Cult 1.04 – Get With the Program

If you’re looking for last week’s recap, you won’t find it. An unexpected trip to a “Supernatural” convention in Las Vegas interrupted my recapping plans. No worries though, let’s do a recap of a recap about the show within a show. Last week we learned that feather earrings are a trendy mark of death, no one’s childhood is safe from a Google Bing search, shit just got real in world of campus LARPing and Kirstie is kinda kinky and a bit hinky.

Also? Skye is really, really good at deciphering hidden messages within the show. Too good at it in my opinion. Just tossing that out there.

This week opens up with a bit of background on Billy Grimm. The good psych doc is obviously looking to publish his findings on the Grimm phenomena, of course he thinks Billy Grimm is nothing more than a enthralling evangelist .His assessment of Billy is interrupted by Kelly dragging in Rebecca, the freshly widowed Billy follower. Kelly wants the doctor to use his Freud skills to get Rebecca to tell them where Kelly’s sister is being kept. He’s not sure he can, but Kelly insists that since he deprogrammed her then he can bring anyone back. Just then the doc’s office is smoke ‘n’ gassed by Billy’s brigade, earning Kelly a electrifying taser jolt as they “rescue” Rebecca.

Back in the world where Cult is a show, a makeup artist is touching Marti up so that Kelly’s head wound looks wicked real. Skye runs up with some research on guns for Marti, because believe it or not, Skye does actually do her job. The makeup artist, Lexi, isn’t so sure of that, especially when Skye’s phone dings and Skye nearly goes running at Jeff’s beck and call. Lexi teases Skye about Jeff and Skye didn’t realize she was inserting Jeff into every conversation like a lovesick 13 year old. She’s gotta reel that back in. Marti notices the awkward vibe and sends Lexi on a made-up mission so she can grill Skye in peace. Skye still maintains that it’s not what it looks like, but just at that moment her phone goes off again and she’s practically speed racing to meet Jeff. Marti seems a bit bummed about the juicy insider gossip she lost out on.

When Skye catches up with Jeff at Fan_dom.ain he’s glued to the show forums while waiting for a woman who claims her husband is missing just like Jeff’s brother. She’s supposed to be there in her blue blazer, but she’s half an hour late. As they wait Jeff notices a man clocking their every move. The man, Terrence Ross, approaches them and questions Jeff about his Cult fan status, Jeff says he’s a fan, Terrence clarifies that Jeff is disturbingly fixated but that doesn’t make him an actual fanboy. Just then a woman in a blue blazer comes creeping in from behind the curtain. She’s got a bit of a pothead paranoia about her, but Terrence, who is apparently her bodyguard/vetting processor tells her that Jeff’s harmless. Her name is Alma and she claims her husband, Rami, vanished ten days ago. They were fans of the show, watched every episode together since the pilot, but she noticed that Rami was secretly seeing Cult without her, rewatching episodes alone while she slept. To make it worse he was fan flailing to other people on forums without her, getting phone calls about the show. Then one night a car pulled up, Rami got in and left.

While Alma and Jeff talk, Skye starts thumbing through Rami’s fanboy journal. In it she finds scribblings about the show, about True Believers and an “M” disc like Nate had. Unlike Jeff, she put the disc in a company PC that had no personal info on it and therefore didn’t download her entire life and memory wipe itself. They have a new puzzle piece to play with.

Meanwhile, Terrence is sitting off to the side looking supremely shady. Just sayin’.

On the other hand, Detective Sakelik, who just happens to be cruising the area on a Terrance Ross heads up, claims Terrence is a thug-for-hire with cult deprogrammer window dressing.

Enemy of my enemy my friend.

Jeff, Skye, Alma and Terrence all head back to Nate’s to meet up with E.J. While E.J. scans the disc, Alma and Jeff get to know each other and Skye grills Terrence about his chosen vocation. E.J. is shaping up to be this show’s forever alone, but as soon as she’s cracked the disc’s code she’s the center of attention. E.J. was able to ferret out the IP address the disc was burned from. It’s a hacker hostel in Inglewood. Inglewood is always up to no good. The men folk (and Skye) roll out to check out the hostel.

Billy Grimm is a addressing a rapt gathering of children. He’s teaching them about sacrificial slaughterings and the proper way to perform them. A truck pulls up. Billy quickly and cleanly slits a pigs throat sauntering up to the vehicle. There, in the truck bed, is the shrink from earlier, bound and bagged. Billy tells him they both need to clean up before they proceed. He wipes his bloody blade on the man’s shoulder and leaves him. The camera pans out and we learn that the scene we just watched was being watched by Sakelik. She’s getting her Cult fix while sitting in the car waiting for her partner to bring her a cup of coffee. When he slides into the can she quickly turns her phone screen off, but her phone rings, obviously it’s not work related because she kills the ringer and stealthily dumps coffee all over her lap. After a hard look her partner gentlemanly goes to get her some napkins. She calls the number back and is told that Nate has been moved to a new location.

Back inside “Cult”, Billy sips dandelion wine and convincingly tells the good doctor that this is just a meeting of the minds. Two men discussing a common interest, a biographer and his biographee. Billy doesn’t like the direction of the book and makes it very clear that there will be no further writing of it. Which would be hard anyway, what with the doc’s hands being nailed to the table and all.

In the real world, Jeff, Skye and Terrence walk into the hacker hovel like they belong, but everyone can tell they don’t. They spot a prime suspect, however the hostile dwellers get hostile and either disperse or attack. The man they’re after takes of running and Terrence takes the initiative and shoots him in the back. With a rock salt filled round. Very Dean Winchester. Come to think of it, his intensity and his car are very Dean Winchester also. I dig it.

They hole up in a motel room. The guy, Sean, is tied to a chair while Terrence gives him a lil something to make him more compliant. Shoots him up with liquid devil’s trap, if you will. They don’t get much out of him, unsurprisingly, just some mumblings about “under a tree” and returning to someone’s arms. They’re all confused. Except Skye. She figures out that it’s from the show. She pulls up the same ep Sakelik was watching and shows it to Sean, asks him if he’s talking about what’s going on in the show. I’m pretty sure that even in his drug haze Sean thinks these people are dense and tells them he mean at not in the show. Once again, Skye knows immediately and exactly what Sean means.

The show films on Guthrie Ranch.

On location, Jeff, Skye and Terrence start poking around. Skye warns them about the mini potholes she and Lexi almost tripped over. According to Jeff they’re old septic tank drainage pipes. They take a ladder down and find pictures of people stuck to the wall; most of them with a large X sharpie’d through them. Nate’s picture is on the wall, no X. A few twists down they find Rami, dirty and determined. He has a puzzle to solve. The walls and ceiling are covered with hieroglyphics that can only be seen with ultra-violet like. Unfortunately, Jeff used Rami’s last ravetastic glow stick to see the markings. Rami is stressing out; if he doesn’t solve the puzzle he can’t get to the next level. No time for Rami’s gaming jones, cars are approaching.

The next day Skye is back at the ranch, only now it’s teeming with cast and crew setting up shots. Skye sneaks off to the tank opening only to find it’s been cemented over.

Alma bids Jeff goodbye. She’s thankful for his help and tells him she’s sure he’ll find his brother. I don’t trust her, she too perky about it and she hasn’t even sipped her coffee yet.

Before driving Rami and Alma home, Terrence tells Jeff that he’ll be in touch because the Cult of Cult is screwing with him more than any other job.

Every home has a TV.