Teen Wolf – 2.04 – Abomination

Chris Argent is driving in convoy with a couple of his hunter buddies towards Dr Deaton’s office, where Deaton is still cleaning out Scott’s wounds. Deaton tells him that the wounds won’t heal as fast as usual because they were inflicted by an Alpha, and despite the need for a quick escape, Scott is full of questions that Deaton doesn’t really have time to answer right now. Suffice to say that Deaton knows about werewolves and can help Scott out with stuff. But whatever killed Bennett outside the Hale house is something different, something unfamiliar, and while Deaton doesn’t know what it is, he’s sure the Argents will, since they keep detailed records of all the things they’ve discovered. Wait, what?

there is no face more precious than scott mccall’s confused puppy face

Scott is even more baffled than usual at the thought that there are lots of other kinds of supernatural things out there that the Argents may have hunted. I really hope that somewhere in the back of his mind, he’s wondering about Santa and the Tooth Fairy.

Before Deaton can detail all the other mythical creatures that actually exist, Chris and the hunters pull up in front of the clinic, and Scott takes off to hide in the back room. By the time Chris gets inside, Deaton is alone and examining Bennett’s mangled corpse. This time it’s not just Chris and some random hunter dudes, though; this time, Gerard has joined them. Deaton’s not quite able to maintain his impassive expression when faced with Gerard, which should be enough evidence for anyone ever that Gerard is a terrible awful human being.

Gerard does the usual Argent family “smile while making creepy threatening conversation” thing to Deaton, saying that he’d heard Deaton had retired. Deaton gives as good as he gets, though, saying that he’d heard the Argents actually used to stick to the Code. Oh Gerard. Would you like some soothing ointment for that burn?

Chris interjects before the two men can actually start peeing on one another, pointing out that they just want some answers on what happened to Bennett. Deaton has already noticed the gunpowder residue on Bennett’s hands, so he knows that whatever happened, it’s not as though Bennett was innocently minding his own business when he was ripped open.

Man, Argents really don’t like it when people with actual human decency and morals stand up to them. Chris tries to appeal to Deaton’s good side by saying that Bennett was only 24 years old. Deaton’s in no mood for such sad attempts at manipulation, and stares Gerard straight in the eye while commenting that killers come in all ages.

Chris is tired of their back and forth, and asks Deaton to just tell them what he’s found. He’s got plenty of interesting information for them. First of all, there’s a cut on the back of the neck that served to paralyze Bennett with a toxin before killing him. The creature then dug in all 5 claws deeply and ripped open his chest. While Deaton’s never seen anything like this before, he knows that it’s really fast, really strong, and has a powerful paralyzing venom. And while animals in the wild that paralyze their prey with venom do so to eat them afterwards, whatever killed Bennett had no interest in eating him – it only wanted to kill.


Stiles walks into the auto body shop to pick up his jeep and finds the weirdly supermodelesque mechanic doing some totally unnecessary and expensive “repairs” to his car. The mechanic tells him that the entire exhaust system needs fixing and that it’ll cost him $1,200. Stiles isn’t buying this load of crap any more than we are.


As he stomps out of the shop, Stiles grabs onto the door handle and finds it covered with gross goo. He heads into the shop’s front office and notices a high school photo on the wall of the mechanic in a lacrosse uniform. Stiles pulls out his phone to send a text message when suddenly his hands don’t seem to be working properly. His shaky hands drop the phone, and as he looks out into the shop bay, Stiles sees the lizard dude crawling down from the top of his car onto the unsuspecting mechanic below. He tries to shout a warning, but the lizard dude has already made its move, slashing the back of the mechanic’s neck.

Stiles collapses at about the same time the mechanic does, but unlike the mechanic, Stiles is able to crawl away a bit. Unfortunately, this gives him a front row seat to the mechanic’s messy death when the lizard dude slashes the hydraulics for the car lift, letting it descend to crush the mechanic beneath it.

The creepy lizard dude hisses in Stiles’ face just as Stiles manages to dial 911, but it takes off without harming him.


Allison heads to her car for another seekrit makeout meeting with Scott at 9pm. She glances at the dashboard clock and sees that it’s already 8:55. When she turns back towards the window, Creepy Grandpa Gerard is standing right next to the car, and scared the crap out of Allison with his creepy lurking ways. Allison jumps out of the car as Gerard apologizes for scaring her, and is shaken enough to slip up a bit and answer “yes” when he asks her if she was expecting someone else. Even though she corrects herself quickly, Gerard has noticed her lie and smiles a creepy awful smile. Looks like she’ll be stuck chatting with creepy grandpa for a while.


