could really be buried near where they had been digging last episode.

Louis returns to his apartment to find a very distraught Jamie. She’s watching a video and asks if he wants to see it. Louis watches himself on screen as he gets a little love from a prostitute. Louis claims it was before they started dating, but he was wearing the shirt she got him for his birthday. Did you know that it’s not cheating if you pay for it? At least that’s the rule in Louis’ fucked up head, and Jamie throws the remote at him. The DVD was sent to her anonymously. Louis tries to explain that it was Dexter, but she thinks he’s crazy. Jamie smashes a few more things before storming out.

Deb spies on Dexter, who is not at the gym where he said he was going. Her phone rings, and Dexter tells her he ordered her a beer. You have to be better than that if you want to tail Dexter Morgan. Dex tells his sister about the research he’s been doing on Speltzer. She almost causes a scene after Dexter points out Speltzer, who is stalking his next victim. He was hoping to show her his process so that she might see value in what he does. Deb doesn’t want to hear it. Everything is so black and white for her. Dex needs to find the proof to convince Deb about Speltzer.

The next day, Dexter watches Speltzer at work. He’s a groundskeeper for a cemetery, and he seems awfully preoccupied with a mausoleum. Before Dex gets a chance to pick the lock, Deb calls and forces him back to the station. She sends Dexter with Batista to meet Hannah McKay, Randall’s ex-girlfriend and get her DNA… plus to keep him away from Speltzer.

He does have a sensitive side.

Hannah is a pretty blonde woman who now runs a nursery. She has little patience, having said everything she needed to when she was Wayne’s 15-year-old girlfriend and accomplice. She has no idea about the other people Wayne claimed to have killed. Batista waits in the car while Dexter takes the DNA sample from Hannah’s cheek. Dex is nervous and drops the swab. Well, she is pretty.

Let me stick my cotton swab in your DNA. HEY-O.

Deb brings Speltzer’s file to Maria, hoping she can help her get a search warrant from Judge Perez. Maria won’t because, even though she trusts Deb’s instinct, a hunch isn’t enough to get a warrant. She needs to do this by the books. Maria suggests putting a tail on Speltzer, but it better not be on the budget.

Isaac and his cronies track the GPS signal to Dexter’s boat… where Louis is there to fuck shit up. Isaac asks Louis if the Slice of Life is his boat, and he answers in the affirmative. Dumb. Isaac wants to know why Louis killed Viktor. Louis has no idea what he’s talking about, so they threaten to drill out his eyeballs. Louis finally admits that the boat isn’t his – it belongs to some douchebag named Dexter Morgan who works for Miami Metro. He just wanted to sink his boat. Isaac says Louis can leave, and then shoots him in the head with a silenced pistol. Looks like one of Dexter’s problems is solved. Kind of a cop out, I think. It would have been interesting to have Louis on his case, too.

Speaking of Dexter, he scales the wrought iron gate at the cemetery. At the station, the squad car on Speltzer reports to Deb that he’s in for the night and asks if they can take another call. Deb agrees. Only a few moments later, a girl shows up at Ray’s place for drinks.

Nadia and Joey are hanging out at her place. Luckily for Joey, she likes him. She tells him the truth about what her bosses want her to do. Quinn promises nothing will happen to her. He suggests they help each other out. Quinn will give her enough information to keep her bosses happy, and she will tell him anything she hears about Viktor. Nadia warns him not to get involved with the Brotherhood, but Quinn thinks it’s worth it.

Dexter better hurry at the cemetery. He finds a small shrine that Speltzer created, complete with an earring missing from one of the other murders. Dex tries to send Deb a photo as proof, but there is no cell service in the mausoleum. At the same time, Deb leaves him a voice mail, letting him know she’s driving by Speltzer’s house on her way home. She waits outside and is about to drive away when she notices strobe lights on the upper floors.

Dex finishes in the mausoleum and gets Deb’s voicemail. He needs to hurry. Deb is on the front porch of the house, ringing the bell, and inside a girl screams. The girl runs through an insane maze of garbage and traps set up by Speltzer as he chases her in a leather costume and ram’s mask. Deb shoots the lock off the door and makes her way upstairs. In the maze, Speltzer grabs Deb’s legs and drags her into another room. She gets her arm caught in razor wire. Just at Speltzer is about to do her in, Dexter whacks him over the head. They find the girl’s body. While they’re busy with her, Speltzer escapes through a window. It isn’t long before the police are crawling over the place.

The next morning, Deb admits that Dexter was right. She finally gets what he does, even though she hates it. She understands that he might be a necessary evil. But what about the trophies, the blood slides? On some level, Dexter is like Speltzer. Neither of them can change who they are. Deb tells Dexter he should move back to his place. Dex comforts her by saying that nothing has changed – they are still brother and sister. But to Deb, everything’s changed. Nothing can be the same again. Freedom ain’t free, broheim.

A necessary evil.