Teen Wolf – 2.02 – Shape Shifted

Isaac Lahey is sitting at the dinner table with his creepy dad, nervously enumerating his current GPA while his dad eats dinner. Unfortunately, when it comes to chemistry class, Isaac doesn’t really want to be too specific about his grades, and his dad picks up on the deflection right away. Isaac goes from nervous to outright scared at the falsely affable tone in his dad’s voice. After a bit of back and forth, his dad proceeds to outright threats – does Isaac want to take this conversation “downstairs”? Finally, Isaac is forced to admit that his grade is currently a D. Welp.

ANGST: it’s what’s for dinner

Mr Lahey’s not mad, of course, just disappointed. So disappointed, in fact, that he has a crazyface temper tantrum and throws all his dinner on the floor like a screaming crazyface maniac. But when Mr Lahey throws a glass at Isaac’s head, a chunk of glass gets stuck in Isaac’s face, just below his eye. Isaac pulls the glass out of his face and his dad watches in confusion as the wound heals immediately.

Isaac runs out of the house, grabs his bike, and makes his escape. His dad chases after him, shouting angrily, and jumps in the car to follow.

Across the street, Jackson Whittemore is taking out the trash, and curls his lip in disgust at the Lahey family drama. I guess this isn’t the first time he’s seen them fighting.


Mr Lahey’s driving around town kind of aimlessly in the rain, looking for Isaac. While driving down a side street, he spots Issac’s abandoned bike in the middle of a nearby alley and stops to investigate. Mr Lahey rolls down the window and starts shouting Isaac’s name, but when there’s no response, he gets out of the car. As Mr Lahey approaches the bike, his glasses start fogging up from the rain, and he yanks them off to dry them; of course, that’s when a shadowy figure appears at the end of the alley.

Mr Lahey squints into the distance, still calling out to Isaac. When he puts his clean glasses back on, though, the figure is gone. Mr Lahey angrily tells Isaac to grab his bike and get going, and that’s when he realizes that whoever he’s talking to, it’s definitely not his son.

No, actually it’s a creepy lizard dude that looks rather like it might be getting ready to pounce.

Mr Lahey runs for the car but it’s too late. Even though he makes it into the driver’s seat, the lizardy dude barrels down the alleyway, smashes into the car, and rips the driver’s side door off. After that, there’s not really much left of Mr Lahey.


Allison leaves her house and gets into her car, and huffs a breath onto the driver’s side window. Someone – presumably Scott – has left her a SEEKRIT MESSAGE, “mid night”. Allison looks delighted at their sexy subterfuge and drives off into the night.

She makes her way through the woods by the light of her phone, eventually arriving at the overlook. Scott’s waiting for her in the shadows, and he doesn’t look as excited about their sexy meeting as Allison does. Instead of immediately leaping into the hot makeout sessions, as he would usually do, Scott instead asks Allison about her grandfather, Gerard the Creeper. Allison doesn’t really have much more information than Scott does, alas. She barely even remembers meeting him when she was little.

Scott’s more concerned that Chris might have said something to Gerard about Scott being a werewolf, or even about Allison dating Scott the werewolf. Allison promises that no one is going to split them apart, least of all her creepy granddad. She’s also sure that no one has followed her there, since her parents are out on “date night”. With this moment of relief, the makeouts can finally begin. YAY.


Outside the high school, Chris Argent is lurking in the car park and loading his handgun. Does no one in town find this man incredibly weird? WTF. He’s waiting in the shadows to confront the principal, Mr Thomas. It seems Chris has decided to be a concerned parent, and inquires about the last time Mr Thomas had a performance review.

Mr Thomas looks at Chris like he’s a crazy person, which is truly the only correct way to ever look at an Argent. Mr Thomas stares at Chris in confusion while some of Chris’ hunter thug buddies arrive as backup.

Mr Thomas ends up sitting in the car with Chris and Victoria (lol date night) while Victoria interrogates him relentlessly. She’s even got notes to reference, telling Mr Thomas that the average high school test scores in Beacon Hills have been dropping over the past few years, which clearly means that Mr Thomas is no longer suitable for the position of school principal.

this is not how he was expecting the evening to go

Once Victoria pauses for a moment, Mr Thomas blusters at her that she can’t fire him. Sorry, Mr Thomas, but they weren’t planning to fire you. They’re going to torture you with a cattle prod instead.