Scott’s sitting alone on the forest ridge overlooking the town, waiting for Allison. Oh come on, Scott, she’s not even technically late yet! He looks so tragically dejected that it’s already 9pm and there are no giddy makeouts happening, poor little puppy.


Gerard, seemingly accidentally, drops a leather journal from his coat pocket, and when Allison stoops to retrieve it for him, he says he’d be lost without it. He then lectures Allison on trust and honesty, and reminds her that Kate died doing what she thought was the right thing to do. But when Gerard says that her intentions may have been a little bit misguided, Allison can’t resist challenging him on the “little bit” part of his lecture. Gerard smiles and says that she reminds him of Kate, which, let’s face it, is a pretty ghastly thing to say, all things considered. At least if you’re a sane person, I guess.

Gerard reiterates that no matter what happens, he needs to know that Allison will always trust her family to do the right thing. Allison gives him a halfhearted “yeah” which he seems to find quite irritating, as he then yells at her to speak with conviction! So she stares him down and says YES very clearly and calmly, because Allison Argent is super goddamn awesome.


The mechanic’s shop is now crawling with police and EMTs and, most importantly, a really concerned dad, Sheriff Stilinski. He and Stiles are seated on the tailgate of the ambulance as Stiles explains what happened – well, a version of what happened, anyway. He claims that he walked into the shop and saw the car lift already on top of the mechanic. Sheriff Stilinski didn’t get to be the Sheriff without having a good attention to detail, and he notices that Stiles’ hands are still a little more twitchy than usual. The Sheriff asks if there’s anything Stiles is maybe afraid to tell him, and Stiles gets huffy at being halfassedly called a liar. Stiles insists that he didn’t see anything other than what he’s already described, and his dad just nods. There’s some more bad news for Stiles, though – his jeep is now impounded as evidence.


Allison finally arrives at the overlook, but Scott’s already gone. He’s left her a note scraped onto a rock telling her that he’s sorry to have missed her. Allison pouts slightly and is doubtlessly thinking evil and vindictive thoughts about her awful creepy cockblocking grandfather.


Scott pulls up to the crime scene to fetch Stiles. Stiles tells Scott that the thing doing all the killing is weird and reptilian, but also a little familiar. Stiles can’t really tell who it is when it’s human, but he’s pretty sure it recognized him.


Down in the abandoned subway station, Derek is putting his betas through some training. Isaac throws himself at Derek again and again but is unable to do any damage at all. He spends most of his time picking himself up off the floor and making outraged puppy faces instead. Boyd, seated on the sidelines, finds this all awfully amusing.


After Isaac’s fourth unsuccessful attempt at getting Derek to even break a sweat, Erica launches herself off the top of the subway car at Derek’s back. She too ends up in a heap on the floor, right next to Isaac. Derek is incredibly frustrated by their inability to be as awesome as he is, and tells them to try not being completely predictable.

Erica’s response to this challenge is to leap into his arms and make out with him wildly. Derek responds for a moment, almost automatically, before tossing her back onto the floor and wiping his mouth disgustedly. Derek tells her not to try that again, and she assumes it’s because she’s just a beta, but the real reason is actually worse – it’s because Derek has someone else in mind for her.

Ugh, Derek, wtf. You can’t just pimp out your betas. I AM DISAPPOINT. But let’s face it, if you take off your shirt I will probably forgive you.

Isaac sulkily asks if they’re done with training for the day, since he has a bunch of bones that will need some time to heal. Derek puts on the most fake concerned face ever and I am embarrassed for Isaac when he falls for it. Instead, Derek just breaks his arm a little bit more. Derek’s got a point to make, even if making it is scaring the crap out of his puppies – he’s not teaching them how to fight, he’s teaching them how to survive.

Isaac wants to know why, if they’re in such immediate danger from the hunters, that no one is attacking them right away? Derek admits that he doesn’t know, and reminds them that the hunters aren’t their only current problem. The mysterious lizard thing that killed Isaac’s dad is still loose, and it just killed again the night before. And until Derek figures out what it is, they all need to learn everything that he knows, as fast as he can teach them.


