Supernatural 8.09 – Citizen Fang

This week, Benny is role-playing as a Louisiana diner dirty rice-slinger named “Roy”. Elizabeth, who is apparently the manager/owner, is leaving the close-up in “Roy’s” capable and attractive hands. He drawlingly assures her that he’s got everything under control; this includes the pervy old man that’s got his eyes on Elizabeth and the skulky coffee demander in off on his own. After closing, Benny heads off into the bayou and shock of all shocks, the skulker follows him. Because he’s a hunter, of course. The hunter doesn’t stumble across Benny in the marsh, no, but he does stumble right over the pervy guy, who’s now a dead guy with his jugular drained dry.

Post-title card we see Sam on his cellphone seemingly verifying information while Dean grabs them some burgers. As soon as Dean’s back in the car, Sam is telling him they gotta get to gettin’. Dean is bummed, he wanted to enjoy his burger, but Sam says they’ve got a vamp-attack to deal with in Carencro, Louisiana. Well, that’s different! Dean’s down to get reacquainted with some classic Creole cuisine; that said, Dean isn’t one to jump in blind and asks Sam where he got the case tip from. If the skulking hunter looked familiar to you, then go grab a cookie because he is none other than crazy Martin Creaser from “Sam, Interrupted”. Dean is suddenly wary, however Sam explains that Martin called him awhile back sounding all kinds of lucid and wanting to get back in the game, so Sam was nice enough to throw him a bone.

And by “throw”, Sam means “have him stalk” and by “bone” he means “Benny”.

Dean is irritated by this information, but agrees that it’s not impossible or improbable so they should probably poke around Carencro and see what’s what. They hit up Martin, who is twitchy but coherent, and he gives them the abridged version of Benny’s life as “Roy”. Dean is hesitant to declare Benny guilty, considering that Martin is bonkers and didn’t actually see Benny sip off of the victim. Martin tells them to start shaving with Occam’s Razor. Dean’s not buying it and Martin is seriously starting to wonder if Dean’s the one that’s certifiable. Sam and Dean ignore Martin’s logic filled rambling and decide that Dean should take some time to find out what’s going on. Martin doesn’t understand why Dean can’t see the bayou for the backwater, but Sam reminds Martin that sometimes it’s hard to see your hand in front of your face.

You know what that bit of insight means: FLASHBACK TIME

In Sam’s memory, he and Riot are playing outside the house as Amelia walks up and plops herself down next to him. It’s time to talk about Don and what Amelia plans to say to her magically reappearing husband. Sam puts all his cards on the table and says matrimony be damned, he doesn’t want to give up his relationship with her, even if saying so sends him to hell. If ever there was a more melodramatic statement made by a Winchester…

Anyway, Amelia agrees, she doesn’t want to give up Sam and who can blame her, right? But she does tell Sam that she needs some space so that she can think. He tells her an obvious lie, that he’s okay with that.

Back in the present, Dean drops by the Gumbo Shack in search of Benny. It’s the day shift, so no Benny, but Elizabeth is there. She offers to take Dean’s order, but unfortunately they’re out of the pecan pie he has his stomach and heart set on and Elizabeth also comes complete with another anvil of disappointment; Benny has taken a sudden road trip to Mill Creek to do some fishing. Dean, ever ready, leaves her with his number just in case Benny shows up or Elizabeth wants to serve him some pie on her own time, whichever comes first. Outside the Gumbo Shack, Dean makes a quick call to Benny, but gets nowhere but voicemail.

Suddenly, it’s nighttime; Benny is seemingly just noticing he has a missed call and message from Dean. Thing is Benny’s got other things on his mind, namely the dead vamp victim he’s standing over. Benny spends the entire night digging the girl’s grave and in the early morning hours, that’s how Dean finds him. Benny tells Dean to holster is hardware because he’s not the one ripping out throats. The culprit is a younger vampire, Desmond, who knew Benny back when Benny was bad. Des has started up a new nest and wants Benny to co-captain his squad, but Benny keeps turning him down. As a result, Desmond is leaving body trails as incentive, but Benny’s not about to let some too-big-for-his-britches vamp run him out of his hometown, with his girlfriend dead and his BFF hunting with his biological brother, home is all Benny has. Well, home and a job working for his great-granddaughter.

Way to hit on your buddy’s kin, Dean.

Dean quickly changes the subject to Martin and his constant vigilance, but Benny isn’t worried about half-crazy hunters. Dean tells Benny that Martin didn’t just happen upon him, that Sam sent Martin to watch him and Sam is no one to tussle with. Again, Benny isn’t worried. Dean asks Benny to back off while they do their job, Benny is not only unwilling to give up the hunt himself, he also seriously doubts that Sam and Martin will leave him be on the sidelines.