Fucking Argents, man. Bitches be trippin.


Isaac arrives at the abandoned subway station and runs down the stairs shouting for Derek. Something’s happened to Mr Lahey and Isaac is afraid that he’s dead, but Isaac insists that it wasn’t him who was responsible. Derek remains suspicious that Isaac has screwed up mightily.


The next morning, Scott and Stiles walk into school arguing about Scott’s newfound wolfy self-control. Scott insists that he’s feeling much better about life in general and has no desire to slaughter everyone. Stiles, however, is still going to lock him up, as he finds the whole Potential Horrible Death Via Wolfy BFF’s Claws-N-Teeth situation very stressful.

Scott can’t find it within himself to care too much about Stiles’ plans for a friendly bondage evening, though, since he’s lost in a sweaty teenage dream of sexing up Allison as much as humanly possible. From the long-suffering look on Stiles’ face, this is not the first or even the dozenth time he’s had to sit though Scott’s breathless giddy descriptions of his awesome love life.

Scott pouts a little but shuts up about his sexy sexings, and instead asks Stiles if their friendly bondage evening will have something better than handcuffs this time around, since the cuffs didn’t do a great job of containing Scott. And yes, actually, Stiles does indeed have something better; there’s a 20-foot length of heavy chain inside his gym locker. Of course, when he opens the locker, the chains spill out noisily onto the floor.

Stiles, people are going to start to talking about you in hushed tones. I am just saying.

Coach Finstock watches as the chains hit the floor and decides that asking for more information will probably end up being more disturbing than anything he could come up with on his own. Wise choice, coach.

Suddenly, Scott realizes that there’s another werewolf somewhere in the locker room with them. He and Stiles look around at everyone suspiciously, but no one sticks out in an obviously woffly way. Just around the corner, Isaac overhears their conversation and peeks over at them nervously.


It’s Lydia’s first day back at school after her naked forest adventure, and as she and Allison walk up to the high school, Lydia seems fairly calm and confident of her usual welcoming reception as the most popular girl in school. Plus, she lost 9 pounds!

Allison looks at her knowingly and asks her if she’s sure she’s ready for this. Lydia’s veneer of confidence slips a tiny bit as she rolls her eyes at Allison, telling her it’s not like her aunt’s a serial killer or anything. Allison looks like she has many, many regrets about this line of conversation, and Lydia swans into the school alone.

Once Lydia walks in the front door, though, everyone stops to stare at her like she’s got three heads and all of them are screaming obscenities. Lydia freezes, and doesn’t move until Allison slips up behind her and says “maybe it’s the 9 pounds!”, at which point Lydia tosses her glorious curls and stomps off down the hallway.



Outside on the lacrosse field, Stiles is working on a cunning plan for Scott to identify the mysterious other werewolf. Scott says he’ll probably be able to figure it out if he has a chance to go one-on-one with each of their teammates. Stiles scampers away to put his plan into action.

On the far end of the bench, Jackson is explaining to photographer Matt that he needs to borrow a digital camera, specifically one that can record in low light. Matt and everyone else in the entire world assumes that Jackson is planning to record some sexy sexytimes, and judges him accordingly. But magical princess Jackson Whittemore is above the judgment of the plebs, and tells Matt to shut up and get him the camera. Matt counters that it’s going to cost Jackson $100, and a deal is struck.

Stiles returns to Scott and explains that the coach has agreed to let Scott and Danny switch positions that afternoon, meaning that Scott will be playing goalie. Scott makes his little puppy thinkyface but the purpose of this switch continues to elude him. Oh Scott. Bless your little wolfy cotton socks.

Finstock lines everyone up in front of the goal for their practice shots, and one by one the team takes a run at the goal. Scott, instead of staying inside the goal to block their shots, runs out of the goal and tackles his totally confused teammates, sniffing them thoroughly.

It is a mark of how weird Scott and Stiles have obviously been throughout their entire school careers that no one seems to notice anything odd about their behavior lately, I guess. Hee.

Finstock reminds Scott to stay in the goal again and again, but Scott is sticking to his plan of tackling everyone individually like a sniffy maniac. Danny and Jackson exchange baffled looks as Scott bodyslams everyone on line in front of them.

