Hannibal 1.03: Potage


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PREVIOUSLY: We met Freddie Lounds and she fucked all the shit up and Will Graham started therapy, but the PREVIOUSLY is mostly a recap of the first episode–Will shot Garrett Jacob Hobbs, but not before Hannibal gave him a killer-2-killer courtesy call.

Before we start, here’s a link to food stylist Janice Poon’s totally charming and informative blog about working on Hannibal–it’s full of recipes, photographs, and lots of interesting tidbits about the food aesthetics for fellow behind-the-scenes nerds.

THE WOODS. Hobbs and Abigail (looking improbably cute in a green vest and camouflage shirt) stand framed by the gorgeous foliage and golden leaf litter, stalking a lovely doe. Which, I thought you couldn’t hunt does, but then I remembered about Hobbs’s serial killing thing so it was kind of a moot point.

Special hunting permits are for people who don't know the taste of human flesh.

Special hunting permits are for people who don’t know the taste of human flesh.



Abigail raises her rifle while her father quietly tells her to wait for the perfect shot. She gets the doe’s face in her sights and fires, but it bounds away. She takes it down with the second shot, and Hobbs kisses her on the head and goes to collect the carcass. Abigail looks lost and sad. Oh, sweetie :(

She and Hobbs take the deer back to the cabin. “She was so pretty,” Abigail says wistfully, running her fingers through the fur.

“She is so pretty.” Hobbs corrects. They haul the deer into the cabin. Abigail is still a little conflicted, and rattles off a list of deer facts–deer are about as smart as four-year-olds; are complex, emotional creatures that care about one another; and are environmentally conscious.

I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS PRO-DEER PROPAGANDA. Deer are fucking assholes and they will stomp around in your plants and eat them and try to fuck up your dog. Deer are the enemy. Eat deer chili.

Hobbs is adamant that they’re going to “honor” the deer by using every part of her. He goes on to describe basically the most useless things to do with a deer carcass, which is make a rug out of the hide and carve the leg bones into knives. He then hands her a perfectly good normal non-deer knife with a gut hook and tells her not to pierce the organs, because that’ll “ruin the meat.” He gets creepy and intense with her when she casually suggests she might not be able to eat the deer after all this. He reiterates his “honoring means EATING EVERYTHING” stance on the situation, and says that if they don’t honor her, it’s just murder. Abigail returns to cutting open the deer, but when she runs her fingers through the fur this time, it’s human hair, attached to a very dead human lady. Who might be Abigail herself? I’m not sure. It’s actually very hard to see when you’re making a D: face.

Abigail wakes up, all tubed up, and freaks out in her hospital bed.


WOLF TRAP, VIRGINIA (WILL’S HOUSE). Will’s pack of fucking adorable doggies runs out the front door of his fucking adorable little house to greet the fucking adorable Dr. Bloom in her fucking adorable coat and boots. Also fucking adorable is that Will’s in an undershirt and a pair of boxers my father would refer to as “very, uh, European.”

ALSO also fucking adorable: NBC's logo placement.

Less fucking adorable: NBC’s logo placement.


Will [fucking adorably]: I’m compelled to go cover myself.
Alana: I have brothers.


I actually feel pretty bad for Hugh Dancy, because he seems cold and is wearing like the standard grandpa slippers/underpants combination that made visiting your family over winter break the worst thing in the world.

But I also love it. This is wonderfully realistic, and furthermore, when was the last time you watched a cute dude walking around in his underwear with chilled nips and visible package all over the place? While the cute lady remained sensibly clothed? FEMINISM.

Sorry, I just got distracted by butt and passed out for two hours.

As Will heads inside, Alana drops the bomb: Abigail woke up. Will, irritated, tells her she really knows how to bury the lede. Alana convinces him to go back inside for coffee instead of flying directly to Abigail’s bedside in his manties.

Will and Alana watch all of Will’s phones ring with Jack’s number for like ten minutes. I can imagine the texts.



Jack wants Will to go talk to Abigail, but Alana thinks that’s a bad idea. Will sides with Jack, but he trusts Alana, and likes that she’s a “buffer” between Jack and himself, because Jack respects her (and, haha, won’t yell at her because of that respect, even when he wants to).

“Abigail Hobbs doesn’t have anyone.” Will says.

