Bomb Girls – 2.11 – Kings and Prawns


Previously on Bomb Girls: Marco and Gladys got their national security on (albeit in different ways) Ivan was a gross creepy creeper, and Teresa left Betty high, dry, and sexless.

Marco and his buddy Frankie are prowling around an empty building- I think it’s Marco’s dad’s former business?- while Frankie winds Marco up about how shittily he’s been treated by the Canadian government. Marco says he agreed to build a bomb only with the promise that a) he’d know where that bomb was targeted, and b) that it wouldn’t be used to harm anyone. I don’t think Marco understands how terrorism works.

Gladys, in a stunning black and white number, sashays up to Clifford Perry at the symphony and they flirt casually. Nothing important is said besides the fact that the Governor General is visiting VicMu, so security is being tightened up. For those of you who don’t understand our bizarre Canadian governmental structure, the Governor General is the (appointed) representative of the British royal family in Canada, and are basically the highest authority we’ve got. They barely have to do anything besides occasionally refereeing when the House of Commons starts squabbling. Also the last one we had helped push democracy back about thirty years, so I guess that’s something.

Vera sails into VicMu the next morning with a giant pile of wedding magazines, which she promptly dumps into Kate’s arms. Vera has put way more thought into this wedding than Kate has, because Kate still has no idea who she wants as her maid of honour- “uh, Betty?” Also, she and Ivan are planning to spend their first Christmas as a couple in Winnipeg. Oh. Have fun with that. Also, Vera volunteers Betty to be in charge for Kate’s bridal shower.

Inside, while Kate’s mailing a letter to her little brother, Ivan sneaks up behind her and tickles her ribs, despite the fact that she’s told him not to do that. Ugh. I had a friend do that to me once. I threw a tape recorder at her head. Ivan further creeps around by snatching the letter out of her hands and refusing to give it back until she tells him who it’s for. Fuck OFF, Ivan.

If this show loves me, it will drop a bomb on his head.

If this show loves me, it will drop a bomb on his head.

Gladys is in the office, quietly seething at Clifford because of his Throw Marco Off The Canadian Train plan. Clifford reminds her that this is all in the name of National Secutiry (TM) and that if they keep tracking Marco, maybe they can get at Mahoney- “a known fascist agitator-” through him. Gladys is so fucking done with this shit, so Clifford gets her to “stand down,” which is national security-type talk for “your ass is fired.”

Carol stands everyone up in the office and starts reading her Royals Monthly magazine out loud to them. The Governor General is an earl! He’s married to Princess Alice! Vera doesn’t especially care who he’s married to, but she DOES care why she’s been suddenly downgraded a security clearance and kicked off her desk. Mr. Aikens smugs at her that “the company she keeps,” i.e. Marco, is responsible for her getting the boot. Vera seethes magnificently.

Down on the floor, Lorna is asking Betty to represent the factory at the GG visit, when Gladys points out that Mr. Aikens wants to see her. Sure enough, he’s at the office window, surrounded by hilariously helmeted cops.


Marco looks squirrelly when he notices the cops. Gladys says “hmm.”

Lorna rolls by the hospital after to work to see what’s up with Sheila. Still having extra-marital sex with that engaged Indian doctor? Yes, yes she is. Lorna nags her to come home to see her dad, who’s due to arrive back from the farm, but Sheila’s like “no dice, I have some very important sex to be having.”

Marco dialls Frankie- oh come on, FROM THE FACTORY PHONE? That’s just sloppy- to tell him that they need to put the whole bombing plan on hold since security’s being tightened. Frankie tells him no dice, ans Mahoney has some “plans” they need to discuss. But NOT OVER THE PHONE.

Lorna arrives home to find a fedora sitting on her kitchen table. Have Redditors invaded her house? No, it’s Bob- and he has a surprise for her.


Bob sadly informs her that shuffling a few steps is all he can do- so far, anyway- and Lorna’s like um, that’s more than you’ve been able to do for twenty YEARS. She catches him when he trips, and they cuddle. It’s really sweet.

Frankie tells Marco what the big plan is- knocking out VicMu’s power source. Marco, outraged, says that he didn’t sign up for dismantling a bomb factory in wartime, and Frankie’s like “well what the hell DID you sign up for then?” He also informs Marco, who attempts to quit the plan right then and there, that you can’t just quit a terrorist cell, genius. Just then, Vera comes stomping in, demanding to have A Talk with Marco. Alone.

In a side room, Vera reads Marco the riot act about how he got her demoted AND is up to something shady AND Gladys knows what that something is. Marco looks pensive.

Kate and Betty pore over wedding magazines, but when Betty suggests a satin dress for her, Kate says that City Hall- where she’s getting married- is no place for a fancy wedding dress. Betty asks if she played “bride” when she was a kid, like Betty did, but Kate says the only real childhood memories she has are of “long, hot prayer meetings, itchy collars, and revival tents.” Just then, Ivan comes barging in to stick his tongue in Kate’s mouth, and Kate looks waaaaaaaaay ambivalent about the whole thing.


