Teen Wolf – 1.12 – Code Breaker

Picking up exactly where we left off last week, Scott’s just revealed his entire wolfy secret not only to Allison, but to Chris Argent and his hunter buddies. Allison, still stuck inside the school bus, is horrified, crying steadily, her eyes only on Scott. She and Scott share one more anguished look before Scott leaps off the hood of Chris’ SUV and runs off into the night.

this is prolly not what allison was expecting on prom night

Stiles kneels in the dirt next to Lydia, who is still unconscious and bleeding out slowly. Peter Hale is standing over them both, looking hot and crazy and impatient. He dabs fastidiously at his bloody face with a hankie and this is too hilarious to deal with, sorry.

Peter is planning to take Stiles away with him somewhere (A LOVE NEST PERHAPS? we can only hope), and Stiles really doesn’t want to leave Lydia there to die alone. Stiles somehow thinks that telling Peter to kill him instead will solve everything. Oh Stiles.

Peter hauls Stiles to his feet and tells him to call his friends – if Jackson knows where Lydia is, he’ll come to get her. Stiles takes out his phone and starts dialing as Peter struts off dramatically, because he is the King Fabulous of Sass Mountain.


Chris’ hunter thug buddies speed off after Scott, and Allison watches them leave. She then stumbles out of the school bus, trembling and shocked and totally, totally verklempt. Chris jumps out of the car and runs to catch her before she falls over to huddle in a heap on the ground. She can’t seem to decide if she wants to fight him off and run after Scott herself, or just cling to him in the hopes that somehow everything will be okay.


Scott’s back to his fully human form and is running blindly though the woods. He’s looking just as horrified and confused and shocked as Allison was, and when he falls, there’s no one there to catch him. Instead, Scott kind of lays really tragically on his face in the dirt and punches at the dead leaves on the ground, screaming his rage out into the night.


Jackson staggers back towards the school with Lydia in his arms. She’s all torn up, covered in blood, and barely breathing. As soon as he gets closer to the school, Jackson starts shouting for help. Since Beacon Hills is apparently populated by idiots and cowards, all his classmates take one look at him and turn around to run away shrieking instead of doing anything to help. Sigh.


Stiles and Peter are going for a romantic drive in Stiles’ jeep, although from Stiles’ grim demeanor, he is not yet aware that this is their first date. The Hale family has a lot to learn about seduction, apparently. This is what happens when you’re both supernatural and fantastically attractive, I guess – lack of people skills.


Peter stares out the window with a hilarious lack of concern for pretty much every single thing in the entire world. He glances over and notices that Stiles is perhaps not enjoying his company after all, and rolls his eyes a bit. Peter tells Stiles not to worry so much about Lydia, because if she survives, she’ll become a werewolf, which is, of course, super awesome! Stiles does not find this prospect terribly comforting, since this means that once a month Lydia will go insane and try to kill him and all their friends. Peter makes a predictable PMS joke and Stiles looks utterly horrified, although I’m not sure if it’s at the thought of WereLydia getting hormonal or if it’s just Peter’s terrible sense of humor.

Maybe both.


Chris Argent is having a super ridiculous temper tantrum and throwing stuff all over his living room. Kate’s watching him from the couch and taunts him a little, gently, asking if he feels better yet.

No, Kate, he’s definitely not feeling better, and you are not helping. In fact, Chris is pretty sure that everything bad going on in their lives right now? Yep, Kate’s fault. Chris thinks that Kate’s told Allison everything, despite Chris and Victoria’s wishes that she not be told until she’s older. Chris lays it out for us: Kate’s been leaving Allison clues since the very beginning, starting with the necklace she gave Allison. Kate angrily counters that Allison NEEDS to know all these things to keep herself safe.

Chris has some other suspicious he wants to throw at Kate as well – why is she even in Beacon Hills at all? She hates it there, and there are plenty of other hunters Chris could have called for assistance. But instead, Kate called him and offered to come home, and Chris can’t really figure out why. He’s not sure who she’s here to help.