Lydia’s mom bursts into the bedroom to wake her up for a meeting with the school counselor. Lydia is really resistant to this idea and remains huddled under her blankets like the world’s grumpiest little burrito. Mrs Martin has no time for grumpy burritos and yanks the covers off of Lydia’s head. Beneath them, Lydia is covered in blood. Lots of screaming ensues.

Mrs Martin grabs Lydia’s hands and sees that her knuckles are torn open and still oozing blood. Lydia has no idea how this happened, but when they both catch sight of the bloody, shattered mirror across the room, it’s obvious – Lydia punched the mirror repeatedly and she seems to have no memory of doing so.


Outside the school counselor’s office, Lydia is sitting next to an extremely interested guy. He compliments her on the hot pink gloves she’s wearing to hide her injuries, and since Lydia Martin is a Genuine Lady, she thanks him politely, although her smile is somewhat forced. He takes this as a sign that she totally wants to talk to him, and asks her what kind of crazy she’s there for. Lydia looks at him like he’s a puppy that just shat the rug, and tells him she has an acute phobia of people prying into her personal life.

lydia martin has no time for your crap

The guy doesn’t take offense, and tells her that his own issue is being constantly drawn to cute but narcissistic girls. Lydia is momentarily speechless, and any scathing rejoinder she might have planned is interrupted by the counselor calling her into the office.

(It took me like 3 rewatches to realize that this guidance counselor is Bianca Lawson, aka Kendra on Buffy, and she clearly has been taking good care of the portrait in her attic since she looks exactly, yes exactly, the same. WERQ IT GURL.)


Scott and Stiles are sitting on the stairs by the front hall and having an oddly romantic conversation. No, they’re not about to make out wildly. ALAS. Instead, Stiles is relaying a romantic message from Allison and is getting increasingly uncomfortable by the entire situation. It’s probably because Scott is staring at him with the mushiest little expression of puppy bliss ever. HEE.

Stiles sneakily changes the subject, asking Scott to tell him what Dr Deaton said about the records that the Argents are surely keeping on all the creepy crawlies they’ve fought and killed; a bestiary. Scott is pretty sure the word is “bestiality” and there is a lot of silly giggling. Oh Scott. They agree that their first priority has to be finding that book.


Lydia is tearing viciously into the guidance counselor, Ms Morrell, for being French Canadian instead of *real* French, and for thinking that being a French teacher qualifies her for being a guidance counselor. Ms Morrell remains calm in the face of Lydia’s ranting, because she has a Master’s in behavioral psych and can read Lydia and her many many issues like a goddamn book. Lydia claims that she’s only there because her parents threatened to take away her car. She also says that she’s talked about the attack with her friends and they’ve been really supportive, and when Ms Morrell cautions her about trusting people, Lydia agrees that sometimes the people closest to you are the ones holding you back the most. Ms Morrell looks surprised but pleased by this insight, but when she asks Lydia if she read that somewhere, Lydia can’t remember.


Jackson and Danny are talking quietly in the locker room. Jackson hands over the video he took of himself and asks Danny to see if there’s anything strange on it. Danny agrees easily, wondering what’s on the tape; he finds it utterly hilarious when Jackson tells him “it’s me, in my room, at night, in bed…” Oh Jackson. Danny’s told you again and again that you’re just not his type, okay?

Jackson tells him to just do it and shut up. Oh, and also? He’s everyone’s type. Danny looks like he is having many valid regrets about every decision he’s made so far in his life that led him to this moment.

definitely everyone’s type


Outside, Stiles is relaying Scott’s mushy messages to Allison, and she’s also confusing bestiaries with bestiality. Man, people in Beacon Hills have some weird issues that I really don’t want to know about.

Allison asks for more information, and Stiles tells her that they’re probably looking for an old book. Allison suddenly recalls seeing something just like that fall out of Gerard’s pocket. Stiles goes running back to Scott to share this bit of information, and is sent back to Allison to find out where Gerard keeps the book.

After much amusing scampering to and fro, they determine that the most likely place for the book to be is in Gerard’s office, but to get in, they’ll need his keys.


Gerard locks up his office, placing his keys in the pocket of his coat. He and Allison are on their way to watch the lacrosse game, and Gerard apologizes in advance for all the questions he’s going to have, since he’s never seen a game before.


