Dexter 7.8 – Argentina

“No matter where we go, we take ourselves and our damage with us. So is home the place we run to or is it the place we run from? Only to hide out in places where we are excepted unconditionally, places that feel more like home to us. Because we can finally be who we are.”

Hannah chops some fresh rosemary – oh I’m sorry, her “special herbs and secret ingredient” from the garden for breakfast. Dexter joins her shortly, wondering if Deb was serious about his taking Hannah out, and not on a weird date to a Christmas theme park, either. Over fresh omelets, Dexter asks about the calendar from 1996 on the wall. It displays the month of January, the time that Hannah took off with Wayne. But it’s not about the sentimental reminder; it’s the picture of Argentina. It looks like home. Uh, if you’re not from Argentina, how does it look like home? Just sayin’. Deb texts, and Dexter says he has to go – his sister/his boss is calling. Guess he forgot to mention he happens to be the brother of the LT.

Deb has been poring over Hannah’s files, vetting her for her personal bringer of justice. Dexter tries to convince her that Price might not even have been murdered, but Deb plays the tape recorder for him. Hannah fits the Code! Just do it! Dexter won’t. It took all of Deb’s courage to ask him that favor. Dexter is all she has – there is nothing that can help her get Hannah through the legal system. He can’t let Deb do this. He can’t let her get involved, it’s too dangerous for her. Deb swallows his lies almost too easily.

It’s okay, Deb. Just keep believing all of his lies.

Isaak sends a body double out into his car so the police tail follows. Once they’re gone, the real Isaak heads out to take care of business. By the time the cops realize it’s not him, it will be too late. George tries to convince his boss not to go after Dexter; it puts the business in danger. Isaak is the boss, he does what he wants. And what he wants is to shoot Dexter in the donut shop. Luckily, Dex drops his keys at the exact right time, ducking the first bullet. Isaak unloads his gun through the windows and takes off.

Back at the station, Dexter and Deb try to figure out what to do. They can’t arrest Isaak, even though Dex was a witness. There would be an investigation into why Sirko wants to kill a forensics guy. And more good news: Grandpa in Orlando needs emergency kidney surgery and the kids are coming to Miami for a bit while he recovers. Sleep over at Aunt Deb’s!

Angel is retiring. He bought a new restaurant, courtesy of an investment from Joey Quinn. Maria genuinely looks happy for her ex-husband’s success when she congratulates him. Angel tells Dexter to bring the kids when they arrive for some dinner.

Just because Dexter won’t kill Hannah doesn’t mean Deb won’t peruse the merry murderess. She arrives at the greenhouse and tells Hannah what for: Sal is dead because of the things he knew, but it’s a hell of a lot worse now because he was only a writer and Deb is a cop. Hannah pulls the “I was only 15 years old” card. Okay, can I just stop you right there? How the hell does being a teenager make it okay for you to murder people? Deb has no sympathy, either.

Dexter makes sure that Isaak is where the police tail says he is before heading to Viktor’s old apartment, where Isaak has now moved in. He plans to make it appear like a Columbian murder. Too bad someone is already there. They question each other, and the stranger knows Dexter is there for the same reason he is: to kill Sirko. But the assassin doesn’t want to share and pulls a gun. Dexter promptly slits his throat.

Maria sits impatiently in the office of a marina while a gentlemen looks up names in a database. The computer gives a promising beep when he punches in Dexter Morgan’s name. Dexter used to have a slip there, but he moved a few years back. About May 2007, when he still had eight months on his lease… about the time Masuka discovered the algae on the rocks used to weigh down the bags filled with Bay Harbor Butcher victims. The algae that only grows at a small number of marinas in Miami. You can almost see the light bulb go off above Maria’s head.

The Morgan clan and Jamie enjoy a meal at Angel’s new place. Astor and Cody and Harrison are so big! I can’t believe how adorable they still are though. Cody and Astor have been fighting constantly. After Cody lets out an awesome burp, Astor admonishes him. He retorts, “You can’t even get through an entire weekend without smoking pot!” He pulls out her terribly hidden stash in a restaurant full of cops. Well I’m happy to see that Astor’s tantrum/storming off skills are still top-notch.