Kate insists that she’s there to help him catch and kill the Alpha – remember the Alpha? The one running around and killing people at random?

Chris then drops his giant scary knowledge bomb on Kate – not only does HE know that the killings aren’t random, but the Sheriff has also put the info together and realized that all the killings lead back to one place, one incident – the fire that killed almost the entire Hale family.

Kate looks completely shocked for a moment but quickly dissembles, and says that this is even more reason for Allison to know about the family business, because the Hales have always blamed the Argents for that fire. Yeah, Kate, I wonder why that is?

Chris’s solution to this problem is that Kate is going to take Allison out of town, that very evening, to one of their safe houses up in Washington, and they’ll stay there until Chris calls them back. Kate laughs at this plan, which seems totally ridiculous to her, but Chris has had enough of her crap. He gets right up in her face and tells her to pack up her stuff and get her ass on the road.

i’m not saying they SHOULD make out, i’m just saying i would be totally okay with it if they did

They stare one another down for a few tense moments until Kate walks away, still smiling her bright, gorgeously vicious smile. Chris very clearly contemplates further terrible violence to innocent home furnishings as she leaves.


Upstairs, Victoria is packing for Allison in her usual brisk, businesslike, and wholly unmaternal manner. She turns from the closet to Allison, seated on the bed, expecting a little input, but Allison’s still dealing with the fact that her boyfriend is not only a werewolf, but one that her family plans to kill as soon as she’s out of town. Victoria finds Allison’s display of human emotion to be terribly amusing, and continues packing Allison’s suitcase.

Allison’s phone rings, and she’s not quite fast enough to lunge for it before Victoria snatches it up. Victoria looks at the caller ID, sneers at the name, and turns off the phone, slamming it down on the dresser. Allison asks, kind of timidly, if it was Scott on the phone, but her mother says it was someone named Jackson instead.

Finally, the question that Allison’s been steeling herself to ask pops out – she wants to know what they’re going to do to Scott. Victoria tells her it depends, since they have a sort of moral code that they follow, and it’s different when they’re so young. Allison blurts out that Scott’s never killed anyone, and when Victoria tells her that they’ll have this conversation more fully sometime later, Allison whines that she wants to know right now.

Victoria gives up on pretending to be patient and tells Allison that what she wants doesn’t matter, and that she needs to sit the hell down and shut the hell up, because there are things that Allison is just not ready to know yet, okay? Allison’s deeply unnerved by this angry rant, and nods hesitantly in response, but that’s not enough for crazyface Victoria. She shouts at Allison to SAY IT, and Allison squeaks out a timid little “I understand,” presumably in the hopes of not being actually eaten for dinner. Victoria smiles at her like she didn’t just scare almost the literal crap out of her only child, and turns back to the closet to finish packing. She tells Allison to grab a few warm coats, because the weather will be colder where she and Kate are going.

Allison stares at her mom like she seriously cannot believe this is her life right now.


Chris stomps out to the car where Allison and Kate are waiting, both of them looking super grumpy. Kate gets in one last shot, telling Chris that he can’t do this without her, and that he’ll never find out where the werewolves are hiding unless she helps. Chris ignores his sister’s pout and promises Allison that he’ll explain everything to her later on. She doesn’t seem very convinced.

As Kate and Allison drive away, Victoria joins Chris outside, and asks if Allison is okay, and also, more importantly, did Chris get any information out of Allison? Chris did not, but he knows who can give them the information they need – Scott McCall. And Chris knows exactly how to find him.


Stiles pulls the jeep into a parking garage and Peter drags him out of the car immediately. They head for a dark creepy corner of the already dark and creepy garage, where Peter stops in front of a car and takes some keys out of his pocket. The car apparently belongs to his nurse, who won’t be needing it anymore, as her dead body is in the trunk. Peter retrieves a laptop bag from the trunk and hands it to Stiles, who is still processing the whole “dead lady in the trunk” situation.