“You can’t be her everyone.” Alana argues. She then stops herself from saying what she wanted to say next, on account of rudeness. Will tells her to just say it the rude way.

“Dogs keep a promise a person can’t.” she tells him. Will insists he’s not trying to collect another stray, and he looks SO SAD.



Alana tells him the first person to talk to Abigail can’t be anyone who was involved in the Hobbs situation. Will supplies the “especially the dude who killed her father” that Alana doesn’t mention. She tells Will she’s going to try and reach out to Abigail in her own way.

PORT HAVEN PSYCHIATRIC FACILITY, BALTIMORE, MARYLAND. Alana enters Abigail’s room with a bunch of shopping bags, and introduces herself to Abigail, explaining that she’s a psychiatrist and specializes in family trauma. Abigail (reading what I assume is the Flannery O’Connor anthology from episode 2) seems oddly detached and distant. She asks if her parents were buried (mother was cremated, father is probably being dissected for science), and says she wants to sell the house, and use the money for college and an apartment. Alana is thoughtful, probably playing Abigail a little bit. She brought Abigail clothes and iTunes gift cards, and admits she’s terrible at redeeming gift cards. Abigail shrugs and says that probably says something about Alana, and Alana agrees, considering Abigail.

BEHAVIORAL ANALYSIS UNIT HEADQUARTERS, QUANTICO, VIRGINIA. Jack, Alana, and Hannibal are meeting for the world’s worst parent-teacher conference in Jack’s office. Jack is demanding answers on behalf of the seven missing victims’ families. Alana insists that Abigail isn’t ready for questioning, but Jack’s being a hardass about the whole situation because he still thinks Abigail had something to do with the murders. Hannibal, totally a thousand miles away for most of the conversation (well, maybe not a thousand! More like 40 miles away. However far Quantico is from Wolf Trap), interjects to ask Alana how Abigail seemed.

Alana admits that she seemed “surprisingly practical,” prompting Jack to go “Suspiciously practical?”

Hannibal’s like, “ALLOW ME TO POSTULATE THAT PRACTICALITY DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE A MURDERER.” Alana thinks that Abigail is hiding something, but that it’s not necessarily an involvement in the murders. Jack says he wants Will to talk to Abigail. Alana says no, but Jack snaps that she isn’t his psychiatrist, Hannibal is.

ANOTHER PART OF QUANTICO, VIRGINIA. Will is teaching class again, reviewing the Shrike case. He brings up a photo of the lady in the field, and says that someone else murdered her. “The killer who did wanted us to know he wasn’t the Minnesota Shrike. He wanted us to know that he is better than that. He is an intelligent psychopath, he is a sadist, and he will never kill like this again. So how do we catch him?”

Jack and Hannibal stroll in at this last part, and Hannibal immediately pops such a forceful murderboner that he can do nothing but stop and stare at Will. Like, if Jack had turned around at that moment, we would not have a television series, because Hannibal would have most assuredly been shot on the grounds of being a fuckin’ weirdo.

Will says that the killer is an avid reader of tattlecrime.com, and had enough knowledge of the crimes to recreate them/”arguably elevate them to art.” Hannibal is probably about to pass out. Will rhetorically asks the class how close the copycat killer might have been to Hobbs, and says that there was an untraceable call to Hobbs right before he killed his wife. Will says they think it was the copycat killer. Hannibal smiles.

[screaming internally] [muffled rap music in the distance]

[screaming internally] [muffled rap music playing in the distance]

I love the lighting where the person’s face is dark and there’s just two glowing pinpricks in the eyes. It makes me uncomfortable, like it’s coming from inside the person, which is perfect for the Lucifer vibe Hannibal is supposed to give off.

PORT HEAVEN PSYCHIATRIC FACILITY, BALTIMORE, MARYLAND. Freddie Lounds is once again mysteriously able to get in some place where she shouldn’t be, on account of nobody except the staff and F.B.I. would have access to Abigail, and there isn’t enough money in tabloid bloggery to pay somebody off well enough for them to risk their job and prosecution this way. HOWEVER, I prefer to think that she, like, crawled through vents or did the parkour and came in through a window to get to Abigail.

