Supernatural 8.05 – Blood Brother

Benny is up to something. He’s lurking around the shipping yard (in the dark, like a smart vampire) with an agenda in mind. He comes across someone he knows, Quentin. Quentin looks like he’s seen a vampire ghost, and well, he has, seems that Quentin had a hand in Benny’s second death. Both hands, actually. Quentin helped by Boxing Helena’ing Benny while their Vamp Daddy carved off his head. This family appears to be more than a little dysfunctional. Benny’s looking for some revenge on his father, but Quentin isn’t giving in, in fact he has Benny surrounded by a few of their brethren. Which would be a problem for someone who hadn’t just fought their way out of purgatory. Benny’s got this, yo.

This week on Supernatural we get to know Benny a lot better. His is a story of love, betrayal and blood. These are things we are not unfamiliar with at all.

But first, over in Enid, Ohio, Sam and Dean stealth their way into a motel room in hopes of getting the drop on Kevin Tran, but Kevin is nowhere to be seen; he’s been using his big brain to school the Winchesters on the art of credit card fraud and subterfuge. Dean’s getting fed up with Kevin playing now-you-see-me-now-you-don’t with them, Sam kinda gets it though, Dean did try to whack Kevin’s mom while he was in the next room. That sort of thing tends to stick in craws. Dean maintains that it wasn’t personal, Mrs. Tran is a lovely woman, but Crowley was running the animatronics at the time and he was looking at a much bigger picture. Sam seems to think Dean is… wrong.

Dean doesn’t wanna talk about it anymore, which is the exact moment Benny gives him a ring and gives Dean an out on the awkward mommy murder conversation. Benny, The Vampire Slayer apparently took on a bit more than he could chew and got himself hurt during his family affair. But, really, you should see the other guys; Benny’s may be a bit worse for wear, but his brothers’ headaches are more of a permanent issue.

Benny needs Dean and Dean is 100% there for him, which Sam doesn’t quite understand, but then it may be hard to understand something when you’re given no information on it except, “peace out, I got things to do”. Sam is not pleased; they have a prophet to find. Dean reminds Sam that their prophet is AWOL, raids the mini-bar for a chocolate fix and rolls out, Sam on his tail, unhappy about Dean having personal, unknown to him business.

Dean takes to the road and alone in his Impala he flashback to purgatory. Dean and Benny, taking out vamps while Benny whistles while he works.

Back at the motel room, Sam traces Kevin’s electronic paper trail as best he can… until he gets distracted “checking up” on Amelia’s financial in-and-outs. Because Sam Winchester is all about healthy, functional concern. Suddenly, there’s a creepy creaking in the motel room; hackles up, Sam slinks off to battle whatever has dared to enter his room. The culprit turns out to be nothing more than a protesting bathroom fan; though non-threatening, it does trigger a hazy flashback to Sam scoring a job at the motel he stayed in (and apparently snowed with multiple fake credit cards) after he ran over his now patched up and forcefully adopted dog. In present time, Sam fixes the fan to a barely audible hum. Sam Winchester’s Heating & Cooling, for all your heating and cooling needs.

Back at the shipping yard, Dean pulls up and scopes out the area, seeing nothing to worry about he grabs a cooler full of blood bags and heads on down to look for his buddy. He finds Benny, barely hanging on and pops the cooler open for some liquid TLC. Next thing we know, Benny up and at ‘em, fresh from the shower with a bit of spring in his step. Dean is impressed with the quick recovery, Benny is thankful but is ready to scoot Dean along and out of his way.

Dean’s too worried to pack up and ship out just yet, Benny is exasperated by Dean’s unwavering friendship. Which leads to a flashback from Benny’s memory banks about Dean, Castiel and himself fighting their way through purgatory. Yes, Benny finds Castiel’s hand-to-soul light of death handy, he’s not too happy about how much attention Castiel’s presence brings them. Castiel happens to agree, he doesn’t think a vampire and a human toting around a celestial being makes for the most covert traveling, especially when no one is even sure Castiel can hitch a ride inside Dean out of purgatory. Mathematically speaking Dean is the only real human there and he’s giving purgatory some serious indigestion, Benny’s got a shot of getting out with Dean because he comes from human stock originally, but Castiel? Castiel has never been remotely human aside from the meatsuit he wears, which, let’s face it, after all it’s been through, can’t possibly be even 1/100 human anymore. Dean rejects Benny and Castiel’s logic and inserts his own, deciding they’re all getting out or they’re gonna die trying.