Scott has gone to ground in the only safe place he can think of – the back of Dr Deaton’s clinic. He’s huddled sadly in the corner feeling epically sorry for himself, remembering his mom’s advice to tell Allison everything about how he feels. Scott, I am not sure your mom meant to tell her that you’re a werewolf, so stop kicking yourself over it, okay?


Allison and Kate are in the car, heading north. They’re not talking to one another and both seem pretty pissed off. Allison stares out the window and remembers Scott at the dance, telling her that he loves her. And then she remembers him right after the dance, as a werewolf being hunted by her dad.


Scott’s still sitting alone in the vet clinic sniffling to himself when he realizes that all the animals caged up in the back are howling and generally freaking out. This is usually a sign of bad things in Beacon Hills.


Stiles and Peter are leaning on the back of Dead Nurse Jennifer’s car and messing with Peter’s laptop. Peter wants Stiles to track Scott’s stolen phone and figure out where Derek is holed up, but Stiles reminds him that he’ll need Scott’s username and password to get into the phone’s GPS records. Peter impatiently informs Stiles that he can hear his heartbeat well enough to tell that he’s totally lying, and smacks Stiles’ head down onto the computer when Stiles tries to dissemble. Okay, maybe Stiles does know the password after all.


Jackson rushes into the hospital, with Sheriff Stilinski and a couple of deputies right behind him. Inside, Lydia’s laying very still in a hospital bed, still looking totally awful and limp. Jackson only cares about getting into the room with her, and struggles to get away from the Sheriff’s neverending and increasingly angry questions.

The Sheriff doesn’t seem to believe that Jackson just found Lydia like that alone in the middle of the field, and throws him up against the wall to yell at him. He thinks that since Lydia is Jackson’s girlfriend and all, maybe he should’ve been looking after her a bit better.

Jackson stammers out that actually, he didn’t even go to the dance with Lydia, and does the Sheriff want to know who DID take Lydia? Oh man, the Sheriff’s face when he finds out that it was Stiles… awful. Blank and horrified and awful.

ruh roh


Peter hovers threateningly over Stiles as Stiles tries to track down Scott’s phone. Stiles decides to push his luck a little and asks Peter what’s going to happen when they find Derek; alas, Peter’s not in much of a mood for questions right now. Stiles is persistent and asks Peter if people are going to die because of him. Peter reassures him that only the ones responsible for the deaths of his relatives will die, but Stiles doesn’t really find that comforting. Instead, he tells Peter that he wants him to leave Scott out of all this.

Peter decides that Stiles is in need of some werewolf lecturing, and explains that werewolves form packs so that they’ll be too strong to be taken down by one other werewolf alone – therefore, Peter needs both Derek AND Scott to survive. Stiles ponders this for a moment and reminds Peter that Scott’s not going to help him willingly. Peter counters that Scott will do anything to save Allison, which is the most obviously true thing in the entire world, so Stiles can’t argue. Peter also reminds Stiles that he’ll help Peter in order to save Scott, another wildly obvious truth.

Finally convinced, Stiles logs into Scott’s phone GPS; to Peter’s nauseated dismay, both Scott’s username and his password are both the same: Allison. Is Peter really sure he wants a dorkface like Scott in his pack now?

look at your life, peter, look at your choices


Scott’s back in the woods, and climbs on top of a rock formation overlooking Beacon Hills to howl out his very best woffly howl. Down in the basement of the burned-out Hale house, Derek hears him and maybe possibly feels the tiniest shred of hope.

Scott waits for a moment or two, expectantly, but when there’s no response, his sweet little puppy face falls a bit and he starts to walk away all sad and defeated and OH LITTLEST PUPPY DON’T CRY. But then! Just as he’s about to walk off into the woods, he hears a howl in response.

Scott barrels off into the direction of the responding howl, in that awful hilarrible wolfrun down on all fours thing. I cannot believe this ridiculousness was a conscious decision made by a sentient human being, oh my god. THIS SHOW IS A PRECIOUS GIFT.


