Dexter 7.5 – Swim Deep

“You thought you couldn’t handle it because you couldn’t. But Deb is stronger than you are.”

Dexter and Harry clean the Slice of Life. Well, more like Dexter cleans while Harry chastises him about everything. Shut up and grab a rag, Harry. Make yourself useful. Dexter feels optimistic about the future: Harrison is coming home soon and Deb is one step closer to accepting him. Harry knows the long-term exposure to Dexter will eat away at her. Ignoring Harry, Dex sprays some cleaner on the wall of the boat. Blood seeps out of a crevice with the dripping cleaning spray. His blood kit reveals way too much blood from someone he didn’t kill.

Deb is trying to get to her office when Masuka blocks her way. Our favorite perverted little lab geek found out that evidence is being processed at a private lab and mistakenly thinks LaGuerta sent it out because he isn’t doing a good job. Is he going to be fired? Deb knows nothing about it, but her interest piques when Masuka mentions the blood slide from the church. Time to visit the big boss lady.

LaGuerta tries to brush Deb off, but Deb spots the notebook that Lundy used during the Bay Harbor Butcher case sitting on LaGuerta’s desk. Can’t bullshit a bullshitter, Maria. She unloads her theories on Deb. The list of those unsure about Doakes’ criminal record grows as Deb gives her reassurance. Maria takes Deb up on her offer to help and gives her a file to review. Maria is relieved that she has someone to confide in about this. I can’t decide if we’re supposed to like Maria or not. I realize they’re trying to make her a complicated character, but to me it seems like they just decide what kind of person she’ll be in order to advance a plot point. They need her to be a dick? She’s a dick. They want her to be supportive? Ok. They’re not conveying it very well, in my opinion. MOVING ON.

In the lab, Dexter runs the blood he found on the boat through the database. Louis’s name pops up. Before Dexter can ponder further, Deb interrupts him to fill him in on LaGuerta’s discovery. Dexter doesn’t want her involved in it; it’s too risky. Deb shows him the list of possible Bay Harbor Butcher victims – all men that went missing recently that match the profile of BHB targets. Dexter recognizes three of them that he dispatched. Deb needs to interview those families herself.

Dexter returns home, his mind on Louis’s mysterious death. He is about to unlock his door when he notices his curtains open. He always keeps them closed. Someone was in there… maybe still is. He’s right. Isaac sits on a chair, his torture tools placed neatly on a tarp on the floor, a gun in his hand. Dexter’s house phone rings and goes to voicemail. It’s Dexter, pretending to be a friend meeting for drinks, feeding Isaac the name and address of a bar. Isaac, thinking Dexter is out, packs up. Dex recognizes him from the club when he leaves. Did they find out he killed Viktor?

Isaac waits at a table at the restaurant for Dexter. He barely sits down before the waiter hands him the phone. It’s our favorite clever serial killer, watching Isaac’s every move. An eye for an eye, right? Isaac isn’t going to stop with just Dexter. He wants everyone involved in the vendetta against the Koshka Brotherhood, including darling sister lieutenant.

Back at the station, Dexter fills Deb in about Isaac. He is forced to confess to killing Viktor. And the fact that he has been hiding evidence from the police for years. There goes his ruse about only taking out people who fall through the cracks. He blows cases on purpose. Deb freaks out; she has helped him cover up three murders and it reeks of hypocrisy, being the LT of Homicide and all. Dexter and Deb will have to go into hiding, staying at a hotel and borrowing cars from the motor pool, until Isaac can be taken care of. Deb tries to make Dex promise he will never take a case from the police again. He agrees, but neither of them can tell if he’s lying.

Hannah meets with Batista and Dexter to talk them through the road trip she took with Wayne to help them find the other bodies. They needed to hide out in Miami before they could get onto a cruise ship out of the city. The three extra victims were killed so Wayne and Hannah could take their hotel rooms. They buried the bodies near the motels. Wayne forced her to dig the graves, and she never knew if she was digging her own. Dex watches as Hannah plays with one of the trophies, a toy giraffe. He recognizes the look of nostalgia – not pain or fear – on her face.

Deb is on her way to question the family of one of the missing men. LaGuerta meets her outside the house and wants to join. Deb looks a little nervous. The man was a wedding photographer. Not only did he kill female wedding attendants in his hotel room, but he also beat his wife and son. The wife printed out some pictures from the wedding he was shooting the night he went missing. I have a bad, bad feeling about this. While LaGuerta is busy talking to the son, Deb spots Dexter on the edge of one of the reception photos. Deb offers to take the photos back to the station to look over them. Mercifully, Maria agrees and I can breathe again.

At the dig site, the team discovers the final two bodies. Dexter goes over the wounds and blood patterns on the bodies while Hannah watches. He realizes that the female victim’s assailant, someone much smaller than Wayne, straddled her while she was being killed. If Wayne didn’t do it, then it must be Hannah. Dexter stops his explanation abruptly, realizing what happened. He explains he needs more time to go over it at the lab. Hannah asks why he stopped talking. Dex tells her that the story of the blood conflicts with the story she told him. The scar on Hannah’s hand matches one of the blood patterns – her hand slipped on the bloody knife and she accidentally cut herself. Hannah isn’t changing her story. The DA gave her immunity from crimes committed with Wayne for helping the police. As Dexter climbs into his car, he spots Isaac watching from the hill behind him. It was only a matter of time.

Dexter leads Isaac to a bar on the “wrong side of town” – a bar run by the Columbians, enemies of the Koshka Brotherhood. Dexter mutters the name to the patrons before escaping through the bathroom door. Isaac enters and hears Spanish being spoken. He smiles briefly, realizing that Dexter set up a rather clever trap. Dex believes Isaac will die at the hands of his rivals.

Angel gets the call: homicide at a Columbian hang out. Blood means Dexter is called to the scene. Instead of finding a very dead Isaac, there are several dead Columbians. Damn. Dex takes us through the events, Tarantino style. Isaac’s blood is at the scene, so that’s good. “So,” Deb says grimly, after Dexter is finished walking everyone through what went down. “We’re looking for the fucking Terminator.” When they find a match for the blood, Deb can make an arrest.

Joey brings Nadia to work at the club. While they make out, Isaac gets patched up in the office and they talk of revenge. George spots Quinn through his office window and recognizes him. He tells Isaac about their former arrangement: cash in exchange for keeping his mouth shut. Quinn finds the bag of big bills on his passenger side seat. Isaac’s body guard is watching, so Quinn shoves it in his glove compartment, knowing he’s in trouble.

Isaac is brought into the station in handcuffs, thanks to Dexter’s forensics work. But Angel is going to burst that bubble of success by sharing his theory about Alex the bar tender with Deb. Somewhere within her, Deb has a LaGuerta gene and she calls upon it: Angel needs to back the fuck down. Mike’s killer is dead, and the case is closed. Get over it. She had to do it to save Dexter, but you can tell it was hard for her to lie to Batista.

Dexter pays Isaac a visit in prison. Isaac underestimated Dexter. But it’s far from over. He has patience; he will wait.

Deb brings the wedding picture to Dexter. She finally saved him, instead of the other way around. She has sort of come to terms with everything. She knows Dexter isn’t going to stop, but she doesn’t want to know about it and she doesn’t want to be a part of it. Lying to Batista was what clinched the decision. Dex is confident that LaGuerta won’t figure him out. Not even Lundy could. Deb asks about the blood report from the dig site; is there anything she should know? Nope. So much for that promise about taking cases away from the police.