Dexter 7.6 – Do the Wrong Thing

“Maybe she set her sights on a new target. You’re after her. Who’s to say she isn’t after you?”

Dexter pretends to read a book, but he’s really watching Hannah McKay unloading flowers from a van. A trick everyone learns in Stalker 101. Dexter is sure she’s killed more people than just the woman at the motel. Harry isn’t convinced that Dex has enough evidence; besides, he has bigger things to worry about. Like Isaak (seeing his name written on the white board in the meeting room means that I’ve been spelling it wrong the whole time. Mea culpa.).

Back at work, Dexter decides to fudge the blood report from the dig scene to gain Hannah’s trust. He promised Deb he wouldn’t take cases from the police, but Hannah has immunity. If Dexter tells Deb the truth, it will just drive her crazy. Better to take care of business on his own.

Isaak uses a cell phone to George from the prison yard. How did he smuggle that thing in there, anyway? Nevermind, I don’t want to know.  He needs to meet our boy George. It’s urgent. If he doesn’t get out of there soon, something is gonna go down.

Dexter finds Hannah working in her garden. She’s less than happy to see him. He accused her of murder, after all. But he’s there to apologize. Once he shows Hannah the blood report, she turns the charm on like it ain’t no thing. Our hero is slightly distracted by her painfully terrible innuendoes, but he remembers his mission: Hannah’s husband died of a heart attack when he was only 40. Dex thinks she killed him and needs to find out more. Even in her death, Rita is still a useful tool for Dexter. Dead spouses are always a good way to connect to someone, obviously. It doesn’t work. So he moves on to the woman who used to own the nursery. Beverly Gray, Hannah’s mentor, also died of a heart attack. Hannah shuts him down again. Two strikes. Dexter returns to work.

Sal Price, the author of a book about Wayne and Hannah’s killing spree, is at the station to get more information to update his book. The discovery of the two bodies means he has even more to say. Dexter is reading said book, actually – it was the one he had at the beginning of the episode. He follows Price outside to ask for an autograph. As they talk about Sal’s updates, Dex is nervous; he fudged the blood work and if Price finds out… Price wants to write a sequel entirely about Hannah. Seems like people have been dropping dead around Hannah since she was younger. As Dexter tries to digest this new information, Price asks Dexter to put in a good word with Deb because he liiiiikes her.

Nadia hops cheerfully into Quinn’s car and opens the glove compartment… why? Is this a thing people do? I hardly ever even remember I have stuff in mine. She finds the money George left for Quinn. She has no idea what is going on. Quinn is having second thoughts about what kind of favor they’re going to ask, especially since Isaak has been arrested. Nadia begs him to give it back. The Koshka Brotherhood is dangerous. Quinn does just that.

Dexter snoops around Price’s apartment to try and find information about Hannah. He finds dozens of files on the computer. Looks like they have the same obsession. While the files transfer to a flash drive, Dexter finds some files of source material for the books and snaps a photo of the blood report on Beverly Gray. He needs to get back to see the rest, but no time now.

George pays a visit to Isaak. The latter needs to get out of prison ASAP. Nothing serious has happened yet, but he would really not like to have to kill anyone in there. It might get in the way of his release, after all. Isaak is furious when he finds out that Quinn gave back the money. He warns George not to disappoint him.

Quinn arrives at a nice restaurant for dinner with Nadia. He’s surprised to find Georgie Boy sitting at his table instead of his hot blonde girlfriend. She’s fine, for now. She’s a good commodity, and they won’t kill her unless they have to. What a great work environment. I bet they don’t have an HR department. George tells Quinn that he owes them. Isaak did them a favor by killing those Columbians. If Quinn doesn’t help, they will transfer Nadia to a club in Dubai, where she might last for a couple of weeks before killing herself. Quinn bargains his help for Nadia’s freedom. If he gets Isaak out of prison, Nadia will not have to work at a sex club ever again.

Maria invites Deb into her office to share her new theories about the Bay Harbor Butcher. She finished interviewing the families, but didn’t get any leads. So she started looking into other open cases. Remember the Barrel Girls? Maria thinks BHB took out the five criminals, but Deb tries to talk her out of that thinking. Jordan Chase killed them and then fled the country. Still, Maria thinks it should be looked into. I have to say, Deb is doing pretty well at keeping her emotions and fears in check when dealing with Maria.

Dexter continues his Hannah research at his apartment. Aconite was discovered in Beverly’s system during the autopsy. It’s a poisonous flower that causes heart attacks. Still doesn’t mean Hannah did it – she does have a groundskeeper that worked there while Beverly owned the place. A knock interrupts his research. It’s Hannah with a plant for him. How did she find him, anyway? Google, duh! Deb calls and asks Dexter to meet him at her place to discuss LaGuerta’s new theories.

Dexter tries to reassure Deb that there will be nothing to connect him to Chase or the others. But what about his accomplice? Dexter feigns stupidity, but Deb isn’t dumb. She realizes Dexter was with his accomplice. She remembers the tenant… Lumen, right? Deb will never understand Dexter. How could he move a girl into the house where his wife had just been murdered? How could he be romantically involved with someone while they killed together (sounds a little familiar, right Wayne and Hannah)? Dexter loses his cool, begging Deb to let him worry about LaGuerta and for her to get a life. Deb tells him to leave. Dexter really needs to kill someone.

The handyman is busy working on the nursery when Dexter arrives; Hannah is out. They start talking about Beverly’s illness. Hannah took care of her completely on her own and wouldn’t let anyone else near her. Hannah would be the only one with access to poison her. Dexter finds the aconite growing in the back of the property. One of the plants was recently harvested. Harry thinks she’s after him. Hannah arrives and invites Dexter in for some coffee. He makes an excuse to leave, but Hannah stops him: she doesn’t understand why he keeps coming around. He accidentally asks her out, but she declines. She gets too attached. She completely lost herself when she was dating Wayne. Dexter promises he’s not like that. She finally consents to one date.

Quinn has been calling Nadia like crazy and even stopped by the club. She wasn’t there, and she hasn’t been answering his calls. He heads down to evidence and swipes the samples of Isaak’s blood found at the scene of the murders. He doesn’t feel like he has a choice. Isaak’s release means Nadia’s safety.

Deb takes Sal Price up on his offer of a drink. They discuss his writing and Sal shares his theories about Hannah McKay. He thinks Hannah is a killer. If that’s true, the cops are fucked. They gave her immunity, remember. Sal has all the evidence with him. He shows Deb the blood spatter report from the dig site. He had his own forensics guy look at the crime scene photos, and he found the same thing Dexter did. The female victim was attacked by someone much smaller than Wayne Randall. Except Price’s blood guy told him the truth, rather than saying the evidence was inconclusive. Deb is in disbelief.

Speaking of Hannah, she and Dexter pull up to a Christmas theme park. Do people actually go to this? It’s closed for the season, so they break in. Dexter carries a picnic basket and Hannah holds his hand. Romantic. He takes her to Santa’s room, the only place in Miami you can see the snow. It’s something she’s wanted to see since she was with Wayne. As she watches the flakes fall, a look of pure happiness on her face, Dexter sticks her with the tranquilizer. She wakes up on his table, under a beautiful canopy of Christmas lights. She tells Dexter to do what he has to do. He raises the knife, but instead of bringing it down into her heart, he cuts her free. Then they totally do it. Yeah, I don’t even know what is going on with this show anymore.

It is kind of pretty.