Stiles has finally mapped out the location of Scott’s phone, and therefore Derek, and he and Peter stare at the map for a moment in confusion. They can’t believe he’s been locked up inside his own house this entire time. Peter knows exactly where Derek is now, since of course he’s familiar with the cells beneath the house.

They pause for a moment when they hear howling in the distance, both realizing that Scott probably knows where Derek is by now.


Allison walks into the hospital where Lydia’s still unconscious. She has some disturbingly vivid flashes of imagination wherein Lydia is covered in blood and turning into a monster. Allison blinks slowly and everything is back to normal.

Outside, she gets back into the car with Kate, who of course has a lecture waiting for her. This is what werewolves DO, Allison, they can’t help themselves. And yes, even Scott will do something like this if given the chance.


Over in the parking garage, Peter and Stiles hear one more howl as they get ready to leave. Peter demands Stiles’ car keys, which he then bends with his bare hands and gives back to Stiles, smirkily. As Peter gets into Dead Nurse Jennifer’s car, Stiles calls after him, surprised that he’s actually getting out of this alive.

Peter stops and gives Stiles a rather disturbing look, and assures him that he’s not actually the bad guy here. Stiles isn’t too sure about that, since Peter does, in fact, turn into a giant snarly fanged monster with red eyes who goes around slaughtering people all the time. Oh Stiles, you’re going to hurt his sexy evil feelings!

Instead of hungrily devouring Stiles, Peter tells him that since Stiles has done him a favor, he’ll do one for Stiles – he offers him the bite. Stiles is totally shocked. Peter explains that if the bite doesn’t kill him, he’ll turn into a werewolf, and be stronger, faster, more powerful, more popular – all the things Scott has gained since becoming a werewolf.

Peter takes Stiles’ hand and brings the wrist up to his mouth while Stiles stands there all helpless and indecisive. Peter decides that his silence is close enough to assent and leans in to bite, but at the last second, Stiles yanks his arm away furiously. He doesn’t want to be anything like Peter, thanks. Unfortunately, Peter can hear Stiles’ heartbeat quite clearly, and knows that no matter what Stiles thinks, he’s lying about not wanting the bite, both to Peter and to himself.


Scott’s moving through the woods more stealthily now, as he approaches the Hale house. As far as he can tell, there’s no movement anywhere nearby, and somehow his magical wolfy senses lead him to the gate hidden in the ground, leading to the underground cells. Scott heads down the basement hallway nervously.


Stiles barges into the hospital to see Lydia, and he’s stopped by his dad, who is one super angry Sheriff. Stiles tries to explain his lateness in arriving by pretending he lost the keys to his car, but Sheriff Stilinski does not give a crap for his excuses. He tells Stiles that they don’t know what’s going on with Lydia – not only did she lose an enormously dangerous amount of blood, there’s something else going on with her that the doctors can’t quite figure out. It’s like she’s having some kind of allergic reaction, and her body keeps going into shock. The Sheriff asks Stiles if he has any idea who or what attacked Lydia, and Stiles stammers for a second and then denies knowing anything.

The Sheriff asks him if maybe Scott saw anything, and Stiles is totally confused – if Scott’s not there at the hospital, then where is he? Stiles glances over his dad’s shoulder at Jackson, who’s been eavesdropping on their entire conversation. Jackson shakes his head a little at Stiles’ questioning glance – he doesn’t know where Scott is either.


Kate’s hunter thug buddy returns to the cell where Derek is still chained to the bars; he’s gotten a little tired of just punching Derek around, and gets ready to go to work on him with a baseball bat instead. Oh dear, it looks like Derek’s not going to stand for that crap anymore, now that Scott’s arrived and unchained him already. Hunter Thug dude gets one quick look over his shoulder at Scott, standing in the doorway, before Derek throws him up against the wall.


