Dexter 7.7 – Chemistry

“We were looking out for each other. That’s big for people like us. Maybe even historic.”

We pick up where we left off: sweaty and naked Dexter and Hannah lay together on the table. She grabs his knife and crawls on top of him, holding the knife to his throat: “How do you like it?” Hannah’s not stupid. She knows Dexter just used the date to get her alone so he could kill her. But he only kills bad people! Hannah pouts; he thinks she’s bad! They go another round in Santa’s workshop.

Deb is on a date of her own with author Sal Price. They have been talking about Hannah all night. Our favorite LT is willing to help her new boyfriend(?) with his new book by ordering a tox screen on Hannah’s husband, looking for aconite. They need to get his sister’s permission for the exhumation. They sweetly kiss good night and Deb locks the door behind him. Good for her, she deserves to be happy.

Dexter brings Hannah home from their date the next morning. In the garish Miami sunlight, things look a bit different. Dexter informs Hannah that this can’t happen again – the sex thing, he means. She was thinking the same thing. Dexter wants to know why; he practiced that move for months and – oh, wait. Hannah just doesn’t want to end up dead. Dexter isn’t planning on killing her though, because she’d already be dead if he was.

Sal is waiting outside of Hannah’s house and sees the bizarre couple kiss good-bye. Uh-oh. It explains the spotty blood work, anyway. As far as Sal knows, Dex is an innocent lab geek in over his head. Hey man, Sal’s just doing his job, and doesn’t care whose careers he destroys in the process. Dexter can always go on record about her. Dex says he can do one better: he was the last one to talk Wayne Randall and can give Sal his last words. Sal will think about it, but he’ll keep his mouth shut about Hannah in the mean time.

Maria wants to brainstorm with Deb about the BHB case. Her theory with the Barrel Girls went nowhere. Deb tries to convince LaGuerta that they’re biased because of Doakes and maybe they haven’t missed anything: the facts are the facts. Believe her, Maria, she knows what it’s like to find out someone you’re close with has a dark side. Maybe Deb is right, LaGuerta says. Deb knows she’s going to hell for her lying. I’ll save you a seat on the express bus, Debra!

Dexter does a little search on Sal Price. Deb interrupts him with the blood spatter report on the Randall killings. She shares Price’s findings, the same findings that Dexter, um, found. Did he miss this, or is he lying? Dexter gives her some BS about blood spatter being a matter of interpretation, blah blah blah, Randall is the sole killer. Deb isn’t convinced, and she’ll think about having him run a test for McKay’s DNA.

Sirko’s lawyers are on the way. According to Angel, they smell like sulfur mixed with shit. So, Abercrombie and Fitch cologne. They’re bringing in their analysts to test the blood found at the scene to make sure it really is Isaak’s. Enter Masuka, flustered and jittery: the evidence for the case is missing. Maria reams out the gang. Everyone thinks the Koshka Brotherhood has a mole in Miami Metro. They have 24 hours to find that sample of get new evidence.

Dex, Masuka, and a crew of detectives head over to the bar to see if there is more blood. They’re overcome with the smell of other people’s shit – literally. The Koshkas messed up the sewage line to destroy the crime scene. The others go to work trying not to vomit and Angel pulls Quinn aside. He shows him the list of people that signed into the evidence room in the past 72 hours, and of course, he’s on it. Angel is suspicious because his partner is dating one of their strippers, but Quinn tells him some story about testifying for a case next week and needing to refresh. It works.

Isaak walks out of prison and is immediately greeted by his new police tail. Deb makes Dexter promise not to do anything. Yeah right, like that’s ever worked. Fortunately for Deb, Sal Price is going to make it tricky for Dex to do anything.

Deb visits Hannah’s sister-in-law to ask permission to exhume her brother’s body. She is, understandably, shocked that Jake might have been poisoned by his wife. They seemed to have a great relationship, and when Hannah found out she was expecting, they were excited. She lost the baby right after Jake’s death from a miscarriage. After the funeral, Hannah cut all ties with his family. Deb assures her that they will find out the truth, and she agrees to help.

Sal begs Hannah to talk to him. He needs a best seller. Oh please, like Hannah gives a fuck. When he brings up Dexter, Hannah agrees to speak to him if he leaves Dexter out of it. As soon as she walks off, Sal phones Dex to take him up on his Wayne Randall story. They will meet tomorrow after Sal’s meeting with Hannah.

You know, Sal’s covered a lot of murders in his time. And the bloodier the better. Harry and Dexter go through the contents of Sal’s computer files. One Christy Lawson was brutally killed, and her attacker never found. Hmm. All Dex needs is Sal’s DNA to link him to the crime. He needs to let Hannah know what’s going on. Harry tells him to just call – he’s making up excuses to see her.