Abigail is rightfully confused and mistrustful, asking Freddie what she is if she’s not a doctor, a nurse, or psychiatrist. Freddie says she’s a journalist, and that she just wants to tell the truth for Abigail. Abigail is still having none of it, until Freddie tells her that Hobbs killed a bunch of people, not just her mother. Abigail shakily asks what a shrike even is, and looks ready to barf when Freddie explains it.

She and Hannibal win Best Dressed every year at the Shitty Person Awards, though.

She and Hannibal win Best Dressed every year at the Shitty Person Awards, though.

Abigail asks how her father was caught. Freddie says, “A man named Will Graham. Works for the FBI but isn’t FBI. He catches insane men because he can think like them.” Will and Hannibal walk in at that exact moment. Freddie turns around (her hair is GLORIOUS) and continues with “Because he is insane.”

Will, looking as barfy as Abigail, says “Would you excuse us, please?” He introduces himself as Special Agent Will Graham, and Freddie goes “By Special Agent, he means not really an agent.” HAHA. FUCK. I LOVE YOU. “He couldn’t get past the screening process. Too unstable.” She pulls out her business card, but Will snatches it away from her and puts it in his jacket before she can give it to Abigail. Hannibal tells her to GTFO, and she leaves.

Will, rattled, asks if Abigail (also rattled) remembers them. She remembers Will. “You killed my dad.” she says, not really accusatory. Will has removed his glasses so he can’t see her clearly, and nods sadly. Hannibal steps in and kindly suggests they go for a walk, since Abigail has been in bed for days.

They take her out to the greenhouse in the facility. Her outfit is, again, adorable, and everything looks super pretty.


She tells them that she saw Hobbs kill her mother, and that he was “loving, right up until he wasn’t.” She says he told her that he was going to make it all go away.

Will says gently, “There was plenty wrong with your father, Abigail, but there’s nothing wrong with you. You say he was loving? I believe it. That’s what you brought out in him.”

Abigail says “That’s not all I brought out in him. I’m gonna be messed up, aren’t I? I’m worried about nightmares.”

Hannibal promises “We’ll help you with the nightmares.”

Will sits next to her, looking super awkward. He tells her there’s no getting used to what you see, and that he worries about nightmares, too.

"Especially the clown sex one where she turns into my dad halfway through."

“Especially the clown sex one where she turns into my dad halfway through.”

“So killing somebody–even if you have to do it–it still feels that bad?” Abigail asks shakily.

Will, equally shaky, says “It’s the ugliest thing in the world.” I can’t handle the amount of fluttering eyelashes and beautiful people in this scene. If you need me, I’ll be curled up in the bathtub, making high-pitched whining noise for the rest of my life.

Abigail wants to go home.

Outside the facility, Freddie’s waiting for them. She greets them with a “Special Agent Graham. I never formally introduced myself. I’m Freddie Lounds.” She extends her hand, but Will’s like HELL TO THE FUCK NO and puts his glasses back on. Freddie apologizes, but Hannibal says “Now is not the time.” Freddie, proving she is brave as hell but has the self-preservation instincts of 30 dead lemmings, ignores him completely. Oh my girl.

Freddie says that she believes she and Will both genuinely care about Abigail. Will frowns and says “You told her I was insane.” Well, she didn’t say she cared about you, dumpling.

“I can undo that.” she tells him.

Will practically rolls his eyes. “You help me see Abigail as more than your father’s killer, and I help you with…online ad sales?” Hugh Dancy’s line delivery is wonderful.

“I can undo what I said. But I can also make it a lot worse.”

Will steps forward, maintaining full eye contact. “Miss Lounds, it’s not very smart to piss off a guy who thinks about killing people for a living.”

It's like she almost feels bad for how hard she's about to fuck him. Almost.

It’s like she almost feels bad for how hard she’s about to fuck him with just a direct quote. Almost.

PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCE AT THE BAU PART DEUX, QUANTICO, VIRGINIA. Jack quotes Will verbatim off of Tattlecrime. “You know what else isn’t very smart?” he asks.

Haha, Alana's face.

Haha, their collective facial expressions are the most perfect thing in the universe.

He rounds on Hannibal, who just looks like he finds the whole thing hilarious. “You were there with him.” Jack admonishes. “You let those words come out of his mouth.”

“I trust Will to speak for himself.”

“Well maybe you shouldn’t.”