Sheriff Stilinski drags Stiles away from the ICU area and down the hallway. He wants Stiles to sit down and behave himself and wait with his friends, but Stiles is determined to get any information his dad has about Lydia’s attack. He assumes his dad already knows it has something to do with Derek, although the Sheriff seems to think Stiles is being totally insane again. Furthermore, didn’t Stiles tell him that he hardly knew Derek? Ooops. Stiles admits that maybe he knows Derek a little better than he’d let on before.

Stiles’ dad thinks about it for a minute before dismissing it as ridiculous – he can’t see any way that Lydia’s attack could have anything to do with a 6-year-old arson case. Whoa there Sheriff Dad, when did you decide for sure it was arson? Actually it seems like there’s a whole lot of information that the Sheriff hasn’t shared with Stiles: they have a witness now, so they’re sure it was arson, and they know for a fact that the entire situation was masterminded by some young woman, who is probably in her late 20s now. Oh, and she was wearing a very distinctive necklace.

The Sheriff has to run off and take a call, and leave Stiles standing alone in the hallway. And it’s then that Stiles adds up all the information in his mind and suddenly realizes he knows exactly who was behind the fire after all.


Derek rips the electrical wires off his side and tells Scott to help him get out of the remaining handcuffs. Scott, however, is not quite ready to be helpful – he refuses to help until Derek tells him how to stop the Alpha. Derek can’t believe Scott wants to stop and discuss this right now, until Scott tells him that Peter plans to go after Allison and her family. Oh yes, because Derek is certainly going to care so much about the horrible deaths of a bunch of Argents. This is your cunning stratagem, Scott? Good lord.

Derek loses his temper completely, shouting that Scott’s stupid little teenage crush means nothing to him. He thinks Scott’s too young and stupid to be in love for real. Oh Derek.

Scott admits that maybe Derek is right, but that doesn’t really matter right now, because Scott knows something that Derek doesn’t – he knows who killed Laura.


Stiles is storming through the hospital with Jackson right behind him. Stiles knows he has to find Scott immediately, and Jackson offers to drive him wherever he’s going. Stiles asks if Jackson brought the Porsche, and when Jackson confirms that he did, Stiles demands the keys, because there is no way he’s going to miss out on a chance to drive Jackson’s awesome douchemobile.

They turn to leave, and surprise! It’s Chris Argent, there to loom over them ominously with a bunch of his hunter buddies. Chris wants to know where Scott is, and Stiles denies knowing anything useful. Jackson tries to lie as well, but Jackson is literally the worst liar I have ever, ever seen. Chris can tell right away that they’re lying, and drags them off into an empty hospital room for some enhanced interrogation techniques. It all looks very distressingly homoerotic, and I would like to remind Chris Argent that these young men are underage and that this behavior is terribly inappropriate.

chris argent you bad bad man

Dishonor on your family, Chris. Dishonor on your cow!


Back down in the basement, Scott is showing Derek the printout of the police file of the dead deer with the spiral cut into its side; this deer was the warning that brought Laura back to Beacon Hills in the first place. A few months back, someone came into the vet clinic to ask Deaton about the police investigation of the deer – does Derek maybe want to know who it was?

It was Peter’s nurse, Jennifer. They lured Laura to Beacon Hills so Peter could kill her and become the Alpha in her place, and this is why Derek is going to help Scott. So there!

Derek just stares at Scott, wide-eyed and unmoving, so Scott sighs a little before turning to walk away. He asks Derek once again to agree to help him, and Scott will unchain him. Derek no longer needs Scott’s help to get out of the manacles, though – his rage over Peter’s actions has given him the wild burst of escaping strength that Kate’s torture couldn’t even do. Damn.


Chris throws Stiles up against the wall and asks him if he’s ever seen a rabid dog. Chris, this is the second time you have had this weird threatening conversation now, and I am starting to think you need to work on your metaphors. Stiles isn’t impressed by Chris’ story of having to kill a friend who wolfed out, and loses his temper when Chris asks if he’s ever had to chain Scott up at the full moon to keep him from killing people.