Dexter managed to stay away from Hannah for one whole day. What a record! They discuss Sal, and Hannah wants to know if he’s going to kill him. It’s against the Code. Why does he dress killing up like that? Sometimes you just gotta kill, it’s surrendering to nature. Survival of the fittest, and all that. Price doesn’t need to die. Hannah can take care of herself, though. They say goodbye for good, again. Hannah sees both sides of Dexter and accepts them: she isn’t drawn to the darkness like Lila, or blind to it like Rita, or dependent on it like Lumen. So why is he leaving? Some chemicals combust when they combine. They can’t risk that.

Deb stands next to Jake’s coffin, ready for the ME to do the test for aconite. He opens the lid and inside is a skeleton wearing a suit. Oh, that isn’t supposed to be hilarious? There’s no tissue; wasn’t the body embalmed? The ME says they usually are, unless the next of kin decides against it. He can’t do the test on bones. You dug him out of the ground for nothing. Jake’s sister Laurie is furious, but once Bulldog Deb is on the case, there’s no stopping her.

Hannah offers Sal some lemonade before their interview. He looks her over and declines. He and Alastor Moody ought to get together sometime. While Hannah keeps Sal busy, Dexter lets himself in to the author’s house to steal some DNA. I never understood why these people framed by Dexter didn’t wonder what the hell happened to their toothbrushes.  A few fingerprints, a bloody piece of floss, and some computer files deleted round out the haul. Harry tells Dexter to GFTO before he gets caught. He didn’t come to protect Hannah, after all.
Meanwhile, at Hannah’s, she recounts the hotel killings. Through her tears, she admits that she stabbed the woman until she stopped screaming. Why the hell not, she has immunity. Sal thoughtfully hands her some tissues and tells her to take a moment.

Dexter is enjoying some lunch at an outdoor café when Isaak joins him. Don’t worry, he’s safe while Miami Metro’s finest is on his tail. They better be the finest, anyway, if Dexter wants to live. Isaak wants to know the real reason why Dex killed Viktor; he barely knew Mike Anderson. No, Dexter is a different kind of animal. The kind that straps people to a table, puts a plastic bag over their heads, and bashes their skulls with a fire extinguisher. A look of pain crosses Isaak’s face. Dexter will regret sharing those details with him.

Sal arrives at Dexter’s awesome apartment for their meeting. Before they talk about Wayne, can Dex pitch his book idea to him? Sal leans back in his chair, very used to this sort of thing. He explains how, in his non-fiction book, new evidence comes to light about Christy Lawson. New DNA connecting her murder to a true crime writer. Oh, Sal will also need a new toothbrush. The author gets agitated and crosses his arms over his chest. I keep waiting for him to smell his armpits and yell, “SUPAHSTAH!” But instead he falls over and bashes his head on the coffee table. Jamie rushes from the bedroom and calls 911 while Dexter administers CPR, immediately suspecting Hannah of giving Sal aconite.

Quinn questions Jamie while Angel interviews Dexter. Jamie heard yelling, and Dexter admits that the discussion got heated when Sal accused him of sloppy blood work on the Randall case. Sal lies lifeless on the floor. Deb is in disbelief. She liked him. But she knows what happened: Hannah McKay. She poisoned him; it’s too much to be a coincidence. Deb has Hannah picked up for questioning and orders a tox screen on Sal’s body.

Dexter watches on screen while Deb interviews Hannah. She acts surprised at the news that Sal is dead, and Dexter is impressed with her acting skills. Deb shoves all her evidence in Hannah’s face: the aconite found in Beverly Gray’s body and the blood on the Wayne Randall case. But Hannah has immunity, and the aconite evidence is circumstantial, unless Deb can connect it to what she finds in Sal’s system. And what about her husband? Did she poison him because he was pressuring her to have a child she didn’t want? Hannah isn’t acting, now. If she’s not being charged with anything, she’s leaving.

Later that night, Dexter knocks on Hannah’s door. Sal was going to ruin her life, she had to do something. Not even a hello, rude. But she was doing it for Dexter, too. Oh, didn’t she know? Sal died in Dexter’s apartment! It’s now a crime scene, and that could be dangerous. She figured it would kick in on the road. Even though Price didn’t drink the lemonade, he did chew on his pens. The last one had a little something on it, and it will be undetectable. The book is gone, too, thanks to Dexter. He asks about her baby. It was the other way around: she wanted the baby and Jake didn’t. He threatened to leave if she didn’t get an abortion, so she killed him. But she lost the baby. Sometimes life subtracts. Sometimes it adds. Adds people like Dexter.

Masuka brings the bad news to Deb: nothing found in Sal’s system. Hannah is going to get away with murder again! Later, at home, Deb listens to the recording that Sal took from Hannah that day.

Hannah sleeps peacefully while Dexter wonders if he is capable of love. Dexter’s phone rings. It’s Deb. Hannah killed Sal and she’s going to get away with it. Deb cannot let that happen. He didn’t deserve to die. There needs to be some justice. And it has to be him. He has to make it right. To do what he does. Well, shit.