Man, I know this is Jack’s character (kind of a dick), and that he’s acting pretty shittily toward Will, but I sort of agree. Will could have walked away. Hannibal could have walked them both away. There are a lot of ways that situation could have gone that wouldn’t have ended with Will totally threatening to murder her. At least Hannibal has an excuse (SOME MEN JUST WANT TO WATCH TERRIBLE SHIT HAPPEN).

Alana says she’s just glad the story wasn’t about Abigail, and Jack’s like YEAH GREAT THANKS ALANA. Haha, everyone’s being such a bitch, I love it. Jack decides he wants to let Abigail go home. Alana’s against it, saying she could react badly. Jack says Abigail’s practical, and Will suggests that it might just be a dissociative disorder. Jack asks how Hannibal feels about it.

“Doctor Bloom is right.” Hannibal says.

"boo u whore"

“thanks for the assist, slutbutt”

Hannibal continues to say that visiting her home might be beneficial in preventing denial for Abigail. So basically all of Hannibal’s professional opinions have been to state A) other people’s opinions and then B) the opposite of those opinions. PSYCHIATRY IS SO EASY.

Jack literally says that he’s gonna go with Hannibal’s opinion because it suits his needs. Alana rolls her eyes. Jack tells Will he needs to know if the copycat killer is real.

SOME CAFE IN MINNESOTA. Freddie sits down with the brother of the field victim. She questions him enough to gauge that he’s angry enough to be dangerous (not just at Hobbs, but at the whole family), and then indirectly sics him on Abigail by letting him know she woke up from her coma. Holy shit.

HOBBS RESIDENCE, BLOOMINGTON, MINNESOTA. Alana, Will, Abigail, and Hannibal get out of the car in silence. The word CANNIBALS has been spraypainted on the side of the house.

omg no princess don't cry

omg no princess don’t cry

It has also been spraypainted onto the door. Abigail stops on the front steps, looking down at the bloodstain. She asks if this is where her mother died, and Will confirms it. She wants to know why there’s no tape or chalk outline, and Will says that’s only for when the person is alive and taken to the hospital before the crime scene has been gone through.

They go into the house. Alana assures Abigail that they can leave whenever Abigail wants to, but Abigail’s not really interested. She’s in detachment mode again, asking questions about the crime scene itself. She stops in the kitchen and asks if her blood was there, and Will also confirms that. She then asks Will if he does this a lot, “Go places and think about killing?”

“Too often.” Will says.

Abigail asks what it felt like to imagine himself as Hobbs. Will says it feels like “Talking to his shadow, suspended on dust.” Haha, okay, SOMEBODY flunked out of his creative writing class. Abigail raises her eyebrows and says “No wonder you have nightmares.”

Hannibal lurks around, totally chill and happy that everyone’s being so sad and bizarre. Will explains that the attacks on Abigail and her mother were desperate, and that they were prompted by a blocked call. He asks if Abigail recognized the voice on the phone.

“I’d never heard it before,” she says, but glances over at Hannibal for a split second. He notices, and is TOTALLY THRILLED. The four of them unpack some evidence boxes in the living room. Abigail asks if it’s possible to catch someone’s crazy.

“Folie a deux,” Alana says. “It’s a French psychiatric term. Madness shared by two.”

Will looks at Abigail, but imagines the aftermath of shooting Hobbs, Hobbs dying in the corner of the kitchen, whispering “See? See?” as he tries to hold Abigail’s neck shut.

“One cannot be delusional if that delusion is shared by others in the person’s culture, or subculture. Or family.” Hannibal adds.

“My dad didn’t seem…delusional. He was a perfectionist.” Abigail tells them.

Will says that Hobbs didn’t leave any evidence behind, and Abigail twigs to the fact that they brought her back so that she might help them get some. She asks if they’re gonna reenact the crime. “You be my dad,” she says to Will. “You be my mom, and you be the man on the phone.” Abigail points at Alana and Hannibal, respectively, and doesn’t break eye contact with Hannibal at all. Holy shit, what a little badass. ILU ABIGAIL.

Abigail says that they’re probably never going to find the girls. Hobbs made plumbing putty out of elk bones, so she figures whatever’s left of the girls is now holding pipes together. Hannibal asks where Hobbs made the putty, and she says she can take them to the cabin and show them. The front door opens–it’s one of Abigail’s friends.