Out by the field, Danny and Matt come up to Jackson to talk about the video. Jackson is completely outraged that Danny brought the problem to Matt, but as Matt points out, it was his camera in the first place, so who else could Danny ask? Anyway, Matt’s the one who discovered that there are 2 hours of video footage missing. HA.


Things are not going very well for the Beacon Hills Lacrosse Team. The opposing team has an unnaturally massive thug player that’s just throwing everyone all over the field, and Coach Finstock is tearing madly at his already ridiculous hair.

Jackson yanks Scott aside to yell at him for not using his superseekrit awesome werepowers to win, and Scott is shocked and hurt. Didn’t Jackson tell him that using his werepowers made him a horrible cheating cheater? Scott can’t do anything superpowered anyway, since Gerard is in the stands and will surely notice.

Up in the stands, Allison pretends to shiver and sighs over not having worn a warmer coat. Gerard immediately takes off his overcoat and throws it over Allison’s shoulders. Allison, suddenly the only Argent who knows nothing of stealth and subtlety, immediately sticks her hands in the pockets and starts rooting around for the keys.

Out on the field, the giant opposing team’s thug is plowing through the Beacon Hills defensive line like a moose stomping tiny ducklings. While Gerard is distracted by the incredibly smashy violence, Allison hands the keys off to Stiles, who is also no master of subtlety.


A whimpering player is carried off the field on a stretcher, and Melissa McCall winces with medical knowledge horrors. Matt wanders over with his camera to take some photos, and she asks if he’s the yearbook photographer. Matt says he just likes taking photos of anything that catches his eye, and when he looks down to the camera’s screen, we see exactly what’s been catching his eye – Allison.


Stiles runs through the dark parking lot towards the school to raid Gerard’s office. On his way, he spots Lydia sitting alone in her car, sobbing. Stiles cannot possibly leave his lady love weeping alone, and walks up to the window to ask if she’s okay. Lydia closes the window and tells him to go away, but Stiles is persistent. He then – super goddamn creepily oh my god what – tells her she looks really beautiful when she cries, and Lydia takes this as the awkward compliment that it’s meant to be instead of as something terrifying that a crazy maniac serial killer would say just before he measured your skin to make himself a human suit.


Danny’s sitting on the bench with a huge purpling bruise on his face. Despite his inability to see any fingers being held up in front of his face, Finstock sends him back onto the field. Unfortunately, they’re still missing a player, and Stiles is nowhere to be found. Desperate, Finstock turns to the crowd for someone suitable and sees Boyd looming hugely next to Erica; he tells Boyd to get his ass out onto the field. Erica tries to stop him, since she knows Derek won’t like them drawing attention to their awesome wolfiness, but Boyd is determined to have fun and kick ass.


Lydia finally rolls down the window, ready to talk, when Stiles realizes that he really needs to go search Gerard’s office while no one’s inside the school. He asks her to give him 5 minutes and then he’ll come back and they can talk all she wants, basically forever. Lydia makes the most offended face possible, since she’s not exactly used to someone not immediately giving her whatever she wants.


Inside the Principal’s office, Stiles is tearing everything apart in search of the mysterious leather-bound journal. He doesn’t find anything, and is in the middle of texting Allison to tell her so when Erica surprises him.


Out on the field, the giant thug dude takes a run at Boyd, stupidly assuming he’ll be an easy target. He could not possibly have been more mistaken. Boyd sends him flying across the field to land in a crumpled fall. Everyone is thrilled, particularly Finstock, who is even more incoherent than usual. Not Scott and Jackson, though – they know Boyd’s just probably outed himself to the enemy.


Erica drags Stiles down to the pool, where Derek’s waiting. He wants to know what Stiles saw at the mechanic’s garage. Stiles tries to dissemble so Derek hilariously threatens him by squashing a basketball. Oh my, how terrifying!

Derek Hale, you goober.


Allison sees the message from Stiles and starts getting worried. Boyd, meanwhile, is moments away from wolfing out of control. Scott tells him to get off the field before someone sees, and Boyd shoves him away to run for the ball.

Scott overtakes him and steals the ball, scoring a goal. Seconds later, the huge opposing team thug smashes into his side, knocking him down with a broken leg. Allison and Melissa both run out onto the field to see if he’s okay. Scott insists that he’s fine, letting his werewolf healing fix things before his mom makes it out onto the field.