Yes, Chris, you know what? Stiles actually has had to handcuff Scott to a radiator during the full moon. Would Chris maybe have preferred locking him in the basement and burning down the entire house around him? That’s what Argents do, isn’t it?

Chris laughs at Stiles incredulously, and denies having had anything to do with the fire. Stiles needles Chris over their stupid alleged following of a Hunter’s Code, and wonders aloud if anyone’s ever broken it before. Chris snaps back that no one’s ever broken it before, but Stiles persists, wanting to know what would happen if someone DID break the code.

Chris can tell Stiles has someone specific in mind, and asks who he’s talking about. Oh Chris, of course he’s talking about your crazyface hotass sister Kate.

From the look on Chris’ face, I guess he really had no idea what she’d done.


Scott helps Derek up the small hill from the basement’s gated exit in the forest. As they near the house, Derek stops for a moment and looks around nervously – something doesn’t feel right. Scott panics when he realizes that Derek is about to say that escaping felt a little too easy. Apparently Derek does not know the important rules of life in a horror movie – next someone’s going to say I’LL BE RIGHT BAAAACK! Sigh.

Anyway, so far nothing has been particularly easy for Scott, okay? Derek reluctantly agrees, and of course that’s when he gets shot by an arrow.

Scott turns to face their attackers, and it’s Kate… and Allison. Allison and her trusty compound bow.

Allison takes a second shot and hits Derek again, while Scott stares at her, completely gobsmacked. Oh puppy. Derek shouts at him to run, but it’s too late – Allison loads up an explosive round and hits the tree directly behind Scott.

Scott’s blinded and stunned by the explosion, so Derek quickly breaks off the protruding arrows from his own body before grabbing Scott to flee back towards the house. Kate and Allison watch them go for a second before following almost lazily.

Scott and Derek barely make it halfway across the clearing before collapsing back onto the ground. Allison walks directly towards Scott, and when he tries to tell her he can explain everything, she just hisses at him to stop lying to her already.

Scott wails that he was going to tell her the truth at the dance, and that everything he said and did was to protect him. Allison says that she doesn’t believe him, and they stare at each other sadly. Kate strolls up behind them and impatiently instructs Allison to shoot him and get it over with. Allison is shocked – didn’t Kate say they were just going to catch them?

Yes, Allison, and now you’ve caught them, so it’s killing time! Kate casually shoots Derek in the chest without even looking at him, and Scott backs away slowly, scooting across the ground on his butt. Allison seems like she’s wondering how everything got out of hand so quickly.

littlest puppy is scared!

Seeing that Allison doesn’t appear up to shooting Scott in the face just yet, Kate raises her handgun and takes aim at Scott’s face. Allison tries to stop her, and Kate just kicks her to the ground without taking her eyes off Scott for a second.

Scott’s impending messy death is interrupted by the arrival of Chris, and oh boy is he pissed off at his little sister. He accuses Kate of murdering innocent people – even human children – in the Hale house fire, and Kate sneers at him that she was just doing her job. Chris reminds her once again to stick the code, but Kate is beyond caring.

Finally, Chris raises his own gun and points it at Kate. She’s totally unmoved by this, assuming she can call his bluff easily, and keeps aiming at Scott. So Chris shoots right over her shoulder, missing her by a bare inch. Okay, that’s got her attention.

Kate looks disgusted and shocked by what she sees as a horrible betrayal. Before she can get into the granddaddy of all sibling spats with Chris, the door to the Hale house swings open ominously. Chris and Kate both immediately refocus their aim on the opening door, and Chris calls to Allison to get back. Scott gets up from the ground and the four of them group together to face what’s inside the house – the Alpha.

Peter bursts out of the house in Alpha form, faster than any human’s reaction time, and darts off into the darkness. He’s just toying with them now, not even hurting them, just knocking them over one by one until Kate is the only one left standing. She whirls around again and again, trying to taunt Peter into coming out, and on her last turn, realizes that she’s too late. Peter’s already standing there, grabbing onto her hand and knocking the gun out of her grasp. She gets off one shot before he cracks her wrist and grabs her by the throat.