They go out to the creek behind the house. The girl says everyone on the block and everyone at school talked to the news–“Whores.” she mutters–but promises Abigail she didn’t. She also doesn’t think Abigail did it, which everyone else does. She refers to the Hobbs case as a murder-suicide, which Abigail doesn’t question for some reason, but assures Abigail again that she doesn’t think she was responsible. The brother of the field victim hoves out of the woods like BUT I DO and starts asking if Abigail was the bait, if she helped her father kill. And the girl, Marissa, is like LOL NOBODY CARES and fucking throws rocks at his face until he runs away.

Will and Hannibal come out of the house, accompanied by Marissa’s mother, who demands she come home now. “Why do you have to be such a bitch?” Marissa asks, prompting Hannibal to make a face. OMG dude calm the fuck down. Marissa’s mom drags her off.

Down by the stream, Will says the guy is gone. Hannibal pushes some leaves over the bloody rock and asks if they should report the incident, and Will says yes. Hannibal and Abigail stare at each other until Hannibal follows Will back to the house.

WILL’S HOTEL ROOM OF NIGHT TERRORS AND RUINED MATTRESSES, PROBABLY SOMEWHERE IN MINNESOTA. Will has the night sweats again. He dreams that he’s Hobbs, holding a knife to Abigail’s throat while the feathery deer watches.


He whispers for her to hold still, that he’ll make it all go away, and then cuts her. The deer falls awkwardly. Will wakes up when his alarm goes off at 7:30. And like, I think we’re supposed to feel bad that he’s so damaged and sweaty, but there’s a lot of thighs and a lot of glistening back muscles when he takes his shirt off and opens the window, so.

HOBBS’S CABIN. All of the antlers are gone. Abigail says he cleaned everything fastidiously, and said it was because of germs, but now she knows he just didn’t want to get caught. Can’t it be both? She says again that he used everything, because otherwise, it was murder. She realizes that he was feeding the girls to her and her mother, and Hannibal says it’s very likely. Haha, he’s so over pretending to want to make her feel better.

Alana steps in and says Abigail isn’t responsible for anything her father did. Abigail, eyes wet, says “If he would’ve just killed me, none of those other girls would be dead.”

Alana starts to say they don’t know that, but blood suddenly drops onto Abigail’s forehead. Ohhh my goddddddd. It’s leaking out of the second floor. Will goes upstairs and sees a girl in her underwear, impaled on one of the remaining sets of antlers. He calls for an emergency response team to the cabin, and lifts the body’s head with a handkerchief just as Abigail runs up the stairs and screams. It’s Marissa. :(

Will and Hannibal stay with Marissa’s body while Alana and Abigail stand by a cruiser outside. Will tells Hannibal who the guy by the stream was, and says that Hobbs didn’t kill Cassie Boyle, his sister. Hannibal’s like “I know, Hobbs would have honored every part of her. NOT JUST THE LUNGS LIKE ME. YOU KNOW. IF I HYPOTHETICALLY KILLED HER.” Will doesn’t have a chance to unpack that weirdness before Jack comes up the stairs.

“You brought Abigail back to Minnesota to find out if she was involved in her father’s murders, and another girl dies.” He’s so over this whole case.

Will observes that there’s foreign tissue on her teeth, and what could be traces of blood. OH, HANNIBAL. I don’t understand why Marissa had to die, except for how she was rude to her mom? But all teenagers are assholes. Hannibal, you were eating people as a teenager. Also blah blah yeah I know they have to frame somebody else but seriously. Enough with the dead girls.

Jack reminds Will that he said the killer wouldn’t kill this way again. Will admits he might have been wrong. Jack asks again if Abigail had something to do with it when Hannibal says that Nicholas Boyle killed both his sister and Marissa. Jack gets really intense, asking if Abigail knew Nicholas. Will says no, and Jack presses, asking if Abigail is manipulating him. Will is visibly distressed, turning away from Jack to face in Hannibal’s direction. Hannibal warns Jack to lay off, and Jack’s like “He said he was wrong about this. I just want to know what else he’s wrong about.” Dude, come on. Chill out.

“Whoever killed this girl killed the girl in the field. I’m right about that.” Will snaps, looking back at Jack.