When it’s Danny’s turn, he knows what to expect, and takes him pummeling with a smile. When Scott sniffs him inquisitively, Danny explains that his aftershave is Armani. Scott is confused but appreciative.

i can’t even

Jackson’s up next, and he chickens out completely, explaining to Finstock that his shoulder is still hurting him. Behind Jackson, Isaac’s already way too keyed up not to wolf out, and is snarling a bit and breathing porn-heavily. Right behind Isaac, Stiles is beginning to realize he knows exactly who the other werewolf is after all.

Scott and Isaac eye one another and then charge across the field like crazed goats. They crash in the middle of the field and stare into each others wolfy gold eyes until they’re distracted by the arrival of Sheriff Stilinski and a couple of deputies. As they approach the field, Isaac begs Scott not to tell anyone.


Stiles and Scott watch the Sheriff and the deputies talking to Isaac from across the field – Scott’s eavesdropping (wolfsdropping?) on the conversation, and explains that Isaac’s dad has been killed. Stiles realizes that if Isaac is a suspect in the killing, the police can hold him in one of the station’s cells for 24 hours, and with the full moon that night, things are bound to get super ugly.

Scott’s worried now too, because even though he himself doesn’t have the crazy killing urge he had during his first few full moons, he can tell that Isaac definitely does. As the Sheriff and the deputies lead Isaac off the field, he looks back at Scott and Stiles over his shoulder with an expression of total helplessness on his face.


Later, in chemistry class, Scott and Stiles are wondering why Derek would choose to turn Isaac – Stiles remembers that Peter Hale told him that the bite can kill you, so maybe teens have a better chance at surviving. Scott wonders if Isaac’s being a teenager means that the Sheriff can’t hold him, which Stiles confirms, but if there’s an actual witness, then Isaac can be held indefinitely.

Stiles realizes exactly what this might mean, and turns around to ask Danny if he knows where Jackson is – Jackson’s in the principal’s office, talking to Stiles’ dad. Ruh roh. The only solution is obviously for Scott and Stiles to be immediately sent to the principal’s office themselves, I guess. This involves throwing balled-up paper at Mr Harris’ head and then blaming each other when he turns around angrily.

Not one of your best plans, Stiles, but I must admit it was successful.


Inside the principal’s office, Sheriff Stilinski is talking to Jackson about Isaac. He’s shocked that Jackson’s known all along that Mr Lahey was beating up Isaac and has never said anything to anyone. Jackson scoffs obnoxiously, saying that it’s not his problem, and Sheriff Stilinski stares at him in disgust before remarking that the kids getting beaten up are always the ones who least deserve it. Jackson agrees absentmindedly before realizing the actual nature of the Sheriff’s comment, at which point he looks wounded and betrayed.

yes, jackson, pretty much everyone thinks you are a jerkface

Sheriff Stilinski walks out of the office and Stiles fumbles with a magazine, trying to hide from his dad. He fails. The Sheriff looks at his ridiculous son, rolls his eyes, and walks away.

Moments later, Scott and Stiles are confronted with their new principal – Gerard Argent. He smiles his terrifyingly fake pleasant smile at them and they look totally cornered.


Gerard reads through both their files and judges them. He judges them so hard, smiling creepily all the while. Eventually he pretends to have “just realized” that Scott is, in fact, the same Scott that was recently dating his granddaughter Allison. Scott, the worst liar on the entire West Coast, stammers and witters and meebles idiotically about how he and Allison aren’t doing anything ever at all at any time, which Gerard very obviously finds hilarious.

Gerard smarms that he doesn’t want them to think of him as the enemy, but he can’t let them go without someone having to take the fall and go to detention. Both Gerard and Scott look at Stiles, who is not pleased to have won this particular prize.


Lydia is standing behind Jackson at his locker, trying to talk with him really casually about their non-relationship; Jackson, as per usual, is being a huge enormous awful ghastly douchebag to her, even though she just wants to thank him for saving her life the night that Peter bit her. Jackson laughs jerkishly and tells her that they’re not getting back together, and that just because he didn’t leave her to bleed to death in the middle of a field doesn’t mean that she should ever expect him to do anything for her ever again, blah blah shut up Jackson. Lydia listens to his whiny rant and gets increasingly confused and irritated, until Jackson gives her one final piece of advice: stay home tonight.