Ivan also breaks the news that he wrote to Kate’s two brothers- without her permission, mind- to invite them to the wedding. Kate says it means nothing to her if they come or not, and Ivan insists that it SHOULD. Ivan, I don’t care what kind of ring you put on her finger, you need to butt the hell out of her family business.

Bob stops by the hospital to have a chat with Sheila- he doesn’t much care either way what she does with Ned, but he wants her to make up with her mother. Ned also stops by to say hi to her and Bob, and Bob delivers some excellent side-eye.

"Hurt my baby girl, and I will pull your heart out through your eye socket."

“Hurt my baby girl, and I will pull your heart out through your eye socket.”

Marco stomps into Gladys’s hotel room demanding to know what she’s up to, and how much she knows about his plans. Gladys goes for the phone, and he wrestles it out of her hand. Whoa, dude! Hands! Then he goes off on a wild-eyed rant about her BETRAYAL, but his yelling brings the hotel staff running, and she saves his ass by insisting that she’s “just there with a friend.” It finally hits Marco just how badly he’s fucked up. “I’m in so much trouble.” Yeah, pretty much.

Ned arrives at the Corbett house, hat in hand, to have a talk with Bob. “I hadn’t realized you could walk!” he says. Nice, Ned. Bob’s like “son, I don’t give a shit if you’re Indian, but you better damn well not be using my daughter as a booty call, capice?”

Gladys attempts to intercede with Clifford on Marco’s behalf, but he just tells her to gtfo, and that Marco’s neighbours informed on his dad. He also throws a security file at her, which she takes and reads.

While everyone’s decorating for the GG visit, Carol snipes up to Vera and tells her off about her uneven bunting loops. Vera shoots lasers with her eyes.


After Carol smarms off and Vera throws a piece of bunting after her head (“I am so sick of that b with an itch!”) Gladys pulls her aside to ask where Marco is. Vera, frustrated that she still apparently gives a crap about Marco, gives her directions.

At the abandoned whatchamacallit (ahh, it is his dad’s old building!) ¬†Gladys shows up and hands him the police report. An “E.D.” is the one who turned Marco’s dad in, and Gladys lays it out for him- “E.D.” are Frankie’s father’s initials. And for some suspicious reason, Frankie’s dad was not interned! HMMMMM.

Gladys calls Clifford to her hotel room, and introduces him to Marco. Clifford makes a sour lemon face, but Marco tells him that he cares about winning the war, and he wants to help in whatever way he can.

Sheila comes stomping home to ask what her dad said to Ned. While Reggie sidles off into her room (“you know, I’m at a really good place in my book”) Sheila breaks the big news- Ned cabled his parents back home to break off his engagement. Sheila is not nearly as thrilled about this as you might think- she thinks Bob bullied Ned into it, and stomps back out. There’s just no pleasing some people.

While Betty practices her speech for the GG, Ivan somes sliming up to ask her WTF is up with Kate and her squirreliness about her family. Betty basically tells him that her family are awful, so he better treat her right.

Marco shows Frankie into the basement of the VicMu power plant, and tells him that he’s going to name names as soon as Mahoney is in Buffalo and asks some leading questions about how well Mr. DeCarlo’s business is going. While that’s happening, Carol leads a parade around the VicMu meeting room, getting everyone ready for the visit. Mr. Mahoney also arrives in the basement, telling everyone tht “we’re in this together.” This bit is difficult to recap, because they keep crosscutting between the scenes, but basically the police and their hilarious hats show up to arrest Frankie and Mr. Mahoney while the GG parades into the meeting room.

In the aftermath, Carol squees about having gotten to hand flowers to the Princess (Vera wryly observes in the background “sometimes when you look at Carol, you see a little girl who just wants to be special”) while Betty thanks Lorna for “asking me to do the, uh, thing.” Lorna tells her she did a great job. Clifford also pulls Gladys aside to inform her that Frankie and Mr. Mahoney are both headed for spy court, and Marco isn’t getting charged. “I hope he realizes what you did for him.”

Lorna and Bob sit quietly at home, musing about how noisy the house used to be when they had kids. Bob brings up the medical possibilities of helping his legs, and flomps awkwardly onto her lap. “You just about landed on me!” “You never used to mind.” Awww yeah. SOMEONE’S getting lucky tonight.

You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals.

You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals.

Kate’s walking down the boardinghouse hall, when she hears a familiar voice. “Marion?”



Gladys is at the symphony once more, and runs- yet again- into Clifford Perry. “You know, you have a BEAUTIFUL neck,” says Clifford. Gladys is like yeah, you just keep on keepin’ on.

Next week: season finale!