Hannibal suggests Abigail might end up being the target of a killer. Jack asks him to get Abigail out of Minnesota, and Hannibal heads off to do so. Jack tells Will he needs him to stay.

Hannibal and Alana take Abigail back to her house. Marissa’s mother breaks through the police barricade to accuse Abigail of murdering Marissa–Abigail tries to run to her (aw, baby), but Alana holds her back. Hannibal catches Marissa’s mother and hangs onto her while she cries, until Alana takes her back to the cop.

Freddie comes out from behind the house too, being escorted away by a cop. Abigail says she wants to talk to her, but Alana says she doesn’t, and walks Abigail into the house. Hannibal sends the cop away when Freddie says she’s not the only one who’s been hanging around. Hannibal asks if she’s seen Nicholas, and Freddie says she’ll answer if he’ll tell her why it’s important.

Inside the house, Abigail is alone crying and hugging a cool deer pillow. She hears Hobbs’s voice in her head saying None of her is gonna go to waste. She grabs a knife out of the evidence box and cuts open the pillow, removing a bunch of brown hair with a horrified gasp.

Nicholas appears, also horrified, and says he needs Abigail to listen to him. He proclaims his innocence in Marissa’s murder, but Abigail tries to run. He grabs her and slams her up against the wall, and she sticks the knife into his chest.

Alana comes into the house and calls Abigail’s name. Hannibal sees Abigail on the stairs, hands all bloody, and knocks Alana’s head against the wall before she sees Abigail. He lowers her gently to the ground, assuring the approaching Abigail that Alana will be all right. “Show me what happened.” he says.

Abigail brings Hannibal down to Nicholas’s body.

“He was going to kill me.” she says.

“Was he?” Hannibal asks. He kneels down beside the body. “This wasn’t self-defense. You butchered him.” He tells her that nobody will believe her if she claims self-defense, and that she’ll be seen as an accessory to her father’s crimes. He says he can help her, at great risk to himself. “You can tell them you were defending yourself when you gutted this man…or we can hide the body.” Hannibal is a fucking evil genius.

Later, Jack talks to Alana while she gets patched up in an ambulance. She doesn’t remember anything. Jack tells her that Nicholas escaped after hitting her and Hannibal and attacking Abigail. Abigail “scratched him on his way out the back door,” and the DNA matched what was found on Marissa’s teeth. Will gets up, and when Jack asks where he’s going, he says he wants to go home. FAIR ENOUGH.

HANNIBAL LECTER’S SEX OFFICE. Hannibal does paperwork until he hears a tiny noise. “Hello, Abigail.”

“How did you know it was me?”

“The hospital called. You climbed over the wall.”


He tells her to come down from the mezzanine, and she does, reluctantly. She says she doesn’t want to go to sleep, and Hannibal says she can’t anticipate her dreams.

“I didn’t honor any part of him. So it’s just murder.” she says, visibly upset. Oh, honey.

“Some would argue self-defense.”

“Then why not just tell the truth?”

Some would argue.” He says the rest would assume she was following in her father’s footsteps.

Abigail realizes that Hannibal isn’t horrified that she killed somebody. “You’re glad I killed him.”

“What is the alternative? That he killed you?”

Abigail says she knows it was him who made the call, but she doesn’t know what he said. He says he was just calling for an interview, and that it was something easily misconstrued, like what happened to her. She says the police think it’s a serial killer, like her dad.

“I’m nothing like your dad.” Hannibal says. I WOULDN’T BE CAUGHT DEAD IN CAMO LOL, he does not say.

They square off for a moment. Hannibal then says “I’ll keep your secret.”

“And I’ll keep yours.” Abigail sasses back. Hannibal tilts his head. This whole scene is fucking amazing.

“No more climbing walls, Abigail.” Hannibal says. OH MY GOD I HOPE SHE BECOMES THE ROBIN TO HIS BATMAN, I REALLY DO. We end on her face, perplexed but not afraid.



What is this cute-ass Old Navy winter fleece popped collar plaid suit ensemble doing for you? IT IS DOING EVERYTHING FOR ME.

Also, I learned today from a friend that NBC pulled episode 4, which will be on the DVD but has subject matter that’s a little too difficult to air in the wake of like, the entire past year. So next week’s episode will actually be episode 5, and there’s going to be a few clips put together to hold up any continuity from episode 4. Just so you know!