Lydia, fed up with his ridiculousness, asks him what he means by that, and when he tells her that it’s a full moon that evening, she watches him walk away with the blankest look in the whole world all over her face.


Scott makes his escape from Gerard’s office just in time to see Isaac being driven away in the back of a police car. Isaac gives Scott the most epic sad puppy eyes ever from the back window as the car pulls out of the parking lot.

and thus did isaac steal scott’s puppyface crown and become the undisputed king of the puppyfaces

Scott watches him go sadly, and turns to head back into the school. Instead, Derek pulls up in his shiny Camaro and tells Scott to get in the car.


Scott can’t believe that Derek is asking for help in fixing his own stupid mistakes. Derek grits his teeth a little and repeats his command for Scott to get in the goddamn car. Scott snarks that he should call a lawyer instead, because then Isaac might actually have a real chance at getting out before the full moon. Derek knows that no lawyer is going to be able to help Isaac once the cops search the Lahey house, though. Whatever it was that Jackson said to make the Sheriff suspicious is nothing compared to what they’re going to find inside the house.

Scott’s inner heroic puppy nature won’t let him sit this one out, and he jumps into Derek’s car.


Gerard and Chris are at home that evening, discussing their suspicions about Isaac. Chris looks rather less than thrilled at the thought of killing a 16 year old kid, but Gerard only sees it as eliminating a potential threat. How charming.

Gerard wants to know if they have any concrete proof yet that Isaac’s even a werewolf, but Chris wants to continue his argument about killing werewolves who haven’t even done anything bad yet. He’s not a fan of genocide, you see. Gerard doesn’t have time for his son’s silly conscience, obviously; he’s more interested in the details of Mr Lahey’s crime scene. The driver’s side door being ripped right off the car is especially interesting to Gerard.

Outside the study, Allison is lurking really obviously and trying to eavesdrop. Of course Gerard spots her and cuts off his discussion with Chris until Chris shuts the door in Allison’s face.


Outside the Whittemore house, Matt’s handing his camera over to Jackson, although he’s still kind of reluctant to assist Jackson in whatever his weird scheme might be. Jackson waves away Matt’s concerns and hands over the agreed-upon $100.

Matt’s actually a little suspicious that Jackson might be doing something weird and shady involving Allison; since he saw them together at the dance the other night, he assumes that they’re dating. Jackson finds Matt’s very obvious crush on Allison to be totally hilarious – almost as ridiculous as the thought of Jackson Whittemore doing something as pedestrian and mundane as making a sex tape. No, Jackson’s going to be documenting history!

I love you Jackson but oh my GOD you are the hugest twit.

As I rewatch this scene, it occurs to me that maybe Matt now thinks Jackson is going to make a video of himself jerking off.

matt is judging you

As Matt’s leaving, he sees someone with a flashlight poking around inside Isaac’s house across the street. It’s Scott and Derek, looking for clues.


Dear MTV, hire ME, you fools, otherwise your continuity will CONTINUE TO SUCK.


ANYWAY. Derek and Scott are snooping around the Lahey house, looking for evidence that might clear Isaac, or maybe for evidence that they might have to hide in order to clear Isaac? IDK. Scott wants to know how Derek can be so sure that Isaac was telling the truth when he claimed that he didn’t kill his dad. Derek gives Scott his most constipated and judgmental look, because come ON Scott, Derek obviously used his superduper werewolf senses to figure it out! There are senses other than smell, for example.

Oh. I guess Derek was watching Scott’s hilarrible performance this afternoon at lacrosse practice then, huh. Was it really that bad?

yes, scott. yes it was.


Allison’s still lying in wait outside her dad’s study. As she turns to leave, some guy in a deputy’s uniform exits the room. When Chris and Gerard spot her lurking, they call her into the room. Allison says that she should really be studying instead, but she can’t escape their parental chat.


Scott and Derek head down to the basement of the Lahey house. Scott’s still not sure what they’re looking for, so Derek has to spell it out for him – they’re looking for the motive to murder Mr Lahey. Scott finds a broken mirror on the floor, with some scratch marks on the concrete nearby. This find leads him to another, more gruesomely disturbing find – a chest freezer in the corner, with bloody scratches on the inside and a huge padlock on the outside.