Back in the belly of the ship, Dean prods Benny about why he’s slaying his own kind. Benny is hunting his sire. Apparently, he killed Benny the first time and the second time around; right now that he’s back from purgatory it’s kill or be killed and Benny has been there, done that. Benny and Dean come across a list of ships and departure times, which is how Benny and his family hunted; they would go fishing for yuppie yachts and chow down, letting everyone believe the vessels had been swallowed by the sea. No investigation, no hunters on their fins.

Their detective work gets them a lead to Prentiss Island and Benny says he’s well aware of the place, so off they go. As they head toward the island, Dean wants to know why, if Benny’s nest was such a tight family, and if he and Quentin were the favorites, why is he slicing everyone down to get to his maker and why did Quentin and their father send Benny off to sleep with the fishes? Is he on a mission? Does he have a gypsy curse? No, it’s all about clean revenge on both sides. Benny, sipping on a blood milkshake, tells Dean about how he ditched his family to join a beautiful Greek heiress’ boat, jumping ship in the most literal of ways. He was a vampirate in love and he denounced everything for her. Once he and the girl of his dreams, Andrea, decided to settle down they grabbed a port in Louisiana to set up their perfect life. And it was perfect; until his father and Quentin found them and to hammer home the level of betrayal they felt his maker ripped out Andrea’s throat and then beheaded Benny while Quentin held him down. And you thought your family was intense…

Dean starts to text Sam their location, but as Benny comments about just how much this feels like being back in purgatory, Dean changes his mind right before he hits send. They trek through the woods to the house on Prentiss Island, Benny gets philosophical about being back on the top crust of the world and how he can’t always tell what’s real and what isn’t. Lucky, Dean’s there to pull him back from his existential brink and pull him into the house so they can take care of business. Benny’s eyes sweep the house, catching on memories from his vampire life, until he sees a picture of Andrea. That can only mean one thing and that thing is confirmed as Andrea descends the staircase with her throat completely intact. Benny stares unbelievingly at his girlfriend turned vampire, while Andrea takes this opportunity to neglect to warn him about the vampire sneaking up behind him. Lights out for Benny. Dean is hiding in the wings, severely disappointed in his vampire.

The family now has Benny handcuffed to a chair, where he’s not too much help to Dean, who is sneaking around the house trying to figure a way out of this. Just then Sam calls… and Dean, having no time for chit-chat, lets it go to voicemail. Sam is tenacious and starts trying Dean’s alternate phones. Seems Sam has also been multitasking while trying to reach Dean, because he’s got even more of Amelia’s hacked private info on his desktop. He stares at his laptop and the picture of Amelia’s Texas license plate stares back at him as he remembers the time Amelia caught him fixing her drain; Amelia was freaked that he was in her motel room, Sam was kinda weirded out that his vet, who moved to town months ago, is living at the motel he works and stays at. Their encounter is less than friendly and Sam takes his leave with a scowl on his face.

The sound of his phone ringing brings Sam back to the present, Dean is calling him back to get him to stop calling him. Dean explains that he’s busy cleaning out a vamp nest. Sam yells at him for going alone. Dean explains that he didn’t go by himself, he went with a friend, who had been tracking the next. Sam yells at Dean and accuses him of running off with Garth, but Dean sets him straight that he’s with a different. Sam yells again, because that’s an unpossibility; all of Dean’s friends are dead. Dean refuses to continue discussing such a low blow. Sam keeps yelling.

Benny is still dealing with Andrea and his former family. Andrea sends Sorrento off to tell their big daddy vamp about Benny’s return, Benny is taken aback by Sorrento deferring to Andrea, since he has seniority. Andrea reminds Benny that he’s been gone for awhile, the only thing we can depend on is change; she’s now the second in command. Benny insinuates that she rose to her rank by sleeping with their maker, Andrea confirms his insinuation and punctuates it with a backhand across his cheek. As the lackey vamps skulk away, Andrea drops down, cradles Benny’s face in her hands and plants the kiss of all kisses on his kisser. This has all been for show, she tells him as she slips him a one hell of a switchblade, the key to his handcuffs and tells him that if he can manage to take the big man out then they can go back to their perfect life together. Just then Sorrento returns to tell them their dad is ready to lecture Benny in his office.

