Dexter 7.9 – Helter Skelter

“You are the one person on the planet who’s been down the same road as me. We’ve always been the one constant thing in each others lives. It’s like you and I…we endure. Maybe that’s what love is – endurance.”

Fear and love. What’s so different about them, anyway? They make you do crazy things, like tell your brother you love him. Or do something that scares you. Speaking of love, Hannah and Dexter are on a boat ride. Hannah clings to the back of the boat whining like a baby. Psh, Deb wouldn’t do that. Did I just accidentally ship Deb and Dexter? Gross.

Isaak’s bodyguard gives him the latest info on the Brotherhood’s betrayal: after George’s failed attempt at an assassination, the head honchos in Kiev have put two of their own men on the job. They may already be in Miami. Isaak urges his bodyguard to save himself, but Baldie is loyal. Isaak has made his two killers very rich in the past and hopes they remember that. Spoiler alert: they don’t care.

Dexter opens his apartment door to step out for the day. His beautiful bayside view is blocked by Isaak, who is standing outside. He’s not there to kill Dexter yet. Nope, he needs help staying alive with the Koshka Killers on the loose. Desperation is a stinky cologne, Isaak. Isaak offers to spare Dexter’s life for his help. Thanks, but no thanks.

The homicide team surrounds a scorched car and it’s crispy inhabitant, a former paralegal. The arson investigator is quick to deem it a suicide, but Dexter notices a different burn pattern on the back passenger seat. And Dex knows patterns. Deb leaves to set up a canvas for the area and Dexter takes the chance to speak with her alone. He tells her he understands what she said the other night… he just doesn’t love her the same way. Her love is logical. They have been the only constants in each other’s lives. Deb starts to feel better about the whole thing.

Dexter returns to his apartment after work, expecting Hannah to be there. But instead of a naked florist in his bed, Isaak greets him. Dexter will help him, or Hannah will die. She’s with Baldie, who’s got her ankle chained to a table. Dexter has no choice.

Dexter needs Deb to call off the surveillance on Sirko. He needs to save Hannah. Deb doesn’t give a shit about her, so why should she do anything to help? Dex’s plan is to find out where Hannah is being kept so he can finally take care of Isaak once and for all. Deb agrees to pull the surveillance, but she still doesn’t care about Hannah. Fair enough.

LaGuerta visits former police chief Tom on his yacht. Ya know, just a friendly visit. He can see clear through her BS. She cuts to the chase: the Butcher is still alive and most likely in Miami. She presents the list of employees that still have boats. Tom is on that list. He laughs in her face. He had a hernia operation during that time and couldn’t lift a thing. Tom tells her to GTFO.

Dexter is at the firing range, looking hilarious in a baseball cap. He fires a few rounds, but he’s really keeping his eye on the guy next to him: one of Sirko’s assigned assassins. The stranger practices with his recently purchased sniper rifle, which he plans to use for the job. And he’s a deadly shot too – until Dexter puts a blade through his back, making him just a dead shot. One down, one to go.

The other assassin, Caffery, is at the Fox Hole. George chastises him for slacking off on the job, but Caffery can’t reach his partner and has no idea where to find Sirko. George is suddenly hit with the idea: find Dexter Morgan, find Sirko. Yes, fall right into Isaak and Dexter’s trap!

Isaak allows Dexter to FaceTime with Hannah. He takes the opportunity to snap a screenshot and send it to himself, hoping he can figure out where she is from some clue in the background.

Back at the station, Harry reminds Dexter that he bounced back after Rita. But things are different with this blonde. Maybe Dex does have a human side, after all. While he chats with Harry, he researches the name on a soccer ball in the apartment picture. Juan Pablo is a Columbian soccer player. Remember those Columbian gang members Isaak took out? Dead men don’t return to their homes.

Before Dex can look into the location more, he’s called to a crime scene. It’s another burn victim. Dexter spots Caffery in the crowd and is pleased he is taking the bait. The latest victim is in an elevator. Just like in the car, there’s a void pattern on the wall. This is in the shape of a human. The name “Bobby” is scrawled in the soot. The killer? Possibly. The killer needed to have been wearing a protective suit. There is no blood, so Dexter leaves, taking Caffery with him. He plans to draw him to the port, where Isaak will be waiting.

Hannah is sick of the Corn Flakes that Baldie has been feeding her every morning. She entices him with the offer of some down home southern cooking. There are some tomatoes growing in the garden that would be perfect for her grandmother’s fried green tomatoes. Baldie can pick them; it’s not like Hannah is going anywhere. She reminds him of this by dangling her chained ankle. She’s up to something.

Dexter is waiting for Caffery on a shipping vessel when Deb calls. Only one of the Columbian victims lived alone, which is the only place Hannah could be. Deb is heading there now, against Dexter’s wishes. She’s not doing it for Hannah. And if Dexter gets Isaak first, so be it. They click off as Caffery climbs the ladder to the second deck. Isaak is waiting above with a silenced pistol. He shoots the hell out of Caffery. A man of his word, that Isaak Sirko.

Seems like Matthews changed his mind about helping Maria. He was just bitter about her fucking him out of a forty year pension. If he helps her with her little list, she needs to help him get his pension back. Yachts are expensive, you know.

Hannah plates Baldie’s tomatoes for him. He takes a bite and begins to choke. Instead of getting him a glass of water, Hannah whacks him with the blender. They fight and he manages to stab her in the side before she finally knocks him out. Hannah passes out before she can reach the keys to her shackles.

Dexter hoses down the blood on the deck and Isaak heads down below to wait for him. George appears with a gun. He shoots Isaak in the stomach and is about to blow his brains out when Dexter comes running. Isaak knows he’s dead – there isn’t enough time to get him to the hospital. But there is something Dexter can to do help. Why didn’t George just do that in the first place? Seems like an awful lot of work he did just to end up pulling the trigger himself.

Deb arrives at the Columbian’s abandoned house and busts open the door. Baldie and Hannah are still on the floor. She takes Hannah’s pulse and lets out a “fuck.” She calls in back up and an ambulance.

It’s nightfall as Dexter drives his boat through the water, a dying Isaak sitting in the back. He wonders what Dexter will say to Hannah when they reunite. Isaak doesn’t understand Dexter’s inability to show his feelings to her. The two men have a bonding moment. Isaak felt the same way with Viktor as Dexter feels with Hannah. And it was worth losing everything for.

Deb questions Hannah at the hospital. She isn’t very nice about it, but I wouldn’t be, either. Hannah has made up some story about why she was taken by the bald man. She doesn’t know that Deb knows the truth. Dexter interrupts their conversation, and Deb excuses herself. Dexter finally lets go of control, surrendering to the fact that he has real feelings for Hannah. He feels safe with her. Sounds familiar.

Dexter kill count: 2