Stiles hurries out of the school and heads for his jeep, having only just now finished his detention. He’s on the phone with Allison, and she’s really worried. Chris and Gerard asked her a lot of questions about Lydia and how she’s been behaving, and about the night that she was bit by Peter. It’s obvious that they suspect wolfiness in some form or another. Allison also warns Stiles about the guy dressed as a sheriff’s deputy, and Stiles knows right away that they’ve sent him to grab Isaac from the police station.

The fake deputy was also carrying a box with a picture of wolfsbane on the front, which probably means that they plan to kill Isaac.


Back down in the basement, Scott’s still staring at the freezer, all horrified and disgusted. Derek explains that this is why Isaac said yes to the bite – because he felt like he had no power and that his life was out of control. Scott insists that if he helps Derek with the Isaac situation that Derek has to stop running around giving out the bite all over town. Derek counters that he can do whatever he wants as long as they’re all willing. Scott assumes that Derek didn’t tell Isaac about the Argents hunting down all the werewolves in town, but actually, Derek totally did. SO THERE.

Scott thinks Isaac is the world’s biggest idiot for agreeing despite all the dangers, but you know what, Scott? You’re the idiot that’s still dating the Argent’s daughter! Scott is totally caught and has no argument left to make. Aww.

Derek’s just warming to his topic now, though. Doesn’t Scott realize the danger he’s in? After all, he DID see with his very own eyes exactly what the Argents do to werewolves that they catch, the night that Gerard sliced the omega in half with a sword. If Scott works with Derek, Derek will be able to teach him how to be less of a werenightmare, even on a full moon.

But no. All Scott cares about is that if he joins Derek, he’ll lose Allison – totally ignoring the fact that he’s likely to lose her anyway. Oh Scott. Derek turns to walk away, but Scott calls him back. He tells Derek that even though he doesn’t want to be part of Derek’s pack, he’s still going to help, because Isaac is innocent.


Jackson sets up the camera next to his bed and stops for a moment of obscene narcissism in which he snarls at himself in the mirror while flexing. I am not even kidding a little bit.

He then lays down on his bed, above the covers so we can check out his hot abs, presumably, and goes to sleep.


The Totally Fake Deputy is driving along when he hears a strange sort of noise outside the car. Moments later, the car starts driving strangely. He stops the car and gets out, and there are some arrows stuck in his front left tire. As he leans down to inspect the tire, another arrow comes flying out of the darkness and hits him in the thigh. Allison smiles to herself and melts back into the shadows.


Stiles is in his jeep on the way to the station when Allison calls to let him know that stage one of their plan is complete. Stiles tells her that Scott’s still over at Isaac’s house, and she heads over to meet up with him.

Allison walks down the basement stairs, calling Scott’s name quietly. She sees him huddled in the corner, struggling for control against the pull of the moon, and opens her handbag, which is hilariously full of heavy chains.


Over at the police station, Isaac is stuck inside a cell as the change starts coming over him.


Scott lays down inside the chest freezer that Isaac’s dad used as a torture device. Allison looks really unhappy about this plan, but Scott insists that it’s necessary because he doesn’t want to hurt her. After a quick kiss, she closes the lid over him and wraps the heavy chains around the chest before padlocking it shut.


Stiles pulls up outside the police station with Derek and explains that the keys to all the cells are in a locked box in the Sheriff’s personal office; their main problem right now will be getting past the officer on desk duty. Derek has this well under control, though – his plan is to just distract her. Stiles, poor precious little Stiles, just cannot imagine how Derek is going to do this, and grabs onto Derek’s jacket sleeve to pull him back into the car. Derek’s face at this is delightful to behold.

Stiles points out that Derek was recently arrested for multiple murders, and maybe that might be a good reason for him not to just walk into the police station. Derek, in turn, reminds Stiles that he was exonerated.


Anyway. Stiles assumes that all Derek knows about human interaction involves punching people in the face until he gets his way. Derek finds this alternately hilarious and offensive. Stiles snarls adorably in imitation of Derek’s usual conversational skills. Derek smirks and is generally just aggressively, obnoxiously hot.



Derek strolls into the police station and yes, his method of distraction is basically just existing and being super hot. The poor unsuspecting policewoman is thoroughly and completely distracted by his blinding supermodel grin, and Stiles sneaks past them easily.