Gerard gets there at the same time as Melissa, and looks at Scott very strangely. He says that there’s just one more thing he needs to ask Scott.


Poolside, Stiles is describing the lizard creature to Derek and Erica. He says it was scaly and dark and had yellowish, slitted eyes. He also mentions the many sharp teeth and the prehensile tail. As he’s talking, Derek and Erica both stare behind him with startled and nervous expressions, and Stiles realizes that the creature he’s describing has just snuck up behind him.

Above them, the lizard dude hisses almost exactly like an angry kitten. It jumps down to confront the trio, and throws Erica against the wall, knocking her out. Derek leaps in front of Stiles and gives a vicious Alpha growl, but the lizard dude is not cowed.

Derek turns to shove Stiles away, telling him to run, and while his back is turned, the lizard dude slashes the back of Derek’s neck, dosing him with the paralytic venom. Derek starts collapsing, and Stiles drags him away from the creature. Stiles tries to get his phone out to call Scott for help, but drops the phone next to the pool. He also drops Derek, right into the pool.

After a moment of indecision, Stiles dives into the pool to rescue Derek. Since Derek is paralyzed by the venom, Stiles has to support him completely while treading water. This is in no way extremely hot and has certainly not spawned literally thousands of fanfics.

this is not the least bit arousing in any demonstrable way

They look around the pool area trying to locate the lizard dude, but see nothing. However, they can hear it hissing from the shadows, and know it’s only a matter of time before it’s back.


Chris and Victoria are busy in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on dinner when Gerard and Allison get home from the lacrosse game. They’ve also brought a guest at Gerard’s invitation: Scott. He’s about as happy to be there as Victoria and Chris are to have him there. Scott smiles awkwardly at them while Chris grits his teeth and Victoria tries not to eat his face.

This is probably the most uncomfortable meal they’ve had since the last time Scott was there. Chris doesn’t have the energy to taunt Scott with offers of beer this time around, though. Gerard takes up the conversational gauntlet in the face of the awkward silence, and asks why everyone’s so uncomfortable that Scott and Allison have dated in the past. Allison insists that they’re fine and not uncomfortable, but Gerard’s not done making things awful. He wants to know why they broke up, and there’s just no good answer to that question. Chris glares at Scott, wordlessly warning him not to say anything stupid, but oh how that ship has sailed.

Scott stammers and flails and meebles and eventually just blames everything on Allison.


Stiles and Derek are still splashing around in the pool grumpily. This unpleasant near-death experience is not nearly enough to deter them from bickering like an old married couple. Derek wants Stiles to get him out of the pool before he drowns, while Stiles is pretty sure that drowning is the least of their worries with a hissing, slavering, horribly toothed lizard beast stalking them from the shadows. Derek has never really been a huge fan of logic and reason, though. There is a lot of sulking. Soggy, constipated sulking.

On the far side of the pool, they see the lizard dude crawling along by the wall. It’s not getting any closer to attacking them, though.


Chris finally interjects into Scott’s increasingly gibberished explanation and says that Allison probably felt that they were growing apart. Gerard doesn’t want Chris calming the situation down – he wants everyone as unhappy and uncomfortable as possible, and tells Chris that as the dad, his opinion is probably biased in Allison’s favor. Maybe they were as passionate as Romeo and Juliet! Chris reminds his obnoxious dad that Romeo and Juliet committed ritual suicide together, and right there, Allison’s had enough of this bullshit. She asks if they can please just talk about something else, and Chris asks Scott to help him with dessert in the kitchen.

Once inside, Chris throws Scott up against the wall and reminds him what a bad idea it would be to let Gerard find out about his little wolfy problem. Come ON, Chris. Scott isn’t stupid, and he knows it wouldn’t be too great for Chris, either. This is followed by hilariously angry cake-grabbing.


Lizard Dude crawls to the edge of the pool and sticks his hand in the water. As soon as it touches the water, though, the lizard thing darts back like the water burned it. Stiles wonders if this means that the lizard thing can’t swim.


Allison asks if she and Scott can be excused from the table, and when Chris tells them no, Gerard overrules him and sends them upstairs. They sneak into Gerard’s bedroom to look for the bestiary, but the book Allison remembers is nowhere to be seen. She uncovers a safe from beneath Gerard’s overcoat, and assumes this means they’re screwed. Oh Allison, why must you underestimate Scott?