Knock, knock, knockin’ on Hannah’s door. Hannah asks Dexter if this is his version of a booty call. He has no idea what that is. It’s like watching an alien trying to adjust to earth life with him. Dex just wants Hannah to know he won’t be around for a few days and fills her in on his latest near-death experience in the donut shop. Hannah suggests that Dexter try to find out why exactly Isaak wants to kill him so badly. She offers him her van, since Isaak knows his car. I’m pretty sure the whole “we’re not gonna do this thing” isn’t working out for them.

George really wants Quinn to help him with another favor. Joey wants no part of it. Unfortunately, their entire conversation about stealing the blood evidence for the Columbian bar murders is on tape. Quinn wants to take down George with him, but who is he kidding? The Koshka Brotherhood wouldn’t let that happen. He just needs Quinn to be there when they move their product that night, to make sure nothing goes wrong. Just like the old days.

Isaak’s bodyguard searches the rest of the apartment for assassins. He recognizes the dead man: one of George’s workers. And Georgie Boy wouldn’t do anything without approval from the head honchos in Kiev. Isaak knows he’s a dead man. The Brotherhood has turned against him for his bizarre vendetta against Dexter. He has his bodyguard call the police about the dead dude.

Hannah forgot her greenhouse keys in the van and calls Dexter, asking to meet him. Against his better judgment, he tells her he’s at the beach. The kids and Jamie are busy in the water when she arrives, but they call for him because Harrison is sitting adorably on a surfboard. Hannah mistakes Jamie for Dexter’s other girlfriend. Telling Hannah the truth about Jamie means telling her about his kids. He didn’t trust her and he was worried that it would push her away before. But she seems happy; she likes kids. She wanted kids. She’d love to meet them sometime.

Dexter swings by Deb’s later that night to make sure everyone is all settled in for the night. Without thinking about it, Dexter puts his/Hannah’s keys down on the table. Deb knows that flower key chain does not belong to her brother. He borrowed a car from a friend so Sirko wouldn’t follow him. Deb knows that friend is Hannah. She feels like an idiot for believing what he said about not wanting to hurt her. Deb wants to know if he’s in love with Hannah because she’s a killer. If Dexter had any sense of human emotion, he would be able to pick up that her anger doesn’t only stem from the murder of Sal Price. She’s reacting like a jealous woman. Deb knows he can’t stop killing, but he can stop seeing her. He won’t. Dexter says if she loves him, she’ll understand. Oh, don’t even tell Deb about love – the reason she was at the church the night he killed Travis Marshall was to tell him that she was in love with him.


You can almost see Deb trying to shove the words back into her mouth once they were out. Dexter doesn’t know how to process this. Deb was in love with him… she doesn’t even know if she likes him anymore. After Deb spews out everything, all Dexter can say his that he’s sorry, and he doesn’t know what to say. What else is new?

Dexter really needs a kill. He follows Isaak and his police tail. Harry sits in the passenger seat, begging Dexter to calm down. Dexter can’t feel what Deb wants him to feel. Harry reminds him that he doesn’t even know what she wants him to feel – he just left. At her request, but still. There’s only one way Dexter can calm down. Isaak has entered a bar. Dex joins him. It takes him only a moment to realize that he is in a gay bar. Isaak’s close relationship with Viktor just got a little clearer. Isaak allows himself to show some vulnerability. He has nothing: the Brotherhood has turned against him and the only person he cared about in the world is gone. Under different circumstances, Isaak and Dexter could have been friends.

As a Dexter voice over talks about trying to escape our baggage and finding a place that feels like home, we do one last check-in with everyone. Isaak listens to Viktor’s last voice mail over and over. Quinn hates himself as he sits outside the Fox Hole while the drugs are unloaded. Deb joins Astor in smoking a fatty on the patio. And Dexter meets Hannah at the green house, where they embrace.