Dexter 7.4 – Run

“How do you feel?”
“Glad. What does that make me?”

Dexter mourns over the break in his relationship with Deb. She has accepted what he does, but not who (or what) he is. Maybe she never will. He and Masuka are exploring the shrine that Speltzer set up in the mausoleum. The maze, along with the shrine, is lacking in DNA.

Deb enjoys a hot bath when the water suddenly turns to blood. Not as cool as Jesus’s trick, but you know. She’s wearing a wedding ring, and Dexter asks her if she will be his… his what?! The next morning, Deb asks her brother about Rita and Trinity. Dexter is forced to tell her everything: finding out Trinity’s identity, stalking him, killing him. Did Dexter really love Rita? Deb needs to know. Of course he did, and he loves Deb too. She wants to know how. Their heart-to-heart is interrupted by a call from Batista: they got Speltzer.

Isaac studies the information George was able to dig up about Dexter. Seems like a normal guy, except his wife was brutally murdered. Isaac is convinced that Viktor’s death was payback for Anderson’s murder. George doesn’t really like Viktor, and Isaac reminds him that Viktor was there to keep the Columbians from taking over their traffic, which George failed to do. Quinn and his new partner, a badass lady detective, interrupt the meeting when they shut down the club. The cops’ presence leads Isaac to believe that Dexter and Louis were working alone when Viktor was killed, since Miami PD seems to have no idea that Viktor is dead. Half right.

Deb and the crew gather around a TV screen, watching intently as Batista questions the hulking and terrifying Speltzer. He primes him for Deb, playing into Speltzer’s misogyny. She asks him about his mother. He seems to have some mommy issues. Deb is pretty awesome in this scene, and it doesn’t take long for Speltzer to break.

Dexter asks Deb if she’d like to have a drink to celebrate catching Speltzer. Deb can’t; she has been thinking too much about Rita. Rita is dead because Dexter was selfish. Harrison needs protection – from him. Deb implores her brother to send Harrison to live with Astor and Cody and the grandparents. Dexter refuses. He is the only thing Harrison needs. His mistake with Trinity was not killing him the moment he met him. He refuses to give up his son. Everything is in his control.

Isaac and his cronies pay a visit to Alex, a bartender from the club. He’s happy to see them. Honored, even. Alex is working hard to get his family to the US, sending every penny he doesn’t need for food or rent. Isaac can give his family lots of money, if Alex can do him a favor. Appear as a suspect for Anderson’s murder by writing a suicide note and killing himself with Viktor’s gun. If Alex doesn’t do it, he’ll die anyway, and so will his family. Alex looks at a photo of his smiling wife and kids, sobs, “For my family,” and pulls the trigger. Yikes.

Hannah McKay wanders through Homicide. Dexter greets her. The police found one of the bodies Wayne was hiding. Hannah’s lawyer thinks it’s best that she helps find the others. She wonders what Wayne said to Dexter just before he died. She misses the way she felt with Wayne, like anything was possible.

LaGuerta storms into Homicide with a DVD. They have a huge problem. The team watches as four cops beat the hell out of Speltzer. But that’s not really the problem. The problem is that there is no verbal confirmation from Speltzer that he understood his rights. The judge threw out Speltzer’s confession and he walked two hours ago. Badass lady detective is incredulous, but apparently we aren’t going to learn her name this episode for some reason. Deb storms out, and Quinn gets the call about Alex’s “suicide.”

At the crime scene, Isaac and his posse wait in the car. They spot Dexter before driving away. Inside, Batista doesn’t buy the whole story about Alex and Kaja. After all, why would he keep photos of his family up on the wall if he was cheating on his wife? Something doesn’t sit right with him.

Dexter stalks Speltzer at the cemetery in broad daylight. While the criminal is busy working, Dex lets himself in to the man’s RV and snoops. It would be the perfect kill room. Dexter is just studying the trophies when Speltzer opens the door. It’s pretty amazing that Dexter even lasts as long as he does against the juicing giant. After being knocked out with a table leg, Dexter comes to in a huge maze with a note next to him: “Run.” Psh, Dexter doesn’t run, he makes people run. But a huge dude in a ram’s mask wielding an ax would make anybody run. The maze itself is nightmare fuel. Dexter manages to escape from the roof and jumps on a moving car hauler. Speltzer has seen his face. He’s going to have to be smarter, make sure he has nothing to lose.

Jamie helps to load the car for Harrison’s trip to Orlando. Jamie is going to take him for a few weeks. Dexter reaffirms to himself that he is not sending Harrison away because Deb wants him to. He needs to take care of Speltzer.

Isaac lets himself in to Viktor’s apartment. Inside of a photo frame, behind another photo, he finds a picture of himself and Viktor during happier times. Isaac becomes emotional and promises to avenge Viktor’s death: “Everything I do is for you.”

Deb attends the funeral of Speltzer’s last victim. As she gets ready to leave, she spots the criminal leaning against his truck. Deb storms over, cursing up a storm. Thankfully, Batista is there to intervene. Later that night, Dexter checks up on her at the behest of Batista. Deb wanted to kill Speltzer, and Dexter’s smug look pisses her off. Dexter tries to tell her that nothing’s changed: she just knows more about him. But he is a completely different person to Deb. He isn’t, really – he’s the same, and she just sees him differently. Dexter hopes she’ll still be there for him like he’s always been for her. She isn’t sure.

Dexter walks through the cemetery that night, in perfect view of Speltzer. The criminal falls into the trap and follows. On a freshly dug mound of earth, Dexter has left a note: “Stay.” He whales Speltzer over the head with a shovel, breaking it in the process. Spetlzer wakes up strapped to a table. Dexter won’t take a blood slide: he can’t risk someone finding one ever again. He pushes a button and a small door opens, revealing flames. Ah, the crematorium. Dexter hopes Speltzer’s death will help heal his relationship with Deb. After dispatching the hulking criminal with a knife, Dexter says good-bye to his blood slides. He places them on Speltzer’s body before activating the conveyor belt, allowing it all to be consumed by fire.

Deb pulls up outside of the crematorium and Dexter gets in the passenger seat. He wasn’t sure she would come. He tells her the smoke rising from the building is Speltzer. “Did you do this for me?” Deb asks. He says no, and asks Deb how she feels. “Glad,” she responds, almost in shock. What does that make her? Dexter answers confidently: “Human.”

Dexter kill count: 1