Scott uses his wolfy hearing to crack the safe, and inside is the book that Allison saw earlier. Instead of being a detailed and useful bestiary, however, it’s a book of recipes.


Downstairs, Gerard finishes his last bite of dinner with the ecstasy and appreciation of a true gourmet.


The lizard thing keeps slowly circling the pool, and Stiles is getting too exhausted to support Derek for much longer. He decides to haul Derek towards the side of the pool where his phone is laying. Derek is absolutely not in favor of this terrible plan, and when Stiles asks Derek to trust him, he goes off on a rant about Stiles only holding him up because he needs Derek to fight the lizard when the paralysis wears off. He doesn’t think trust has anything to do with it.

Stiles stares at him angrily for a moment and then lets him go, swimming towards the phone. Derek sinks to the bottom of the pool.

Stiles manages to grab the phone before the lizard thing can attack him, and as he swims back towards the center of the pool, he calls Scott.

Scott and Allison are still sneaking around Gerard’s bedroom, so when Scott’s phone rings loudly, he answers immediately, telling Stiles that he can’t talk right now. And then, he turns off his phone.

For about 10 seconds, Stiles just cannot believe this incredible betrayal has actually taken place. He then tosses his phone aside and dives down to rescue Derek.

that sound you just heard was ten thousand screaming fangirls


Allison and Scott can’t think of anywhere else to look for the book until Allison realizes that what they’re looking for might not actually BE a book. Instead, it’s just something that Gerard would keep on him at all times – like his keys. His keys that also have a USB drive on the keychain.

The keys that Stiles left in the door of the principal’s office.

Scott runs downstairs and tells the rest of the Argents that he’s late to pick up his mom from work. He bolts out the front door before anyone can say anything.


Scott screeches up in front of the school and calls Stiles, telling him that he needs Gerard’s keys. Unfortunately, Stiles’ phone is at the bottom of the pool. Scott finds the keys still in the door where Stiles left them, and is about to run back out to the car when he hears the lizard thing hissing in the distance.


Stiles can’t hold Derek up any longer, so he drags them to the side of the pool where Derek can hang on to one of the diving platforms. Derek’s still too paralyzed to grab on to anything, and starts sinking to the bottom of the pool again.

yay scott!

Luckily this is when Scott shows up and yanks them both out of the pool with Super Wolfy Strength. He roars out a challenge to the lizard thing and the two of them start brawling. Scott gets thrown up against the wall and smashes a nearby mirror, so when the lizard starts stalking towards him, Scott is able to arm himself with a huge shard of glass. But once the lizard thing gets close enough to see its own reflection in the shard, it panics and runs away.


Out in the parking lot, Scott and Stiles are accessing the bestiary files from the USB drive. Unfortunately, it’s not in a language that either one of them recognizes.

Derek very slightly saves the day when he tells them that the lizard thing is called a Kanima. Scott and Stiles are immediately suspicious that Derek knew the whole time and didn’t tell them, but he says he didn’t know until he saw it get confused by its own reflection.

This means that the Kanima doesn’t know what it is, and it doesn’t know who it is when it’s human. Derek’s never actually seen one before, but he’s heard stories and legends. The Kanima is a shape-shifter, like them, but different. Stiles says it’s an abomination, and Derek agrees.

Derek and Erica turn to leave, and Scott calls them back, saying that they all need to work together on this. Scott even thinks it might be a good idea to tell the Argents. And that’s where he loses Derek completely, because Derek thinks he’s a complete moron for wanting to trust the Argents.

(Which is, of course, totally true. Sorry Scott.)

Scott’s had enough of this fear and mistrust and refusing to work together. He’s outraged that they can’t all just get along and stop this thing that’s going around killing people all over town. Derek glares at Scott, refusing to accept the idea of working together, and promises that as soon as he finds the Kanima, he’s going to kill it.


Scott pulls up outside the hospital to pick up his mom, and Gerard sneaks up behind him. This time, it’s not for friendly conversation – instead, Gerard stabs Scott in the stomach and tells him not to move. It looks like Gerard already knows Scott’s secret, then. He wiggles the knife in Scott’s stomach and tells him that Scott’s going to do whatever Gerard asks him to do; otherwise, Gerard is going to kill Melissa.

Scott is very much convinced by the seriousness of Gerard’s threat, and barely manages to pull himself together by the time his mom exits the hospital.