Peter throws Kate across the clearing onto the porch of the house; she’s barely on the ground for a second before he’s dragging her inside. Allison hauls herself painfully to her feet and runs after them.

Inside, Peter is holding Kate up by the throat, shielding himself with her body. Kate looks, for maybe the first time in her entire life, utterly terrified and helpless. Peter quietly tells Kate that Allison is really beautiful, and looks just like her, although maybe Allison isn’t as damaged as Kate is.

Peter digs his claws into Kate’s throat and, overcome with crazyface emotion, asks Kate to apologize for murdering his entire family and leaving him burned and insane in a coma for 6 years; if Kate apologizes, then Peter will let Allison live. For a moment or two, it looks like Kate isn’t going to say anything at all, and she and Allison stare at one another, crying silently.

Kate finally gasps out that she’s sorry, and it actually looks like she might even mean it. Peter cocks his head thoughtfully, and maybe he believes that she really means it, because he smiles a tiny, almost peaceful smile.

noooo not my precious kate

Then he rips Kate’s throat out and throws her to the floor. As she falls, someone, maybe Peter, maybe Kate, flashes briefly back to the fire and the smoke and the screaming. Peter watches her die, and then turns his sweet little crazyface smile to Allison, because he’s not really sure that Kate was all that sincere after all.

Peter walks towards Allison with more messy death on his mind, and is stopped a few feet away by the appearance of not only Scott but Derek as well. YAY. He looks back and forth between the two of them, rolling his eyes dismissively at them, and while his attentions are thus engaged, Scott tells Allison to run. She bolts.



Allison runs outside to where her dad is still laying unconscious on the ground. She shakes him and pokes at him but he really doesn’t want to get up just yet.


Inside, Scott and Derek are doing their very best, but Peter is tossing them around like a tiger playing with kittens. Nevertheless they keep getting up and coming back for more. Peter certainly seems to be enjoying himself, at least, although he’s having some trouble holding on to his human form. He keeps slipping into his gross creepy Alpha form instead.

Eventually, when both Scott and Derek are down for a minute, Peter stops in the middle of the room and starts shifting over fully to his huge scary Alpha form. Scott watches Peter’s reflection in a nearby broken mirror and makes a grossed-out little kid face that is adorable and hilarious with the werewolf makeup, omg.


A little ways down the road, Jackson and Stiles are approaching at gleefully high speed in Jackson’s car. Jackson whines at Stiles to be careful, since it’s a sports car, not an off-roader, but Stiles is not the least bit intimidated by Jackson right now. Besides, Jackson didn’t pay for it himself anyway, so he can just shut up. Jackson has absolutely no comeback to this true and legitimate fact. Instead, he makes a ridiculously constipated face and braces himself for potential smashy death.


Back up at the house, things are going less than spectacularly well for Scott and Derek. Allison’s still outside, huddled over Chris’ unconscious body, so she has a front-row seat for the asskicking as Peter throws Scott not just out of the house, but out through the front WALL. Peter follows immediately after, crashing through a front window.

He drags Scott up to his feet and roars in his face, which just seems really rude and unnecessary to me. I think Scott probably feels the same, because he pulls his legs up to Peter’s wolfy chest and kicks him away onto his alpha-ass. Peter really doesn’t like this at all.

Before Peter can throw himself onto Scott and eat his face, Jackson and Stiles zoom up in the Porsche. Without even turning off the car, Stiles leaps out and throws one of Lydia’s self-igniting molotov cocktails in an Ehrlenmeyer flask right at Peter’s head.

Unfortunately, Peter catches it neatly. Stiles definitely didn’t plan ahead for this possibility.

oh shi-

Scott spots Allison’s compound bow laying on the ground nearby, and shouts her name as he throws it over. She quickly loads up an explosive arrow and takes aim at the flask in Peter’s hand.