Dean is still lurking through the house, Sam is still yelling. Thankfully, Dean is using Sam’s scoldings as a distraction. The vampire on watch picks up the phone from the bowl Dean left it in and gets maybe a second to process his confusion before Dean lops his head off. Unfortunately, the vamp drops his phone as he dies, dropping the call and shattering the screen. Sam, frustrated by the call being cut, throws his phone against the wall. It must be nice to not be the ones that are actually paying for the phones, but hey boys, replacing your phone before it’s time for your upgrade ain’t cheap, don’t take it for granted. Besides, Sam, Dean did finally tell you where he was, that’s a progress, right?

Back at the vamp mansion, a handcuffed Benny is being lead by Sorrento into his maker’s office. By the legendary tales woven by the family you may be expecting an old, gnarly vamp who’s humanity has long left him, alas, no. Benny’s sire is more Armand than the Master. And like, Armand by description from the original novels, not Antonio Banderas, barely more than a teenager. Babies having babies, man. Benny’s sire tells him that he was so distraught over having his favorite son killed that he turned Andrea to console himself. Dys-func-tional.

As Dean continues to mow down vamps, he flashbacks to purgatory with his battling BFFs in tow. In this memory, Benny reminds Dean that he shouldn’t worry about his snack choices once they hit aboveground, because even before he was sent to purgatory Benny was already on a no-kill blood diet, strictly non-profit blood donations for him. Not that matters, because as far as Benny is concerned they’re never gonna make it out with Castiel’s divine and holy light shining through purgatory’s darkness. Castiel once again has to agree, not only does Benny’s logic hold water the proof is in the black leviathan pudding Castiel can sense is going to drop in on them. Dean tells Castiel to flicker out of sight, but Castiel says there’s no time for that, running in plain sight is a much better option it seems.

Back in real time, Sam steals a car so he can ride to Dean’s rescue. We don’t spend more than a few seconds in the present before we’re back inside Sam Winchester’s head. He’s remembering the time Riot, before he was named Riot, ran off and right into Amelia’s open motel door and up onto her lap. Amelia, surrounded by beer bottles and cans, sits calmly on her sofa as she rattles off from her “this guy may not be on the up and up” list. Which is valid. Honestly, Sam and Dean Winchester are the boys your momma warned you about: too good looking, no background, no home, too much medical knowledge for someone without degree and clothes that are worn from wear (his own or the previous owners) not for fashion. Sam doesn’t let her slide though; she’s a bit to judgy for someone that’s obviously got no real place to be and no one waiting for her either. Amelia tells him not wrong, but she suspects he’s in the same boat.

Sam shakes the flashback off and we see that not only is he driving while daydreaming, he’s also on his phone trying to call Dean again. Safety is not a priority, apparently.

Benny and his maker are failing at seeing eye-to-eye while Benny quietly unlocks his handcuffs and takes out Sorrento who thinks he’s putting up a fight, but really, he’s nothing for Benny to break a sweat about. Benny’s father is impressed, but Benny’s just waiting for retaliation. It doesn’t come however, because Benny’s sire is tired and he’s ready for this chapter to end. After he’s done he goes back to Andrea, ready to restart their life. Andrea, on the other hand, shows her true colors. She had no intention of leaving with Benny, she only wanted to be the new Vito Corleone and continue their family business under her reign. And, much like she neglected to warn him about the vampires earlier, Benny neglects to warn her about the Dean Winchester standing behind her and just like that with a scythe through the back and across the throat, Andrea is nothing more than a corpse at Benny’s feet.

Benny asks Dean the all-important question, “why?” Why did Dean bring him back with him and resurrect him from his grave. The answer comes in the form of another flashback, this one of Benny saving Castiel from a Leviathan.

As Dean and Benny dock their lil ship, the “C&D”, they see Sam waiting for them. Ever the one with Southern charm and manners, Benny introduces himself as he reaches out to shake Sam’s hand. Sam reciprocates and notices that Benny’s hand isn’t as warm as it should be and reaches for his knife. Dean catches this and shakes his head sternly. Benny senses the tension and tells the brothers he’s going to take his leave so they can work out their issues. Give Benny a pass, he’s new, he doesn’t know that it’ll take an apocalypse for Sam and Dean to work out anything.