Back at Martin’s Dean has relayed his findings to his fellow hunters and is met with Martin’s sarcasm and disbelief. Not only is all this is fraying Martin’s sanity threads, but Sam’s not so keen on them running solely on faith. Dean is adamant that Benny’s not the monster they should be hunting and that he trusts that fact completely, because Benny is the only being in existence that has never let him down. Sam is angry and offended by the lines he’s reading between, he’s also still not convinced that Benny is innocent in all this. As the brothers hash it out, Martin takes the opportunity to cold clock Dean. The punch lays Dean out and gives the other two the chance to handcuff Dean to the radiator and head off to investigate Benny on their own. Martin mentions that he’s thankful John isn’t around to see his boys painting the area grey, Sam rolls up on Martin for running his mouth, yanks the keys from his hand and tell him that stow it, sew it and follow Sam’s lead on this.
In the meantime, we get another flashback. This one is of Sam in a bar drowning his lovesick sorrows. This is how Don finds him. Awkward, to say the least. Don acknowledges that Amelia loves Sam, but he also knows that Amelia still loves him. The gauntlet is thrown, it’s Sadie Hawkins and whichever boy Amelia asks to the dance wins. The loser gets to bow out gracefully.

Back at Martin’s Dean is proving that chaining up a Winchester is a waste of time. Once his picked his handcuff lock he calls Benny to warn him that Sam and Martin are gunning for him. Benny’s been to Purgatory and back, he is so very not afraid of Sam Winchester. Dean tells him that’s all well and good, but the fact is he should be. The only option left is for Dean to take out Desmond on his own. Spiffing, but Benny wants to come with and Benny has leverage; he’s told Desmond that a two body death toll is sufficient and he’s ready to join up, so either Dean and Benny do this together or Benny’s going it alone.

Off in the woods, Sam and Martin are tracking Benny. Just then, Sam gets an urgent text from Amelia saying she needs his help, STAT. And with that, Sam bails on Martin. Lovely.

Dean and Benny are more successful, they’ve found Desmond’s hide out. Dean’s not about to wait outside while Benny and Des frat bro out with each other, so both men head in to infiltrate. For the second time in a night, someone gets the drop on Dean, this time it’s Desmond, but thankfully Benny’s there in the clinch. Unfortunately, the sight of Dean’s blood trickling from his neck gets Benny’s tummy growling a bit more for comfort. On top of that, taking out Desmond has burned Benny’s spot for good. Dean breaks it to Benny, they aren’t the kind of guys that get to have a homebase or a homelife. Benny gets it, he does, but he’s got one thing he’s gotta do before he blips off the radar.

While this is happening, Sam is breaking speed limits to get to Amelia. He also keeps trying to call her but, but her phone goes straight to voicemail. As he drives he recalls back during his epic love triangle that he was man enough to love Amelia enough to let her fly free, or whatever bastardized analogy you want to use for giving up.

Meanwhile, Dean and Benny are staring longingly at Elizabeth from outside the Gumbo Shack. This is all Benny gets as a good-bye and he drives off leaving Dean to trek along alone. Dean gives Martin a courtesy call to let him know everything is taken care of and that he’s too bug-shagging crazy to stay in their line of work. Martin tells Dean not to worry, he’s moved on.

Moving on, in this case, means having cherry pie at the Gumbo Shack while tricking Elizabeth into lending him her cellphone so he can call Benny. Martin tells Benny he’s got 45 minutes to get his undead ass back to Carencro so they can duke it out, the threat to Elizabeth clearly implied. By the time Benny gets there, Martin has Elizabeth held hostage at machete-point, airing out all of “Roy’s” dirty laundry. And to showcase just who “Roy” really is Martin gives Elizabeth a nice, long shaving nick across the throat to rile Benny up and make him fang-out. Martin also outs Benny as Elizabeth’s granddaddy, but all that happens is Benny keeps his cool and stashes his sharp-toothed grin. Benny asks Martin what it is he wants exactly, to which Martin replies that he wants to perform Benny’s head removal surgery.

Sam, having made it safely to Kermit, Texas, stakes out Amelia’s place, but he doesn’t find any danger. All he finds is Amelia and Don, snuggled up. Sam slides the safety back on his gun and gets back in the car with a deep sigh.

Remember Dean giving Elizabeth his phone number? Well, so did Elizabeth. She calls Dean and reminds him that he told her to call if she saw “Roy”, so she’s calling. Dean can hear the trembling in her voice, but what he can’t see is the blood all over her. He turns the car around and books it back to Carencro. He finds Elizabeth outside the Gumbo Shack, sitting on the stoop, bloody and crying, but unhurt. He makes his way inside and finds Martin. Dead.

Sam’s back in that Texas bar, but this is no flashback, this is real time and he’s figuring it out. Dean programmed a burner phone number into Sam’s contact list under Amelia’s name. Dean doesn’t try to deny it; in fact he’s rather proud that his contingency plan worked. Dean wants to explain what happened with Martin and Benny, but Sam isn’t having that and hangs up on him. Just then, Amelia walks into the bar; apparently she sensed Sam’s presence or something.

And that’s where we end folks. Six week of midseason hiatus. What do you think about the Road So Far? What do you hope to see in the back half of this season’s ride?