Things get bad for Peter really fast after that. The flask explodes everywhere as fire spreads down his arm, and he waves it around rather ineffectually; I guess he never got that STOP DROP & ROLL lecture in elementary school? Jackson throws the second flask at Peter and hits him dead on – Peter is now completely covered in flames. Considering his last experience with lots and lots of fire, Peter seems to find this terribly distracting, and panics before lunging towards Allison for one last murderous hurrah.

Scott throws himself in front of Allison protectively and kicks Peter away from her. Peter staggers away a few feet and then collapses to the ground in a charred, nasty heap. He’s shifted back to his human form to die.

Scott’s still all wolfed out, but Allison’s looking very willing to not make a big deal about it as she leans over him for a kiss. As she kisses him, Scott shifts back to his human self, which is good because I am not sure we are really ready for interspecies romance just yet.

They stare mushily into each others eyes for a minute and then Allison tells Scott that she loves him and it’s all very special until Chris finally wakes up and gives them the stinkeye.

Derek walks slowly over to where Peter lays crispily dying in a way that will make it really difficult for me to enjoy BBQ anymore, thanks teen wolf. Thanks for that. Derek stands over Peter and kneels down to finish him off, until Scott remembers that Derek said that there could be a chance that Scott would be cured if he kills the Alpha.

Derek pauses momentarily while Scott wails, and it looks like he might possibly reconsider. Instead, Peter whispers to Derek that he’s already decided what to do, because Peter can smell it on him. Peter’s eyes go Alpha red, like he’s about to throw everything he’s got into one last burst of murderous strength, so Derek tears Peter’s throat out just as Peter did to Kate.

Allison huddles sadly into Chris’ arms while Scott and Stiles look miserable and resigned, respectively. Jackson looks weirdly triumphant.

Derek turns to face the rest of the group, and his eyes have already gone Alpha red. He tells them in a weird, creepily resonant voice, “I’M THE ALPHA NOW,” which I highly recommend that you say to your pets the next time they misbehave, because it is seriously the most hilarious thing in the entire world.



Later that evening, Sheriff Stilinski and his deputies are examining the crime scene. Sheriff Stilinski finds Kate’s dead body, and notices the very distinctive necklace she’s wearing.


Scott and Stiles sneak into Lydia’s hospital room with an awesome lack of stealth. She’s still totally unconscious, so they very carefully peek underneath her bandage. Lydia’s not healing at werewolf speed as they’d been expecting; actually, her wounds are still livid and gross. So it looks like she’s not turning into a werewolf after all, despite having been bitten very thoroughly by a very powerful Alpha. What the hell is going on here?

Terrible dark magicks, presumably.


Jackson sneaks back into the Hale house, looking for Derek. In another tragic lack of stealth, Jackson wanders around this completely unguarded crime scene (way to go, Beacon Hills PD) shouting Derek’s name grumpily. Jackson thinks that his help with killing Peter has earned him the bite, and he’s not leaving without it.

Derek stares at him from the top of the stairs as Jackson whines about getting what he wants. As Derek leaps to the bottom of the stairs in one easy jump, Jackson suddenly begins questioning the wisdom of angrily threatening the new Alpha. He backs away slowly, and Derek lunges at him with a terrible smile, all fangy teeth and red Alpha eyes.


The next day over breakfast, Chris and Victoria are glaring at the headline of the Beacon Hills Chronicle, which names Kate as the person responsible for the 6-year-old arson incident at the Hale house. Chris is angry about the necklace appearing at the scene, but Victoria knows the police would have put it all together eventually. Now Chris is just worried about how this is going to reflect on the family, especially Allison. Victoria is sure she’ll learn to deal with it, though. She asks Chris what they’re going to do about Scott, and he reminds her that Scott’s no longer the main problem.

Upstairs, Allison and Scott are sitting together on the roof outside Allison’s window, holding hands and cuddling and generally being adorable and in love.