Allison finishes wrapping the chains around the freezer and tells Scott that everything’s secured. Scott shouts at her to leave, as he feels the wolfy change coming over him, and he’s still scared that he might hurt her. Allison runs up the stairs.


Stiles tiptoes into his dad’s office in the dark and makes his way over to the lockbox where the cell keys are kept. The electronic keypad is broken, and the keys are already gone.

Out in the hallway, the fake deputy is limping along, leaving a bloody trail behind him from his injured leg. He takes the box of wolfsbane out of his pocket and removes a large syringe of purple fluid. He and Stiles bump into one another just around the corner, and Stiles immediately realizes that he’s the fake deputy. Stiles tries to flee but the fake deputy grabs him.


Allison is still wandering around the Lahey house, since she seems incapable of making any good decisions today. Her flashlight dies, and as she sets it down on the table, she hears a creepy hissing just behind her. She slowly turns around and sees the great big killer lizard dude that murdered Mr Lahey lurking in the shadows, and screams in absolute terror.

Downstairs, Scott hears her scream, and starts trying to smash his way out of the freezer.


Fake Deputy is dragging Stiles down the hallway with one hand over Stiles’ mouth. Thus unable to scream and/or talk the dude to death, Stiles instead pulls the fire alarm as he’s dragged past it, because he is the cleverest person in this entire godforsaken town. Fake Deputy drops Stiles to the floor inside the cell area, and Stiles is about to leap up and run for help when he notices something very troubling on the far side of the room – Isaac’s cell door has been ripped open, and Isaac is nowhere to be seen.

Fake Deputy stares into the cell stupidly for a moment and then it’s too late for any kind of useful reactions, because Isaac leaps out of nowhere and tackles Fake Deputy to the ground like a hairy ninja. Isaac’s all wolfed out and nigh unstoppable, and as he struggles with the Fake Deputy, Stiles scoots across the floor on his butt to hide behind the desk.

Fake Deputy almost gets close enough to stab Isaac with the needle full of wolfsbane, but Isaac notices at the last moment and breaks Fake Deputy’s arm before smashing his head against the wall. Fake Deputy is now Unconscious Fake Deputy or maybe even Dead Fake Deputy.

Derek arrives on the scene and stomps the needle full of wolfsbane all over the floor. Isaac looks at him with a snarl, not quite ready to quit fighting just yet. Instead, Isaac turns to Stiles threateningly. Before he can take more than half a step in Stiles’ direction, Derek wolfs out and growls a vicious Alpha roar right in Isaac’s face. Isaac is totally terrified and runs to huddle in the corner, making tragic little puppy whimpers.


I am pretty sure I am not the only one who thinks that Stiles maybe looks a little turned on here but WHATEVS. Stiles asks Derek how he did that, which is of course a fairly ridiculous question – Derek’s the goddamn Alpha, that’s how he did it.

welcome to bonertown, population: stiles


Scott finally breaks out of the freezer and runs upstairs. Meanwhile, Allison’s grabbed a butcher knife from the counter and super kickassedly and bravely and awesomely turns to confront the hissy lizard dude. Before any lizardy battles can begin, Scott bursts through the basement door and throws himself between Allison and the lizard dude. Lizard Dude leaps up onto the wall and crawls across the ceiling to the far side of the kitchen, where it jumps to the floor and flees via the front door.

Scott and Allison stare after it, totally baffled and unnerved. What the hell is going on here?


Back at the police station, Sheriff Stilinski and his real deputies finally show up. The Sheriff grumpily turns off the fire alarm and arrives at the cell area to find his son attempting to look innocent while standing over the body of Fake Deputy and the mangled remains of Isaac’s cell door. Stiles’ only reply to his dad’s incredulous face is to point at the Fake Deputy and say “uh, he did it.”


Jackson wakes up to sunlight in his face and runs to check the video camera. He starts scrolling through the video footage excitedly, but his excitement rapidly turns to irritation and disappointment when he doesn’t see anything unusual happening. Jackson throws the camera on the floor grumpily and has a little crybaby temper tantrum. Out in the hall, his mom calls to see if he’s okay, and he snarls at her that everything’s fine, nothing happened. Nothing at all.